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Tent Showcase: Kampa Filey 6 Air

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
36.40 KG
Fully Sewn-in
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6.52/10 from 27 reviews

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27 Reviews of the Filey 6 Air        Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3  
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By: Dancingpaul  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 08/06/2015

Borrowed one from a friend was considering buying one, like so many found it far too heavy a tent and experienced puddling when hit by heavy rain! Glad I tried before I brought! But in response to groovy gav my friend needed a repair to his airbeam and found a tent repairer in Bedford Cainhoe Canvas, sorry don't have any contact details.
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By: Nshimbi  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2014   Rating:   Date: 18/05/2015

We borrowed this tent for a long weekend and were really looking forward to trying an inflatable tent, but were left very glad it was not our tent.

Firstly itís REALLY heavy to move needing two people for the sake of your back. It is also very bulky, we have a minibus with a big boot and it filled it, anything less than an estate car and I canít see how you could pack it. The bag it packs in does not inspire confidence having thin straps and looking like itíll tear on a twig. I did a test inflate in the garden and when packing it away the zip on the bag broke. I also noticed that the front tube was tearing free of the pocket despite it being less than a year old.

On our weekend away I pumped the tent up to the required pressure, but a strong wind that night highlighted a design flaw where the tubes can crease then collapse under pressure. I spent the night waking to see the roof of the sleeping area hurtling down only to spring back up, Iíve never had that in a pole tent. The next day I over pumped the structure and it didnít happen again, but that might be because the wind had died down. The zip on the front door caught constantly on the rain flap or some plastic which was sewn in close by often necessitating several attempts to open it wide enough to exit or enter. This left me deeply concerned if a fire broke out my family would not be able to get out quickly. Additionally the zip for the inner door of the tent gave way meaning it came apart leaving a gaping hole, I had to conduct running repairs just to make it semi close for the sake of privacy and warmth. I was left thinking Kampa had skimped on the quality of zips throughout.

Having read the other reviews of its lack of waterproofing Iím glad we had very little rain. All in all it was the most disappointing family tent I have ever used, any time gained in erecting was completely outweighed by all the issues, and if I had purchased it then I would have been looking for a full refund too.
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By: Groovy-gav  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 04/05/2015

We have owned a Kampa Filey Air 6 since late 2013. To be honest love the tent design and how easy to put up and down (even if tent is large stored!) Used 4 times and every time had significant amount water a base of legs. On our latest trip we had worked out to look for pooling water at ridge and had decided to treat seams. We did not get a chance as during our 4th trip an air beam exploded ripping a hole in the tent. Now looking for a tent repairer - can anyone suggest someone please as Kampa website simply directs to retailer and our tent is out of guarantee.
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By: Steveandmel  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating:   Date: 13/09/2014

I recently bought what I thought was an incredible tent, no more poles easy inflation and deflation, equals more relaxation time. We arrived on site late in the day as usual so getting it up before dark was the plan. Fantastic the tent was up and ready for pegging in approx 15 mins. Loved the look and the layout seemed perfect. That was when the dream ended. The very next day it poured with rain for about 2-3 hrs that was when we heard the first drip, oh no we thought but it was to get worse. We then noticed small puddles of water pooling at the foot of each beam, and they just grew and began to flow under the carpet and sleeping pods. A few days later and again it rained almost all night, by the morning we were floating on a thin layer of water. If we hadn't kept our clothes in the sleeping pods with us they would have been soaked as was everything else. Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse the rear airbeam went down during the night. In 2 weeks I had to pump it up three times. All in all not what you would expect from a brand new tent, especially at this price. We sent it back to BestBuys for testing who were brilliant, we had a full refund within a week. I would recommend this retailer they couldn't have been more helpful.

We have now gone back to good old fashioned and reliable poles and bought an Outwell Bahia 7 just spent week in it, and all I can say is wow what a tent. Every conceivable feature even down to the add on pods that fit this entire range.

Just to finish I'd like to say I love the idea of the filey 6 and one day when they've got it right I might try again, but for now well done Outwell.
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By: Cessna  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 02/09/2014

This is an update to my earlier review, we have now had a full refund after our first and only camping trip with this tent. The manual pump was completely inadequate and fell apart, the tent roof leaked from at least 4 places and the front porch zip regularly jammed.

We may have been unlucky but others seem to have had similar problems, proceed with caution!
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By: Longm  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 01/09/2014

This review is based on our recent camping experience in the Kampa Filey Air 6.

Firstly as already commented the tent is huge and the packed size and flimsy back made moving the tent very difficult. That said once this is overcome the tent goes up easily (with an electric 2 stage pump) and once erected is very stable indeed even without the guys pegged out.

Having moved from a Vango maritsa 700 to an inflatable, this tent whilst not perfect (tents never are) ticked most of our boxes. (Loved the maritsa but a pain to put up).

We brought the tent late last year from Winfields and never got chance to use it in 2013 but had been very much looking forward to this years season. We pitched the tent in the garden first and all was well and very pleased overall. Sadly from then on it has been a nightmare. Our first weekend of use it rained pretty heavily and the tent suffered the much commented leaking with puddles at the feet of every beam which in some cases due to the uneven pitch the water traveled under the carpet and bedrooms. A lot of drying out had to be done on returning home.

I returned the tent to my nearest Winfields whom returned the tent to Kampa. There is remained for a few weeks and as we were Tent-less had to cancel a weekend trip. Not the end of the world but disappointed nonetheless.

Anyway, after collecting the tent I pitched in the Garden to test it before risking the bank holiday weekend.

Firstly the tent was returned in a right state. It looked like it had been dragged through a building site, rips in the bag, footprints inside the tent, dust everywhere and obvious signs of re-proofing all over the tent most visible on the dark blue areas appearing as dark blotches. Just to finish it pff the bedrooms where left half hanging, the internal ceiling no longer attached and some internal isolating valves left closed. This was most annoying when trying to inflate.

Anyway, after eventually inflating I testing the tent with the garden hose. Within a few minutes water started to leak and appear around the poles feet again.

We had to choose but to risk the tent as we were going away the next day so after advising Winfields of the failed repair we went camping in Ashbourne. Sadly as most of you will recall, the August bank holiday wasn't great and with persistent rain on the Monday we ended up with a combination paddling pool / Tent and ended up returning home early with too many things to list soaked.

I have uploaded some of the pictures to you tube if you are interested.


So the tent has now been returned to Winfields and I hope to get this matter resolved soon with a full refund.

Its a shame as the tent is a pretty good design but very badly manufactured. Certainly wish we had stayed with Vango or moved to Outwell. Never mind, big lesson learnt.
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By: Baznbex  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating:   Date: 19/08/2014

Love it. Easy to put up. Easy to take down. Survived lots of rain and 27mph winds. No flapping . Lots of useful room. Bedrooms big enough for double air bed and some room down the side to keep things. Annexe really useful to keep clothes and therefore keep the tent tidy ( a tidy tent is a happy tent, my mantra) Children's room plenty big enough for 2 single air beds and space for a few belongings. Love all the windows and doors.

The downside ? The bag it comes in is awful ( seems very cheap). It is difficult to get back in the bag, but I guess that's down to the fantastic size of the tent and the thickness of the quality material. I'll live with it!

I've owned 4 or 5 tents and this is the best !
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By: Jw7a28  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating:   Date: 07/08/2014

This is an updated review of the Filey that I did in April, Kampa supplied a full set of air poles to rectify the front porch pole leaking and we have used the tent three times since. On the second time a valve leaked and I replaced it with the spare, then on the third and last time we used it we were on the second day of our holiday when the porch pipe leaked again, I isolated it and the tent was fine, on the third day we came back from lands end to find the middle section of the tent had collapsed one of the poles had exploded ripping a foot long tear in the tent roof, and the airpole covers were ripped apart my neighbour in the caravan next to me said it was like a gun going off, the tent was beyond onsite repair and with my kids crying over the lost holiday we had to reluctantly return home. I demanded and got a full refund from outdoor megastore I have to say outdoor were fantastic, Kampa say they have never had a filey do this before.

I loved this tent it was easy to put up and the layout was superb however it is a product that is so expensive yet so unreliable. I will post the pics of the blown air pole
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By: Stan0045  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating:   Date: 26/07/2014

Me and my family purchased a Kampa Filey 6 Air tent off PJ camping at the NEC on the 22/02/14.

We used the tent once for 2 days at easter down dorset and it was great. We packed it away per instructions and stowed it away in a under stairs cupboard

We are all off on our summer family holiday on the 2nd of August for two weeks to the south France. So I took the opportunity today (26th July 2014) to unpack and inflate the tent to air it out and check it over.

Once unpacked I was about to pump it up and I found that the light grey plastic pipe work on 3 of the 4 deflation pipes looks like it has perished and has a series of splits in (see photos). This is letting all the air out so it is unable to stay up.

This is not of the standard I expect off Kampa.

My issue now is I have a week before we go away on holiday that we are very much looking forward to and we don't have a serviceable tent.

My only option is to purchase a new tent and get a full refund for the filey 6.
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By: Walters2  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating:   Date: 21/07/2014

The design and layout of this family tent is fantastic and we had 2x2 night breaks in it that were excellent. However on its 3rd outing which we have just returned from we had a nightmare. From the first instant the tent started to deflate constantly. After hours of searching inner tubes for leaks we found a ruptured pipe. Using gaffer tape we eased off the leak but throughout the week it started to get worse. Regularly we were woken with the tent inches from my toddlers face with a massive risk of suffocating her, and more than once dragged her airbed out of the bedroom area. We were out all hours of the day and night pumping it up again. We cut our holiday short by 2 days as we did not feel safe staying any longer.This tent has now been sent back to supplier with the hope of a refund as I would never use this tent again it is a suffocation risk! . This experience has made me realise how vulnerable we were with absolutely nothing we could do to ease the situation.
3 from 4 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

27 User Reviews of the Filey 6 Air - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3  

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Manufacturer's Description

Key Features:

- Air Frame - all AirPoles interconnected
- Ridge AirPoles for extra stability
- Isolation Valves - in case of damage to one AirPole
- Inner Tents remain in-situ for set up and take down
- Sewn-in-groundsheet
- Side door with mesh and wet weather protection
- Storage/toilet compartment with zipped interior door
- Roof lining - advantages of polycotton without the weight
- Daylight panel - for white light
- Roll to side front door and intermediate door
- Complete with manual pump with pressure gauge

Essential Specification:

- Flysheet: Weathershield 150D 5000mm F/R UV
- Groundsheet: PE 12 x 12 140/m 10,000mm HH
- Poles: Air Frame
- Weight: 36.4kg
- Pack Size: 110 x 45 x 45 cm
- Colour: Blue

... there may be more info on their website

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