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Tent Showcase: Kampa Filey 6

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9.2/10 from 30 reviews

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30 Reviews of the Filey 6        Showing 21 to 30          Page:   1   2   3  
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By: Jaygo9  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 12/05/2010

I recently bought the Filey 6 2010 version and im glad I did (so is the wife lol). We are a family of 5 3 kids aged 6 4 and 1 and we had lots of room the 2 boys slept in the 2 bed compartment while the wife and I and baby daughter slept in the 4 compartment although our ready bed was a bit big we crept into the other side where baby was in her travel cot.

It dint rain and wasn't windy so don't know how it will hold up against them but sure we will in the near future as going camping again in a fortnight.

The tent is spacious in fact its massive lol and as far as I know there is no problems with it except the pegs aren't the best easily bent.

The tent is easily erected once you know what your doing.

If you are like me and not trustworthy of others while you are out I recommend 4 padlocks 1 for each window and 1 for each door.

The tent has great ventilation as I found out as it was freezing at night when temperatures fell to about 0 degrees lol so wrap up warm and it gets really hot when sun shines on it so you can strip off lol.

We plan on lots of outings so will keep you up to date if there is any change to our thoughts on this tent it really is good.
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By: Marc C  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 08/05/2010

We are a family of four (2 adults, 2 children aged 2 and 5) and were looking for a 6 berth tent to give us more space than our old 4 berth frame tent which although was still in great condition was very big, bulky and heavy and took up a lot of room in the car.

We purchased the Kampa Filey 6 after mainly considering the Outwell Montana 6. We decided to go for the Filey as it included the front extension as standard and was also a keener price, and having just recently been in a Montana 6 it felt tiny compared to the Filey.

We used our tent for the first time on the CCC site in Sandringham to great success. It is very easy to pitch. We had tried it in the back garden but our garden is not quite big enough to pitch it properly and so Sandringham was our first proper run and went very smoothly. It took us a couple of hours max but we were trying to feed two children as well and stop the youngest from running off to the park at the same time. Ours is the 2009 model and I agree with others the instructions aren't great but I have downloaded the latest version from the Kampa website which are more detailed.

It has very good head height throughout (no bending over in the bedroom to try and get dressed - very annoying!).

I would echo the previous comments regarding the footprint, it is quite poorly finished, a bit rough round the edges but serves its purpose well! We also made our own eyelets to peg it down. We purchased the Filey carpet which, although cost us £70, is very good quality and it makes the living area very homely and cosy, especially good for children wanting to sit inside and play. Obviously, also stops some of the cold coming up from under the groundsheet. Money well spent I think - couldn't be without it now!

As mentioned before the ventilation is great, would just say we would have liked to have also had windows on the front panels in addition to blinds and mesh vents (like on the sides). It would have been nice to open the blinds first thing in the morning to let the sun in through the windows but it was too chilly to open them with just the mesh vent.

As for taking the tent down, it was a breeze! The bedroom area has lots of toggles attaching it to the main tent and because of the head height the top ones are rather high up so we found it easier to just leave it in, saves all that hard work next time. And thanks to the oversized bag it packs away easily.

Overall, we are so so pleased with the Filey 6 and would definitely recommend it!
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By: Ry32  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 24/04/2010

The Kampa 6 Filey is a very spacious and well laid out tent. The poles are all the same size so it's quite straightforward to erect. I would definitely recommend this tent to anyone looking for a tent to last as it's build qualities are excellent. We bought it from a local family run shop in St Clears near Carmarthen/Tenby and were thoroughly impressed by the layout including the built in annexe. The sown in groundsheet is also a fantastic feature but I would advise anyone buying this tent to put a groundsheet or footprint down first to help keep it clean when packing it away. The zips for the electric hook ups are an excellent idea and they are clearly visible too. The bedrooms have colour-coded toggles and clips too for ease of use. The guy ropes are all high-vis but best of all is the front canopy which we were able to enjoy during a recent break in April.

To Erect: First of all put the poles through the outer tent then locate the pins. Match up each pin with its corresponding pole and insert. Pick up the tent (by the poles) and bunch the tent up so all the poles upright. Then starting from the front (porch area) peg out a few supporting guy ropes. Take the slack out and pull the first pole taught. Work your way towards the back of the tent, one pole at a time. With a bit of practise with 2 people who know what they are doing I would say it is possible to put the tent up in under 20mins. However it took us 35! Practise will make perfect no doubt!
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By: Lisamae  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 10/04/2010

Our first time camping with the Filey 6 was impressive.It rained heavily when we set up but found it simple,all the poles are the same no colour coding.The size of the living area with the great ceiling height is hard to fill with 4 people.

Easter weekend we got the lot 40 mile an hour gusts,the poles stayed firm,heavy rain and we were dry.We did roll back the porch due to high winds trying to lift the front of the tent,better quality pegs would have helped.The extra entrance on the side was used in the bad weather with the front wall all zipped up keeping the rain out as the front windows are just vents.There is room in each of the bedrooms for a double airbed + luggage.We used all the pockets on the front of the bedrooms.The flat front means you don't lose any space like you would with a sloping front.

We were disappointed with the footprint as it was thin and didn't cover the side storage area which was muddy when we took down the tent.

Overall fantastic tent and went back in bag with bedrooms intact first time.
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By: Brighton Fox  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 22/03/2010

It's tent buying season and as I'm indebted to the first two reviewers for steering us towards this wonderful family tent, I'm here to spread the word.

We bought our Filey 6 in June last year to replace a pretty basic Gelert tent which had done us proud as beginners for 2 years, but was starting to feel a bit claustrophobic. We fell in love with an Outwell Bear Lake 6 at a camping exhibition last Spring and were on the verge of shelling out, when the Filey 6 was recommended to us by a camping shop in Yorkshire. Now I'm not suggesting the Filey is a substitute for an £800 polycotton tent but coming in at around £300 cheaper, it's an excellent compromise, plus with all the roominess and ventilation options at your disposal it doesn't get anywhere near as stuffy as similar sized polyester tents we looked at.

Benefit number one is of course the size. The Filey 6 is massive. I'm 6' 2' and no other tent I've found can match it for headroom. The living space is a whopping 10.5 ft x 12 x 5 ft - bigger than our bedroom at home - and that's not including the annexe. We leave this area clear and it makes a great playroom for our two young girls when the weather gets nasty. Like most others here we also opt for the one big bedroom which is huge. Quality wise I've only got the Gelert to compare it with but it's streets ahead. It looks and feels like it's going to last for years. We road tested it in a wind tunnel at Wapsbourne Farm, Sussex and despite an extremely blowy night, in which we deliberately pitched away from tree cover, the frame didn't give an inch. The F6 really got put through it's paces at last year's Green Man Festival, particularly when the heavens opened on the final night, but not a drop of moisture entered the tent.

Negatives? It weighs a ton, but that's kind of reassuring and it packs away into two surprisingly small bags. Also, I've no idea how 'Smoothound' managed to pitch the thing in 40 minutes. We took it out four times last year and an hour and a half (start to finish) is the best we could manage, having said that our ineptitude was no doubt very entertaining for our fellow campers! I also agree with the previous comments concerning the front sill (annoying), the footprint groundsheet (very basic) and the pitching instructions (really poor) - a DVD video would be a classy inclusion - but that's about as negative as I can get.

This is a really exceptional, great-looking tent at any price, and we can't wait to give it it's first outing of 2010.
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By: Lizzie66  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 02/01/2010

We decided to change to a tunnel tent after having a campus Breckenridge, loved the Breckenridgebut very dark we found. After looking week after week all summer we finally saw the Kampa Filey which we thought would be ideal for just the two of us (oh yes and the dog mustn't forget him)

The first time we used the Filey the weather turned out to be really bad, this was a tester, gale force winds howled and the rain lashed against the tent like never before. Would it stand up to the elements? Yes it certainly did. Whilst other campers were walking down the field with wet bedding under their arms our tent had not let one drop of water in or collapsed in any shape or form.

Our second trip away in the tent the weather was beautiful and this enabled us to appreciate all the good points this tent has to offer. It is very spacious with loads of windows, zip up ,zip down or zip out whichever you want. The groundsheet is fully stitched which is handy if you have a dog who likes to escape, and the front of the tent unzips the whole way round opening the whole of the front up. There are two bedrooms which we unzip and use as one big one and there are plenty of storage pockets. The annex is a good size which can be used opened up or closed off as a toilet room for the kiddies. We use ours as part of our kitchen. I will try and post some photos.
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By: Smoothound  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 16/09/2009

Firstly, having camped for 40years+ I have owned many tents and I hope my review is balanced. However IMHO, wow, this is a stonking tent!

Having only had a partial trial run in the garden to check inventory, this was our first try in the KAMPA Filey 6.

Pitching, in slight breeze:

NB my wife is disabled and could only help slightly by holding one side of leg-hoops while I swapped between one side and the other.

The footprint groundsheet made selecting the position and direction real easy. Decided to peg the rear of the tent and insert all legs through roof tubes, then starting at rear to connect each at the base and pull upright - like slices of toast, TIP open some of the windows to flyscreen level to allow air ingress, otherwise the suction caused by closed fabric makes this heavy work.

I loose pegged each leg (against the rearward tug) as they came more-or-less upright to hold in position, and moved to next in sequence finishing with front porch-canopy

First slight downer, I didn't need instructions, but some might, and the ones supplied are not brilliant

Anyway, I then moving to the back again and tensioned each leg-hoop against the back clipping and pegging as I went.

40 mins, fully set


Weather?- We had the lot. 35 degrees and the ventilation options are brilliant, you can make it like a gazebo, a nice refuge from the sun with a cross breeze!

Blustery winds (gusting 35mph+), the tent did not even notice the wind, whereas a neighbour in a stout folding caravan admitted he had got very nervous

Torrential downpour... rain? , what rain?

Accommodation and materials

We decided to have both bedroom segments in use with divider removed to make a huge double king-sized room - there is a zip to choose between 1 small ¡¥double¡¦ bedroom and a huge L shaped lounge area (u roll back one half of the inner tent to do this) - or 2 double bedrooms, or one double king sized by folding back the divider.

I reckon a family of four would have trouble making it seem crowded , the fabric and window options allow a huge range of openness or privacy combinations. The height and white roof panel makes it seem very spacious, as indeed it is.

All the materials seem first rate,no signs of shoddy stitching or faults, zips are clearly a cut-above norm. The no-see-um mesh did what it says on the tin, The groundsheet proved to be waterproof even with a small stream flowing under it from the adjacent car-park


More nitpicking really

Some high grade tent pegs for the main guys would be welcome (cheeky)

A facility to have a drop down section in the front sill would make it easy for disabled people to enter as the sill is a high step (we managed with a heavy doormat to hold the sill down and looser pegging) - I think Vango have a system for this)

A short (15inch) length of rod (like hollow fibreglass) on the front door zip would allow people of my wife's height to open and close the front door (lengths of twine allow you to close it but not to open), we fixed a tent peg to a wooden spoon and it worked a treat.

And that's about it.

I have never owned a tent of this quality, get one before the prices rise,is my honest advice, superb!
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By: Shaneandamanda  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 16/08/2009


We pitched our tent for the first time this week after seeing it pitched up in a camping display. We couldn't decide between the Filey or the Studland, but as there's only two of us and a puppy, we decided on the smaller of the two.

The pitching of the tent is really simple. Put the five aluminium poles through their holes and peg the back guy rope. Then extend forward and peg the front guyrope. Job done. Much simpler than the Tamor that we have. The poles are slightly bigger and heavier than the fibreglass flexi ones, but we didn't notice any wind movement. Brilliant!

Once the external tent is up, it's very simple to put up the bedroom. One bedroom pod that is clipped up, then adjusted with the strain adjusters. Fabulous! The bedroom pod can be seperated in three ways. As a single six berth pod, zip the centre section and you have two three person sectiopns, or zip the external pod zip and you have a smaller three person pod and the second pod can be rolled up giving you a larger living area. Genius!

Two windows on the right hand side of the tent and one on the left with all of them removable. One of the right hand windows doubles as a door and comes with king poles. The front of the tent has two zip down sections that are fly screens. A front porch keeps the area dry and clean. The porch also ties back in terrible weather and also, for the awkward site, keeps the tent under seven metres.

The side room is fantastic for storage and we used it for our kitchen stuff. It's brilliant for keeping the living area clean.

There are also several pockets on the bedroom pod for storage that my four year old loved to keep her toys amd comics in.


The front mesh zip aways aren't windows and that is a small problem in the wind. For the nosy campers (me!), you can't keep an eye on the Jones's in bad weather. Pah!

The whole thing comes in two large bags. However, it's easier to carry so not sure if that's a big negative.

Had to tie some boot laces to the zips as Amanda is only titchy and can't reach the front zip at it's top. Was very funny to watch though, so again not a huge negative!

Overall this is a fantastic tent. We love it and love the Kampa brand now. Won't be changing this tent in a hurry.
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By: Jenchris40  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 21/05/2009

Our Filey 6 arrived this morning, and we borrowed a garden to erect it temporarily this evening. We're delighted as we knew we would be, since we first fell in love with it at a camping retailer in Norfolk at Easter.

I would thoroughly endorse the preceding reviewer's comments about build quality. The tent is fantastically well made, and much easier to erect than our previous experience with tension-rods. We too were disappointed with the footprint groundsheet; it's not terribly well finished, though we suspect it is made from 'green' materials which will allow the grass underneath to breathe; and there are no eyelets or straps to peg it down with.

Ours does seem to have a slightly different build to the preceding reviewer, however. The bedrooms aren't separate; there is one big bedroom with a zippable dividing wall. So there's no option to only hang one room up.

Also the front flat wall doesn't zip off completely. The zip goes 2/3 around the front arch, and then has to be folded back and retained. So it doesn't come off completely.

One note about the carpet. The pics we saw online of the Filey 6 carpet suggested that it has a large check, and one site we saw described it as green(!). It is in fact quite a small blue and grey check, and looks and feels pretty hardwearing; and it matches the tent perfectly.

We intend to use the spare room at the side as a hideaway for our night-loo (Kampa khazi) and wardrobe. Tho what we are going to fill the rest of the humungous living space with is anyone's guess! We are certainly in for a comfortable, spacious and airy summer with blue skies no matter what the weather!
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By: WhiteRhino  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 12/05/2009

We purchased the Kampa Filey 6 after considering both the Outwell Montana 6 and the Outwell Arkansas 5. We loved the space of the Montana 6 but felt that we would have needed to buy the extension in order to make full use of the space in all weathers. The Arkansas 5 on the other hand had a built in canopy but was just a little to small for what we wanted. The Filey 6 offered us the best of both worlds plus some great additional features.

The Filey 6 is easy to pitch consisting of only 5 main aluminium poles. On our first attempt we were able to set up in about an hour which included a few strategic breaks to check the instructions! As you would expect, once the tent is pitched and fully pegged it is extremely stable.

The interior of the Filey 6 is a dream. The living space is extremely generous and feels even bigger than it actually is due to the great head hight it gives. The flat front wall also means that all of the internal space can be used for whatever you wish compared to tents with sloping front walls.

The small annexe on the side of the Filey 6 is a very useful addition and can be used for a variety of purposes depending upon your situation. For us, it is a perfect area to store boxes etc once we have unpacked which in turn leaves the living are free of clutter, and also means that our car is 'a car' and not a temporary dumping ground as it has been in the past.

The sleeping areas offer lots of flexibility and can be used as 2 x 3 berth bedrooms or as 1 x 6 berth bedroom by using the zip divider. We chose to use the space as 1 x 6 berth bedroom with a king size airbed on one side and all of our clothes on the other which worked perfectly. You can also decide to hang only one of the bedrooms if required which would provide 1 x 3 berth bedroom and some additional living space where the other room would usually hang.

We found that the ventilation on the Filey 6 was superb. The large flat front wall can either be half unzipped and used as a doorway or can be fully unzipped and stowed, creating a completely open front section. The front section also has two huge fly screen panels which can be used to ventilate the tent whilst keeping irritating pests out of the way. In addition to this, there are two huge windows (one on each side) which can be unzipped and neatly rolled up to give even more ventilation and a fantastic feeling of space. These windows can even be undone partially in bad weather thanks to the mini awnings over the top of each of them. We were easily able to cool the tent down on a hot weekend literally within a few minutes thanks to the combination of the windows and the removable front wall which is great, particularly due to the fact that I tend to get a bit on the grumpy side once I'm too hot!

The overall quality of the Filey 6 is superb and I cannot fault it in any way. The materials which have been used throughout are outstanding and make a real difference to the overall feel of the finished product. The SIG feels tougher and more durable than others I have seen, and the same is true of the flysheet. As I have already mentioned, the poles are made from Aluminium which as well as making them light and strong, also means they will not rust, which can only be a good thing. We also bought the Filey 6 footprint groundsheet which is the only item we have been a little disappointed with. The quality of the materiel itself is very good although there are no pegging points (eyelets, straps, etc) on the footprint, which means you have to make them yourself. Not a major issue but a slight annoyance.

We were initially cautious of looking at Kampa tents due to the fact that this is their first year of production. It was also very difficult to find reviews, feedback, or further information of the tents that they offer. We felt the only way to make an informed decision was to see one erected, and once we had, it was a no brainer. These tents are built to last and have been brilliantly thought out in every sense. Even the bag is oversized so that you can get everything back in without having a breakdown at the end of an otherwise relaxing holiday!
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Manufacturer's Description

Walk into this tent and there’s an overwhelming sense of space. Headroom is exceptional which, when combined with the natural light from the Daylight Panel, makes the Filey 6 a very nice place to spend your holiday time and the SleepTite System helps keep the early morning sun out of the tent for a good night’s sleep. Like most of our tents, the Filey has the large integrated front canopy, unlike most of its contemporaries where it is an optional extra. This canopy allows maximum use of the rollaway front panel in all weathers and the most of the living space is useable thanks to the vertical front panel and sidewalls that don’t slope too much.
The Filey 6 also benefits from a large side door that has a full length fly screen and two Airflow windows that can be zipped open to provide maximum ventilation and to create that real feeling of living outdoors. An en-suite extension is ideal as a toilet area (it has a separating door) or for storage.
The Filey 6 is now available with an optional vestibule that converts the front canopy into an enclosed area.

Key Features
• ‘Feel the difference’ high quality 100D Weathershield® flysheet
• SleepTite System – for a good night’s sleep
• Large built-in front canopy (can be stowed if not required)
• Sealed Groundsheet System (SGS)
• Front zip out ventilation panel
• Zip through inner tents
• Airflow window system - two zip out windows
• Side door with mesh screen
• Daylight Panel
• Wardrobe/toilet area with door
• Lamp hanger with cable tidy system
• Cable entry point
• Organiser pockets in front of and inside inner tent
• Upright canopy pole set
• Groundsheet for canopy area
• Specification

Optional Extras
• Vestibule
• Additional two berth inner tent
• Living area carpet
• Footprint
• Matching windbreak

Interior Height: 225 cm
Inner Tent Height: 205 cm
Weight: Poles: 12.4 kg Tent: 24.8 kg
Pack Size: Poles: 91 x 29 x 20 c

... there may be more info on their website

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