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Tent Showcase: Wynnster Raven 8

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8  (more 8 berth tents)
23.60 KG
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9.37/10 from 19 reviews

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19 Reviews of the Raven 8        Showing 11 to 19          Page:   1   2  
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By: Big dave67  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 25/07/2010

Just had a windy week in Cromer on the cliffs, the Raven stood up to the wind quite adequately. The bedrooms are of a generous size and the living area is of a reasonable size, enough for a table and separate chairs and a large table. We used the Wynnster sun canopy which enables you to have the door open even when its windy and raining and a outdoor space to cook under .The main tent has a full sewn in ground sheet then the inner tents sit on this giving you a fully sealed tent from wind and bugs
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By: Loverofchaos  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 18/05/2010

This was our first tent, and was purchased with a view to being able to stand at full height in it and idiot-proof to erect. It meets both these conditions. The inners are separate and flexible which means that if you are a family the kids can have an end to themselves (and even a room each if you only have two) or if, like us, you are a couple, you can just use one large bedroom with a double mattress in the middle and have an enormous space to spread out into (or use one of the smaller bedrooms for storage).

The good point about this tent is that it is very quick and easy to put up - the sheaths for the poles are unencumbered by eyelets and seams so the poles never get stuck. There are only 5 poles and the colour coding is very effective. The guy ropes never get entangled in the poles even if they are not tied and tidied. I can vouch for this tent being easy(ish) to put up by an unfit middle-aged woman on her own, though perhaps not on a windy day!

On the down side, the skirting is easy to rip away if you pull it the wrong direction. We did this the first time we used it. We also managed to make holes in the floor which needed patching. We have also managed to make a small cut in the main tent (don't know how) which needed to be repaired. We've only used it three times.

As far as weatherproofing is concerned, the first time we used it there was an almighty rainstorm of over 30mm in 12 hours. It did leak in places - specifically where loops and tabs were sewn into the seams. We marked the points and used the repair kit included to seal these places on its next outing. It was much better during the next shower but there are still a few seepages. On the second outing all was well initially but one of the corner guys failed to stay put in moderate winds (and soft ground) and needed remedial work in the middle of the night in the rain. The wind was still fair to moderate the next day and we were grateful when someone offered to help put it down - the sheer size of the tent means that it is like a big balloon and squeezing the air out can be quite time-consuming even if you haven't seen it take off while taking it down.

The size of this tent is great for feeling spacious and airy during a week-long stay in the summer. Not cramped or too stifling in the heat (you can open both doors to get a breeze through). In colder months it's a bit big to heat economically and is best used in a sheltered rather than exposed location - in England even when tomorrow's forecast says fine and still you can never be quite sure it won't suddenly blow a gale! It holds up well in poor weather though and is good value for money despite some minor faults and foibles.
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By: Oxtonvillage  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 28/05/2009

We have just used our new Raven 8 tent for the first time and were extremely pleased with it. We have returned to camping after several years of cottaging (no, not that sort of activity!) and decided on the Raven 8 on the advice of a local outlet (Aspinalls on the Wirral who are excellent by the way) after a good deal of researching. We could not be more pleased.

The tent went up really easily, although it was windy and it threatened to take off - the children prevented this from happening by lying on the floor of the tent as we put it up. The colour coded poles made life easy. We were on soft soil, but it held firm and stayed dry in spite of strong gusts and heavy rain. The seams stayed intact and seemed capable of taking a fair bit of stress. We were told that tunnel tents are less stable in high winds, but we felt the Raven 8 was quite secure. It seems well made and there are a lot of thoughtful touches such as pockets in any place which will take them, and rings and velcro for hanging things from. We bought a groundsheet to keep the tent clean and to reduce the possibility of piercing the sewn in groundsheet, and this worked well. We will take up the idea of velcro on the doors to keep out the rain - and keep in the dog who, in spite of her size, managed to squeeze through and escape on several occasions!

There was a lot of space which is extremely versatile due to the removable pods. We kept the unused pod for storage as we could keep it zipped up to keep the bugs out and away from the dry food, bread, biscuits etc. We were happy that the large pod had a removable divider rather than sewn in, as we did not use it and had a lovely roomy bedroom. With 2 children and 2 dogs as well as us, there was room to spare. The height gave us a feeling of space too, and no stooping!

All in all, we think this tent is as near perfect as we could get at almost any price - but can anyone tell us how we can repack it into the bag with the polls as well - we have now perfected the art of getting the tent and pods in and closing the zip - but the poll bag too???
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By: Autopilot  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 06/05/2009

On the whole we are very happy with this tent, although it does have a couple of issues which I will explain bellow. Up until now we have almost always bought Vango tents. We were going to buy a Vango Diablo 900, but after borrowing one for a weekend it was absolutely horrible to put up and was massive (2 large bags) when packed, plus is inner first - which is a no-go in UK weather. We got a good deal on the Raven 8 and have used it 3 times in the last year. On the plus side, it's lovely to put up, as are most tunnel tents when you get the nack - I did it by myself the first time in about 25 mins in wind and rain. Outer first means it's fine if it's raining during erection and the sewn in groundsheet makes life easy and keeps us warmer, drier and more bug free. Also packs down very small yet it's very large and has lots of living area, which is very handy as we have a toddler who has plenty of play area should it rain. Nice family tent.

However, I mentioned there are a couple of issues, which new and existing owners should be aware of.

1) The groundsheet is not the toughest material I have ever come across in a tent. It's easy to pierce if there is a sharp stone or twig etc under it when its walked on. We already have one small hole, so make sure the pitching area is completely clear.

2) Again, the window mesh is a fairly poor material. We have a small hole already, not sure how it happended.

3) Some of the Storm skirting around the bottom has ripped away from along the GS/outer seam that its sewn onto. This is the second time it has happened (first tent was replaced but this will need repairing). If you pull the elastic peg loops in the wrong direction, which is quite easy, it WILL rip, even with very little force. Serious design flaw, it could have easily been reinforced with a tab of materiel where the first loops are.

So generally it's very nice but not perfect. In hindsight I MIGHT have gone for the Vango Albany 800, only might, but I still prefer the flexibility the Raven 8 gives you in term of which pods you put up (We don't put the second single in to give us more living room/storage). At the end of the day, it's a budget family tent, which I can fix, and the positives outweigh the negatives so don't be put off. It's stands up very well to heavy wind and rain once up properly, but take care putting it up/down.
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By: Mrs B Goodwin  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 29/04/2009

Have just bought this tent it is fantastic. Loads of room and as there are only 3 of us we had the option to take down one of the pods which made it enormous inside. It is a fantastic family tent and is a dream to put up and take down (this from somebody who hates doing these jobs with a passion). There is also an extra sun porch which you can buy to go with this tent which we will be purchasing for the summer as it is a fantastic size. The only downside to this tent is that the internal barriers between the double pods are attached loosely and would be far better if they were sewn in to separate the rooms properly. Other than that I cannot fault this tent at all.
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By: Ian jackson  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating:   Date: 15/03/2009

Fantastic,plenty of space for all your needs & family.

Easy to pitch even with one person in scorching weather.

Value for money, I should say so, looks and performs better than tents three times the price, can't praise it enough, all I can say is buy one.
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By: Steve832  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating:   Date: 12/03/2009

As a family we like to now and again get off the beaten track and into more secluded areas, in this case a friend let us stay at the foot of some lovely mountains in Wales. Next to a brook and in a valley. Needless to say we were hit with very hot weather for a few days followed by one of the worst thunderstorms in years, the rain really came down and the winds knocked out powerlines etc. One welsh farmer an old guy of 90 years said it was one of the worst storms he had seen in years. However this tent stood the test, we all remained snug and completely dry, the wind tried its best but the tent never budged an inch and not once did I have to get out to reset a guy rope or replace a peg.

The sun porch which can be used also as an extension is a fantastic bit of kit and can add an excellent resource to your tent especially with kids and muddy boots being restricted to this area before entering the main tent area.

Very very roomy comfortable safe and secure. Easy to also pack up for the size of it and easy to assemble even in inclement conditions. A fantastic tent at a great price.
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By: Welshdelights  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 02/08/2008

Just bought a Raven 8 used it for the first time this week and what a battering it has taken from the elements with no problems what so ever !I would urge any family thinking of buying a family tent to have look at the raven 8. For the money its brilliant we only paid 200 and what a bargain! Easy to pitch with two people but invest in good storm pegs as this is a large tent it catches the wind so !sturdy pegs will sort this problem out.As described by the last review its BIG and it is AWSOME. BEST 200 I've ever spent . Great job Wynnster!
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By: Mowfow71  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 06/07/2008

Just bought a Raven 8 used it for the first time this weekend first thing pitching, easy enough to pitch however a slight gust of wind and it takes off like a kite needs 2 people. All pole colour coded, has built in ground sheet 3 bedrooms took us about 35 mins.

I have to be honest within hrs of pitching this tent nature threw everthing at us.Heavy rain, gale force winds apart from some pegs pulling out due to very soft ground the tent performed well.There was a problem with the wind blowing the bottom of the door over the ground sheet lip so some water came in(thats why its 9 out of 10) but I will cure that with velcro.

Once pitched we got all the stuff in there even the folding picnic table, cooker and 6 folding chairs we did this due to the rain but there was still loads of room, we took the 3rd bedroom down because there is only 5 of us and we used it as a storage area but within an hour we has another 5 vistors(children) it was like a party tent.All the other people that came in to have a look couldnt believe the size of this tent.

Sleep time, some of tent pegs failed to hold down this huge tent but like I said the ground was soft.So when we got back from the club house it was almost airborn,thanks to our friends we used some more robust pegs and that sorted it.

This tent took an absolute beating during the storm, but no rips or tears no problem, it just laughed at mother nature, I never slept a wink lol,if I had 2 words to describe this tent they would have to be BIG and AWESOME.

I now have loads of faith in this tent, I dont think the weather could get much worse than what it was, and im glad because whenever we go camping in the future I know we'll be safe dry and warm in the Wynnster Raven 8
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19 User Reviews of the Raven 8 - Showing 11 to 19          Page:   1   2  

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Manufacturer's Description

The Raven 8 offers three / four bedrooms. The 2 person bedrooms in these tents are large enough to accomodate a standard sized double airbed.
# The tent pitches Flysheet first and should take two people 20 mins to pitch.
# All fabrics used in for the flysheet, sleeping compartments and groundsheets have been given a Fire Retardant treatment, which in the event of an emergency will allow significantly more time to escape.
# The complete interior of the tent (the communal space and bedrooms) has the benefit of an integral, bathtub style groundsheet and secondary mesh doors, which will effectively keep this space free from insects and draughts.
# Each Wynnster tent is supplied with a repair kit and they include an emergency pole repair sleeve, fabric cuttings, seam sealer, guy line, peg point elastic and various clips.
# The taped seams are heat sealed with a polyurethane tape to ensure complete waterproof protection.
# The colour coded system incorporates colour coded poles and pole sleeves, groundsheet clips points, plus colour coded bedroom hanging points, this reduces assembly time by highlighting the correct place for each part.
# This tent is also Guy Line Tidy. Elastic loops are attached to the tent so that the guy lines can be quickly and conveniently tidied.
# The Raven 8 benefits from Power Ports. These are conveniently located zipped openings in conjunction with lantern loops and velcro cable ties, that allow a mains electricity hook up supply into the tent for the operation of electrical appliances and lighting.
# Polyurethane coatings to the flysheet fabric provide a level of waterproofing that is more than twice that required by the British Standard level to be classified as waterproof.

Sleeps: 8
Doors: 2
Weight: 23.60kgs
Width: 370cm
Length: 750cm
Height: 225cm
Waterproofing (HH): 5000mm
Colours: Dark green / mint green
Roll Up Windows: 2

... there may be more info on their website

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