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Tent Showcase: Kampa Filey 6 Air

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
36.40 KG
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6.52/10 from 27 reviews

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27 Reviews of the Filey 6 Air        Showing 21 to 27          Page:   1   2   3  
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By: Millsfamilycampers  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 03/07/2013

I love this tent!

We've been on a weekend camping trip with it so far and it was so easy to put up and take down. We had a few trial runs at home beforehand, and decided to invest in the electric pump as the hand pump is hard work. I'm sure the more we use this tent the easier it will be to put up and take down, I think it was probably about 1/2 hour this time from start to finish. But once the tent was inflated I was inside getting everything set up while my husband finished pegging out, so I was sitting down with a glass of wine in my hand a lot quicker than with our old tent.

I really like the configuration of the filey 6 air, the living area is a perfect size, and the canopy area is big enough to sit in and cook in on a rainy day. I didn't bother with the groundsheet in the canopy bit, but may use it on a wet camping trip. I love the fact you can zip up the whole front and shelter from the rain, or have it open- perfect for camping in the unpredictable British weather!

We had one rainy and very windy night and although we could hear the weather outside it was really cosy inside. Our old tent (an Outwell Ohio XL) used to rustle in the slightest breeze and felt like it was going to take off when we camped in gale force winds. We did need to put some extra air in the beams in the morning (which makes sense as the temperature had dropped overnight) but at no point was the there any danger of the tent collapsing. And it seemed to flex with the wind, no rustling or flapping around.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend this tent, it offers good sized and flexible accommodation. And no more messing around with poles- happy days! So far I have no negative things to say about it, we're off on another camping trip this weekend and I can't wait!
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By: Cheeselet  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 01/07/2013

We have the 2013 kampa filey 600 airbeam tent, have used it once so far and will be again this week. This is the best tent we have ever had and believe me ,we have had a few. Went up in 5 mins with another 30mins pegging down. We bought it as we love camping and my husband is 71 and this airtent has given him/us a few more years.

The hand pump is quite hard as it slows near the end so we have invested in the electric pump. The size of this tent is marvellous, we have a lot of camping gear and it looked a bit lost as there was so much space. We love the idea of having 3 rooms plus the toilet extension on the side. The bedroom is very large and we fit in 2 full size double beds and room for a table in between

They are expensive at £1299.99 but families pay this for a caravan holiday at haven in high season, with this you have still got it for many more years. This tent is brilliant and we are so pleased we got it.
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By: Keanonwuk  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 01/07/2013

We have just returned from 3 nights at the Clitheroe C&CC site with our newly acquired Filey 6 Air. This is our third Kampa tent so we are fairly used to the Kampa quality and build. No, as with other contributors we did not do a test set-up. And would have benefited from one.

It was raining when we pitched the Filey (as usual), the first surprise was the footprint, which has a small side bit to fit under the side annex (our Studland footprint doesn't). Great we thought no need to use the tarp we usually bring for the Studland, (rain getting heavier now). But on laying out the tent on the now wet footprint, guess what, the footprint does not match the annex, yes footprint upside down. Once the footprint was rectified we pegged the four corners and connected the pump (rain quite heavy now) and closed off the doors and windows which had been left open allowing water to pour in. As advised we checked the valves at the bottom of each pole to make sure they were in the 'off' position and proceeded to pump air into the main air inlet using the supplied manual pump. Wow, this is hard work, my wife and I taking it in turns to work the pump which because of the rain kept slipping from under our feet and disconnecting itself from the inflation point. After half an hour we were getting desperate and a fellow camper offered to loan us an electric pump which he used to inflate his airbed. We explained that we already had one and it was not capable of inflating the Filey. Very fed up now, my wife having a quite large blister on her hand and me regretting all those years of working behind a desk. It was at that point that my wife thought she could hear air escaping shortly after I had stopped pumping, in fact the tent made several attempts to raise itself then settled back when pumping stopped. I crawled inside to assist with kinked air poles and checking for leaks, nothing (still raining). We had now tracked the 'leak' to a specific area, around the inlet valve, it was then that I realised there was another valve at the base of the pole I was inflating and yes it was open. All other valves closed this one open, could it be someones idea of a joke or am I being paranoid? By this time I could have put up the Studland, taken it down then up again (still raining). After some more pumping (my wife and I now in need of medical attention) the Filey arose Phoenix like with some help from my wife. Minds now made up we need an electric pump!

Once up you realise just how big this tent is. Bedroom pods were already installed as were the roof lining (we removed this preferring the light which is excellent in Kampa tents. My wife then asked me to inspect an object she had found on the tent floor which worried her slightly (it worried me) it was a valve similar to the ones fitted to the roof air poles but without the locking nuts. After close inspection we were happy that it must be a spare (there is a complete spare in the repair kit that comes with the tent). I then attempted to fit the porch ground-sheet which my wife had given up on I was feeling fairly confident as we own an Outwell Glendale 5 with a similar system (my wife set to with a mop drying the inside of the tent a result of the open windows). I can only describe this final hurdle to camping Nirvana (the porch ground-sheet) as something akin to a device used by the Spanish Inquisition. The sheet is huge, plus on first viewing no clues as to which is the correct way up. Eventually, I managed to fit the ground-sheet in a fashion, I had installed it the right way up (more good luck than good management). There are three velcro pads on the front which locate with the front porch with toggles around the edge a hole at the back (tent pegging point) which can be closed off with a pull toggle. Finally you then peg it down (still raining).

With respect to the tent main points there is not a lot I can offer over other reviewers. The front porch we like far better than the vestibule idea of our Studland, with the Filey you can open it half way, fully and I think remove it completely. We love the big front windows also. However, we feel that there should be some form of ventilation in the porch area other than the two small vents into the main living space. On wet days the porch windows mist up quickly, opening the front porch slightly will clear this over time. The zip out side windows we like but as with the Studland it would be nice to have the option to zip up a mesh barrier similar to the side door to keep the flying bugs at bay. With respect to this mesh door on our new tent there was a hole the size of a pencil which was a disappointment (we had a similar fault on one of the vents over the window of our Studland, perhaps we are just un-lucky). We must mention the eyebrow poles and the frame for the annex here, as recommended by other reviewers, we fitted these before fully inflating the poles but it was still a trial, you need the strength of Arnie and good luck because if you miss the grommet you could make a hole in your tent, or snap a pole.

Our final problem became apparent when attempting to close the annex door off (yes it had been left open when pegging). However, on close inspection, the problem was not the pegging but the location of the air-pole itself. At the base of each pole within the tent there is a pad of velcro (located on the ground-sheet) this pole had moved or was never fitted where it should have been, so with a bit of heaving we managed to move the pole over the velcro pad, the annex door now closed without problem. The only other thing I found as a result of pulling the tent down at the end of our three days (yes it started to rain again) was that at the base of the front air pole (each end) is a pegging point, not obvious as when setting up the point disappeared under the pole which is quite large at the base, I had wondered about the material on each side of the front porch not being taut enough even after tightening the guys, using these two pegging points might have fixed this, will have to try next time out.

I have given the Filey 8 out of 10 which may be a bit unfair as setting up in the rain was a factor. However, we think that there are issues here relevant to Kampa. In the supplied manual it advises that you close up all windows and doors before deflating, yet when we set up the tent every door and window was open, we have always left the windows closed but the vents above open and doors partially open to allow air to escape when packing up on other tents, it worked just as well on this one and should we be unfortunate enough (or as usual) for it to rain, we can quickly close off these openings to stop the ingress of water. Leaving a valve rolling about in the tent smacks of poor quality control and what caused the hole in the door mesh? And finally which pervert left a valve open just where you least expected to find one? Yes it could have been someone having a laugh (yes I am definitely paranoid).

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review if we had been able to set up this tent at home things could have been so much better, is there a moral here?
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By: Zenobia1970  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 08/06/2013

Well what can I say well done kampa! This tent is FANTASTIC! .

Like the previous reviewer we too have jumped ship from a Vango exodus 800 with canopy. The first thing I would like to say is that Vango have made the tent waterproof this year not like the one we had last year. See review on this tent. The kampa tent is a absolutely brilliant the quality of the fabric and attention to detail is great. The Filey 6 is really easy to pitch peg the corners and attach the pump and as the tubes start to rise pop inside and push up and that's it. The tent also has isolation valves should one beam deflate. The interior features are really well thought out with the floating ceiling to keep noise and heat to a minimum. The sleep tight system is great too bedrooms are dark and the coating does keep a lot of the heat out the rooms a real bonus. We really like the ensuite off the main living area that we use for the toilet.

The windows are really clear and the living area ones open right up to let the air in and heat out and it really does, seems kampa have really done their homework with this tent. The only negative point is the tent carpet is a grey color and doesn't fit round the beams like the Vango one maybe we could have a nice colourful carpet for next years model :-). Now the important bit Vango airbeam tents don't stand up to windy conditions very well ours nearly blew flat when we used it but Filey 6 stands up really well due to higher pressure and extra support beams.

So if you want great easy to pitch large tent that's well suited to British weather look no further than the Filey 6
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By: Joy_family  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 06/06/2013

This is our 2nd inflatable tent – we changed from an Airbeam Eternity 600 with front extension as the Kampa seem to offer some significant benefits – mainly being a similar size but without the need of a separate extension (which never fitted right on the Vango), the single inflation point, material etc.

Out first pitch of it was for 5 nights at Sandy Balls in the New Forest. We were meant to do a test pitch at home but didn’t get round to it. Wish I had done though as what should have been an easy pitch was a bit problematic. Laid it out, pegged the 4 corners, closed the deflation points on each beam and then started pumping. My wife then thought air was leaking out somewhere due to the hissing sound and we started fiddling around with the valves inside the tent. However, after a bit of rechecking, we had all the internal valves open and the external ones closed – and the tent went up well and was rock solid. Was so nice not to have to worry about over inflating like the Vango – you can just keep pumping until pumping becomes difficult. I am very interested in the electric pump that Cross Camping are getting in/testing out as this will make it even easy to put up. The next time will be even quicker though. It was solid as a rock all the time we were there - more so than some of our surrounding tents it has to be said.

The tent itself is fantastic – the material feels waxy and good quality, the sunlight panel/roof panel is fantastic for keeping the tent light but not over hot (was worried about the tent being dark as its blue but the opposite is true) and kept any condensation drips etc. Getting us. I was originally sceptical about this panel but it worked a treat.

The layout of the tent is perfect for us – nice 50/50 split on the bedrooms (again, better than the Vango), lots of living space and big front porch – it was great opening everything up and having one big tent and then closing off the canopy area to keep snug at night. It rained a lot during the week (unfortunately) but there were no leaks and the big porch windows meant you can stay dry but have a good view out. Was also handy early mornings – our 6 year normally wakes up by 6am – as it gives a separate closed of area to play etc. Without disturbing my wife’s beauty sleep. Also good for eating inside the tent. We ended up buying a carpet for this front area whilst away and that made it even better.

The SIG was the best one i’ve had and the toggled porch g/sheet was better than I expected it to be.

The opening windows were also a bonus – when it got sunny, you can open everything up and the tent feels spacious and cool. Everything in the tent seems well thought out and you have lots options with openings, curtains, pockets etc. The canopies over the windows worked well as did the window mesh areas (which I was initially concerned about).

I didn’t expect the tent to come with spare poles so you can make the side door into a canopy – this was useful.

We struggled initially with the zips, they kept snagging but then realised that if you pull them by the yellow string, instead of the zip itself, they work a lot better.

The bag pack size is very big but no more so than other big tents i’ve had when you include their pole bag.

Taking the tent down was a doddle – we were up against it time wise as we had just 30mins to get the tent down and pack away. Needn’t have worried – deflated easily and rolled up and fitted into the bag with no problems. The bag isn’t as good as the canvas one Vango supply though.

I love the idea of inflatable tents as, they do save time and are so much easier than poled tents, but the Vango just wasn’t quite right so did a LOT of research into getting another one – the Outwell ones just weren’t big/wide enough and prefer a tunnel design with the bedrooms at one end. Am not worried about polycotton. And am glad to say the Kampa Filey 6 Air is a fantastic tent and I feel I made the right decision going for it.

Due to go camping for a few more weekends this year and looking forward to using this lovely tent again and the ease of pitching it. It is an expensive tent (although I did get a good deal on it) and I lost some money moving up from the Vango – but I am very glad I did as it just seems so much better than the Eternity in every way.

This is the 4th tent we’ve had in a year and I think we’ve finally nailed it – even my wife was totally impressed by it, which is saying something!
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By: Brooksuk  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 21/05/2013

First pitch of the tent this weekend at the Red Shoot, New Forest and we were not disappointed. As SA2009 states above, the pack size is pretty big but then again its no bigger that having a similar sized steel poled tent with 2 big bulky bags.

Setting up was easy. Pegged out the footprint, pegged out the corners of the tent and inflated it all in about 10 minutes. Yes, you then have to spend another 10 minutes pegging out the guy lines etc - but even then you can have this large tent fully erected and pegged out in 20 minutes (and do it on your own).

The sleep tite system in the bedrooms is fantastic, we managed to sleep in until 8 am (inc our 2 year old) as the rooms are so much darker.

The living area is plenty big enough and the en-suite / storage area is very useful for keeping the rest of your tent tidy. I particularly liked the fact that the side windows open fully.

The front porch area is probably one of the best features of the design - close it up fully at night time, ensuring all your chairs / kitchen / table etc remain dry. Half open the door to sit inside for breakfast and stay out of the wind, open the whole thing up fully when the sun comes out! All built in, and no wrestling with a separate porch / awning!

Packing away was easy as well, open the valves and the tent deflated in just a minute or 2. We used the usual method of folding the tent and then rolling about on it like a couple of children to expel any air - worked perfectly. Whole tent and footprint groundsheet (inc un-pegging) all taken down and back in the bag in 20 minutes.

10/10 rating from us!
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By: SA2009  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 02/04/2013

This review is from a trial pitch in our back garden so first time out and once we have used it properly I will update. I've added a few pics too.

Firstly just to warn you the tent is huge! Ignore the packed dimensions given in the marketing material it is way bigger it swallows our boot! In terms of putting the tent up, it was easy, (although judging by my OH red face he might not say the same ) but soooo much easier and quicker than the poles it was up in 5 mins (excluding guy lines).

The fabric of the tent is lovely, you can feel it is much thicker than the normal polyester tent material. Space is fab and it does have the sleeptite system. The bedrooms were already in place so we didn't even have to do those.

The poles for the window canopies and side pod were a little difficult to get in but they did go in with a bit of effort, I think we were a little wary of stretching the material too much trying to get them in.

Putting it down was a doodle, we just opened the valves and sat back and watched! The instructions in the book tell you to close all doors and windows before letting it down which we did but wont next time as there seemed to be a lot of air in it, obvious I guess! Bag is plenty big enough and we got it back in very easily.

Only sticking point for us was the toggle in bathtub ground sheet in the porch area we would have preferred a sewn in one as there seemed to be large gaps but that is just us and won't bother everyone and first time pitched we may not have done it right, we will probably modify ours.

Other than that, not disappointed and look forward to using it for real, apart from we won't get anything else in the car! 9 out of 10 is because of the toggle in rather than sewn in porch ground sheet, but as I say everyone will be different on how they view this!
4 from 4 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

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Manufacturer's Description

Key Features:

- Air Frame - all AirPoles interconnected
- Ridge AirPoles for extra stability
- Isolation Valves - in case of damage to one AirPole
- Inner Tents remain in-situ for set up and take down
- Sewn-in-groundsheet
- Side door with mesh and wet weather protection
- Storage/toilet compartment with zipped interior door
- Roof lining - advantages of polycotton without the weight
- Daylight panel - for white light
- Roll to side front door and intermediate door
- Complete with manual pump with pressure gauge

Essential Specification:

- Flysheet: Weathershield 150D 5000mm F/R UV
- Groundsheet: PE 12 x 12 140/m 10,000mm HH
- Poles: Air Frame
- Weight: 36.4kg
- Pack Size: 110 x 45 x 45 cm
- Colour: Blue

... there may be more info on their website

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