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Tent Showcase: Outwell Concorde L

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35.40 KG
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8.83/10 from 6 reviews

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6 Reviews of the Concorde L

By: FamilycamperSA  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 23/09/2013

I recently bought a Concorde L after seeing it on display at a store in Sussex. I didn't actually realise it was an inflatable when I first walked in, and it was more the styling, colour and very obvious polycotton quality that caught my eye. The sturdy support beams is a nice look inside and only adds to the feeling of overall quality. I'm not overly tall at 6ft but the headroom was another feature that basically made my mind up on the spot that I was going to buy the tent - sometimes you just know when something is right for you.

With it being inflatable it means I can set up the tent by myself in no time while the wife and kids explore the surroundings - avoids any arguments at the start of a trip!

I ended up putting the tent up in our back garden that weekend, and have to say pitching it could not have been easier. Expect your lower back to feel it as the pump does give you a good 5 minute workout.

At the time I noticed the footprint was slightly bigger than the tent, which made me hesitate for a moment but I still went ahead and pitched with the footprint showing here and there. Amateur mistake of course, and it was only the next day that it clicked that they told me at the store they had no Concorde L footprints in stock but will supply one of the exact same dimensions. It proceeded to rain heavily all weekend but contrary to other reviews I did not have any water come through the groundsheet. I could however in 2 places feel the build-up of water sloshing between the footprint and the groundsheet underneath, but over the 5 days that the tent was pitched not a single drop came through. Perhaps it would have if we used it constantly - you can't expect nothing to come through if you effectively pitch it in a pool of standing water.

Long story short it turns out that the Nevada XLP footprint I was supplied with is actually 10cm longer and 10cm wider than my tent, as confirmed by the dimensions on Outwell's website. The store were helpful on the phone, and told me that Outwell suggested they supply that particular footprint as it was out of stock everywhere. I was asked if I can keep going with the current footprint until next season when they will supply me with the correct one. Instead I found the correct one online, and the store refunded me the cost including postage. Moral of the story is insist on using the right parts, and don't believe everything you hear.

Bottom line is this tent is absolutely superb, and you can't help feel at home inside it. If I had to call out one bad point it would be the fact that the window 'blinds' do not have zips, as seen on other premium tents. The velcro tabs works great though and I probably wouldn't have noticed it had I not looked at all the other tents available.

Another thing I'll comment on is that I can't quite see how the tent could collapse repeatedly as described by one of the reviewers - the whole point of the cut-off valves in the ceiling is to give you independent chambers so if one section happens to get a leak the rest of the tent stays up. This system works - you can test it by releasing one or two of the deflation valves on the outside.

Finally since buying this tent I've picked up a few more Outwell products, including the awning. Which I suspect will look slightly comical being 9 odd metres long, but the added space will be great for cooking and entertaining.
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By: Daviren  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 27/08/2013

We owned an Outwell Trout Lake 4 for a couple of years and loved it. Polycotton is so much better than polyester and feels like proper camping somehow - under canvas.

On hearing about Outwell's new Smart Air inflatable tents - Concorde, using the same material, we thought we would check it out. Unfortunately, none to be found to view north of the border (the Scottish/English one), but luckily two of our good friends had bought the Concorde L and we pitched up beside them for a weekend at a great sand dune campsite on the west of Scotland (Point Sands). We immediately loved this tent, its spaciousness, solidity and comfort. Our friends indicated that it stood strong in the wind and rain.

No sooner back home than we went on the pc and now own and have had our first weekend in this tent. We also bought the front extension. (PS sold the Trout Lake on ebay within 3 hours of going on the web).

Our first impressions are that this tent meets all the quality criteris of the other polycotton tents from Outwell. It is so well finished and feels very robust and classy. The tubes feel like hard cycle tyres, with two layers of protection surrounding them. Also, the central tube, running front to back, really acts as a spine for the tent.

Tons of room for the two of us and the extension gave us that extra space to sit in and cook if needed. But, unlike the Trout Lake where we used the extension all the time, this tent is so roomy inside that good use of the side doors (including the one which flaps up to act as a shelter from the rain), may mean we will use it less.

Issues with it? As previously noted, the groundsheet is of lesser quality than some of the zipped ones in other ranges - but it is quite sufficient for the task I am sure. Would have been too cumbersome to have had a sewn in one of that weight anyway. Still think it would have been better to have the front door as a straight pull-up flap to provide another potential shelter, but it cetainly is easier to open and close than that type. Also, would have preferred a mesh net on this door as well.

The big selling point of course is the incredible ease with which this tent is erected. A tad stenuous pumping for a few minutes, but nothing to the labourious job of stringing the poles together and raising the fairly heavy weight of a pollycotton tent. However, and probably the biggest downside to this tent is the shear weight (35.4kms). It is seriously heavy for one person to carry, especially if one is getting on in years. Realising this before we went camping I bought a trolley (called a folding sack truck) and this works very well to wheel the thing about. Not at the campsite you understand, that would be a touch over the top we thought.

Also, as someone else pointed out, if it is wet when you take it down, and if you have the outside space, simply peg the four corners, pump it up and leave it to dry.

So, a great piece of kit, lets hope the tubes and valves and all that stand the test of time .

Well done Outwell, so far so good with this tent, it will surely be a winner - even with the expense.
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By: DTCY  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 21/06/2013

Too good to be true?

Wow, I've just got my tent today and put it up in the garden. It's everything I'd hoped for.

I've just sold my Montana Lake on Ebay and replaced it with this. It was a long and difficult decision. I wanted something with a smaller overall pack size, less overall weight and much quicker pitching time. I like to use my tent for short trips and I also like the odd night in the garden camping just to keep the kiddie amused. My biggest concerns about the switch was whether this one would seem too small, would it really be much quicker, would the quality seem the same and would the pack size really make that much difference ?

Well, lets start with the pack size. It's big, but the main bag on my Montana Lake was bigger and that has a separate pole bag too which is nearly as big. It's a massive difference to me. The difference means I am now no longer considering a trailer.

O.K, so pitching time. Footprint first, then I emptied to tent onto it. It was very quick and easy to roll out. I tried to remember which way it was folded for putting back. 4 corner pegs and then onto the pumping. I'd seen the speeded up videos and was sceptical about the 5 mins pumping. Being a competitive sort, I gave it some hammer on the pump. I couldn't believe how quick this was. Seemed much quicker than the vids. WHAM, it was up. The pump felt a bit flimsy when I was giving it full power so I'll probably take it slightly steadier next time. I've already had one of these pumps for mattresses (so now I have 2) but If I didn't then I'd probably be buying a spare one just in case. It looks as though the pressure gauge can be fitted to my other pump as it has the same bayonet fastener. Once up, I just pegged out a bit at a time in between doing other stuff in the house etc. This reflects well for the campsite. You could whack it up, get the wife and kids doing the inside, whilst you're outside having a beer and pretending to put the pegs in. So basically, for speed, this really, really rocks. About 1/3 the time of my Montana Lake, with the added advantage of getting that initial waterproof bubble up within 10 mins.

O.K, so size. Compared to my old Montana Lake I was worried. I needn't have been. Although on paper it looks a fair bit narrower than the Montana, when you're stood inside, you can barely notice a difference. My wife and daughter said they couldn't notice a difference at all. Again, on head height, I was worried compared to the Montana but this is also not an issue. This is a very large tent with an excellent square living space. I am very please indeed on this front. I'll be getting the front awning if we go away for a week or more and I know the tent's going to feel MAHOOSIVE with this on it!

O.K, so far I'm smiling. Final category - the quality. Well, compared to my Montana Lake (which is a very high quality tent by the way), the quality seems identical to me. Yes the groundsheet is thinner than the lake but the one on the lake felt like overkill too me and only added to the weight. Time will tell. If it keeps me dry, the thinner the better as far as I'm concerned. Yes, the curtains are flimsy Velcro jobs, but these are identical to the ones on the Lake so no loss there. They work well and I really don't think having zip ones is a big deal. For me, they are either open or closed. Once more point on quality, if anything, the tinted windows give this tent the edge on quality feel compared to the Lake for me.

So there we go. If I had a servant to put up the Montana Lake for me every time, then it still might just edge it. Taking everything else into consideration though, for me, this tent is the clear winner by a very big margin. Loads of benefits, tiny compromises.

To me, it really does feel too good to be true. A few camping trips will see whether this holds. I'm interested to see what happens in high wind and whether the 'airbags' stay inflated over a few days. It feels very sturdy front to back but feels like its may sway side to side a bit in the wind. We'll see.

For now, I am a very happy bunny. I can't believe I ever doubted !
3 from 3 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

By: Torepe  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 01/05/2013

We just recently got our Concorde L and did a trial pitch today. We will give our first impressions here, but be warned - we have nothing to compare with since this is our first time ever buying a tent of this size and type.

When we first got the tent it seemed absolutely huge, in the bag that is. It's quite heavy as well, and being two people helps a lot when setting it up. We went for the Concorde as a compromise between ease of pitching and size of the tent. As none of us have any experience with this type of tent (only small mountain tents), we were very exited at trying to pitch this one. We chose polycotton over polyester because after reading reviews online it seemed as the best choice when it comes to comfort. By comfort we mean temperature and noise from rustling.

Ok, now to our first time ever pitching a tent of this type and size. It was really, really easy - we were amazed. It took us less than 15 minutes from the time we unrolled the footprint groundsheet until the tent was erect and the carpet inside was in place. We did not plug down more than the four corners and none of the guylines in that time, but still it seemed like a quick pitch - at least to newbies like us! Hopefully it is possible to use this tent for one night stopovers as well, travelling to a predefined destination.

We spent a bit longer when taking down the tent, but not much. It took about half an hour to get everything packed up, and that included arguing about how the tent should be folded up.

All in all we are happy with the purchase and can't wait to go camping. We give this one, after only doing a trial pitch, 8 out of 10 stars. We've deducted two stars for what seemed like a thin sewed in groundsheet, flimsy curtains and that you are depended upon a functional pump.
2 from 2 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

By: Outwell 159  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 25/04/2013

We bought this tent as we like the reliability of the Outwell tents and new it wouldn't let us down.Tried out for the first time last week, this tent only confirms what we already know, wow,what a tent this is! spacious, pitches in minutes, light and airy inside, tinted windows that really make a difference, the rainsafe door, all the best features you would want in an air tent, this tent will not disappoint you. It is a heavy tent, with a large bag, but no larger/heavier than any other 6 man polycotton tent.You will need a large boot for this one/or a trailer, but worth its weight when it arrives at the campsite.Easy to set up, easy to take down, ultimate comfort for families of up to four I would say, hence the Outwell comfort rating for 4.I cannot fault this tent and feel that it is well worth its price tag,(shop around for the best deals). Full marks for this one, for years of very happy camping.
5 from 5 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

By: Hankakampa  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 16/04/2013

I bought this tent mid April 2013 after seeing it at the nec camping show.

The main reason for purchase was that I own an Outwell Bear lake 6 for longer camps and a trout lake 4 for shorter trips.

The bear lake 6 is just a bit too heavy for me to handle by myself and the trout lake 4 is too small for anything longer than a long weekend.

The Concorde is somewhere in between both size wise, is polycotton so its quiet and comfortable but I can put it up and take it down on my own which although I can with the bear lake, its time consuming and hard work especially threading the poles which are long on the bear lake tent and being careful not to damage the tent.

The Concorde being inflatable has no metal poles and has a sewn-in groundsheet thats not detachable.

This makes the Concorde L a very heavy tent to move around in its bag from house/garage to car and car to pitching site. I used a golf trolley to do this so as not to do my back in!.

Once out of the bag and laid out, its just a case of making sure that valves are closed ( from last time of taking it down ) and then attaching the pump and start pumping. For the 1st 2-3 minutes it seems like nothing is happening and then in the last few minutes the tent begins to rise. At this point I went and 'assisted' the tent as it has to unfold and its easier help it open out and then continue pumping. The pumping really gets quite difficult in the last stage when the air tubes are full.

An electric inflator is available but it costs around 100.00! and you cannot use an airbed type inflator as they cannot get anywhere near the kind of pressure you need to blow this up ( think of the weight of all that polycotton the tubes have to hold up ).

Once up, its a case of guying down and there are fewer guys with this tent than most as the guys as double lines - attaching to several points on the tent.

Inside the feeling of the tent is very nice due to the polycotton material and its very quite and doesn't rustle like a crisp packet in the breeze.

A few downsides - the sewn in ground sheet is a big step-down from the kind thats in the bear and trout lake tents which is like a thick rubber and very good quality.

This sewn in ground sheet feels flimsy by comparison, it doesn't zip in / out to help save weight in the tent bag and I feel this cheap flimsy sewn in ground sheet is the biggest disappointment in a tent of this price level.

A further advantage of a zip in/out groundsheet is it can be packed separately to make the tent bag more manageable weight wise, it can be replaced it it gets damaged.

The windows, the only 2 that open are what are also the side doors. And the curtains have poorly sewn in velcro tabs to open/close them - very disappointing at this price level instead of zips which can be opened / closed at different levels for privacy.

If you can overlook these points then this is a lovely tent, but I just don't feel it justifies its 1400 price tag.

It doesn't have any nice little quality and or surprise/delight 'look at that' kind of touches to it.

I bought it because it enables me to camp on my own in a larger tent than I could comfortably put up on my own and take down. It breathes as polycotton does and is very comfortable.

I would have liked it to have been a little bit wider but I will adjust to it.

All in all, if a poled tent is proving hard to put up then this goes some way towards helping with that, but you ve got to be able to lift the tent in its bag to/from the site and its very very heavy.

A big improvement on the design would be to have a heavier better quality groundsheet but that zips in and out ( like the bear / trout lake tents ).

All windows openable.

Main door with zips at sides so it can be propped up canopy style.

I rate this tent a 7/10 and will keep my eye open for improved versions in the future.
8 from 8 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

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Manufacturer's Description

Plug the pump into the single air input valve and sit back. Thanks to the revolutionary Outwell One-go Inflation Technology the Concorde L quickly inflates to create a true full-featured and spacious home for up to six people in two bedrooms. These feature a striped front and the Outwell Wave-shaped Hanging Point System for stress-free seams. Huge tinted panorama windows with polycotton curtains ensure plenty of light and good views out while maintaining privacy. There are two side doors – one with Rain-safe protection – and a huge roll-up front door panel. The tent is made from our unique Outtex® Airtech polycotton in the new Oil Green, with the pre-attached Outwell Floating Guyline System. Pitching is further simplified thanks to the Outwell Easy Pegging System that helps quickly locate the right peg for the job.

Recommendation: Excellent family accommodation for up to six people wanting the quick and easy convenience provided by the revolutionary new Outwell One-go Inflation Technology.

Type of tent: Three room tunnel tent
Sleeps: 6 people
Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 living room
Pitching way: Flysheet first or as one
Flysheet: Outtex® Airtech (65% cotton / 35% polyester)
Floor: Oxford 100% polyester, 5,000 mm hydrostatic head
Inner tent: Breathable 100% polyester
Pack size: 40 x 104 cm
Weight: 35.4 kg
Tubes: Integrated inflatable frame for best performance 0.6 to 0.8 bar / 8.7 to 11.6 psi
Poles: Duratec fibreglass 8.5 mm, 2 upright steel poles

Two-way pump with manometer included
Four connected inflatable tubes
Rain-safe side door with large mesh above the door
Large tinted windows with polycotton curtains
Striped inner tents
Mesh pockets in the inner tents
Lamp holder and light cable tidies
Reinforcement patch on all stress points
Adjustable pegging points
Heavy duty Outwell zips
Outwell doormat included

... there may be more info on their website

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