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Tent Showcase: Kampa Croyde 6 Air

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
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8.83/10 from 12 reviews

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12 Reviews of the Croyde 6 Air        Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  
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By: D r1960  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2015   Rating:   Date: 03/01/2017

Absolutely love this tent,the space inside is greatand the vestibule is marvellous for cooking and storing shoes etc.

The only problem is cant find toggled ground sheet for front vestibule can anyone out there help me please as we did not receive one with the kampa croyde 6 air.
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By: Macarw  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating:   Date: 16/08/2016

We bought the polyester version of this tent as a factory second - the porch groundsheet is missing.

It's huge! The bag is enormous and takes up half our boot space almost - we definitely need our roof box when camping. It's also very heavy to lift.

We found it quick and easy to inflate once we'd found where the valves were. They are fiddly to do as they are inside the tent. The pump supplied didn't have a gauge, and initially we were worried about that, but we put enough air in to make the tubes firm and it's been fine. We discovered the front tube had a leak, (the company sent a replacement tube almost immediately)but we haven't bothered replacing the tube yet as it's so easy to put a few pumps of air in morning and evening which has kept it inflated. Having the bedroom pods already attached makes it even easier to put up.

Inside there is plenty of space. In the bedroom pods we use the middle one with a double airbed - no room for anything else in there, and our 2 boys have a single airbed each in the pods either side The pods are separated by zipped sides, but don't zip along the bottom. We didn't find that a problem. The side pods have a slightly smaller area as the sides slope, they had plenty of room for their airbeds and toys around the edge. Having 3 bedroom areas is a real bonus as if the boys were sleeping next to each other I'm sure they wouldn't have slept as well, and they liked having their own space in the tent. There are handy pockets in the pods which we found useful for torches phones and reading glasses. The pod fabric is darker than the main tent (but by no means blackout fabric). We liked the fact that there were mesh panels in the pod doors to let air through. There are also a row of handy pockets in the front of the pods, we found these useful for storing bits and pieces like packs of cards and charging cables.

The living area is big, you can stand easily and it comfortably accommodated our table and 4 chairs in the evenings. We also had a box for shoes and a camping wardrobe in there - due to the sloping sides the wardrobe had to stand away from the edge of the tent, but that left room bags of things out of sight behind it. We bought the carpet but were dismayed to see little 'pulls' in it really quickly after our first use, presumably from chair legs. There are cable entry points on both sides of the living area, and velcro tabs so that the cable can be fed across the central beam if required (we used them to hold a string of battery operated fairy lights). We fed the cable through to the porch area where we had the kitchen area set up, But it was easier to feed it through on the side where the zip opened from as otherwise the bottom entrance zip had to be left undone. There is also a hook in the middle of the central beam to hang a light.

The side doors were great, especially with the mesh panels and made it much easier to get in and out for toilet trips at night rather than having to unzip the front of the living area then the front of the tent. In fact the very front of the tent was tricky to unzip from inside as the only zip point was on the floor and as the front slanted it was awkward to reach - a double zip on the front that could have been opened from the top would have been useful - especially as then the top could be opened for ventilation without needing to open the door. I gave up struggling to open it from inside, and went out of a side door to open it from outside as it was easier. It was also awkward to roll back when you wanted the door open as there seemed to be lots of excess fabric bunched up on the floor. We found it easier to open the door and fold it over the guy rope and use a couple of clothes pegs to keep it in place when we wanted the door open.

We used the front porch area with no groundsheet for cooking, having a small double shelf unit with space for the cooker and a worktop beside it, and also the plug in cooler box next to it against the left wall as you come into the tent. This left enough space to put the table and chairs in that area for eating if it was wet or cold.

In the mornings there was a lot of condensation on the inside of the tent in the porch area (being new to camping we were unsure why but assumed it was because of the lack of groundsheet). We aired that area well during the day, and on the day we put the tent down we used our little fan heater in that area to dry it out before packing away. Also not having the groundsheet meant that a webbing strap which stretched from one side of the tent to the the other across the porch was a bit of a trip hazard.

We found the lack of poles a bit of a nuisance as in the past we've been able to use hooks over the poles to hang coats and things up. Also it would have been handy to have somewhere to hang a light in the front porch area.

When we put the tent up the first time after rain we too found puddles at the base of all the air tubes. However after reading advice on here to say that was normal on first use, the second time we used the tent and it rained quite a lot and it was watertight. Also the first time we used the tent puddles of water collected between the footprint and groundsheet, again after taking advice off this site we folded one edge of the footprint to make it slightly smaller than the tent so that rain running off the tent ran onto the grass instead of onto the footprint and apart from a tiny patch of wet where the ground was uneven it seemed to alleviate the problem.

Deflating the tent was quick and easy, we deflated the middle first so that the ends naturally folded in when they were deflated. We folded it up from the side away from the valves first (and got our boys to roll on it!) once folded hubby rolled it up from back to front and we tied it with a strap before putting it in the bag (the bag zip opens really wide)and it fitted easily including the bag of pegs and the bag of porch poles.

Overall we're really happy with the tent. We like having the porch area to cook in which can be completely separate from the main tent, and the porch area can be enclosed if required. The big windows are great letting in loads of light. The 3 bedrooms are great and there is lots of space and head height. It's quick and easy to pitch despite it's size.

The only downside is the size and weight of the tent bag and lack of hanging hooks but huge amount of space means lots of room for extras like wardrobes and other tent gadgets.Thank goodness we have a roof box!
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By: Helliwell  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating:   Date: 10/06/2016

We've our used our tent twice and love how easy it is to put up. The only thing that seems to take time is laying out the ground sheets first and then pegging out once inflated (but you get that with every tent!)

It is so much better than our last tent which involved an inner and outer tent, lining up poles and seams etc. Etc. I would never go back to one of those!

Like others have said, it is a struggle to get it back into the bag but the only recommendation is to roll and fold as tightly as possible and then sit on it. The whole family if necessary!

We have just used the tent over the last Bank Holiday in May and the weather was hot. The tent did get hot inside but once the 2 side doors are open and the front, it is bearable.

The only things that could be improved are a slightly more generous sleeping area. We are a family of 5 that use air beds and we have to have the partitions in the sleeping section up to fit us all in.

The tent would also benefit from a mesh panel on the door leading to the living area section to allow air through but keep insects out. These are provided on the back side doors and sleeping section.

Overall, we think that the tent is great and would recommend it for families.
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By: Joannembusby  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating:   Date: 30/05/2016

Purchased last year, used end of last year and over May BH weekend 2016.

Great size and use of space, we use front as kitchen area, with carpet area to relax and 3 bedrooms at the back.

Easy to pitch and take down, only issue is folding to fit back into the bag (small drawback).

Overall a good quality tent which I am sure will see hapoy family holidays over the next few years.
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By: Leewigan  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2015   Rating:   Date: 31/08/2015

Follow on from my previous review.

Love this tent, so easy to put up after having the trial run, my only complaint, and reason for 9 stars and not 10, is the plastic pegs, I'm a stickler for gold old fashioned metal ones.

Just got back from camping for the bank holiday weekend, and had a great time. It was a dry weekend, except for when it came to packing away, as usual, it bucketed. We did have water come in, through the sleeves where the tubes are, but nothing major, certainly nothing I am going to complain about.

My wife wasn't to impressed with the zips on the middle door, as they were very stiff (I suspect this may be my fault though, as I may have mis-pegged that section, shush, don't tell her!). I will hopefully solve this with some graphite. We also found that would have benefited from having zips all around the dividers between bedrooms, so that objects from one doesn't go into another.

All in all its a very spacious, comfortable tent, and cant wait to use it again! (apart from having to figure out how to pack it away again!)
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By: Damo H  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating:   Date: 24/08/2015

I think I can now give an accurate review of the polycotton air tent as have set up tent over 10 times & been away 6 times this year for a total of 26 nights in the great British weather.

Completely agree with the previous 3 reviews, a few things I would add to these are the cotton / polyester mix being only 25% cotton does allow the tent to heat up quicker in the sun than tents with a 75% cotton mix, but nothing like how hot polyester tents get.

The width of the ground sheet is too wide, it is almost exactly same width as tent, which can allow rain water inbetween SIG and ground sheet, the way to avoid this is to fold one edge over by a couple of inches.

We did experience wettness under the carpet once, this was due to the groundsheet holding water which appears to soak through stitching in the SIG.

After the initial soaking where there was a few wet beam bases we have only had one issue where the beam was sat on the ground sheet which had a puddle on it and water must have soaked through the stitching.

We have just been away for 10 nights, and I checked beam pressures after 7 nights, all 5 beams had lost about 1 psi, but were still solid enough.

The standard carpet has a horrible feel to it and isn't a nice style, I have purchased a high gear carpet which suits the tent colours inside & has a much nicer feel (same as Vango & Outwells).

When packing away I always screw the air valves back on again once all air is out of beams, this is just so I can have tent up quicker than anyone else.

Overall really nice tent and good layout especially with the enclosed porch.
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By: Shivyj  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating:   Date: 23/08/2015

This review is for the Croyde 6 Classic Air in Polycotton as there isn't a separate review category listed.

We bought this tent in summer 2015 and didn't have a opportunity to weather proof it before we went on a 2 week camping trip in Poland and Germany. We did manage to do a quick up and down test pitch before we went away which was essential as it is big and bulky. It took us about half an hour to get this tent out of the car and pumped up and then we spent time setting up everything else and fiddling with things like guy lines and carpets etc. We didn't race or rush, it was easy and we are very pleased with the investment.

You do need to get the footprint and corners pegged out right to get the beams inflated evenly. At first it is a bit fiddly to get the beams inflated as they are on the inside but when you have had a few practices it does become easier. We realised that there is an advantage to having the valves on the inside as it is more discrete and easier to top up from the inside later in the week. We found the beams lost a bit of air after the first night or two and then the beams became bulgy so you may need to check this periodically.

The first week in Poland was 35 -40C. This is our first Polycotton and we definitely noticed the improvement on previous polyester tents. It was hot inside but not sweaty and our electric cooler box struggled on successfully! We couldn't open up the doors in the front as the place was heaving with bugs, in particular very persistent wasps. The mesh on the side doors was a lifesaver - such a shame there is no mesh across the front too.

We used two neighbouring pods with two double inflatable mattresses - they fitted fine. The dividers between the pods are open at the bottom and zip up the sides. At first I thought the gap at the bottom was a drawback as I wanted a proper division between us and the kids, but in reality it was fine and allows some give for the airbeds on the floor. The zip allowed me to check on them during the night so all was well.

The third pod was used as clothes storage and a dressing room which was a fantastic luxury for me and so practical for keeping things tidy.

We started off without using the ground sheet in the vestibule but we found the night time condensation was too much so we put it down. We opened up the vestibule doors in the day for a shaded porch and to store items like our bbq equipment, scooters, balls, shoes etc. At night I also used it to hang washing. Family perfect layout.

The second week in Germany was a fraction cooler at 33 - 35c and relatively bug free so we had the luxury of opening up the doors and moving around more freely. The mesh windows on the sleeping pods kept us bug free at night and we were much more comfortable as we could air things out more fully in the day.

In Germany we finally were treated to our first weatherproofing events! A big thunderstorm sent us inside for several hours and then the layout of the tent really came into play. The tent is so spacious, comfortable and the real winner for our family. All four fitted in with camping chairs and a table and assorted items for entertainment.

Post storm we inspected for leaks. There were two puddles around the second beam that the bulk of the bedroom pods hang from. A towel sorted that out. Later in the week we had a second rain shower, there was another minor puddle on one side of the same beam. We will have to wait for our next camping trip to see if that has finally sealed off. Otherwise we were completely dry and very cosy but still had plenty room to move about. We did not peg out all the guy lines at any point, just a few to keep the structure and hang out washing, although pre storm we did put down the storm straps. The tent felt very stable throughout. The storm porch worked a treat for toilet breaks.

We checked out competitor brands at tent displays and we noticed the the trims on windows and pockets etc are not as posh. This is slightly disappointing when you are parting with so much money, however there is no compromise on the functional design features of the tent. This tent feels like it was designed by people who really camp and understand what you really need. They have saved on the weight and bulk of unnecessary zips and bits and bobs but got other things spot on like proportions, height inside, stability, quality of the polycotton (many compliments from more experienced campers) simplicity of getting it up and down, features to keep bugs out like the raised door thresholds (you can put the inner down down flat if you want to). I could go on.

Packing away is perhaps the most daunting part of any camping trip. We followed the guide on this forum for an Eden. It worked perfectly, thank you so much to the original poster. I took us a max of 30 mins to get the tent bagged and in the car, to the astonishment of neighbouring campers who had gone to take a shower. Again we did not rush this process at all and fiddled until we got it right. Husband did need to use his man weight to roll it tightly into the bag but the if you do this right there is plenty of space in the bag for the ground sheet, footprint and pump etc.

At both campsites we used, we were told they had plenty of space, but in reality our tent would only fit comfortably on one available pitch each time. This is a huge tent, I think we were the biggest outfit on both sites, motor homes included. Fortunately our pitches were great and during the course of our stays other campers moved on so we had periods of extra space around us. I will always advise the site that we are extra large in advance to make sure that they don't have a problem with that. When the German campsite was busy, we were a bit hemmed in on our unmarked pitch but we were not uncomfortable, and we opened up the vestibule for more outdoorsy space.

As mentioned above we bought the footprint for this tent. I think this is an essential as it would be very difficult to clean the underside of the ground sheet without getting the tent wet. When we took up our ground sheet we discovered that a vole had made a nest underneath. Fortunately there was no damage!

We also bought the carpet. This was not great quality and looked like bits had been sewn together to make it big enough. The pattern didn't even match. However it swept up well.

In summary, what I love most about this tent is the colour (absolutely gorgeous sandy colour), the perfect layout, the simplicity of putting it up and down, the polycotton freshness.

Design improvements imo would be more cable entry points (we had to improvise for the German site - I will be buying an extension lead for our next trip!), and mesh across the front (inner) doors so you can really open the tent up in hot conditions.

We have no regrets, we are all desperate to get away on our next expedition!
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By: Leewigan  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating:   Date: 18/08/2015

Just purchased one of these tents after finally deciding I have had enough of my Sprayway Glen 6.

Put the tent up as a test pitch at the local scout group grounds, and really happy with my purchase. Up and ready for setting up inside within 10 minutes of opening the bag. Means my wife can be setting up inside while I continue to peg out guy lines etc.

Nice big living area, with a great porch space as well. Fully deflated and ready to pack away again within seconds, but this is the now the hard part. Not the easiest of tents to pack up, even though it did go in the bag on the first try. Very big and cumbersome, and the bag REALLY needs some wheels on it. In fact, just bought a cart off Ebay.

We are going away in at for the bank holiday week end, so will put up another review once it has actually been used.
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By: Cguk70  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating:   Date: 17/08/2015

We are new to camping and wanted a large tent for us and our two boys which was easy to put up, so were attracted by the inflatable ones. Originally looked at a Vango, but noticed there was not much light in the main living area, and so were interested in the Kampa range which had a lot of windows. We eventually went for the Croyde 6 Air as it came with a large porch area and a large opening between that and the living area. They were also much cheaper than the equivalent sized Vango tent. I also like the fact that the valves are on the inside.

The tent is extremely heavy, and the bag is a little awkward to move. Would be better if the manufacturer could put wheels on the tent bags to help. Usually it takes two of us to lift it.

Very easy to put up with the supplied pump. The pump had an optional pressure regulator, which we originally used - but found this didn't pump the poles up enough - on one windy night the porch pole caved in. So we found it best to remove this and check the pressure manually. Once the air beams are up - which only takes about 10 minutes - my wife and kids can go inside and start laying the carpet and porch groundsheet whilst I peg in the guy ropes. It's very straightforward and when its raining, only one of us has to get wet.

We like the layout of the tent - when the kids are asleep, we can sit in the porch area and not disturb them - either having it open in the nice weather, or closing it if it is raining. The boys are 2 and 5, so we have the whole bedroom part completely open - but as they get older they'll want their own space - so this tent gives us that option.

The porch door is a little awkward to open, since the front slopes forward, and the zip goes down to the bottom - not ideal for a midnight trip to the toilet. The side doors are better, but we tend to keep all the dirty shoes in the front porch area, so use that as the main entrance/exit.

Like other reviewers, we found that when it rained there were puddles at the bottom of the poles. Not sure why this was as all the zips were closed. It looks like the water might be running down the tent and collecting at the seams where the poles are sewn in, so I'm going to put some seam sealant round these areas the next time we pitch the tent.

Taking the tent down is very easy. Just open the valves and the tent collapses. Fairly easy to roll up and the bag is oversized, although sometimes we can't fit in the porch groundsheet and sidedoor pole if we don't quite roll it up to the right shape.

All in all we're very happy with the tent. Great living space and easy to put up and take down. We've had the tent since April and are looking forward to our fourth outing with it at the end of August.
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By: Cjeager  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating:   Date: 30/07/2015

We bit the bullet and went for this after a lot of umming and ahhing and hours upon hours researching. We were (I was) looking for a 6 berth/3 bedroom tent that I could possibly get up by myself. If I could shift the thing I might. It weighs a lot and it's all in one big bag, which is awkward to carry. Still, if this almost-60 year old can shift it unaided (albeit slowly) a younger and stronger person probably wouldn't have problems.

First time out of the bag we put it up in the garden. It was OK, though not as fast as they said (when is it ever?). We learned a thing or two. Second time we were on site and it went up like a dream. You really do have to peg the corners out properly first. We didn't bother with the porch groundsheet, used the porch area for cooking in one wet day and found that was fine. Loved the porch for sitting out in the evenings though the door is pretty bulky to roll away.

The window blind things are a bit of a menace - you have to be really careful when you roll them up or the pocket gaps and they fall out. One of ours ended up with a decorative (!) footprint on it.

On our trip we noticed that the tent seems to be quieter in wind than other tents we have had, which is a bonus. I suppose because the whole tent flexes a bit not just the canvas. I never worried about it blowing in. Though we did have some highish wind while we were away we barely noticed them. No issues with condensation either.

We did have some heavy rain while we were there and woke up to find a small puddle at the base of one of the poles. Memo to self, when the pole is inflated and the pump removed, close the zip! With the curtain between 2 bedrooms being unzippable there is the opportunity for items and offspring to roll under during the night. Maybe an all round zip would work better.

Getting it down was a doddle, it really was quick. I walked down to the bin (maybe 50 yards) and left the offspring to get the tent down. It was down before I got to the bins. Getting it back into the bag was less easy. We ended up rolling on it to squash it down enough to fold properly. The quality of the bag leaves a bit to be desired as well. The handles are too thin to be able to lift the bag comfortably - a bit of padding might work. The stitching gave way where the the short end of the compression tab joins the handle and the tab came off. We are looking for a large wheeled bag to use instead. Other than that we had no problems that weren't self-inflicted. Kampa really need to provide this with a properly robust wheeled bag and sort out the window blinds if they want to get 10 out of 10 for this tent.
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12 User Reviews of the Croyde 6 Air - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

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Manufacturer's Description

The inflatable polyester flysheet version of the popular and highly rated Croyde 6. The Croyde 6 AIR is the ultimate AirFrame tent.

Retaining all the features of the poled version, the inflatable Croyde 6 AIR comes with some superb new features including a new colour-way and an enclosed front porch.

Like all Kampa AirFrame tents, the Croyde can be inflated in just minutes and, once set up, it provides one of the most stable and weather resistant tents on the market. The Croyde has three distinct areas - bedrooms, living and canopy, all of which can be opened up to each other or used as independent areas, making this tent truly versatile. For instance, the canopy can be used as a ''wet'' area meaning that nothing wet need ever reach the main living area. The main living area can also be accessed through a wet weather door on the right hand side and a standard door on the left. Both side doors have a secondary mesh screen to allow for good airflow on warmer days.
The tent has the fully sewn in groundsheet to keep the weather and bugs out and the warmth in. Inside you’ll find a large inner tent that, if required, can be divided into three bedrooms by using the zipped privacy curtain. This inner tent has loads of storage, both in the interior pockets and also in the organiser built into the front.

Key Features

‘Feel the difference’ high quality heavy duty 150D Weathershield 6000mm HH F/R & UV Protect
Inner tent remains in-situ for set up
Fully sewn in groundsheet throughout main living room with 10,000 mm HH
Toggle in groundsheet for front vestibule area
Side door with wet weather protection canopy & Secondary mesh door
Variable position roll to side front door
Front and rear vents
Organiser pockets on front panel
Windows with blinds & store pockets
Cable entry
Lamp hanger w/cable tidy
Complete with Storm Tie Down Kit
Complete with manual pump
Exterior Height 210cm

... there may be more info on their website

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