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Tent Showcase: Outwell Yellowstone Falls

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10 Reviews of the Yellowstone Falls

By: Yellowstone1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 30/05/2014

So! We take our camping very seriously and Yellowstone Falls is just the way to do it! We agree with all of the comments above - it's absolutely fit for purpose, luxurious, comfortable, looks the business and has other tent owners - in their own words - suffering tent 'envy'. It is heavy and you need two of you without question to get the poles in but once this is done you can let your hubby zip everything in whilst you untangle the fairy lights and get your bunting ready.

The quality and look of it ( once up! ) just oozes quality. We decided to purchase a cotton tarp for this season which we put up over the front as a porch. We have just returned from 8 days at the beautiful woodovis park and all I can what an amazing purchase its been. Now we can zip the front off without the inside getting wet and cook outside if the weather is bad, the colour we went for also looks like it was made for the tent so I'm very happy.
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By: Lynnie75  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 19/04/2014

Hello reviewers, hope this works as Im a newbie to this stuff and its more of a question than a review. We bought a second hand Yellowstone a few months ago and its only now that the weather is better that we have had a chance to pitch it. So we slept out with the two kids in the garden last night and I have to say we all loved it. We are new to camping as I always said I wouldnt but kids are 8 and 7 now and I was outvoted. So today I decided I best check it for leaks so gave it a good soak with the hose. Now some of the areas at the stitch holes seem to be leaking so I could cry as we are defo not guaranteed a dry summer here and I really don't fancy getting soaked. Does anyone have any pointers as to whether these seam sealand type things will work and which one would be best? I like the idea of being able to cook outside the front door on days when its warm but there is no canopy for it. Would anyone have any notion if you can buy one that would do the trick. Many thanks for any and all advice. Please help!
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By: PippaMagnus  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 02/08/2013

Just returned from first outing with tent having bought it last September for about £1200. Baby whale's review is spot-on in every way, in fact they say every thing that needs saying.

We bought it after getting fed up of the wind noise, the leaks, and the dreadful heat of our nylon Coleman tent. We bought it unseen with our fingers crossed and I can honestly say it didn't disappoint. It is so quiet to sleep in, no creaking or flapping and just the pitter-patter of rain. It is cooler in the heat, although shutting the window flaps helps keep the heat out. Ventilation is pretty good with screened flaps all the way round.

The ground sheets are excellent, and certainly look unlikely to let water in. The porch has a slightly clumsy fitting to the groundsheet with Velcro tabs, but if you peg out the porch it seems to keep water out effectively.

Storage is great in the tent, with about 10 pockets on the front of the bedroom. Overall quality seems excellent in most areas, although some of the stitching is a little messy in places.

Pitching first time was easier than expected but still time consuming, as it was a learning process. I'd expect a well drilled and experienced pair wold be able to get the whole thing set up in under an hour after a bit of practice but allow a couple of hours first time. Taking the tent down and packing was again much easier than expected and can be a one person job with the exception of removing poles and folding up.

All in all, very pleased with this kit
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By: Babywhale  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 10/07/2013

I bought this tent recently, having sold my Niagara Falls tent from the same range. As much as we loved the Niagara Falls, we were looking for something slightly bigger, especially as our family might grow during the 10-15 years that I would expect such a tent to last.

The yellowstone falls tent has not disappointed. I'll briefly summarise the positives and negatives from my own experience. As its an investment tent I hope you find the assessment fair and balanced, rather than a 'my tent is the bee's knees' kind of perspective.


Cannot beat camping in a cotton tent. The soft yet strong fabric is a joy to be around. When it rains it suppresses the noise, which promotes sleeping. It's thicker properties also lessen external sounds. It's keeps the sun's rays out of your tent, avoiding the greenhouse effect that many tents become in hot weather. You'll sleep better and for longer. In fact when you're sleeping, the thick material means that you don't even know if its bright and sunny outside. Also because the tent breathes, you don't have to worry about condensation. The bedroom size on the Yellowstone Falls is generous. We combined the two bedrooms together and fitted two large/wide single airbeds in with spare room either side to move about. You can completely remove one of the bedrooms if you wish, or simply leave them as two. There's one air vent at the rear of the tent in the 2012 model. The 2013 model may have two based on photos I've seen.


The lounge is an impressive size and benefits from two side doors. We fitted the wardrobe, so to speak, but still had plenty of room for tables and chairs. The lamp holder is central to the room and because the tent is high enough at the centre your lamp shouldn't get in your way. We bought the carpet for the lounge. Gave the room a cosy and classy feel to it. There are numerous storage points too, in pouches under the windows and on the wall between the two bedrooms. These are useful to helping to keep your tent tidy.

Cooking and storage.

We used the front room for storage and cooking, so we had two large tables in there, as well as the electrical items. Note that the EHU access point is in the middle of the lounge, so If you plan on having electrics in the front room as well, you'll need to think about an extension cable of some kind. We use a lamp and heater in the lounge, and a fridge and kettle in the front room. The hanging rails either side are very useful. The front door can be folded open or completely removed. The room is spacious and could be used as a second lounge. We got a carpet for the front room. Because it was dry it didn't get wet, but it would get wet if you left the front door open.


It is a bulky tent. Prepare to spend a good hour minimum putting it up, perhaps 2 hours the first time around. Fitting the zipped in groundsheets is time consuming. Incidentally, the groundsheets are excellent quality, as are the poles. The two bags it comes in are both very heavy, requiring two adults to lift to make it comfortable, and they will fill your car boot. One bag contains the cotton fly sheet, the other the groundsheets and poles. Due to the weight and bulk involved I would not recommend this tent to the casual weekend or overnight camper. We did a test pitch weekend with it, but now it will be our choice for breaks of 3 nights absolute minimum.

*be patient when pitching. Feeding the pole that is second from the front is the toughest moment. It tends to get stuck easily because of the internal wall's extra material. Don't be tempted to pull the pole. We found with the Niagara Falls tent that each subsequent pitch got a lot easier, with the 'tricky' pole eventually taking just a few minutes to feed. It's the first pole you should feed.


The tent should last a long time if cared for properly, which means storing it somewhere dry, and ensuring it is never packed away damp. If you don't have the space to dry it out, you could run up into problems. We use our third floor landing bannister to assist. It is good value if you look upon it as a tent you'll use 3-5 weeks per year over 10 years. It will last that long, whereas good quality polyester tents can still set you back £500 but only last a few seasons.


We got all three optional extras ie both carpets and the footprint. We got 2012 carpets as they match the mocha colour better than the new grey format. We bought the 2013 footprint which covers the full length if the tent. The 2012 version only covers the bedroom and lounge, which leaves the main front room groundsheet a bit exposed. De to the weight of the groundsheets I would recommend getting the 2013 footprint since that will be much easier to wipe clean.

It's a pity that Outwell haven't produced any add-ons such as canopies/extensions. I say this because I would prefer to cook outside in an open canopy, shielded by a windbreak. If its raining you have to keep the front door closed, to avoid the carpet or groundsheet getting wet. A side extension or canopy would be useful, and would fit this tent as well as a Niagara Falls and Yosemite Falls tents. A mocha cotton windbreak is available though, and the side doors of the tent can be raised with poles and guys to form some sheltered outdoor area.


An excellent quality, spacious tent that takes away all of the main irritations of camping. The temperature inside is comfortable, whether warm or cold outside. You don't get condensation. Noise is reduced in the wind (cotton doesn't rustle/flap), and external noises are dampened slightly. The thick cotton also stops the morning light from waking you too early. Obviously the main limitation is its weight and bulk, and the fact that you cannot store it damp. It would have been useful to have an electrical able entry point in the front room rather than just in the lounge. Also it would have been better to be able to fold the front dor open and have a mesh screen there to aid ventilation, rather than just an open/closed option. Good value for money? Yes, if you get a good discount. Brand new, these retail typically around £1,600 but keep an eye out for discounts because you can get them markedly cheaper. We paid less than £1,000k
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By: Teekayk  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 06/04/2013

We have just returned from our maiden camp in the yellowstone falls tent. As other people have noted, we love the tent once it is up but it is so heavy and the fully enclosed pole sleeves make it trickier to put up than usual.

Our main gripe is the pole which runs along where the partition wall between the lounge and porch is, is particularly tricky to push in as it seems to easily gey caught on all the fabric underneath. However, once this particular pole is inserted the others aren't so bad.

We love.

The thick fabric and zip up curtains

Lots of storage pockets in both lounge and porch

Hanging rails are great

Wardrobe area which we use as toilet and wardrobe / storage

Very sturdy. Have used in high winds no problem.

Light cable tidies


Weight and bulk

The large front door only opens from one side. We found it easier to just remove the front door completely during the day and zip it back on at night, however we had no rain at all during our break !

The cable entry points aren't big enough to put our ehu plug through, so we just had to unzip the groundsheet slightly so not really too much of a problem.

The carpets we got as part of a package were supposed to be one front porch and one lounge, but when unpacked they were both lounge ones. We decided to use one in the bedroom and had foam tiles in the front porch.

Overall happy with tent but would not use it for breaks of less than 4 nights due to the effort involved in pitching etc
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By: Backlund2  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 01/12/2012

We bought this tent as we wanted a large cotton tent to camp in Sweden. We spent 21 nights in the tent and it was a great size as even when it rained we could all sit and eat inside. The tent took some effort to put up but considering the size it was quite acceptable. However, we were rather disappointed that one of the seams on the inner tent came undone. It was quick to fix but for the cost of the tent one would expect better quality.

When it rain continuously the tent kept dry but one could not have the large front door open, this not so good when cooking. We fixed an extra roof so that the front could be open and it gave the tent a huge lift for those drizzling days! Where we could sit under a roof but still enjoy the outdoors and the view!
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By: Ribble  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 10/09/2012

We have just used this tent for a weekend camp and loved it. I have not given it 10 out of 10 because we camped in lovely weather and although I would assume the tent would withstand wind and rain we have not used it under these circumstances. Although we did soak the tent using the hose and nothing came through.

The tent was easy to put up, the poles threaded into the sleeves relatively easily. Putting the pin into the poles was also easy as both sides have tension adjusters, on our Minnesota 4 I can't put the second pin in, but with the help of the tension adjusters I could do both sides of the Yellowstone. So I think I could even put the tent up by myself!

We love the layout with the 3 sections, and this is one of the reasons we chose the tent! We used the porch section for all the outside coats, boots etc. And it made in inner section so much tidier, with very little grass and mud making it into the living room section. The wardrobe in the living room was also ideal for clearing clutter into and keeping the tent tidy, before we used the tent we thought the wardrobe was a bit of a gimick!

The cotton fabric kept the tent much warmer at night than we would normally find at this time of year (Sept). We also found that we could sit in the porch area and the light did not shine through to the bedroom pods, so the kids stayed asleep and we could stay up. Even from the lounge area the light didn't shine too much into the bedroom pods. However, in the morning the light shone through into the bedroom pods through the ground level weather checking window. I assume you can cover the window over with something and I never checked if there was a blind on it as it wasn't a huge issue.

We didn't use the footprint and this was a bit of a mistake as the webbing straps under the tent didn't dry out when the tent was up. We then took longer to pack the tent away as we had to leave the tent down with these straps out in the sun to dry. We have a footprint on order for next time, which should solve this problem.

The groundsheets both unzip completely from the flysheet, which made the tent much easier to pack away as there was less fabric to fold. It also means that if we are desperate we can even spread the tent out in the house to dry (as the flysheet is about as bulky as our 4 person tent which has a SIG). The groundsheets can stay wet until a sunny day as you can pack them separately and they will not touch the cotton.

It's an expensive tent, the layout is fantastic, the fabric is great but the tent pegs are simple metal pegs (admittedly hefty ones) and this tent will have to be returned as the fabric struts to hold open the porch vents were missing. But despite these quality problems it was great tent especially for longer trips. However,

We are even thinking that it is worth taking this tent away for a weekend camp as putting it up and taking it down was so much easier than we had anticipated.
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By: Doggydaysaway  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 02/09/2012

Just had our first trip away in the Yellowstone for 3 days.

The tent went up reasonably well had an issue getting a couple of poles in the middle but that was probably us not getting tent laid out correctly.

We bought the tent to replace our Montana 6 plus extension to save putting both up on trips away.

The Yellowstone is a little smaller compared to the monty but it is still more then adequate.

The new carpets seem a lot thinner than the older ones but they still do the job.

We like the zip up curtains and tinted windows and the whole tent has a feel of good quality to it.

Electric can be put in from both sides but only one has velcro for the light.

The front door zips off if you want and all though the ground sheet isn't zipped in all round the fastenings are more than adequate to keep the rain out.

Bought the ground sheet for the living room and took one for the front off our Minnesota 4 plus the carpet which were quite a good fit. I would recommend a ground sheet for the front as it will keep your zipped in ground sheet clean and make it easier for putting tent away.

Tent packed up easily into bags provided.

The only complaint I would have is the pegs supplied are just the steel wire type not sure why Outwell have gone back to supplying these.
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By: Shd76  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 31/08/2012

I love this tent. We're relatively new to camping, but planning a trip to France next year so I wanted something solid, that would stay cool.

Our first pitch was tough and it is heavy, it took us 2 hours first time. We knocked it down to an hour next pitch. Following the pitching video exactly, incidentally folding exactly the same way is the best way to get it into the bag again, had to re-roll 3 times after first pitch. (this could just be our inexperience showing)

Our original plan was that we'd put out portaloo in the wardrobe, a sort of camping ensuite. However by our second pitch we decided we prefer the space without the wardrobe in. Drying rails are fantastic, will take some coat hangers next time to hang the coats up. We had variable weather over the bank holiday, it was very windy one night, she was solid and the only thing we could hear was a bit of creaking on the poles, and the caravan behind us windbreak flapping like a baby bird!

I have a couple of small gripes, which relate to quality control. It's an expensive tent, and I have high standards. Our bedroom pod has a clip missing off it (I haven't had time to contact the dealer yet regarding this, but I will get it sorted). We also purchased the living room carpet, unfortunately it was a front room carpet badged and boxed as a living room carpet (it's a different shape). Luckily we test pitched for a 1 night stay, if I'd gone off for a week to discover that I'd have been annoyed, again we didn't send this back as we decided to keep it and order a correct carpet.

Our other slight criticism is how the groundsheets are configured you can't get the electric hook up to the front of the tent easily.

All in all, it's spacious, feels fantastic, and I love it. It's heavy, and takes up a lot of room, but yeah I still love it. I hope I never have to take it home really wet!
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By: CampingHampson  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 18/08/2012

After falling in love with camping with our Vango Samara 600 we decided that we needed something a bit more robust for our planned holidays in France (after a pole snapped on a fairly windy night in Cornwall).

We saw the Yellowstone Falls at a Yeomans camping show, in comparison to all of the other tents there it stood out as a real quality tent.

We have just had our first 2 nights away in it and it lives up to every expectation that I had. The bedrooms have enough space for 2 kids in one and the hubby and I in the other all on camp beds. The wardrobe is awesome and means that the tent stays tidy and looks fab all the time! We cooked and ate in the front section and sat in the front section with friends when the rain started and the kids were asleep. The cotton is amazing quality, really thick and keeps the tent cool when it's warm but warm when it's cold. It is also a lot quieter than poly tents when it's raining and windy. There is no movement when it's windy either, it feels very secure. When the light is on at night you can't see it through the tent at all!

We panicked about it not drying out before we left and I think that this will always be a worry but I'm sure we'll come up with something when that happens.
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Manufacturer's Description

As with all the tents in our prestigious Ambiente Collection, the Yellowstone Falls is a classic combination of sheer style and absolute functionality. This can be seen through the use of our unique lightweight Outtex® 100% Ripstop Cotton. The in-tent ambience created is the stuff of fond camping memories and breathable cotton not only minimises condensation but helps keep the tent cool on hot days and warm when the evening gets cool. The tinted windows add to the effect by reducing UV-penetration and aids privacy while ensuring good views out. This alloy-poled four-room tunnel tent sleeps up to six in two bedrooms. It has a living room with two external side doors and a front room with a zip-out door. Underfoot comfort comes from the heavy duty Tarpaulin groundsheet that zips-out for easy maintenance.

Recommendation: The 3+3 Universal Inner can sleep up to six, but is also ideal for four who want that bit of extra bedroom space to themselves.

Type of tent: Four room tunnel tent
Sleeps: 6 people
Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 front room
Pitching way: Flysheet first or as one
Flysheet: Outtex® 100% Ripstop Cotton
Floor: Tarpaulin PVC coated 100% polyester,
10,000 mm hydrostatic head
Inner tent: Breathable 100% pongee polyester
Pack size: Tent: 43 x 106 cm / Poles: 41 x 106 cm
Weight: Tent: 29.8 kg / Poles: 34.9 kg
Poles: Alloy poles #6063, 25 mm, 2 upright steel poles

Large front room with zip-out door and zip-out groundsheet
Floating guyline system
Drying rails
Walk-in wardrobe with clothes rail and mesh shelf
Large tinted windows in living area and front room
Additional side doors
Organiser pockets
Mesh pockets in the inner tent
Lamp holder and light cable tidies
Reinforcement patch on all stress points
Heavy duty Outwell zips
Outwell doormat included

Optional extras: Carpets and footprint

... there may be more info on their website

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