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Tent Showcase: Outwell Minnesota 6

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Max berths:
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28.50 KG
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Average User Rating:
9.18/10 from 17 reviews

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User Reviews of the Minnesota 6

By: Microbus1974  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 15/08/2014

Excellent tent with good spacious living Like most tents sleeps 6 is bit tight more like 4 Max. Have used the tent numerous times and never let us down even in the tail off a hurricane. Great useful pockets even in sleeping quarters. One gripe that's why only 9/10 lack off guy ropes on the front off the tent.
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By: Tony Speight  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 01/09/2013

Fantastic Unit all round; well made; strong and spacious. 2 door access & 3 compartments. We have always used it for two of us. A great tent. I mark it down for two reasons - the small zipped electric access point is too small to allow the socket extension through and I think it would be two small for 6 - but then we like space!
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By: Mikim  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 12/09/2012

We have a trailer tent we love but needed something for short breaks. We started with a Coleman 5 Waterfall as there are only 2 of us and one dog but got a fantastic deal on this tent , used twice on preloved.

The tent is perfect , easy to erect and take down, loads of space as we only need the one bedroom.

The pole over the side door is too tight so as others have done we have shaved it down a bit.

Bought a Montana 6 2011 front canopy which fits perfectly to go with it . (Big Thank you to a previous reviewer on here) which works a treat.

All in all a great tent , not sure why people are complaining about the front not having a bottom zip?

The bug net zips right round and the front has two points that can be guyed if required.

9 out of 10 due to the pole being too tight on the side extension, Discontinued now but if you find a good second hand one grab it!
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By: GLawes  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 20/07/2011

Having had a string (4 in all) of 'expensive' tents fail in heavy weather we decided to go back to basics - steel tubes and robust sensible design rather than fashion based.

What a delight it has been. Very easy to erect, robust, and waterproof (something I would expect of all tents).

Being of a robust design, it is a little heavy to carry and bulky to store, but at least it performs!
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By: Jojo439  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 03/05/2011

I love this tent!

We recently camped on the west coast of Scotland and two of our friends had to bin their tents as they were completely demolished due to high winds! However, ours stood up to the gale force winds without injury. The living area can squeeze a surprising number of people in when the weather turns bad too.

The tent is heavy when in the bag and as a small woman I find it difficult to lift it from the boot of the car but by carrying the poles separately it's not a problem! With two people, it can be erected in less than half an hour and with no inner and outer to worry about it doesn't matter if you're trying to put it up in the rain. Speaking of rain, the wee extension over the door stops it getting in when your entering or exiting the tent - which is handy. I must mention the luminous guy ropes, it's such a simple idea I can't understand why other manufacturers don't include them.

Friends are very complimentary about our tent and one of our friends even has 'tent envy'!
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By: Owen 47  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 05/01/2011

A great tent. A big step up for us but a tent that we trust in wind and rain. It is also quite warm inside. We have used it with two adults and two children and found the room fine. The living room has a good space and the bedrooms have plenty of room for 3 or 4 with space for clothes and toys too. Usually it's put up successfully by me and my nine year old son though we do accept any help offered when it is windy or we're racing to get it down before it rains.

We bought the footprint but don't use it now, because if it is slightly sticking out on one side the water runs onto it and sits between the tent and footprint.

I would recommend it, though you have to be quite tall to hook the inner in.
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By: CaurnieBred  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating:   Date: 19/07/2010

This is our 4th year of using the tent. We have the canopy to extend the usage space but would recommend the extension instead if finances allow it (the rain blows in the side of the canopy). We are a family of three and there is plenty of room inside it for us.

We have had large gatherings in the living area too (8 adults on camping chairs) one night when it was raining.

It withstood some extremely torrential rain this year.

Would happily recommend.
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By: Tsaulter  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 06/04/2010

Used for a week on the Cornish coast in September 2009.

I too faced the difficulty of pitching it 'right'. Absolutely no problems pitching it, despite not having a chance to practice before arriving at the site, but due to the lack of an adjustable strap on one side, the whole affair was a bit lopsided. The only problem from this is having one side of the SIG an inch or so off the ground. I will be trying harder to get things centralised during the pitching, as discussed elsewhere on this website.

Also suffered from the over tension around the porch, which resulted at one point in a jammed zipper (and a couple of swear words). Will be trying the tricks mentioned to relieve the tension, and will also be getting the extension to lessen the use of the side entrance.

These niggles aside (and really that's all they've been), the tent has been excellent. Extremely comfortable for my wife and I plus a host of surfing gear, kept us comfy and warm during some wet, wild and occasionally chilly nights, and even had 6 of us in the living area one evening for entertaining. Brilliant being able to stand up comfortably.

Recommended, just be aware and ready for its two foibles.
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By: Camper44  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating:   Date: 06/09/2009

A fab family tent for a family of 3 or 4. Plenty of room. I agree that the extension is a must, although ours is a Montana 6 extension it still fits perfectly, I don't think they made the Minnesota extension when we bought it. It provides a great space for cooking and gives that extra bit of shelter. We have the carpet which is excellent and just provides that little bit of extra comfort. I hope it lasts for ever as its quick and easy to put up and pack away and still provides more than adequate space and fits on most pitches easily.
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By: Tree80  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 01/09/2009

Great tent, really cozy and dry for us (two adults and two little ones), though I would say that getting 6 in here would be very snug. It is efficient on space being rectangular with nice high ceilings (no crawling around anywhere!) Our only gripe was that the poles over the side door were too long and this was causing problems getting the zip up and down, as it was creating too much tension at one spot. Other people have commented on this too. We eased the problem by sawing off a bit from the pole. Otherwise, a great tent - it stood up to very wet bank holiday weekend so we are pleased with it.
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By: RD1956  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating:   Date: 25/08/2009

Fantastic tent for 2 people. 4 is possible but 2 is perfect. Good height, plenty of room and I love the sown in groundsheet. Plus the zips work great and it feels very solid and safe. Plan to buy the front awning for it so that we can put cooking gear in it and sit outside of the tent if its raining.
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By: Dolly Dealer  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 31/05/2009

Fully endorse what the previous reviewers have said, in fact we bought the Minnosota 6 (family of 3 plus Labrador) following our reading of this site and much more research! We do think the carpet and extension are essential comfort items, I couldn't imagine camping without them now. As with all tents, this isn't really a 6 berth tent, for optimum comfort, I'd say no more than 4. It has also just stood up to 2 nights of strong winds on a coastal hilltop, very noisy and just a little hair-raising but not one bit of damage. All in all, an excellent tent with tons of headroom. Home from home!
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By: Oohmyback  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 05/05/2009

After a lot of searching we decided to go for the minny 6 as we wanted a tent that we could stand up in, have loads of room and be easy to put up.

The minny 6 ticked all the boxes we wanted and having tested it this weekend for the first time can say we are very pleased with it.

The only niggles are the front door having no bottom zip and the bedy pole above the side door being very tight and putting pressure on the zip.

Well made, looks good and loads of room, 9/10 with ease, if outwell put a zip on the door bottoms and shortened the pole above the side door 10/10.
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By: HappyCamper99  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating:   Date: 07/09/2008

We selected this tent after a lot of looking and having owned a large dome tent previously with fibre poles we wanted something with steel poles. The tent is a very good size fitting easily on most campsite pitches and still provides lots of space for sleeping and living. Having spent several wet trips in the tent two adults and two children have been able to sit comfortable to eat at a table in the tent and with the large windows it is very light. We have combined it with the front extension to provide a covered sitting and cooking area and the carpet to keep your feet warm.
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By: The Outwell 4  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating:   Date: 28/07/2008

Our first proper tent after we caught the camping bug and realised the cheap one we had bought just wasn't up to the job. It was a pleasure to see our tent for the first time again this year after the winter break.

So practical, I love the 16 storage pockets, the spacious design (sleeps 4 really comfortably - 6 would be a stretch though in the bedrooms, but we have increased capacity by sleeping in the 'lounge' once). We've just bought the new front extension and love that too.

We can pitch this and the extension in around 45 mins depending on how much we have to shout at the kids whilst doing it and whether they fetch and carry pegs and mallets for us.

Great family tent.
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By: Delboy55  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating:   Date: 16/06/2008

What more can be said! perfect! easy pitching, lots of room, airy, light , very sturdy , easily fits 2 adults and a 3yr old also a 3 month old baby and a border collie. I like the way the walls are not very sloped, because you can put things up against them without compromising living space. The carpet deserves a mention also, this makes all the difference, nice and warm, you get that home from home feeling. Definitely recommended.
0 from 0 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

By: Lindjemp  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating:   Date: 14/05/2008

We have had quite a few tents over the years and finally found one we really love!

First pitching - there are only 3 poles and although they are heavy, me and my disabled daughter managed to get the whole tent up and reasonably pegged down in 20 minutes (I cant bend the normal style poles as I have very weak wrists) There is an excellent video on the Outwell website showing the best way to erect it. Because its a sewn-in ground sheet the bedroom pods stay attached making it very quick to put up (very important if its raining outside!) The bedroom pods were fine for 2 single air beds in each one but it would be squashed for 3 air beds although it does say its a 6 berth. Great to be able to stand up in a bedroom pod for a change. The living area has full height built in pockets for all the stuff you can never find (magazines, Rennies etc.!)The walls aren't too sloping so you can store a lot more next to them as you aren't losing quite so much space and the roof height is excellent (partner 6ft) Lots of windows so its very light and airy. We only used the side door as the rain canopy is a great idea and stopped a lot of rain getting in as you were getting in and out of the tent. Did very well on the condensation front as we had never used a SIG and didn't know what to expect. We use a tarpaulin under (to stop the actual tent bottom getting dirty) and that green stuff you use in caravan awnings inside insulating it somewhat. For us there are actually no shortcomings - it stood up very well to quite a bit of rain and wind - would heartily recommend it.
1 from 1 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

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Manufacturer's Description

Sleeping up to six persons in its spacious bedrooms, the Minnesota 6 also has a roomy living area for everyday camping activities. The tent is very straightforward in design and structure, and is equipped with the Outwell Sealed Ground System (OSG System). Its strong features include easy pitching and large panorama windows. Attractive – and also outstanding value for money – the Minnesota will quickly become the family’s home-away-from-home.

Flysheet: Outtexฎ 3000 with taped seams
Hydrostatic Head: 3000 mm
Floor: Double-coated polyethylene
Inner tent: Breathable polyester
Pack size: 50 x 80 cm
Weight: 28.5 kg
Poles: Steel poles 19/22 mm, Duratec fibreglass 9.5 mm

• Pre-attached and adjustable inner tents
• Organiser pockets
• Mesh pockets in the inner tents
• Lamp holder and light cable tidies
• Enclosed rain-safe door
• Fully seam-sealed flysheet for maximum protection
• Reinforcement patch on all stress points
• Adjustable pegging points
• Pre-attached guy ropes
• Luminous guy ropes
• Heavy duty Outwell zips
• Outwell doormat included

Optional Extras:
• Carpet
• Footprint

... there may be more info on their website

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