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Tent Showcase: Quechua Base Seconds 4.2

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9.41/10 from 85 reviews

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User Reviews of the Base Seconds 4.2

By: Kara88  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 25/08/2015

My sister owns this tent and we've taken it on numerous weekend camping trips and music festivals in the years that she's had it. It's been horribly abused, in being packed up soaking wet and not getting an immediate airing, but we've just been to the Green Man festival this year and the tent yet again stood up to torrential rain without leaking anywhere, top sheet and ground sheet stood up to a pelting brilliantly. We haven't had any problems with the bathtub groundsheet not being rigid enough. It's also survived 50mph winds on the Isle of Wight (it tries to go flat to the ground and pops back up again, an 'experience' if you're inside it at the time, but I did manage to sleep).

Putting the tent up is so simple, you can't help but feel smug every time. And packing down is fine and normally quick too, though high winds make it much trickier. It's also grown increasingly oblong-shaped once packed down over the years and the bag is starting to show strain at the stitching. The rucksack carry bag is a good idea but actually really painful to carry after a while - better padding to the shoulders or a waist strap also would have been good. (1 point lost for bag.)

Rooms are a great size for one person, might be a bit cosy for two as someone would be under the slant. We've both found the bedrooms much roomier since switching to self-inflating mats, which I so recommend for being warmer, more comfy, space-saving, lighter, an all-round vast improvement on airbeds. The bedrooms do have dark netting, which I like: they are bedrooms, for sleeping in. I love the vis-a-vis layout for the privacy, but one draw back of all these types of tents is the lack of covered outdoor space (even a porch door) to give some protection from drizzle/sun. Also, on this model in particular, bigger meshed areas and/or clear windows would have been nice to get more light and air in. (1 point lost as window/door design could have been a bit better.)

I know they don't sell this exact model any more, but if anyone is contemplating getting a Quechua tent, I'd just say our experience of this one, in terms of quality, comfort and reliability, at a really great price, has been so positive. Not a single rip/tear/leak, cracked pole, broken zip or anything bad, despite years of rather slapdash use and maintenance. I am very fond of it.
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By: Ladypiccolino  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 15/08/2015

I received this as gift, which was lovely, and the kind people who gave it to me thought it would be easier to put up than my Outwell Minnesota, it was also a 'trendy' tent and they know I love camping.


Mega quick to go up, fantastic in fact!

Easy to take down ( once practised)

Love the unusual shape.

Gets a lot of interest!

Slept in gale force 10 ( true!) and tent stayed up! It did keep turning inside out on us ( whist we were in it) and we thought it would break but just kept popping back up into place again.

You can carry it on your back if you need to walk to site area ( such as festivals).


Small dark bedrooms we often end up sleeping in the living room area as if we share a bedroom one of us has our face against a dark brown sloping side.

Bedrooms are not standing height especially once airbed in there.

It feels dark in living room unless front door is left open.

There is no back door - this would make it so much better.

Ventilation panels in front door and back wall only come down half way, so air movement is limited.

The Velcro for bathtub living area groundsheet is not strong enough and does not hold up, this means in rain if we are the slightest slope we did have puddles of rain and in one instance ( the force 10 gale described above) a river like movement of water just gushed through.

I've camped in this tent a great deal, I like it but do not love it. I haven't decided if to keep it, as not sure if I will use it again. This year I dug out my old Outwell Minnesota and realised that it is just so much superior in so many ways. And it only takes 10 mins to erect.
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By: Felicia87  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 09/08/2015

I love it. Easy to put up and down. Two people is better than one though. Love the bathtub groundsheet stopping the water getting in. Good space in the middle to eat or play cards.

Bed room space is good and spacious.

Love the green colour making it blend in in the environment and also stands out as unusual shape.

The only reason I put 9/10 is it is heavy to carry and a window flap would be useful in the bed area.
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By: MSK448  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 13/10/2014

My very first tent and what a good choice it was. Easy to put up and down. Survived 3 seasons of European camping including torrential rain in Jungfrau, Switzerland this July.

It has performed in all weathers really, strong winds, driving rain and never any problem.

Only minor complaint would be the high lip on entry and exit. Thinking of getting the extension (base second)
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By: Gemdrew  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 12/01/2014

I'd like to begin with.I love this tent! Its the first tent that myself and my hubby purchased and its fantastic.

It's the easiest tent in the world to put up and with a bit of practice its easy to take down again as well. Which is great for us as I always seem to end up pitching the tent alone, while my husband chats to by-standers about how easy our tent is to put up!

Its not the most spacious tent in the world, but we've been comfortable in it with our son and the dog for a weekend. There is space in the bedroom area for a double airbed, but thats about all! And there is space in the living area for a table and chairs. What more could you need!

We've used the Quechua in a range of horrendous weather conditions and it's stood up really well. No water coming in anywhere which surprised me as it doesn't have a sew in ground sheet.

I thought it may be draughty without a SIG, but it really isn't. The bathtub style velcros in and stays put, and keeps the wind and rain out. Not having a SIG is a huge advantage when taking the tent down as you do need to lay it on the ground to fold it back up, so the ground sheet prevents you from getting mud up the sides of the tent.

In fair weather (when the groundsheet isn't flapping about whist you try to peg it down) the tent can be pitched in about 15 mins, including all guy ropes, this is me single handed, it may be less if I had some help!

We also have the Quechua Base Full, which I see from the pics above, so do a lot of others. This is a great addition for extra living space, and they fit together so easily it really takes the hassle out of camping.

I've scored this tent a 9 out of 10 for one reason, as there aren't really any faults. But stepping over the quite high lip at the bottom of the door is very challenging for my son who very often ends up flat on his face! This is made worse when the utility (base full) is attached, as the same step is also present right in the middle of the tent.

All in all we love this tent, I just wish that they made a much bigger one as we now have more children and more dogs to fit in.
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By: Amyfewtrell  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 14/09/2013

Have bought a 4.2 base plus a base shelter second hand off ebay. Paid £250 for both.

After getting fed up with putting up a large Coleman tent in the wind last month and it taking too long for a one or two night stay, we decided to get a new tent.

Looked at reviews for Quechua tents and was amazed by how easy they were to put up. I thought at the time we had paid over the odds for this tent as they are not much more new! But after seeing that they are out of stock everywhere and how much they go for second hand I think we have got ourselves a good deal.

I would recommend this tent to anyone.

Very good quality.

No tension on zips.

Extendable with base pods

After two runs we can put up both and take down in 20mins

I was concerned about bugs but can't see how they would get in even though the groundsheet isn't fully fitted

If you are looking at buying one don't hesitate any longer. Well worth the money
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By: Angiecraig  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 29/08/2013

I own many tents,but this is my favourite.As a single mum it has always been a chore to load /putup/takedown the average tent. Then I bought this,my intention was a weekend tent that I could stand up in, but I took this for my fortnight holiday.Instead of spending a lengthy time putting up a tent this was up in 10 minutes(i had people come to watch and have a look inside -Quecha has at least one more customer coming !).

Plenty of room for a table and chairs,the bedrooms take a double airbed, might seem a bit cramped because of the sloping sides over the bedrooms, but didnt bother us.

Taking down was easy, practice a few times before you go.Folds into a disc which unlike other tents actually fits into its cover with no problems.

Loved every moment of camping this year, down to this tent !.
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By: Sunnycharlie  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 18/08/2013

I have just used my Quechua for the first time after buying it in February. I have the 4.2 teamed with the base seconds full. I have to say that it is a fantastic tent. The speed it goes up has to be seen to be believed! There aren't even too many guy ropes. The groundsheet sensibly shares pegs with the tent and this makes everything quicker. Groundsheet down, pop up tent, peg out guys. Folding up is pretty straightforward too but do have a few trial runs before you go and watch the video. All thoroughly watertight too.

My only criticisms would be ,

1) the tent tends to trap water under the top cover and takes a while to dry completely after being wet. It's all outside but takes longer than the average tent to dry before packing away.

2) packing it away when it is soaking is very difficult. Firstly, the Velcro tabs didn't hold with the extra weight. Secondly, wrestling a wet pop up into submission is a struggle. The extra weight of the water and the fact you have to kneel on it to fold it make for an interesting time.

Those two little niggles aside, I love my new tent! It also got lots of admiring glances and I had to do a guided tour.
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By: Dunk100  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 12/08/2013

Never camped in my life before last week, (51yrs) got one of these tents as I didnt want to spend hours putting poles together etc. Was doubtful whether it would work but to my suprise its bloody brilliant!

First night I was still awake at 03:45 worrying if it would blow away or rain would get in, next night slept like a log with ear plugs as I knew it was safe ; )

I had one bedroom my son 13 had the other

Went again last few days and again had great few days, this tent is quite deceiving as its so much bigger inside than it look from the outside
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By: JenGrocott  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 28/07/2013

We've had this tent for three years now and I love it. It can easily be put up by one person in less than five minutes. There are two good sized bedrooms and a living space which is easily tall enough for me and my husband to stand up in (he's 6 feet tall). It is easy to put down once you have the nack.

I keep looking at other tents but can't find anything I would replace this with.

Decathlon used to do an awning for it and I wish I had bought it as a little extra living space would be helpful but that's only a minor niggle.
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By: Welshie1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 23/07/2013

We bought this tent to take on weekend breaks.

We used it for the first time this summer, and were so impressed at the ease and speed of putting up and taking down, that we have decided to take it to France with us for 2 weeks rather than our large Outwell tent.

It has ample sleeping space and a decent size middle pod which is tall enough for my hubby who is 6 foot to stand up in.

Love it
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By: Storm chaser  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 02/07/2013

Tried out our new quechua base seconds 4.2 tent for the first time last weekend. Put it up no problems 8 minutes done and taking it down also went to plan. We found plenty of room for 2 adults and 2 children. Bought it for weekends as our Vango diablo 600 although brilliant is too much work for 1-2 nights. Would totally recommend this tent
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By: BuddingTraveller83  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating:   Date: 21/03/2013

We bought this tent and the base full day tent for £120.00 each at the start of March 2013. Absolute bargain.

We set it up in the garden and timed it. I watched YouTube quite a few times and decided to just go on that. Ground sheet, tent, day tent and all guys were complete in 16 minutes with two of us. Wow!

Taking down was really easy. Again I watched YouTube. I certainly did not find it hard first time round.


*Fold Bedrooms back up and secure on blue velcro.

*Grab one corner of the main section with left hand at the top and grab the same corner lower down with the right hand.

* Push right hand in towards the opposite corner. Once pushed in the two remaining sides come together like closing a book.

*Lie flat. At the top end, push in sides and fold over on itself creating a pretzel shape. Fold each outer circle in towards the top middle one, right then left. Done!

Packing away was 13 minutes for all! great kit and very spacious!
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By: Alistair908  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 07/03/2013

WE purchased ours from Decathlon in 2012 during the sale for £150. Several camping adventures later and I have to say this is simply an amazing bit of kit. Once you get the hang of it, its very easy to pitch and pack away. Found some useful videos on YouTube that I have saved on my mobile.

We went off to Shell Island in August 2012 and had a great time. The tent stood up very well to the high winds and was easy to maintain with a few extra guy-lines. Highly recommended and very accommodating for our family of 4.

Packs away into the bag not mush bigger than a dustbin lid and takes up very little space in the car.

Highly recommended if your thinking of camping with a family.
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By: EUCamper  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 01/02/2013

We now have 2 of these - the second one was bought as a back up. There are 4 of us (2 adults and 2 kids) and we have tried many other tents and keep coming back to this one. Theres loads of living space, 2 good sized bedroom pods and the ease of putting up and putting down this tent alone is worth the money. We have used this tent all over Europe and in all weathers and cannot fault it - no leaks, no draughts and no damage. We also have the base seconds XL which is used as a utility tent for the kitchen etc. Watch the videos on you Tube to see how easy it goes up and down. I can only echo what other reviewers have said - Buy one - you wont be disappointed!
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By: Colegade  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 01/09/2012

Don't look any further for a great pop-up!

After getting fed-up of having to ask for help from other campers to erect my old pole based family tent (I camp alone with two young children) I was determined to get a tent I could setup by myself in the wind and rain. So I splashed the cash and bought the Base Seconds 4.2.

The key reason for this one was the extra head height over the other pop-ups I looked at. I put this tent up in 10 minutes. Thatís getting the ground sheet down, tent just pops up in seconds and the rest of the time was setting the guy ropes. The two separate births easily accommodate two camp beds each. The centre room is roomy with the 1.85m height. No leaks in a heavy 24hrs of rain. Did not get a good wind test on this outing but I suspect it would hold up ok.

I was worried about getting it down again, but I neednít have. I took me longer to dismantle the three Gelert camp beds than the tent. I had watched the YouTube videos so new what I needed to do, but I did get stuck pulling the whole lot back into a figure 8. So I used the video Iíd downloaded with the Quechua iPhone app to help get it back in the round bag. (Note, if you use the iPhone app I downloaded the Base Seconds 4.1 folding away video as itís the same procedure as the 4.2).
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By: Seetheworld  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 24/08/2012

Fantastic tent! - just got it and tested for the first time in a very windy valley in the Lake District, brilliantly stood up to full on gusts and driving rain. The only time it let the wet in, was through the door when left open, or traipsing it in with the muddy boots.

The only reason I've knocked off one star was the putting up if it hasn't folded down correctly when packed before. After watching the You Tube videos many times and a few dry practice runs I thought it was going to be fine to do, only to find that it can twist the sections into each other if you're not careful when you fold it up, which means it won't pop up without applying a physics degree the next time. Just keep an eye on that when you're packing it away.

Otherwise, loads of room, easy to use and pack away, and quite quirky looking on a campsite. :-) Wouldn't hesitate to get another when this one needs replacing.
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By: 007tortoise  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 02/08/2012

I've used my Quechua for 2 seasons and have held back from writing a review previously as it hadn't really been tested by the elements. Well it has now. This tent has had the best of the Welsh weather thrown at it and has passed with flying colours. It stood strong in the wind and the rain didn't penetrate. Not all of my previous tents have managed that.

I find this tent easy peasy to pop up and have mastered the popping down, both aided by only one small child. When camping without the help of another adult it is sheer bliss to manage to provide shelter for your little one/s (and a brew on) in a few minutes.

I have previously owned a Khyam and an Outwell but for me the ease of pitching the Quechua (and it's cuteness) surpasses the extra space I previously had in the other tents.

If I needed to recommend a tent to anyone or replace this one I would buy the exact same again.

The only very minor criticism is the bathtub ground sheet. It would be bliss if the groundsheet in the living area was sewn in. Then my tootsie's would be toasty.
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By: Crystalgirl  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 10/07/2012

This tent is absolutely fantastic. I am small but manage to pitch it on my own ok - once even in the dark! It is roomy and functional and has drawn many admiring glances from camping friends. I've only given it a one star less than a ten because I find it difficult to fold down on my own and often fold it part of the way and then end up stuffing it in my car until I get home!
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By: Fiona karen  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 03/01/2012

Got this tent for a holiday in France when we would be doing 4 1 night stays and wanted something quick to pitch, really enjoyed using it, we had lots of rain wind and the tent stood up to it all fine, we got the pitch time down to 15min from opening the bag to the last peg in.

There's defiantly a nack to putting it down, and make sure all the pockets are empty, I've found when you pull the 2 sides together like closing a book it was best to lie the tent down on the floor to make sure all the poles are flat and going the same way, sometimes when we closed the book the back poles where facing out one way and the front ones the other way like a fish tail, then lift it up again and do the folding bit, sound complicated but it isn't

Really like the round shape of the bag as well as we could pack the car and then slide the tent on top of everything else against the roof.

Great tent.
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By: Imelda123  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 29/08/2011

This is the second season I have used this tent and I have to say I am delighted with it.I already own an Outwell Montana 6 (which I love too) bit I needed a tent that I could put up with the help of my sons but without hubby who was busy working.

It is so easy to put up and take down, having watched the demo on you tube countless times.

Weather wise we have had wind and rain, coping well with both.The living area is big enough for 4 to sit around a table.This size tent is also brilliant for weekends where you don't want to spend all your time pitching and dismantling.My only very small gripe is that I like EHU and the leads can weigh down the groundsheet making the bath tub effect a bit flat and letting in some rain. A zip in the back panel to put EHU unit through would rectify this.I have also got a Coleman carpet(more of a giant picnic rug) that fits perfectly and makes it a bit cosier on chilly days. I love the big door that can be opened fully so you can sit in the tent out of the wind but still feel you are in the open. Might get the Tarp next year to add to the collection. Buy this tent, you won't be disappointed!
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By: Dundee89  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 28/08/2011

Just returned from my first week away in the Quechua. Wow, simply fabulous tent. I brought it on the recommendation on this site and I'm not disappointed. I was drawn to this tent because of the ease of putting up and down. I took advice and watched the youtube clip several times and was very impressed that it went up first time in 10 mins. Even the putting it down and getting it back in the bag (always the tricky part!) was easy, probably less than 10 mins! Then my 11 year old son put it up and down by himself!

Once up its very roomy inside with room for table and chairs if needed. The two sleeping pods are big enough for a double mattress but not a lot else.There are several pockets inside and also 2 hooks in living area and one in each of the sleeping pods which are great for hanging lanterns on. The small porch is enough to shelter from any rain.

We were tested with hot sun, rain and wind (great British weather!) and it stood up to them all with no problems. No leaks, no broken poles, it simply bent with the wind and popped up again! And it felt well ventilated when it was warmer.

Getting it down in very windy conditions was a little more challenging! But we took the advice from this forum and undid one hook at a time - first the corner that folds in on itself, then once that was folded took the remaining 3 hooks out and folded it up nicely. Feeling very smug we off course then had to chase the groundsheet around the campsite after we stupidly un-pegged it without standing on it! I think with the addition of another pod or an awning this tent will last us many years to come. But theres only me and 2 kids - a family of four might struggle for space on longer trips but I would imagine perfect for weekend getaways!
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By: Emelem1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 27/08/2011

I am a self confessed tentaholic!. And this tent may have put a stop to my addiction. It is a fantastic tent. I cannot fault it to be honest- unless I am picky about the fact that the groundsheet is not sewn in, but hey, the bedroom inners are sewn in, so as long as you make sure the doors are zipped at all times you should avoid any bugs in your bed! It is so sturdy and feels good quality. We didn't feel cold in it either. I love, love, love it! We used the base seconds XL with it to give ourselves a large living area as we were away 2 adults and 2 children for a week and I am not sure where we would have put all our junk for a longer stay! The two worked really well together and it seemed like one tent once it was up, but we had the added benefit of being able to use just the 4.2 for the night when we were travelling around. FANTASTIC - you will not be disappointed!
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By: Calisnenath  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 18/08/2011

Fantastic - even fitted 5 of us in! OK it was a squeeze but the 5th was only 2 months old. Now considering getting one of the extensions available and may be eventually getting rid of our big lovely Vango. Because this is so much easier to put up and take down you get more of your holiday. Only regret is that we didn't purchase it earlier in our family camping career - like before we had number 3!
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By: Roynstef  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 02/08/2011

We bought this tent after being drawn to Decathlon in Sheffield on several occasions. It was easy to put up, quicker than we thought and was exceptionally spacious. We only have one query about our tent, the vents which are on either edge of the bedroom areas seemed to let in a little too much draught. The tent took me all of 5 minutes to pack away at the end of our holiday, which was excellent considering I had never put a tent up or taken one down before, so I can let every woman know that this pop-up-tent can be assembled and disassembled by anyone.
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By: Madacious  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 07/07/2011

Used the Base Seconds 4.2 for 3 nights at Camber Sands and it got a real baptism of fire. Heavy rain was no problem whatsoever. The wind was also blowing gale force 8-9 and the positioning of the tent meant we were totally exposed on the coast. Whilst several more expensive tents around us were collapsing and poles breaking, the base seconds 4.2 stood up generally OK, but the tent did have a habit of blowing in on one corner during very severe gusts, making the art of attempting some sleep a bit challenging. However it always popped out again (the nature of a pop-up tent I guess). A different position to the oncoming wind or extra strategically positioned guy ropes on the semi-circular poles around the bedrooms (there are spaces to attach them) may have prevented this, but we decided to end the holiday a day early as the weather forecast was predicting even worse winds. Easy to pitch up and take down was fun as we were effectively trying to hold down a rather large kite, but folding away once on the deck was easy (as others have suggested, watching the video is definitely recommended. Looking to add an extra pod to increase living space in the near future.
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By: Jez5005  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 05/07/2011

I've put pics up for you to see. Fantastic tent! Recommend you watch videos on youtube to put up and take down tent. Its very spacey in the living area and bedrooms. You will not be disappointed, trust me! I bought a base seconds tent as an add on for an extra room. Again this works great with this tent for extra space.N ot thats its really needed.N ever yet seen this tent on campsites we've been to as yet. But the amount of people that comment on it 'positive things' as they wander past or want to look inside it is refreshing. You often see other campers poking there heads out of there tents watching me pitch it up or take down, feels as though your on display hehe. Well worth the money. Reviews speak for them selves.
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By: Dee OD  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 24/06/2011

Bought one of these tents after reading great reviews on here. Arrived within 2 days and put it up yesterday. Fantastic to put up so easy even I can do it. Bought it for going away weekends with the kids when hubby isn't around to put up tent and am so pleased with it. Was miles bigger than I thought plenty space in living area and I love the zip down windows and the little awning /porch ledges over the windows which means rain wont get in even if you open them. Its also stylish and unique looking and seems really strong and robust. A wee bit harder to put down but not too much and I'm sure I'll get better with practise. Found a few tiny holes on inner bedroom and emailed best4tents they rang me back next day and are sending replacement bedroom brilliant customer service. Cant wait to try tent out for real now
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By: Ayupmeduck!  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 13/06/2011

First time camper and absolutely love this tent.Bedrooms will fit a double airbed and the whole tent feels airy and spacious.Went to several camping shows to look at various 2 bedroom tents and as most times there will be only my daughter and myself, was worried about setting up. Just kept getting drawn back to Decathlon and came away wondering if I made the right decision. Absolutely Yes!So easy to put up and down.About 10 mins with practice. Put the You tube video on your phone just in case! Looking forward to many trips away.Love it!
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By: Thewyebird  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 08/06/2011

I am so excited. After reading all the reviews on here, I bought my tent from Decathlon, in Thurrock, last weekend.

The idea is for me and my two boys (aged 2, and 4) to go on short camps, without my other half, during the school hols while he is working (poor guy).

So, as he is away this evening, I gave the tent a trial run in the garden and I am pleased to say I managed to put the thing up and down in less than 20mins first go! And ten minutes of that was spent gazing at its innate loveliness.

I am a mere 5'2' lady person, and am really pleased it can be done on my own, even in a light breeze and with two cats trying to attack it.

Of all the tents I have (now five) it is the most beautiful and probably the easiest to use (my Quechua Seconds II is even easier but doesn't fit us all now).

Real camping trip this weekend WITH the other half, who will be highly impressed by my tenting skills.
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By: LiquidCrimson  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 06/06/2011

A massive lover of pop-up tents, my first was just a two man (same make) I then got a beach tent and purchased pop-ups for my sons (all Quechua). When we saw this tent it was just perfect! Pure camping luxury in a pop-up! The tent is incredibly easy to put up and take down and takes a fraction of the time of pole tents Ė you can find a video online that shows you how easy it is and very clear instructions are sewn into the tent bag. Great family sized camping with very little effort involved. Even if this is your first pop-up tent you will still find it quick and simple to use. Sleeping pods fit a double blow-up bed in easily and are lovely and warm. You donít feel closed in with this tent as it has a huge back window (mesh) that you can open and close completely. Last year we set up our kitchen and several chairs inside the living space and we were very comfy indeed. The sun and rain are kept at bay by the lovely sun shades across the door and back window meaning you can easily sit inside with the tent fully open and not get wet if it rains, itís also very sturdy in wind too!

This year we went all out for complete luxury and be purchased a base seconds extension which connected to the front of our 4.2 perfectly and even clipped in place to make it secure. This meant we had a living room and a kitchen area and plenty of room to lounge about and for my grandson to play in. One thing I did like was that I could place the door zipper right at the top which meant that little hands could not reach it and therefore remained safe.

You can easily fit four adults in here without being on top of each other and likewise itís a fantastic family tent. I would recommend this tent to anyone. Well made, well thought out, full ground sheet and internal sewn in ones on the sleeping pods, sun shades, window, full doors that open completely and store away in side pockets, lots of storage pockets built in, incredibly easy to put up and just as easy to put down it makes the perfect tent! We love ours! Buy one, you'll be glad you did!
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By: Kela  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 05/06/2011

Used ours for the first time last week, marvellous. Put it up in five minutes from the first groundpeg going in to the last guy rope being secured. Taking it down took a little longer due to the fact that I was holding the tent the wrong way around, keep yellow tag on your left! Plenty of space for us (two adults and a six year old) withstood plenty of wind and rain. Cant recommend it enough to be honest.
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By: Ashbiscuit  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 30/05/2011

This is our third tent and the best by far. It has a distinctive shape, lovely colours and plenty of room inside. We have just got back from a family trip to Wales and it took 20 minutes to get it up in very strong winds and 10 minutes to take it down at the end of a lovely weekend. Other members of our group, struggling with complicated monster tents, looked on enviously as we settled down inside. We have always found that other campers watch with interest when we first take out a deceptively small, round pack and then literally throw it out into shape, pin it down and move in.

It is brilliant for two and fine for four people. The living area is not huge but this is not a tent for sitting inside all day. We cook under the canopy, eat inside if it is raining and there is room for a table,four chairs and a kitchen storage unit.My husband and his brother have taken it all over France, Holland and the Lake District (including -5 in the New Year) where it has survived torrential rain, snow and gales. It is perfect for hiking, festivals, family weekends and sleepovers.
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By: Alanersk  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 30/05/2011

Brilliant tent. Goes up on its own and (with a bit of practice) comes down just as easily. Got it to save spending half the weekend putting up 6 berther and the other half taking it down again.

Plenty of sleeping room (I am 6'8' and have no problems) Standing room is adequate for the normal (I have to stoop but not badly). Got the Base seconds pod which gives much more room and keeps the mucky boots etc outside the living areas and bedrooms.

Had pretty string gusts this weekend and the tent survived fine (unlike 2 Coleman event shelters)

I would recommend them to anyone - although do study the videos for erection and taking down again
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By: Jensyfer68  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 30/05/2011

We have just returned from our first camp in this tent - we wanted a tent for quick weekend trips (we also have a large family tent for longer trips).

This tent did not disappoint us in any way - it went up really easy and also more importantly went down really well, this being mainly due to the excellent demo that is available on You Tube (as mentioned in the previous review) which hubby watched a few times before going away.

There are handy pockets in both the living area and both bedrooms and the bedrooms are big enough for a double sized SIM.

There is an 'eyebrow' above the door so no water escaping in when going in and out!

We used a Hi-Gear Zenobia carpet (blue/green check) which fitted near perfect in size and complemented the tent colours which as mentioned in a previous post are very pleasing to the eye on a campsite.

To summarize: a lovely, family sized tent, with decent head room that is very quick and easy to erect/foldaway.

We are so pleased with this tent we are already seriously thinking of ordering another as a 'standby'!
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By: Loup67  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 30/05/2011

We have just spent a long weekend in our new tent and we are very pleased with it. It went up quickly and easily, I did run out of tent pegs but I didn't read any instructions so perhaps I was meant to double up in some areas! The tent was spacious and more than adequate for the 3 of us. The bedrooms are a little small but enough room for a double airbed. We also bought an extra pod which was fantastic for adding extra space. We used it for table and chairs and sat out at night when the kids were in bed.

It was very windy on our trip and the tent stood up to it well. No rain so can't comment on that side of things. Lots of handy pockets, hooks inside. Only thing I would have liked is the main section ground sheet to be sown in, might reduce the number of creatures getting in! We managed to put it down easily. Definitely helps to watch the YouTube video first.

Overall, we are very happy with our new tent and would highly recommend it.
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By: Cyprusjill1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 22/05/2011

Bought the tent last week and used it for the first time this weekend love it! My self and my daughter put it up in less then 10 minutes and took it down in the same amount of time Its very easy once you know what you are doing. Loads of room inside, great ventilation and worth every penny. Can't wait to get out in it again!
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By: SJ1405  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 16/05/2011

Whilst many of you were watching the Royal Wedding, we were in decathlon buying the Quechua Base Seconds 4.2. We went on our first trip out this weekend (13th May 2011). My first mistake was accepting my husbands offer of doing the packing and setting up the tent at the site we had chosen - since Friday was his day off, we'd picked a site only 4 miles away, and he had until 3.30 before I arrived from work, via the school to collect the kids.

This was a really trial for the tent -

* it put up by a complete novice on his own - I'd put the tent up with him in the garden twice to confirm we were capable of such a task.

* it was put up in the centre of a field with nothing to protect it from the wind

* Despite my advise my DH did not bring a wind break or extra strong tent pegs

* We had really bad rain

* We had really bad wind

* We had a frost

Yet the tent survived. - (We didn't.DH packed one sleeping bag and one duvet for the 4 of us - We went home at 5am Saturday morning and retrieved the tent later in the day.) However, despite all of this, we are going to try again - maybe a different campsite without rooks, maybe choosing a more sheltered position so the sides don't feel they will blow in, maybe with stronger grown pegs so the guy rope stay in the ground and certainly with me doing the packing!
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By: Chrissamsdad  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 11/05/2011

We too got to the point with our bigger, harder to put up tent, that we were put off going away for the weekend by the prospect of putting it up and taking it down, especially in the dark.

We bought the 4.2 and then soon after bought the add-on pod which is essentially a second living area come porch. It's great for doing the cooking and leaving your boots in. While it's not got specific connectors to join the two together seamlessly, you can still pretty easily do it.

We've since been away for several weekends, where, even arriving in the dark, we've had no problems putting it up by the light of our headlights. We've also put it up in quite windy conditions and it was no problem. We love it now - and we're going to get rid of the monster 8 berth.

We're doing 3 festivals in it this year and really looking forward to the prospect of being in the beer tent within 15 mins of arriving.
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By: Pipistrelli  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 09/05/2011

I originally wanted an Outwell Hartford L, after seeing a friends in use, Unfortunately, with 2 small boys of 8 & 6 years, I couldn't rely on their help and needed a tent I know I could manage on my own. I had seen pop-up tents before, but thought they limited to 2/3 man and not family sized. I saw the Base Seconds 4.2 in Decathlon at £150, which although not as spacious as the Hartford, provides a family space that the 3 of us can use and feel comfortable in, esp if the weather is poor.

It is really, really, REALLY easy to put up, takes about 5 minutes for me (alone) and because the groundsheet goes down first, its easy to plan where you want to pitch it, particularly if camping with others. We used ours once, in late last season and Easter 2011 so far and we all think its brilliant. Taking down is not hard (just remember to loosen all the zips, doh!), but practice with folding back into the bag will pay off, this takes me about 10-15 minutes at the most. I have just bought the Base Seconds from Decathlon (8.5.11) as an expansion pod, which means the girlfriend and her little boy can come along too.

The Base Seconds were on sale and including the groundsheet and inner tent came to only £70 (usually £110). Please note, the Hartford is a £500 tent, which I once saw on sale for £250, although out of stock. The Quechua Base Seconds 4.2 is £150-160, so no comparison really! Quechua also provide a 2 year, no quibble guarantee, I highly recommend it!
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By: LynnBH  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 03/05/2011

I go camping in Wales with family and friends two or three times a year. This tent is so easy to put up in a matter of minutes, though I am very grateful for the video of how to take it down, which can be found on the Quechua website, it takes a bit of getting used to but easy enough when you've mastered the art. I would not hesitate to recommend this tent to anyone, it's ideal for up to four adults, with ample room for a double mattress in each of the bedrooms. The tent can withstand strong winds and harsh rain.
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By: Suzan111  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 28/03/2011

Just used this tent for the first time last weekend, our first attempt and it took us 11mins from opening the bag to tent fully pegged out. We are only using it as an overnight tent, so bedroom pods are fine big enough for two adults each side, and sufficient living area for the 4 of us. Putting it down due to height it did take 2 of us to get it into flat position and then my husband managed to get it folded no problems, but don't think I'd manage it on my own, so far it will be a great overnight stay tent fro those last minute weekends away
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By: Jennygil  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 26/03/2011

We bought this tent from Decathalon in 2010 and travelled from Glasgow to the isle of Skye, stopping at sites on our way. The tent was so easy too pitch, simply pegging down ground sheet and then popping up tent, opening sides and pegging, so simple! We travelled in a hatchback and tent in bag/ sleeping bags for 4/ n luggage all fitted in boot with camp gear shoved on top.

Penty of room for the 3 adults and child within tent and both sides fit a double blow up mattress perfectly. The middle area was great as we were able too play games comfortably. The only down side to the tent is putting it down, our first try took nearly an hour, and quite a few arguments before we got a hang of the twists, but once learned is very easy, watching you tube video definitely helps.

All in all a great tent, seems very flimsy but this is very misleading! Withstood gales and storms! Well ventilated inside so no condensation problems! Very big plus, would recommend this tent to anyone and well worth paying the extra compared too other tents on offer, cant wait till summer too take it too Ireland!
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By: Geordie63  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 31/08/2010

Brilliant tent that's put the fun back into camping for me.

Have used it twice since buying it a month ago & the ease of setting up camp in 10-15 minutes is an absolute pleasure. Even taking down & packing away is easy after a couple of trial attempts.

No serious weather encountered so far but any rain & blustery winds were no problem for this gem of a tent.

Spacious enough bedrooms for 2 adults in each & a good size living area allowed me to stand up without having to move around like a hunchback & I'm well over 6ft tall. Also bought the Coleman carpet which fits the living room perfectly & adds to the comfort.

Very good value for a cleverly designed & well made piece of equipment. I look forward to my next camping trip in a couple of weeks time. Top marks.
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By: Alvis1955  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 31/08/2010

I can only add more good comments. We have plenty of tents from 8 man tunnel tents to hikers tents. Our friends laugh at our array of tents. However this tent has proved to be a real winner although we only use it for two of us. We have a sleeping pod each which makes it a very comfortable space. Its been subjected to some very severe rain and winds and apart from a tendency to try and fold itself up in gale force winds it's stood up extremely well.

We're always up and running and brewing tea long before anyone else in our group has even got their tent out of the car.This makes it a real winner at festivals where 'easy' is the name of the game. We love this tent and would recommend it. It also looks very pretty and distinctive and I like the colours as they are not too unnatural.
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By: Scary-bob  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 20/08/2010

Always a fan of the original Quechua pop up I was keen to try a proper four berth version. It didn't disappoint. When packed it is the same circumference as a two man pop up! although it is much heavier. It was up in minutes but would have been longer if I hadn't had a demo from the man in the shop. Once erected in France it rained solid for the first day and night. The base seconds 4.2 however, was cosy and dry.

The living area is a good size but the bedrooms are a bit small. Ok for a couple one side and two kids the other but if four adults wanted to share they'd better get on well with each other!
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By: Fitz169g  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 17/08/2010

Just back from our first holiday with this tent and we found it great. So easy to set up and take down! and spacious too.

We had a very windy few hours and it stood very solid. I had no concerns what so ever, added to the fact we were using delta ground anchors on the guy ropes. We had a couple of heavy showers and no leaks.

The only 2 things I would mention were; the sloping walls in the bedroom, mean that the person on the inside is really close to the fabric. My husband couldn't stand it, neither could my 8 year old daughter. I managed but there were a couple of occasions I felt it slightly claustrophobic. Also if the bathtub ground sheet was velcro all the way round, as opposed to just 2 big tabs of velcro on each side, then it would be more like a sewn in ground sheet and less insects (not that it was a problem, just a point I thought of when I was sitting looking at the tent)

On a 1 night stop over, we had our teen boys sleep in the central area, plenty of room, and our girls in one bedroom pod and us in the other. When we reached our destination, the boys used the other quechua seconds III, which was also an excellent tent.

I would highly recommend this tent for anyone, especially families.
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By: Bigblue  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 15/08/2010

After putting my wife off camping over 20 years ago, due to a storm, a very old hiking tent and dodgy facilities on the camp site, she finally braved another camping trip three years ago. The Quechua Base Seconds 4.2 is our third tent since then. The first took for ever to put up, the second leaked and collected bugs.

We have been out twice with the Quechua. My wife has been converted into a happy camper, looking forward to our next trip. The Quechua lived up to all the manufactures claims and users many positive reviews. It is so very easy and quick to put up; other campers had hardly open the boot of their car when we were putting in the final pegs. The bucket ground sheet kept most of the bugs out. The tent did not leak during a night of Peak District rain. The tent is very well made and the design is just brilliant; everything from the many pockets for storage, loops to hang things off and a bag big enough to easily repack the tent has been considered. The folding of the tent was a bit scary at first, but after a few times we are getting the knack. Watching the You Tube dismantling instruction video was time well spent.

We feel we have a stylish looking tent that was incredible value for money.

With our Quechua tent, Alp Kit Fat Airic sleeping mats and a faithful Trangia we are set for many happy camping trips. I just have to make sure I find some good camp sites.
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By: Miss Miaow  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 11/08/2010

I am a very occasional camper with a small car and little storage space at home. On the strength of the reviews on this forum, I purchased this tent. Having had an awful time last year with a Halfords tent, I was very apprehensive. I need not have worried. The tent went up in minutes - was plenty spacious for myself and 2 young children for 4 nights. We had a bit of rain - no leaks, and felt very secure when it was windy. I was dreading packing it away & although it was a challenge as I am a fairly short female, I managed to get it down with minimal help in about 15 mins and without difficulty got it and the groundsheet back in the bag. I was very impressed & would unreservedly recommend it especially to camping novices!
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By: Tracey86  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 08/08/2010

We've just returned from our first outing with the Quechua and it was BRILLIANT!

We actually forgot to time how long it took to get up but I would estimate around 15minutes to get both the 4.2 and the Base Seconds up and guyed out. It certainly didn't take long and we were sat outside with a nice cold drink after getting all set up and sorted within 45 minutes.FAB!

We had quite a bit of rain and the 4.2 stood up really well, no leaks. There was a little bit of condensation on the roof and the 'peaks' in the morning but nothing to worry about. Can't really comment on wind as it was quite a calm couple of nights for us, a little blustery at times but nothing major although I'm sure it would be fine as it feels very stable inside.

Only downsides are the sloping ceilings in the bedrooms and the zips which look a bit weak in parts but hopefully I'm just being over-picky as they are working fine, gliding open and shut easily, they just look a little bit.Strained even when they're not being pulled taught (if that makes sense?)

Overall, we love the tent and its sooooooooo easy! Fingers crossed we'll have many happy outings with it!
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By: Mautbydecoy  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 07/08/2010

Love this tent. It's robust and roomy and so easy to put up and down (once you know HOW to do it!). I have recently taken the kids camping on my own (I'm their mum) and managed the tent by myself except I didn't have quite enough upper arm strength to complete the penultimate fold (when taking down) by myself and needed my 10 year old to give me a little muscle help.

Tent withstands wind and rain well and ventilation is good.
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By: Emski81  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 05/08/2010

I absolutely love this tent. It's so easy to pitch and easy to pack away once you've got the knack. It's a great size for a pop up. We could have got a bigger tent for less money from Decathalon but the ease of using this tent is worth the extra few quid. We also bought the Base seconds add on for that extra bit of living area.

So far the whole thing has stood up to the elements well, in fact we have only used the guy ropes once as it stands pretty well without them.

Would highly recommend this tent to anyone.
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By: Jayner  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 02/08/2010

Great tent for novice campers like us. We arrived at the site to be greeted by rain and were fully pitched and pegged down in under ten minutes (we bought the tent for this very reason after battling for an hour last year with a Vango Weekender in the rain). There was ample room for the three of us (me ,hubby and nine year old) especially as we added the base seconds for extra living room. The tent certainly was tested as it rained heavily,happy to say no leaks.

Bedroom was a bit snug with our Kingsize airbed but hubby offered to have the sloping side so really wasn't an issue (well for me anyway).

I would definitely recommend this tent especially if you want to go camping for one or two nights.
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By: RickTeather  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 01/08/2010

At the ripe age of 57, I've camped in almost every type of tent available, from the antique canvas 9 by 9 (don't touch the side when it's raining or it'll leak) to the backbackers 2 man (you have to leave you pack outside) miniature wonder. When we started shopping for tents, we looked at a 'package deal' which included the tent, air mattresses, sleeping bags and even a light. For an extra 5o pounds, we could buy just this tent. Am I ever glad I did! With really no effort, we set this baby up in 7 minutes, cook and eat inside and never worry about storms and wind. Now, how to get it back to Canada without paying more than the tent cost.
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By: Boogiesteve1062  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 01/08/2010

A very impressive tent!

I have had many years under canvas and have recently added this tent to our collection, I have to say that although we have only used it the once we are thoroughly impressed.

Easy to put up (even on my own)
Good living space
Easy to guy out
Stands up to bad weather very well
Reasonably easy to strike

We were pitched on a cliff edge at Filey W Yorks during the start of the summer school hols, we experienced high winds (gusting to 40mph) with moderate rain. When we woke in the morning most of the tents around us (even the £500-£600 units) had experienced light to moderate damage, one was even blown flat around it's occupants! The quechua had stood up to all that was thrown at her and only shed one guy!

I have just purchased add on units (base std now reduced price at the suppliers and tarp) to enhance the living area as other members on here have demonstrated in previous reviews.

Overall I'm more than pleased with this unit.
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By: Lukeylukey  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 31/07/2010

Great tent - all the other comments about the convenience are true. We are onto our second summer of holidays/weekend breaks in this tent, and still love it. My only concern is that the zips don't seem very strong, so I hope it lasts; that said, when they bring out a new model we will probably buy it anyway due to our tent addiction!
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By: Waltong74  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 30/07/2010

Just returned from using this tent for the first time. I watched the videos before leaving and I was really surprised at how easy it was to put up and more importantly down! I started to pack my tent away at the same time as my brother-in-law with a traditional dome tent (Sunn Camp) and I had put mine in the bag, cleaned my ground sheet and it was in the car 20 mins before he had his packed away (his didn't even fit back in the bag). Brilliant tent and probably the best £150 I've ever spent. Can't wait to use it again!
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By: Headtorchflasher  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 29/07/2010

For us as a couple with one eight year old this tent is absolutely perfect for weekend camping.

We have also bought a Quechua tarp which adds a large, flexible outdoor covered area for eating and for sunshade. The tarp fits very well over the front porch to be secured by guys over the back of the tent. The two poles we have found are best used as four on one side and six on the other to slope down to a wind break. This gave excellent head height and protection over our table and four chairs.

We also purchased a perfectly fitting Coleman carpet for extra cosiness in the main living area.

We had no problems at all with condensation and found the tent to be very easy to put up and take down. The last time I used it I had to pack it away wet and it was a doddle to just pop it up again in my living room for a few hours to dry out before popping it back into it's bag.

We also have a large Cabanon canvas tent but have fallen in love with this one and may well use it instead of the Cabanon for our main two week camping holiday.
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By: Vickywhyte1@hotmail  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 26/07/2010

This is my 4th tent in about 10 years. Loved my last tent but ripped a hole in it on a tent peg when putting it up after driving for 6 hours to a campsite. I had seen this tent in Decathalon and thought it looked too good to be true so I read a few reviews and couldnt find a bad one so bought it.

Brilliant tent, really easy to put up and take down, if you follow the instructions.

Brilliant in heavy rain and fairly strong winds.

Easily fits back in the bag.

Big enough for a family of four.

Looks good.

Only 2 criticisms

1. Definitely too bulky and heavy to be used for treking but that should be fairly obvious on first sight.

2. The bedrooms slope down at one side fairly steeply so if there are two of you in the bedroom compartment one of you can end up with a faceful of tent!

However far and above the best tent we have ever owned and we have gone on far more camping trips because we own one. No more do we experience the dread of taking our tent down and struggling to get it back in the bag.
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By: Thatbaldbloke  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 25/07/2010

We bought one of these tents, mainly because we thought it would be suitable for short weekends etc. But its clearly able to withstand most UK weather conditions, and will be getting used for our main holidays. And not have to mess around with poles all that malarkey. First time we used it, ( after a few sneaky attempts at home) we were very surprised just easy to put up this is, just peg out your groundsheet, get the right orientation and 'pop' out the main pod, stretch out the sides, and its Pimms o'clock within minutes. Its worth the ££150 price tag alone just to see your neighbours' faces when you are done and in. It took longer to blow up the air-beds with an electric pump hahaha. Highly recommended tent if your not one one of those people that feels it necessary to have the Albert hall to stop in when its only four of you (you know who you are) ;0)
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By: Trishb  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 23/07/2010

I have used this tent on several trips covering strong winds and heavy rain and cannot fault it.It gets easier to pack away the more practise you have and can be done by 1 person. Other 'tent watchers' on the campsites are amazed when they see how quickly I can pitch it and have not come across anyone who has seen them before, always a talking point.

I agree with a lot of other comments that the tent is a large cumbersome circle for the car and everything else that is needed for a trip.

It is the best tent I have come across and extol it's virtues whenever I have an opportunity.
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By: Kezza2shoes  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 18/07/2010

2 adults, 1 seven year old and a hound holiday very comfortably in this tent.

Love the ease of pitching and packing, but would recommend a few views of the video first.

We have been sniffed at by our non-pop up friends who are secretly jealous that a £150 pop up tent could equal their £££££ traditional pitch tent, but we just make the brews whilst they continue to pitch!

We haven't had a single problem and the only reason it doesn't get a 10 is the absence of an adequate porch area, having said that there are plenty of tarps and add ons available so it's no biggie.

It gives us no excuses to get out and about every weekend.
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By: Glen Burrows  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 28/06/2010

I have now spent about a month in this tent in conditions from roasting hot to alpine thunderstorms in April and I love it. The first time I tried to put it back in the bag was comedic but now I have the hang of it I can do it in about 10 minutes, Its great for a family of 3.

I can't believe how it stood up to a thunderstorm in the alps with hail that broke car windscreens and it didn't wobble or let a drop in.

There are pockets everywhere inside so as long as you are organised everything is to hand.

The only drawback is that it is still a big heavy cumbersome circle when packed so is only suitable for car camping, you wouldn't want or be able to carry it far.
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By: Samcrob  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 26/06/2010

I can't rate this tent highly enough!

I love the ease of pitching and putting away and the speed at which it can be done.

We have 2 children under the age of four so pitch and de-pitch time is very important! I can even pitch and collapse the tent on my own whilst hubby occupies the kiddies. After watching the youtube video a couple of times it really is easy peasey.

We used our 4.2 with the base 4.1 and also a Quechua 4 berth pop-up. Another reason we purchased the tent is because we are often visited or go away with other family members and other Quechua pop-up tents can be docked on the base 4.1 as needed. We have an array of Quechua pop-ups for this very purpose just because they are such good value for money.

The tent has never leaked or never had any other problems with it. I like the fact the groundsheet also velcros to the wall of the living part for a good fit, although this could perhaps be improved with a built in groundsheet?

Definitely recommend A++++++++++
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By: Georgeparrot  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 05/06/2010

This is a great tent for a small family - it comfortably sleeps 2 adults and 2 children, and would have room for more if you didn't have lots of stuff with you. The bedrooms fit a double airbed/sleeping mat or 2 singles, but there isn't a lot of head room, especially on the sloped side.

The living area is large and you can stand up in it. There are pockets and handy hooks for lanterns etc. And storage, so it is very practical.

The main selling point is the ease of pitching and striking. We have used ours 3 times now, and each time we've managed to get the tent up (including the guy ropes) in under 10 minutes, whilst keeping the children happy at the same time! It really is as easy as they claim!

We've bought an add on base unit to extend it now, which makes the whole thing really large - more than enough room with extra people. We're not 100% clear on how the add it is supposed to attach, but we've managed to make do. We are new to camping so am sure we'll sort this.

Cannot praise this tent as a family tent high enough.
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By: Diddle  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 02/06/2010

I have used this tent twice now. It is very easy to pitch and literally takes about 15 - 20 minutes! I have used it in strong winds and it definitely stood up to the test! Haven't used it in rain so can't comment on that. My only gripe is I don't think the bedroom pods are quite big enough, not for 2 adults on an air bed anyway! The last time we used it just for the two of us we actually slept in the middle which was much more spacious. It can be a little tricky to fold down but once you get the hang of it its fairly easy. This tent does take up a lot of room in my boot (I have a fiesta) this is because I can't lie it flat so it has to stand up. Overall a nice little tent!
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By: TheDawgs  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 31/05/2010

Quick update to my review 29/05/10.

Spoke to Quechua/Decathlon about my 3 small issues with our tent - they are exchanging the tent, no quibbles or arguments. Excellent customer service and hopefully we'll now get a new '10 star rated' tent.

I'd recommend this tent, and if like us you have had any problems then it is definitely worth contacting Decathlon to get them sorted.
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By: TheDawgs  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 29/05/2010

This is a fantastic tent. We bought ours as we wanted something quick to set up/take down for touring and many one and two night stops. The tent lived up to our expectations. It not only looked fantastic in most settings but also left us smug after being all set up on pitch in a matter of minutes.

We have used the tent in both brilliant sunshine, very strong winds, rain and a mixture of all three. It withstood all very well. The tent was not particularly noisy even in strong winds which was a relief.

A couple of issues we had however which means it only gets 9 out of 10 - the stitching on one of the bedroom pods (approx 2 cm long, not getting worse) has come undone though can be easily restitched. One velcro patch beneath the door also is coming off but again can be restitched easily. We also had an occasional drip in very heavy rain from a pin prick hole in a seam seal near the roof, again this wasn't a massive issue and I'm sure we can fix it easily.

We absolutely love this tent and think it's a bargain at the price. We are considering buying an add on to give us a bit extra space and just for some extra flexibility.

We had no issues with condensation except were the dogs slept (they must have hot bodies!) but this was easily remedied by placing a fleece blanket beneath the bedding.

A tent that is hard to beat. Highly recommended.
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By: Shass  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 10/05/2010

Awesome bit of kit. Turned up at Edale at 11pm After getting stuck on motorway due to accident closure. Dark and raining. Pitched using car headlights in few minutes, all the kit in, coffee on back outside to put out the few guys. Job done. Bank holiday was very windy and threw it down with rain, the seconds base 4.2 just shrugged it off. Bone dry and surprisingly stable, and didn't crackle in the wind like the Khyam I used to own. Great piece of kit. Have just bought the Seconds base XL as an add on for loads of space. Very pleased with them.
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By: Richbod  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 09/04/2010

Bought this tent last year after our first trip only had a small dome tent. I had read a review in camping magazine and went for one of these for how easy is to put up and take down. Only managed to use it twice since bought it the second time we had bought the base seconds to add on as an extra room. Will be using it for a week in Newquay this year
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By: AndyRomain  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 04/09/2009

Well, after the previous one night trial, this tent has now been soak tested (literally) and the results are amazing.

I've just been on a camping trip, on sites ranging from the far North of Scotland (the blowy cliffs of Durness), to the rain soaked flatlands of East Anglia, and this tent hasn't disappointed one bit.

The tent has taken everything the weather could throw at it, short of hurricane force gales, and has laughed in the face of it all. I really must learn to sleep at night and trust this tent, instead of sitting waiting for it to fail!

Whilst camping on the cliff edge at Sango Sands, Durness, the tent took pretty much as serious a seaborne wind as one could expect, but it didn't so much as flinch. It just did the job, and did it well. The following nights saw more wind, eventually mixing heavy rain into the recipe too, and again, it just sat there stoically. If this tent had eyes, it wouldn't even have blinked!

I've also had a few nights of setting / breaking camp now, and so am getting pretty well versed in the whole folding / unfolding part. We all know that that's the part we dread when arriving and leaving - making fools of ourselves in front of our poled brethren as we somehow become entangled and part of the tent ourselves. Not one problem, at all. I'm only 5'8', but have managed to restrain this beastie, and without any red faces or chuckles. It goes up like a dream (I'd say on average 15mins to pitch single handedly, including all guy ropes), and about the same to casually break camp.

My only complaint is that the pegs are a little flimsy, but then given the range of pegs available for all different types of ground, they're a fair compromise.

Surprisingly, given a pretty wide range of travel, I've yet to bump into another camper with one of these, despite the Decathlon salesman telling me that it's the best selling tent in the UK. But then, it's nice to have a degree of individuality when arriving at camp, rather than everyone turning up with a 'McTent'.

Everyone that has witnessed me making and breaking camp has commented on the tent, with comments along the lines of 'the future of camping', and 'wow, that's how it should be done - we need one of those'.It even got to a point where I'd convinced one couple that I was a Quechua demonstrator travelling the country and going from campsite to campsite in the guise of being on holiday, kind of a covert sales technique.Maybe the manufacturers should consider that.Or maybe they already do?

In all, not one complaint about the tent, well actually yes there is. I have a job, and so don't get as much time to be out in it as I'd like!

My only concern is that I'm sure that one day, on that final 'packing' move, (fellow owners, you know what I'm talking about), it's going to spontaneously become a hang glider or kite at the most inconvenient moment. It's a lot of fabric to expose to the wind in it's pre-folded, flattened state. But then, you very quickly learn to 'weathervane' (have I just invented a new piece of camping jargon there?.'Weathervane'.The art of manipulating a large folding tent into the windstream in order to fold it up without being blown away).

Well done Quechua, a great tent, great design, and great fun to use.
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By: Milliebear  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 29/08/2009

Bought one of these as a novice camper on the recommendation of a friend. Was very impressed with the size and ease of pitching. Took a few goes to get it down, but easy once you know what you're doing. Having said that, it is meant to be manageable to get down by one person, but I (5'2' weakling!) couldn't do it alone - my husband can though.

We stayed in Norfolk - right by the Wash in some of the worst winds I've seen. Several pole tent dwellers gave up and went home with several snapped poles. Our tent struggled with the worst wind gusts (and flattened worryingly at times - especially if the front door was unzipped!) and we did wonder if we'd be able to last the night in it. In fact, it just kept popping up again and was unscathed. It didn't 'feel' that sturdy when we were inside, but actually did very well. It was oblivious to the rain which was excellent.

All in all - very impressed on my first trip! Again though, would like the option of adding a further bedroom.
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By: Bexaniz  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 27/08/2009

I'm amazed at this tent. When I told my friend, a hardened camper, what I'd bought he sniffed in disgust. But after 5 minutes of pitching in my back garden, for a test run, he was converted.

I have never been camping on my own before so was pretty nervous, but have just returned from first 'solo' trip - with 4 year old daughter. I pitched this tent on my own and also managed to put it down (and back in the bag) on my own!

There is a definite knack to it, so I would advise watching and memorising the videos on the Quecha website before attempting!

We went to Wales, I put the tent up in strong winds and rain (no problem apart from having to put the groundsheet down first so unless you're quick, would get wet). It then was stable during windy and wet nights - to the amazement of other non pop up campers on the site!

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By: AndyRomain  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 25/08/2009

I was recently in the market for a new tent as I was upgrading from a single room 3 berth, and wanted 2 separate bedrooms. I've visited Decathlon in Amsterdam many times, and so when I was working near Thurrock, and found there was a local store, decided to have a look.

Was instantly drawn to the Base Seconds 4.2, and was impressed by the design, size, and simplicity of it, so after a quick demonstration to see it being put up / taken down, picked one up for a forthcoming trip.

Have now used it on a trial night out, and am very impressed. I put it up in around 10 minutes (not bad for the first go), and it was pure simplicity. No surprises or obstacles. Have to say it may prove awkward doing it solo in anything above a slight breeze.

The weather was great, so can't comment on it's performance there, but it was roomy, versatile, and a great way to spend a lazy evening. When breaking camp, it took 10 minutes, (the longest part being tying up the guy ropes neatly), and a little bit of a struggle, but I suspect with experience it'll get easier.

In comparison, the 3 man dome tent I have takes around 25 minutes to put up, and the same to break down, and I've done that routine around 20 times with that tent, and so know what I'm doing, proving the comparative speed for the Quechua.

In all, very impressed so far, so next stop Scotland to try it out on some real weather!
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By: Sprocket  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 09/08/2009

Used the tent for the first time this weekend. We originally bought it for a touring holiday which we thought it would be ideal for. We are a family of 5, but have a smaller Quechua tent which our eldest son (and sometimes his smaller brother) use.

The living space felt surprisingly spacious and was enough room to sit around in the evenings when it was cold, however for a longer holiday I would think about purchasing a base seconds to dock to the front just for extra space but again that is extra cost. If I was making a suggestion to Decathlon it would be to have the back wall of the tent set up like the base seconds full, to allow you to dock one of their smaller pop ups to it for extra bedroom space.

The bedrooms are to sleep two and fit a double airbed snugly. However if you are sleeping two adults in the one bedroom, someone has very little headroom due to the slope. Again I didn't mind this too much for a weekend, and the convenience of putting up and taking down.

It really does take minutes to put up, basically lay out groundsheet (approx 6 pegs), pop up the tent, attach to the same pegs as in the groundsheet then approx 6-8 guylines.

To put down it is only a few minutes for one person. I'm 5'4' and managed it easily. Definitely watch the video a few times first!

So, ideal for the weekend especially if its raining when you get there!

I can't comment on rain proof as thankfully it didn't rain this weekend. But it certainly seems very well made and not too draughty either thanks to the fact the groundsheet has a 'lip' on it which velcros into the tent (hint - remember to 'unvelcro' the groundsheet before trying to put the tent away!).

Overall I am very impressed with this tent.
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By: V_tricky  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 22/07/2009

After nearly having an argument in Decathlon over whether we go for this tent, or the 4.2 (£10 cheaper, much bigger) I was very pleased when after this weekend my hubby conceded that I was right about buying this tent.

It really did pitch in 5 minutes, and it took less than ten to put it down.

It was pouring with rain, but it was so quick and easy it wasn't a problem. We stayed totally dry.

Lots of pockets, lots of hooks for lamps, room enough for 4 adults at least in the living area.

Dried quickly when we got it home, can't wait to use it again!

I *know* that the other one would have ended up being a white elephant, taking up too much room. We wouldn't be able to face pitching & unpitching it so it would just get dusty while we went and stayed in Travelodges.

This one is so easy to sling in the back of the car, so easy to use, so comfortable, we'll be using it lots! (in fact, we're going away in another 4 days time! Yay!)
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By: HelenaB  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 22/07/2009

Just got back from two windy, wet weeks in France with our 4.2. Slightly dubious as to whether it would stand up to the weather but it's just as strong and hardy as the smaller versions. No problems at all - stood rock solid in some quite frightening winds and no leaks at all after a lot of very heavy rain.

Couldn't be simpler to put the tent up - really, minutes - just wonderful after a very long drive. As for putting it away - it's actually slightly simpler than the smaller tents. Don't ask me why - but it hasn't got away from us yet whereas the smaller ones sometimes 'escape' when you're putting them away!

I'm not exasperating when I say that people actually came out to watch us putting it away (no pressure!). Easy Peasy - got a round of applause!

The sleeping pods are slightly smaller than our old Coleman and with our aerobed actives in them whoever's on the sloping side is right up against the side of the tent so maybe sleeping mats would be better - or smaller airbeds. Still, that's really the only downside I can think of. Very, very glad we spent the money on this - it's great!
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By: Bernie bann  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 17/07/2009

Easy tent to put up and down. Stood up to heavy rain and wind. Worth every penny. Ground sheet was brill, keeps sleeping pods off floor. Lots of handy pockets, hooks to hang lights from. Stand up in living area and the over hanging porches were really handy. The base seconds fits like a porch which extended the living area
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By: Sandbach68  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 03/07/2009

I love this tent. Having used a large Coleman tent for the last few years that took FOREVER to put up this is wonderful. Can genuinely be put up and taken down by 1 person in no time at all. On our first trip with it we had pitched the tent, inflated and made 2 airbeds, made up the travel cot, set up camp kitchen and windbreak and had the kettle on for a brew whilst entertaining 2 small children before a family that arrived at the same time had got halfway through erecting the awning on their campervan.

We are going to buy the base seconds to use as a larger porch for putting stuff in if it rains and for kicking off wellies etc. The only minor criticism I can note is that as we still have a child in a cot we had to sleep in the living area which was really pretty chilly though to be fair to Decathlon they do state that the tent has lots of ventilation to reduce condensation. Next year won't be a problem as our youngest will be in a bedroom with her sister so we'll be able to have a cosy bedroom. The other bonus is that if you pack it away wet, (as we did), you just need a dry few hours at home to pop it up to dry - no pegging out needed. Wonderful, well designed tent.
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By: Shellmas  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 28/06/2009

What a brilliant invention. Takes out all the worry of getting the tent up in the cold or rain.

Very cosy and surprisingly warm in out uk summer.

It did take about 20 mins to put away as I forgot which way to twist it and had not undone the zips

Loads of living space inside

Really the best buy for a novice camper like me
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By: MrsX  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 28/06/2009

As a single Mum to a six year old (and a Labrador) I was looking for a tent that would be easy to erect by myself(we're novice campers)and be comfortable to sleep in for up to a couple of weeks.

This tent doesn't disappoint. Its up in minutes, is plenty big enough for our needs and is back in its bag in minutes when its time to go home.

We're looking forward to many happy camping trips in this tent.

The only disappointment is there isn't more of a canopy at the front, but the large living area makes up for this.
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By: Heatonsalice  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 21/06/2009

Bought this today to use as a weekend tent. (we have a tunnel tent for holiday camping but it takes too long to set up for an overnight stop). Little bit dubious and we have been mulling it over for ages. We had lots of comments from friends like 'good luck getting that back in the bag - love to watch you try' etc. All our concerns completely dismissed. Watched and followed the youtube video while we gave it a try in our back garden. It was so simple and quick. We had it down in less than 10 minutes and it packs up really small. There are some really nice touches, like the way that the groundsheet fits into the tent and the big windows. Can't wait for some good weather so we can put it up in minutes on a Friday night after work and then sit and relax with a beer, knowing it will only take minutes to get it packed away at the end of the weekend.
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By: BelHelen  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 01/06/2009

Have just got back from 6 days in the lakes and I am really impressed with this tent. It withstood some pretty blustery winds and a major 2 day down pour which left a mini lake right under the main living area.No leaks!

Putting it up was really easy and putting it down was just as simple.

We connected it up to a Seconds Base Full to extend the main living space and added a 2 second air alongside for me and my husband (and the dog!). Our two boys had a room each in the 4.2 and had loads of space to explode in without trashing the living areas.

I can't recommend these tents enough! Even buying them was an experience; travelling across London on the underground from Surrey Quays to Waterloo with them on our backs. Priceless!
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By: Chrishanssen  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 27/05/2009

I wanted to be first! Darn. Well to add to the above comments. The tent is so simple to put up and has survived a decent wind and some (not torrential) rain. It was brilliant for just hanging out in and provided a genuine home from home. Putting away took nearly the same time as putting up and was simple too do. You can put up and take down with one person at a struggle or two with ease. I actually went on holiday with friends who had pole tents and just watching them struggle made me realise how amazing the 4.2 tent is. It is slightly breezy in terms of ventilation but this was my first time camping and so have nothing to compare it too. I actually paid over the odds with £189 on ebay but was worth every penny because it made my holiday so special.
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By: Churchnorton  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 24/05/2009

This tent is simply fantastic. Can genuinely be erected in under 5 minutes, I have seen 2 Decathlon demonstrators do it in 1:17, for the non-trained about 2 mins to open bag and peg down main ground sheet, 30 secs to pop up central part, 2 mins to unclip and pull four zips (already attached) to secure down bedroom canopies. Simply amazing design. Lots of ceiling hooks, bedroom pockets, survived the wind and downpours at the beginning of May (09) without a drip. Yes, just as easy to pack away. There are cheaper 4 man tents than the asking price of £149, but none half as good. Well worth a trip to the Decathlon store, no, I really do not work for them !
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Manufacturer's Description

Designed for camping for 4 hikers wanting an easy set-up family tent.

Good-size living area (5m≤/ 185cm high) and 2 standard bedrooms, 140x210cm.

2 minute set up. Folds down in less than 5 minutes if you have the knack.

Laboratory (shower test: 200 l/hr/m≤!) and field tested
Size and weight

Spacious 5 m≤ living area, with a max height of 1.85m. 14kg.

Bedroom space

2 x 2-person bedrooms. Comfortable-sized at 2.1m x 1.4m.

... there may be more info on their website

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