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Topic: Demountable campers

Posted By: RobM
Subject: Demountable campers
Date Posted: 02/9/2010 at 1:35am

Hi folks

Had a search for demountables and came up with older threads, so I'll ask in a new one!

This is on behalf of my parents who have a single cab Mazda pickup, and are getting a little fed up with the Pennine camper they have now.  They are struggling to find both new and second hand ones, new is an option for them - the joys of a paid up mortgage!.  Basically are any manufacturers recommended by anyone?  I've had a brief trek around the web but haven't found much to be honest!

Does anyone have one and what are they like?  Is it all a bit of a faff and a compromise when compared to a "proper" motorhome?  They were considering a smaller motorhome but can't stick the fact that its always a motorhome, whereas a pick up truck can be used for work (which it is, as my mum is a gardener) and they already have a pickup truck.

If they get one I've got first dibs on the Pennine image: -" >

Thanks in advance, Rob.

Posted By: otherhalf
Date Posted: 02/9/2010 at 5:39pm

I've got one ... bought it when it was 10 years old and still running it 12 years later so I suppose I must like it ...
See my profile, photo is from about 9 yrs ago, at 22 yrs old the pick-up is showing signs of wear and the body is looking a bit dated now.

I just searched: < adventure dismountable motorhome > and got a few hits, but not checked if they were any good.

Seem to remember, American Adventure/ European Adventure dismountables were imported by a company called ? Niche marketing ? unless my memory has totally gone. Couple of other names - Tandy and Apollo. Seen a few others at motorhome shows but thats a few years ago now.

I did a remodeling job shortly after buying mine and squeezed a shower/wc/hand-basin cubicle in - so with a 4 ft bed + 3 ft bed, kitchen, wardrobe and dining table etc it's quite, er compact lol

As regards being a faff, not a lot different to hooking up a caravan .. two of us can wind the legs and load it in about 5 minutes. I dont have anything fancy like electric powered legs, which would make the job much easier.

Any other questions, let me know and good luck with the Pennine lol


Posted By: kiev
Date Posted: 02/9/2010 at 7:42pm

You could look up Apollo Motorhomes web site, should contain most of what you need to know. I have no personal experiance of the units but understand there is more "roll" on corners if care is not taken, also some find the demounting and back again tiring unless you intend to stay in one place for a few days and use the base vehicle for trips out.

Posted By: vwalan
Date Posted: 02/9/2010 at 8:22pm

hi, i have had a couple of sunntreckers .i think still being made by island plastics on the isleof white. they are now a fibre glass pod and much better than the old aluminium ones. but if you google or look on ebay there is always something usually. or try niche marketing or there is another place that brings them in from sweden . cheers alan.

Posted By: old chap
Date Posted: 02/9/2010 at 11:39pm

Hi I just googled demountable caravans & several like this  came up

Posted By: pepe63
Date Posted: 03/9/2010 at 8:11am

NSR Leisure,down south Wales used to bring in the Swedish ones..but In can't seem to find their website anymore(..I'd had it saved to favourites..but it's no longer there..)

I was all for going down the demount' route but the OH wasn't having any of it... 

Personally I think the european manufactured units tend to look a lot more modern,both in design and methods of construction(GRP/Fibreglass etc)

(..that may of cause just be because the newer models I've seen,have tended to be european! image: -" >)

I think I would also budget for beefing up the rear suspension with air assistors..

Posted By: evenstephen
Date Posted: 03/9/2010 at 3:28pm

I think page gives us a clue about what's happened to NSR. The whole website looks like an interesting resource for anyone interested in demountables page of the website lists all current UK importers/manufacturers.

Posted By: 89angela
Date Posted: 03/9/2010 at 5:30pm

What about a fifth wheel camper?

Posted By: vwalan
Date Posted: 04/9/2010 at 10:03am

or a mini artic like mine. much shorter than a normal 5th wheel and far shorter than the average car and caravan. 20ft trailer with truck 33ft in total. .seat 7 for travelling, sleep 6 .see my profile.

cheers alan.

Posted By: RobM
Date Posted: 05/9/2010 at 7:08pm

Great replies cheers everyone!

I think, maybe, my googling skills need some improvement.  As I said its for my folks so I've passed this on for their perusal.  I think a 5th wheel is out due to storage, apparently a demount will fit in the same parking space as the pennine currently does.

Interesting comments about the suspension, something they (and I) hadn't even thought about!


Cheers, Rob.

Posted By: vwalan
Date Posted: 05/9/2010 at 7:36pm

you could but as a pick up is only allowed to have x amount so long as you dont exceed x amount it should be ok. most commercials run at full load alot of the time. must say i never found it a problem.

dare say my 5er would also fit in the same space of the caravan you would just have to park the pick up under the step front every time .mine is only 33ft long trailer and truck altogether. but you get a 20ft camper. i do like demounts aswell though. i found you dont demount as much as you think you will. its not always as easy as the makers say. easy in the open harder in a restrictive driveway. mine does fit in two parking places in a super market . one in front of the other. ha ha. cheers alan.

Posted By: pepe63
Date Posted: 06/9/2010 at 1:37pm

evenstephen..those are interesting links... image: -" width=23>

(..I've just trawled through my favourites list and deleted links to companies that don't exist anymore! image: - )

These seem to still be "live" though... image: -

Edit: Here's another one..

Post last edited on 06/09/2010 14:04:38

Posted By: pepe63
Date Posted: 06/9/2010 at 1:53pm

Just remebered..there was someone on ebay recently,who had fitted a folding camper into the bed of his Ford Sierra pickup... was quite a novel idea(..I'd sketched out something similar a while back but again..the OH wasn't having any of it! image: - )..although this one looked as if it ended up being "none" demountable...,if you fancy some inspiration.. image: -" > it's...

Item number: 290472314223

Post last edited on 06/09/2010 14:05:59

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