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Tent Reviews: Hypercamp Eldorado

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9.15/10 from 13 reviews

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13 Reviews of the Eldorado         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Spooley  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2017   Rating: 

I bought my Eldorado in Jun 2017 for 300 from the obelink.Nl website. It was delivered efficiently in a couple of working days. Sadly as of Aug 2017 the Eldorado is no longer available online.

There's a setup video from the manufacturer on YouTube: https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?v=6cWUevG1K5s

The Eldorado's pegs are sufficiently sturdy for their job: substantial round pins for the rubber ground loops where the bottom edges of the walls meet the mudflaps, and stamped U-shape pegs to hold the guys. There are a lot of pegs: more than 20 around the edges, and the same again for the guys. In bad ground or poor conditions, I might be tempted to use ground anchor pegs for the two longest guys supporting the door poles.

I already had an old rectangular groundsheet which just about matched the footprint of the whole Eldorado, so I used that instead of the provided 'crinkly' groundsheet for the lounge area. My groundsheet extended under the inner tent too, protecting that from the raw ground.

Putting the tent up is easy, the only awkward bit is lifting the mud flaps out of the way when securing the four corners of the inner tent. There are also about a dozen plastic clips holding the inner tent to the top of the outer tent's walls to give some shape to the inner.

The Eldorado is pleasantly roomy (after my previous tent: a Cabanon 4-man ridge-tent) -- it's a delight to be able to dress standing-up, and there's a lot of storage space down by the sloping sides. The vertical front wall with door and windows makes getting in and out very civilised, and provides a good space for a couple to shelter in inclement weather. Good ventilation too via the mesh at the tops of the windows and/or the double-ended door zip allowing the top to be opened in the manner of a stable-door. This ventilation is also quite well shielded by the shallow awning flap which should protect against all but horizontally-driving rain on the front of the tent.

In early experiments, I had difficulty packing the tent away neatly on my own, but following some helpful hints on the forums, and finding a set of diagrams for the similarly-design deWaard Albatross: https://www.Manualscat.Com/en/de-waard-albatros-manual has helped and the tent now goes neatly back into its bag.

Just a couple of fairly minor deficiencies were uncovered:

1. We couldn't quite get the innertent sufficiently tensioned - I may have to tweak the tensioning strap to make it a bit shorter. Or perhaps set the king pole to maximum length: for the first setup, I used the middle of the three positions.

2. Possibly associated with 1., the fabric sides of the innertent were a little baggy. Perhaps a couple of clips half-way up connecting to the outer would help to retain a more pyramid shape and give the impression of more space in the inner.

3. Rather bizarrely, one of the three zips on the inner is lacking a pull-toggle on the inside. Probably a simple manufacturing error, but initially disconcerting the first time I was trying to do up the inner from inside!

Sadly, no major rain to test the tent whilst we were in the tent to observe, but it obviously survived a brief shower without any sign of water ingress or damp patches. Dew on the tent was beading nicely and rolling off.

In summary, I'm very pleased with the Eldorado as a worthwhile upgrade to my venerable Cabanon 4-man ridge tent.

9-out-of-10 stars, having lost one star for the minor points noted above!
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By: Saluki  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

The first few times we used this tent, my partner did the bulk of putting it up, and we were not sure if I'd be able to get it up and down/packed solo- but it hasn't been an issue. It's easy to erect, peg four corners, do door and then centre pole. Lots of pegs but that just makes it more secure (although some grrrr person stole most of my triangle pegs on the last night of my last trip grrr).

We had a couple of proper storms during the last month and it held up beautifully, no leakage, and didn't budge. Also very cosy, holds heat yet breathable.

I would like more ventilation in the inner pod- a mesh vent that you could open without fear of bugs getting in. Currently you have to unzip the main inner door to get more air and without a SIG, there are likely to be bugs insude the main tent.

I did get a cute sand lizard in the tent last trip- guess it liked the cream canvas too!

I'm not convinced about the window covers being on the outside- rain will come through the mesh so you do need to shut the covers in heavy rain- which means getting wet, and then sitting without being able to see outside- not logical.

The groundsheet it comes with is pretty crackly and thin, lots of water came up through it after a big storm, so we got an extra groundsheet.

Regarding size- there's no way this is a four man tent, with two adults and a medium sized saluki we were cramped. When it was just me and the dog- perfect- but for more than the odd night, we are now looking at the Alaska for when we all head out together.

That brings me to the quality- originally I was a bit cross at the stitching coming loose on one of the guy loops within the first weekend of use, but fir the price, this is a great little tent. We've been looking at getting something bigger and debated the quality of Hypercamp vs other canvas tent makers- we decided to get a larger Hypercamp because despit small niggles, they are a bargain and it's not that hard to re-stitch the odd loop!

One advantage of course of not having a SIG is that you can split the weight- we'll have to see how that goes with the larger tent.

A brilliant aspect of the design is that in very hot weather, you can roll the front up completely - love that as did my dog!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this tent for a solo camper or couple who travel light. If you tend to take lots of things and need room inside to sit as well, get an awning or tarp for extra space.

NB an obscure point- I've had to start sleeping on a campbed for my dodgy joints- there's definitely just about room for one camp bed if you put it parallel to the door, but you can't get two in due to the sloping roof, and if my partner comes along, he has to sleep on the inside on a mat and climb over me to get out. Not ideal but if you stuck to low level sleeping mats/mattresses this wouldn't matter.
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By: Unionjak  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

Having purchased the Elderado in 2013 and finally pitching in 2014 these were my thoughts.

First off for what you get, this is a very cheap tent.

However, the stitching on my tent is of bad quality especially in places where it needs to be strong.

When erected the 'mud flaps' will have to be put back in place as they wont sit back.

Unless the pitch is dead flat, the mud skirt will be higher is some places lower in others.

You will have to faff a lot to get a good or perfect looking tent with the rear corner(s) becoming baggy if you don't re re re adjust accordingly.

In the wind and rain this tent was brilliant and did not move an inch in a squall type wind that hit us on the coast(Devon).

Set up with the awning(3 meter awning by obelink) this tent got lots of people asking/looking at it, and there were quite a few people using dutch tents as well as us.Who all swore by them.

Last and by no means least, the erection instructions were non existent and the ones received from hypercamp were blumin terrible. Fact is, this is tent that needs lots of faffing to get right. Even with practice.

Again, must be said that in the 2 days of constant horizontal rain we did not have a single drop come through.Either the outer(inside the tent) or the inner.

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By: Pnoguer  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

I have this tent and I absolutely love it. It feels so secure in bad weather. When its dreadful we just get into the tent, open a beer and play some quiet music and we forget about it. In the sun it is still comfy, and you can even open the front wall. And it is of course a bit retro and lovely, nothing to do with the flimsy polyester tents.

The only thing I miss is the sewn-in groundsheet. Rosas was no longer available so I purchased Eldorado. Ive been using a polyethylene groundsheet and its ok, but after a year and a lot of camping trips Ive found a myriad of bugs inside (I dont care but my wife detest them) Im considering to stick a proper PVC tarpaulin using marine glue for PVC. I think Its quite easy due to the rectangular shape of Eldorado.

I will let you know the results soon.
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By: Single camper  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Ordered this tent on a bank holiday Monday and it was delivered that Wednesday very prompt service. Checked it out on a practice erection no faults found. First time I used it was in October in west Scotland it rained every day but not a single leak perfectly dry inside and warm no drafts. On my final night a storm hit with sixty mph winds gusting at eighty mph with very heavy rain it was that bad I slept fully clothed and expected that in the morning there would be nothing left, the only thing I did was to fit two extra guy lines from the door poles as the wind was hitting the tent from all directions but I did not have to worry although the tent was drenched and had to be packed away wet it did not budge one inch and was completely dry inside. I can certainly see why they are called dutch storm tents. If you want a well priced easy to erect tent for either one or two persons which will keep you warm and dry then you cannot go wrong with this. Buy one us it and enjoy it. Oh and by the way I did not notice any flapping about from the window covers as mentioned in other reviews.
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By: Epa611  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Fab we tent for two people and great for weekends or short breaks.

So easy to put up, steady in the wind and no leaks or drafts.

If you're after a small easy to put up tent just get one - nothing else compares
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By: Gulliver7952  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Bought this tent earlier this year as the price was a good buy for a canvas tent. (even better now with the exchange rate)

I have used it 4 times so far and cannot find any faults with it.

It is easy to erect single handed and has plenty of space.

I lay a ground sheet down 1st which is slightly longer than the footprint but the right width. (keeps tent clean)

Then peg the corners out, centre pole in,(will stay up on it's own) door poles in, then peg out the rest.

One tip is to put a piece of plywood under the centre pole to stop it making a hole in the ground sheet.

Make sure the centre pole is upright before final tightening of guy ropes or you won't be able to move it.

Although it states it's a 4 berth it would be more suited to a couple or solo camper.

The bedroom pod hangs from a ring on the centre pole and the fitted pod ground sheet clips to the sides and rear of the tent.

I use a couple of large picnic blankets in the bedroom pod and a Vango Orchy 400 carpet in the living area.

The whole front of the tent can be rolled back should the weather be hot and sunny!

The only grip I have with it is the number of pegs required, something like 40.

Also the tent could do with some air vents at the rear to supplement the vents in the front windows.

However it's only a small bad point.

Pound for pound this tent is very good value.
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By: Bluenosewidow  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

I have no idea when the tent was made and only put in 2011 as I had to fill it in.

I absolutely love this tent, it is so easy to erect. The first time I erected it was in the neighbours back garden and it took me a while to work out where the corners were! On site it went up in no time. I bought the tent second hand from an ebay seller and it is in fabulous condition, all the guy ropes were already tied on which helped. When it came to de-camp I forgot to leave the four corner pegs until last and consequently the pole fell down. The canvas, poles and inner come in one bag and is very heavy. I have divided up the bag to

The canvas is beautiful and I noticed some of the panels are different shades of cream which adds to the overall look of the tent when inside. The skirt is lovely and thick. I only used one groundsheet to go on top of the skirt but intend to buy another one to go underneath the skirt to create a better seal. I personally think the window poles cold do with being fractionally a bit thicker.

I couldn't believe how bright it is inside the tent especially in the morning. I assumed with the window covers down it would be quite dark inside the tent but it isn't.

I think the tent is brilliant for one and adequate for two if like us you use a kitchen tent to keep the eldorado tidy, anymore than 2 would be a tight squeeze in my opinion. Sleeping would be ok, but there isn't enough actual living space for 4 people. We used a double airbed and put it in the middle of the sleeping pod and there was plenty of room either side for bags.

It was quite windy during one night and the tent didn't budge an inch. I agree with raf48 about the window covers, and it would be good to have some curtains on the inside, however this is not something that would make me get rid of the tent and I give it a 10/10 score.

The bag contains the canvas, inner and poles is very very heavy and it would be better to split them.
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By: Raf48  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

OK I will also give this tent a 10/10. At the price, I would like to see any other company produce a tent of this quality. My bell tent cost more than double, and does not have an inner, so really treble. I have used it in the lake district earlier this year, in the worst wind and rain I have ever experienced, at no time did I think I should pack it away as it was rock solid. No rain got in, and with so many guy lines it always felt secure. As mentioned in other reviews, the amount of guy lines (I think twenty three) can take time but you can't have it all ways, again as mentioned above, really a two man tent with room to move. The build quality of mine is 100%.

If I had to make a negative comment, the only one I could think of, is that the tent has no ventilation once the window covers are closed for the night, and also the bottom flaps against the tent, which I did find anoying. A piece of velcro in the middle would solve this problem, but I solved it by fitting curtains inside, and leaving the covers rolled back and the air vents working. I am also trying to make something that makes the bottom of the window covers bow outwards as other tent vents do, but this is really a very minor point.

Having had this tent for two seasons now, I can say that I've used it in all but snow conditions and it has done exactly what I expected from it when I bought it. I was thinking about selling it on recently, but until I have given the two tents that may replace it a good try out, I think I will now hang onto it for a bit longer. (The only reason for selling is that I want a wood burning stove for the winter months, and could not bring myself to cut a hole in it for the chimney pipe)
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By: John in Leeds  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

It's really hard to resist posting a positive review of your new tent. You put it up in the garden or your first night and its all shiny and new and you just cannot help yourself give a glowing review that confirms the good sense of your purchase.

In this case however I have resisted, until now, my judgement being that it has been tested enough to give a 'fairly' unbiased assessment.

Purchased last autumn for 165 euros plus a tenner postage from Holland it arrived just 3 days after ordering. Its a big heavy lump though so definitely not one for my cycle camping. It went up quickly, pegging out the four corners, inserting the poles, then pegging out the guy lines and the rest of the skirt. I realise now it was easy because getting the pegs into my garden is a doddle. There are plenty of pegs and lines so where I have done this on a hard ground I have found this job does take a time.

We have made a footprint that gives the postions for the corner pegs and keeps the canvas off the ground when raising or taking down. It also keeps the canvas nice and clean.

There is a heavy skirt all round that I face inwards over the top of the footprint. Over the top of the skirt goes the inner tent ground sheet (a really heavy duty bath tub) and the living area sheet (a cheap flimsy thing but supplemented by the footprint). This forms a draftproof seal that is very effective. It would not be any good in a flood but if the site is chosen sensibly (not in a hollow) then there should be no problem, the vulnerable bedding being protected by the heavy inner bathtub.

We also have a Bear Lake that has a zipped in ground sheet that is excellent but on a cold day we still get drafts through the zip itself, no such problem on the Eldorado, really cosy. We don't seem to get drafts particularly from the front door and vents over the windows when covered with their flaps, and trust me its been tested in really cold conditions. The inner tent making a real difference to the sleeping environment being far enough away from the outside walls to avoid touching in high winds and just right for keeping that extra couple of degrees of warmth.

The pyramid layout makes really good use of space for 2 adults camping in reasonable comfort. The sloping well guyed rear cheats the wind and gives plenty of room for your feet on an air bed and adequate for camp beds. There is standing headroom for me, a bit over 6 foot, around the central pole allowing me to stretch and move around. The sloping sides being the places for cooking gear, chairs and table etc. The living area I reckon is just enough for 2 with a little furniture. The front vertical wall under the window vent being the my preferred place for cooking inside.

Choosing a tent is always a compromise, in this case lots of standing headroom is sacrificed to give a weatherproof tent that will give good functionality and comfort in challenging conditions. In the heat of summer a more airy tent may be better but at least you do have the option to brail up the walls to ensure good air circulation. And, best of all it is cotton, giving no condensation, a quiet non flappy time in high winds and far better temperature control throughout the day.

This is a traditional style of tent, the design of which has been incrementally improved over many years. For 2 people it makes a great place to stay giving a lot of confidence that it will be there after a blow, will be dry after a downpour and give a comfy environment in most conditions. At that price definitely a no brainer.

I should really give it a ten rating but I'm a miserable git and have not yet tested it in the desert ;-)
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Manufacturer's Description

Description: 4 Person Pyramid Tent: is one of the most functional tents, and also secure from the elements in design and construction. Easy to erect.

Material: Flysheet: Cotton 285 gm
Innertent: Breathing polyester/cotton.br> Groundsheet: Polyester
Poles: Steel 22/25mm.

Size: 350 x 290 x 215/180 cm

Specifications: Innertent: 2x (140 x 200) cm
Weight: ca. 22.6 kg.
Includes free groundsheet for livingroom.

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