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Tent Reviews: Kampa Filey 6

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30 Reviews of the Filey 6        Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3  
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By: Berlum  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 24/04/2013

I bought this tent in 2010 after months of obsessional researching. I thought it might be useful to provide a review since we have owned for 3 years now and had several trips in all sorts of weather. In a nutshell, this is one hell of a tent. The best we've ever had. We have camped all our lives and have owned several tents before but this is by far the best.


It's strong. Very strong! This tent has withstood gales that left others around flattened! Lightweight aluminium poles and a particularly strong/thick fabric combine to make a tent that seems to withstand all thats thrown at it and from all angles! Withstood strong gales on the west coast of Scotland, aided by delta pegs which I highly recommend for all tents! They just do not pop out at all. Very clever design and worth the extra money. A strong tent gives peace of mind which means less stress and more time to enjoy. In the past I've spent many hours wondering if our tent will blow down but not now. Better sleeps and no worries about returning to devastation when out on day trips just enhances the whole camping experience.

It's big. Very big!

Another reason for buying. Why spend valuable holiday time messing about trying to fight for space when for a slightly larger pack you get a much larger tent? After all, we're taking the car anyway. The design is spot on. The living area is massive which means we can all live in harmony?? (most of the time). We don't have to constantly be moving stuff to make space and the added side room/toilet/storage area is great. We use that to store food/boxes etc or for the coat stand meaning that the living area is exactly that. The kids love it because their friends have loads of space to play on rainy days which means less chance of boredom and yes, you've guessed, less stress for us! If they're happy, we can chill out and almost forget they exist. Just like the old days. The bed rooms are a good size. Ours is a 3/3 combination which suits us just fine. We are a family of 4 so kids in one and us in the other. With space to store clothes etc. Big comfy airbed fits no problem. 4 smaller kids would easily fit in the 3 bed area and there is an option of adding a bedroom in the living area which would still leave plenty of space. Dividing curtain between bedrooms can be removed to make one big bedroom. The tent is tall so no bending or sore backs. Seems a bit too tall but guess it has to be from a design point of view to get the width and steeper walls. Doesn't matter as its so strong anyway.


Several full length windows with multiple options for semi to total privacy. Main windows can be fully opened and the side door has an integrated insect net if required which, on the west coast of Scotland is a Godsend. In hot weather the tent feels cool and airy with windows open. Ventilation is great. It's almost like a gazebo when all opened up. The front panel can also be fully opened if needed.

Other features.

Front porch area is great. Unlike other tents the canopy has sides which stops a lot of wind and rain. Its a good size canopy and strong. We bought a vestibule and again I would highly recommend this optional extra. Not only does it create a totally rain and windproof sitting area with massive windows, it acts as a house porch would. Wet clothes can be removed (we don't use the groundsheet supplied with the vestibule)and hung up to dry. Shoes can be left in here too. This means that you get out of the rain fast and can 'drip' in the porch as you remove waterproofs etc and keeping the living area totally dry at all times. The vestibule also acts as a great wind deflector and streamlines the front of the tent. As others have said, it did initially come loose at the top in a gust but only because we hadn't tightened it down enough. Hasn't come off since. It also gives a sitting area away from the kids at night so we can all sit and chat as they nod off in peace, and faster than if we were making a noise nearer. We've had many a great night in the vestibule area with friends. Fits 6 in chairs easily and the big windows make it like sitting in your own tent conservatory.

Pitching and packing.

Ok, so its a big tent. Takes us about 40 minutes to pitch the main tent. Another 5 to add the vestibule. Its no easier or harder that any other tent I've owned and there are a lot of guys. It is tall but I'm 5'9 and its not a problem to pitch. We use a second groundsheet under the built in one which really helps when packing up later and cleaning when we get home. (Footprint groundsheet). Never had any problems with its size in terms of pitches as it fits on all CCC pitches we've used. Can be tricky to pitch in stronger winds but again, so are all tents. Very easy to pack away as the storage bag is big and once packed can be compressed ith the attached straps. This means a fast get away if needed. No rolling and re rolling. Just roll it up and stuff it in the bag. We've never had to re roll it yet.

The tent is bright and airy. Initially wasn't too keen on the blue colour having always preferred green but I have grown to like it. Never feels dull on rainy days! It's like having a permanent blue sky! Gives off a really pleasant glow inside the tent.

All zips are strong and easy to use, no leaks (yet!)and we always get folk asking about it and admiring it. (Serious campers). The design and obvious strength are the main talking points.


I'm going to struggle here but want to provide an honest review if I can. When we first used it water puddled on the roof and I was really narked. However, slight adjustments to pole angle and guys have stopped this completely. As mentioned above, the vestibule (optional extra) needs to be well tightened down at the top to stop it popping off in gusts. I really cannot think of anything else!

As you can guess, we're really happy with this tent. It was bought at a reduced price as it had a cosmetic fault (odd stitching in a small part of one panel) which has not and will not affect the tent in any way. Reading other reviews it seems like a few others have bought similar 'seconds' with no problems. I would say that this tent is primarily suited for a few nights stay. Once set up it's a home from home and makes for a very comfortable and relaxing holiday. Highly recommended.
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By: Bearbbq  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 02/04/2013

Bought last year and have done 4 trips with family of 4.

Also considered Outwell Montana 6/6p, but there were just to many pros in favour of the Filey. I do wish it were green though! I very nearly got the Outwell just for the colour.


- Price :)

- Lovely big windows on front and sides

- Fits perfectly on C&CC pitches

- SleepTight darkened fabric actually works. 2x under 3's still asleep at 07:30!

- Built in porch big enough to sit and cook under in a drizzle

- zip out windows and ability to roll back the entire front of the tent make it very airy in hot weather

- reflective secondary roof really does reduce overheating on a sunny day and keep things warmer at night

- alloy poles make pitching single handed much easier than steel poles and easier to cart around.

- option to add a separate bedroom

- annex is really useful

- very easy to fit into it's bag


- It's blue!

- does it really need to be so high?

- could do with a few more pegging points round the SIG

- could do with some velcro fastening at the bottom of the side door

- curtain system isn't as slick as an Outwell


- Added Decent pegs!

- Added self fastening velcro cable tidy's to all guys

- Added self adhesive velcro to bottom of side door

- Added self adhesive velcro to tent carpet/SIG

- Added a spot of seam seal to seam of main tent/annex
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By: Glamper girls  Reason: Other  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 28/07/2012

Second time out in friend's tent. 2 adults, 3 kids and plenty of room. The canopy is ideal for sitting out of the wind and cooking under. Easy to put up but poles can get a bit twisted and stuck if not put in right! 2 women put it up with reasonable ease but a good flat pitch does help. The bedroom areas could do with a bit more storage facility ( pockets on the inside of the walls not just down the bottom which the beds cover) All the windows are a god send in very hot weather, a lot cooler than some tents I've been in. The sewn in ground sheet is a brilliant plus but where it comes up by the main door it does become a trip hazard! I think all of us tripped on it during the holiday, which can also lead to ripping the tent. Plenty of room inside for all the equipment we take. We even used a double thickness single inflatable bed as a sofa and still had plenty of room! Quick and easy to dismantle and folds nice and flat to go in the car.
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By: San-k  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 10/06/2012

Our first outing since purchase over the Royal half term. We encountered sun, high and blustery winds and heavy rain, so the tent was definitely put to the test. A few leaks, but nothing that can't be sorted. The tent stood up very well to the weather, even though we set it up slightly wrong. We also brought the vestibule, this came off twice at the top, but once we had set it correctly and centred, it with stood constant high winds for over 24 hours and the rest of the trip. The bedroom opened up is huge and suits our requirements. We could easily accommodate us and two children. The living space is also very usable and easily was large enough to accommodate table, chairs and cupboards etc with room to spare. The roof lining really cut down the heat of the day, and equally helped keep heat in from our single heater on the chilly night. The lights out system in the bedrooms is great, all sleeping till at least 8am each morning and helps keep the room cool just like normal blackout blinds. A great tent, good, ventilation, sleep system excellent, in short v happy.
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By: Merry1973  Reason: Other  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 28/05/2012

Hi. Can I just add that the latest kampa Fileys are the 2011-2012 models and have a 3 + 3 bedroom set up (still with option of extra pod at front) so the problems previous users were having with the 4 + 2 set up shouldn't apply any more. We have the Classic version (see separate review) and the 3 + 3 set up means that even if you wish to sleep with the pod divider open, the zip is so low you can easily put an airbed over the top of it, and if you wish to close up the pods you can easily fit 2 single wide airbeds into each compartment (I think to sleep 6 comfortably on air beds in the pods would be pushing it, but it is 10cm wider than the Outwell Montana 6).
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By: Star girl  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 05/09/2011

Quick update after a very wet and muddy Bank Holiday on the N York Moors.

After putting sealant on the previously leaky seams, they were entirely watertight despite very heavy rain. Nice and solid even in very blustery weather which meant some marquees and the bouncy castle on site were put down.

It went up in 40mins (2 adults) and down and into bag easily.

We couldn't get 3 single airbeds (standard Argos value ones) into the '4' compartment because of the divider zip.Good job we had a SIG and a short child to put on a slight diagonal!

That may be a factor for some prospective buyers.

All in all a great tent - living area was the 'place to be' for the 3-10year olds in our group all weekend because of the space (and possibly the endless supply od chocolate biscuits!)
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By: JulesT-001  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 03/07/2011

Over Easter we bought this tent from Peak Outdoors (the slightly cosmetically impaired model - not that you can really tell, it doesn't affect the tent what-so-ever). It has now been used twice and I simply love the Kampa Filey 6.

I had rules for tents, I wanted to be able to stand up and walk in it, I wanted a little area for a toilet annex (so you do not get charged extra for a toilet tent on some sites) and the bedroom had to fit the double airbed. The Filey 6 did all that and more!

The living area is simply massive - perfect for rainy days and late(r) nights. Plenty of hooks for hanging lights and the cable tidy is a nice touch.

The layout of the bedrooms (2 + 4) is a little annoying because although the airbed does fit into the 4 berth compartment sideways that is all that fits. There is a little stress put on the zipped dividing curtain when the air mattress is in, but you can live with it.

The Sleep-Tite system is wonderful! No waking up with the birds, we were a little stunned when we realised this morning that it was 0830 when we woke (I promise, that was not a wine induced lie in!). This weekend was just sunshine all the way, so it worked.

Other features that assisted with the warm weather was the many effective vents across the windows. A simple drawing down of the zipped in curtains to reveal the mesh at the top of the windows quickly dispersed the early morning heat. Fully opening all windows and doors creates a very airy space.

Our first weekend with this tent had weather that was so different. Blustery gales (we went to Shell Island, Wales) attacked the tent but it held up well. The rain heaved down, but we were dry inside. All seams held up well.

Yes the 2 bags that the tent comes in are heavy, but it is so simple to put up. Whilst away this weekend I bought the vestibule, but it didn't come with any instructions and we gave up. Having just looked up the instructions online, I now know where we went wrong and will have better luck next time.

This added area will be turned into our kitchen area in future and we will use the side door as the main entrance.

This tent is well thought out, very well made and even a pleasure to put away (we've got it into the bag on packing with lots of space to spare!). I am considering changing the bag to one with wheels on one end and a handle on the other just to make packaged manoeuvring easier.

So thank you Kampa - what a great product.
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By: Star girl  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 08/06/2011

I bought a reduced price 'colour transfer' tent, like some of the other reviewers.Small amount of dark blue dye on the paler parts.But I can live with that, given the saving I made!

Just back from a week in the New Forest, generally good weather but one blustery night and 24 hrs solid rain.

The tent bag, poles etc is BIG and means you have to consider whether it will fit in the car/trailer, or what epuipment you can do without.Don't underestimate the pack size!

With three small children(!) and limited camping experience, we still got the tent up and pegged in an hour - temporarily fixing the middle segment first and working outwards in both directions from there, as suggested on this website.

The quality of the fabric, and especially the sturdiness and lightness of the poles is excellent, as is the straightforward design - no worrying about which pole in which place as they are all the same size.

Like others, I found the bedroom compartment toggles poorly affixed, and one came off before being used, though easily sewed back on. They are high to attatch, so take a stool or liftable, dextrous child to do the job.

The 2+4 sleeping arrangement suited us OK, although trying to squeeze 4 into the larger pod would have been a laugh! More like 2+3, but again, although this worked for us, it may not for others.

Do note, as others have said, that there are two entirely separate compartments which cannot be zipped/unzipped into a large one.

The 'sleeptite' fabric was really good quality, and made the bedrooms darker and warmer.Either that, or the the fresh air and late nights kept a 3 year old asleep til gone 7am, so can't be bad!

It's a lovely airy tent, with lots of vents and windows to open, and the light fabric in the main body of the tent really adds to the sense of space.

The zips are chunky and worked well.

After reading mixed reports about the (expensive) footprint, we used a B+Q tarp instead, and it was almost a perfect fit, and had eyelets in already, at a fraction of the cost.

It stood up to the wind very well and felt very sturdy with the strong poles.

We had a small leak where one of the toggle fasteners was sewed into the seam on top of the side door, and maybe another small leak on a SIG/tent seam.But less that 20mls or so over 24hrs solid rain seemed reasonable.

For the money, even full price, I think it is good value and a quality tent.

It drops 1 point in the rating for the poor stitching on the bedroom attachments, and the relative lack of space in the '4 man'pod.

I would heartily recommend it to groups of up to 5 people, or families whose children are happy to sleep together, but apart from the adults.
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By: Cookie222  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 08/06/2011

After looking for a while for a replacement for my beloved Vango Aspen, I bought a Kampa Filey 6 following recommendations on this site. I paid around £350 owing to a cosmetic fault (colour running on the roof). Tent arrived in two bags - the one containing the tent itself is very heavy, but the poles are quite light (compared to the Aspen anyway).

Camped in this for the first time last week and loved it. The tent is quite heavy but easy enough to put up - I'm an average sized girlie and can do it by myself if I need to, by opening the side door and raising and pegging out each arch one by one. There are an awful lot of guys which does add a few minutes to pitching time, but this means that the tent is very sturdy once up.

The layout of the tent is perfect for my family - I have a toddler so like to have lots of living space in the (likely) event of wet weather. The front area is ideal for cooking, and I love the side area where you can stash all your stuff and hide it away. The bedroom layout consists of one 2 man pod and another completely separate 4 man pod which can be divided into 2. Each pod will just hold a double airbed, with not much extra space to manoeuvre - in an ideal world I would have liked an extra foot or two to put bags. There are some handy storage pockets, as well as cable entry both sides and a lantern hook with velcro loops to secure the cable on the roof.

During the week we had it all - high winds, heavy rain, hail and sun - and the tent stood up to everything, with no apparent leaks despite a 12 hour hammering. The living area is very light and airy, with plenty of options for ventilation. The Sleeptite system does make a difference - the rest of our group were rather jealous that my kids (including a semi nocturnal toddler) slept till 8 when they were woken by the sun around 5!

Just a couple of gripes - the stitching between the bedroom pod attachments and the roof isn't fantastic and number one daughter managed to rip one attachment right off (fortunately had a Clingon to mend it with). I also think I will have to keep a close eye on some of the zips as they don't seem to meet very well at the ends.

Aside from this, it's a fantastic tent and I can see us getting a lot of use from it. If you like a bit of space when camping (and a good night's sleep) then I would recommend it.
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By: TheBullards  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 03/06/2011

Unfortunately we had three of these tents before getting one without faults - well apart from the colour transfer on the white roof panels which our supplier made a discount for. I see they are now pointing out this fault on their website so I guess it was just a bad batch but to be honest we really didn't notice it when using the tent.

We've just got back from our first weekend away in our new Filey 6 & were very pleased with it's performance. We had just about every kind of weather (wind/rain/sunshine) and it survived it all, there were a couple of very tiny leaks after heavy rain but I guess nothing's perfect.

The tent was far easier to put up than our last tent (Gelert Lokon Vario 4) but it is pretty heavy.

Once up it was light and airy with plenty space for four of us and the dog. We left the bedrooms in place from our trial run and they were no worse for wear. We were unable to get the Kampa Footprint as everywhere seemed to be out of stock so we just bought a 5mx7m tarpaulin which did the job perfectly well.

As some previous reviewers have said the tent is very high so the door/window zips are pretty to reach - we will extend the cords on them next time we go.

I think it would have made far more sense if the windows unzipped from bottom to top so you could roll up the window without exposing the vent area on cooler days. Also the front windows do not have plastic over the vent material so cannot be opened if windy or cold. We'll be looking out for a vestibule so that this is less of a problem.

Loved the little side extension which was ample space for clothes rail, cases & our toiletries & towels.

Overall we are very pleased with this tent so far and hope to have many more outings with it.
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Manufacturer's Description

Walk into this tent and there’s an overwhelming sense of space. Headroom is exceptional which, when combined with the natural light from the Daylight Panel, makes the Filey 6 a very nice place to spend your holiday time and the SleepTite System helps keep the early morning sun out of the tent for a good night’s sleep. Like most of our tents, the Filey has the large integrated front canopy, unlike most of its contemporaries where it is an optional extra. This canopy allows maximum use of the rollaway front panel in all weathers and the most of the living space is useable thanks to the vertical front panel and sidewalls that don’t slope too much.
The Filey 6 also benefits from a large side door that has a full length fly screen and two Airflow windows that can be zipped open to provide maximum ventilation and to create that real feeling of living outdoors. An en-suite extension is ideal as a toilet area (it has a separating door) or for storage.
The Filey 6 is now available with an optional vestibule that converts the front canopy into an enclosed area.

Key Features
• ‘Feel the difference’ high quality 100D Weathershield® flysheet
• SleepTite System – for a good night’s sleep
• Large built-in front canopy (can be stowed if not required)
• Sealed Groundsheet System (SGS)
• Front zip out ventilation panel
• Zip through inner tents
• Airflow window system - two zip out windows
• Side door with mesh screen
• Daylight Panel
• Wardrobe/toilet area with door
• Lamp hanger with cable tidy system
• Cable entry point
• Organiser pockets in front of and inside inner tent
• Upright canopy pole set
• Groundsheet for canopy area
• Specification

Optional Extras
• Vestibule
• Additional two berth inner tent
• Living area carpet
• Footprint
• Matching windbreak

Interior Height: 225 cm
Inner Tent Height: 205 cm
Weight: Poles: 12.4 kg Tent: 24.8 kg
Pack Size: Poles: 91 x 29 x 20 c

... there may be more info on their website

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