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Tent Reviews: Quechua Seconds Family 4.1

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9.36/10 from 14 reviews

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14 Reviews of the Seconds Family 4.1         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Sam-Brooks  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I borrowed my Auntie tent to go on our first camping trip, getting it up was really easy, 20 minutes and it was up (this was also my first attempt, not advisable) and I had a 4 year old helping. There is plenty of space for my son and me to sleep, fitting in a double air bed and a single easily. The living area was ample size for us both, we fitted two chairs and a table. Then the other end is another section to fit a cupboard and boxes of clothes.

I did find that it was very drafty, as the ground sheet is not sewn in, but I brought loads of extra pegs and hammered it down all around.

Now the bad point, I couldn't get it down by myself. Two blokes who were camping opposite us came across to help, but we just ended up folding it as must as possible and sticking it in the boot of my car.

Overall if it was easier to get down it would be great for a weekend camp. I wouldnt want to do longer than a weekend in it. And being a single camper with my son we need something easier to get down and something to keep the wind out.

So we are now looking for something the same size but with a sewn in ground sheet that I can get up and down by myself.
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By: Grey geyser  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I have owned various tents since 1980 and used them all over Europe. Having decided to down size due to my lads being happy to sleep in a separate tent I bought this. To be honest I regard it as a bargain. I can have it up in ten minutes having previously needed the best part of an hour for my family tent. I would describe it best as a comfortable 3 person tent. Once you get the hang of putting it down it goes down quickly but remember to be careful with the guy lines as sometimes they can become tangled. I am unsure if Decathlon have discontinued this tent. If they have then that's a shame. If not you've read the review, buy one.
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By: Sadkate  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

This is my favourite tent ever! Seriously, it's brilliant. I'm a little in love with this tent.

Size: it's the perfect size for 2 plus a travel cot or 2 plus 2 wee ones snuggled up on mats. The living area is big enough for a table and chairs with space to get dressed. There is a storage area opposite the bedroom which is perfect for a bag or two and your food and crock.

Design: is just great. The doors and windows are hooded so that rain doesn't drip in. The bedroom is black and hung cleverly to give the most space. There are good pockets. The groundsheet is a clever combo of bathtub (living area) and flat and you can have a flat entrance.

Quality: this tent is really nicely made. Beautiful zips, nicely finished, feels so solid - none of your wind-flattened pop-ups of old. The tunnel design seems strong. The instructions give honest guidance on how many guys to use.

Convenience: I'm 5'4', female, stocky and determined. I can put it up in 7.5 minutes, guyed. I can take it down and get it back in the bag in 10, and I can do all this while minding a toddler, provided I can get the pegs in the ground. Definitely practise though!

Pack size: it is a big, thick cylinder and needs the parcel shelf off to fit in our car boot. You wouldn't go hiking with it but I could carry it to a festival campsite and I would because it's such a great tent.

Downsides: hard to think of any, honestly. I'd have liked a bigger window and I think if the door was on the other side it would work better for sunshine and UK prevailing winds!
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By: Kharvie  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I bought this tent as having a bad back I need something I can put up and take down easily as well as stand upright in. Only used it for two weekends so far, and in good weather, but can,t fault it. I put it up and pegged out within ten minutes each time, and put it down and in bag in five minutes at first attempt, took me ten minutes second time as back was bad and I couldn't, reach properly to pull it together for folding. Not bad going for single lady! Space was great for me and 3 dogs. Would be good for two adults and 2 small children but not 4adults, as sleeping area slopes too much to give full adult head space. As previously mentioned, storage area good and strap good towel line. Would like mosi net door on both sleeping and outer doors but can,t have every thing especially as only 100 pounds!Lots of storage pockets and handy hooks for lights. Great for taking in car but definitely not for backpacking.
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By: Sianny78  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I already owned the small, 2-man pop-up version of this tent ('2 seconds tent'), which I found to be great for a short weekend away climbing. However, I'm getting a bit older now & wanted to go on a camping holiday (spending more time in & around the tent) and the 2-seconds job was a bit too small. So we looked around at different options and went for this one, knowing Quechua to be reliable.

We used it for the first time recently and it's great! It's lovely & spacious (for 2 people with a double airbed and plenty of space for stuff around you too). The 'living' area is a good size too, with the bit at the opposite end to the bedroom being a perfect storage area (the strap across the middle of this section makes a handy washing line!) The groundsheet works really well too, and with the sides sticking up means you don't get rain driving in under the door and soaking everything.

We practiced putting it up a couple of times in a park first (a must do to make sure you know the 'knack'!) It took us 2 minutes to put up (excluding guy ropes) and 5 minutes to take down. We're really happy with the quality of it and it seems very sturdy and robust for such a quick erect tent.

I've just noticed the bit in the manufacturer's description which describes this as a 'family hiking tent'! Ha ha! I don't think so. It's actually fairly heavy (15kg), and because of the shape of it, you couldn't carry anything else on your back at the same time. I think it's more a 'fling in the back of the car' family tent. Oh, and this is currently on sale (still) in Decathlon stores for 100 - a real bargain, even if you have to drive to one!
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By: Dccorky  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I bought this as recommended from family as they have 3 of these and the bigger 4.2 this is an excellent bit of kit just 4 pegs on the ground sheet then just throw the tent out and it does what it says on the tin pops up brilliant really would recommend this tent and all of the range never has putting up/taking down a tent been so easy the family also bought the basetent and attached it to this tent as an extra storage room brilliant 10/10
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By: Katpat23  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I'm a camping novice. Totally. Never done it before. I wanted a tent that was easy to pitch by myself, but was large enough so that if my Soul Survivor week was a wash-out, I could drape my clothes over chairs and let them try to drip-dry without having them in my bedroom area. This tent served both those purposes beautifully. I pitched the thing myself in about five seconds, spending the next five or ten minutes pegging it out (there are a lot of ropes to tie down with). The porch area was massive, and there is also an additional storage area to the left of the door, opposite the sleeping area. As for the sleeping area, it comes with an integral second skin(all drape-y and black and great for tackling condensation) and was ample for myself. I reckon, like most tents, four people wouldn't fit in it. The sides are just too slopey, so you'd be pressing your head against the sides of the tent if you tried to sleep four abreast. As for the rain, it wasn't enough in the daytime for me to get wet and need to dry my clothes out; however, it rained plenty at night, and I stayed perfectly dry. When it came time to take the tent down, I spent about ten minutes taking out all the pegs and rolling up the lines, and then about ten seconds to fold it back (having watched the video and practised before the trip). You just have to remember (excuse the language) cock-and-balls when it comes to making the all-important shape before you twist the two sides toward the middle to make the big circle. However, if things go really badly and you just can't manage it on the day, then it will naturally fold down into a biggish circle that wouldn't fit the cover, but would probably still go into most middle-sized cars. It isn't something you want to carry very far, though. Even if you get it into its circle carrier bag again (and I did, so it CAN be done), and even if you carry it on your shoulders like the shell of a ninja turtle, it's still rather heavy to go very far with it. Best for car camping.
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By: Gonnate  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

We bought one as a quick pop-up for 2 of us, for short events where our beautiful Cabanon Biscaya would be overkill, but we still need to stand up and have a bit of space. Its only trip so far wasn't a hard test, as it was dry and warm weather, (yes, there was some this summer!)

It does just what it says, goes up quickly and easily, and is obviously designed by people who use tents, &/or listen to feedback, so has lots of useful little features; eg: we liked the spacious store area off the main living space, where the strap which holds it all together doubles as a useful towel rail! We liked little things like hooks inside to hang lights on. It feels well made and stable. It's big enough for a double air mattress. The small canopies over the openings would be good in wet weather. Ventilation is good.

Taking it down - it's indeed essential to practise beforehand. The Quechua video demonstration is too keen to show how quick it is to be properly helpful, and we had to watch it several times before succeeding. Alan-c1 is right - you need to believe the poles won't snap. If you were on a campsite & hadn't practised, you'd be stuck!

The only drawback for me is the 85cm circumference of the disc shape it creates when packed - you need to check your loading space first. I wouldn't really call it a hiking tent, as one person would be fully occupied in carrying it. As a car camper tent it's great.

Looking forward to the next trip.
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By: Alan-c1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I bought this tent for weekends away as my Vango Airbeam Infinity 600 is too cumbersome for short stays (and takes too long to deflate and pack away.) Although the weather on my 1st weekend of Quechua use was terrific (no rain or strong winds to test out the tent) I was nevertheless very impressed by the quality of design and manufacture. It does indeed go up in a couple of minutes (+pegging out) and comes down almost as quickly. Some bravery is needed when folding however; instinct tells you the poles will snap as it contorts into its packing shape but persevere - they won't! It is however a 2 person job, otherwise you'll need to be a contortionist yourself! At the current offer price (100 from Decathlon) it's a steal for such a sophisticated package and certainly far superior quality to the last weekend tent I bought, a Coleman Instant 4 which collapsed and snapped its poles on first use!
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By: AquaAura  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Sitting in this tent at RIAT listening to the rain -nice and warm and dry! I admit I ignored all the rules and put this up for the first time when we arrived, having ordered it at a very good price from Decathlon on Sunday 1st July! Excellent service from Decathlon.

This tent was very easy and quick to put up, and is ideal for a couple (4 adults would have to know each other very well!). The space is well thought out - the storage area is a great idea, as is the black sleeping pod. No leaks despite lots of rain.

I have yet to take it down, though have the video on my iPad!

Very happy with this tent so far, perfect tent for a couple for a few days away.
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14 User Reviews of the Seconds Family 4.1 - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

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Manufacturer's Description

Designed for 4 people looking for a FAMILY HIKING TENT with 1 spacious bedroom that is very quick to pitch and to fold.

# Dimensions and weight - Roomy 4m2 living area, with max height of 1.75m. Storage area is 1.5m2. 12kg.
# Bedroom - Bedroom for 4, comfortable in dimensions: 2.10x2.40m. Large storage pocket.
# Living area/storage - With its 4m, you can easily seat 4 people around the table. The entrance door is protected by a large overhang. The large back window, protected by an overhang, can be left open even in rainy weather. The basin-shaped groundsheet in the living area prevents rainwater runoff into the tent.
# Access - A large door that can be easily stored in a pocket that is close at hand creating a living area that is open to the outdoors when the weather is fine. The edge of the groundsheet can be flattened at the entrance for easier access.
# Pitching/Folding - Innovation: the groundsheet can be positioned and secured before the tent is unfolded. This facilitates the right positioning of the tent, and its accurate set up. Then, you can unfold and set it up in under 2 minutes!
# Waterproofing - As with all Quechua tents, a lot of work is put in to ensuring they are watertight, through laboratory testing
# Ventilation - 1 large central upper vent in the living area. 1 upper vent in the bedroom and 1 upper vent in the storage area. 1 large insect-net window that can be closed. Top of the front door can be opened even when it rains. Everything is designed to maximise ventilation, and reduce natural condensation.
# Poles - Solid fibreglass; highly break resistant.
# Pegs - 5mm galvanised steel for excellent twist-resistance.
# Carry bag - Disc that is 85 cm in diameter and 14 cm thick. 2 straps for occasional carrying.

... there may be more info on their website

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