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Tent Reviews: Vango Aspen 700DLX

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9.3/10 from 30 reviews

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30 Reviews of the Aspen 700DLX         Showing 11 to 20          Page:   1   2   3  

By: Liana  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

Love, love,l ove this tent, big and spacious, lots of pockets, fairly easy to put up (if you have a tall partner). Strong ,nice colour lets in a lot of light ( perhaps not a good thing if you are not a morning person) Only thing is sometimes the porch is a bit squiffy and I feel that it isn't as strong as the main tent (it has different poles)
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By: Milesfamily  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2006   Rating: 

Our Aspen has got to be the best tent we have ever owned. It is outstanding compared to most and withholds the harshest of weathers. We have used ours several times and it gets easier to put up each time even with a partner who is only 5'2. We put it up as if it is a tunnel tent , tried the vango sewn in instructions and almost came to blows.

In heavy winds when other tents and awnings are ripping and blowing away the Aspen is clearly heard to be asking the wind if that is all it can give it. The King of Tents. I will never use another tent again.
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By: Deabnik  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

Reading the last comment on putting the tent up, We got a DVD with exactly those instructions. We can now put the tent up in 40 mins, and my better half is vertically challenged. One note, we have been away in it 3 times last yr and it rained on each occasion when erecting the tent, because this is inner first this is a problem you may understand, so on our first outing we had 'that fine rain that soaks ya' Nikki had the great idea of laying the outer over the inner while the unit was on the ground, then building the legs in. This stopped the inner getting soaked, but bear in mind it did make erecting the unit harder because if you dawdly it gets very heavy with the weight of the rainwater. That said once up it took minutes to dry the odd patch of water that had managed to get into the inner unit.

This is a great tent, with tonnes of space. The outer has a front porch area(the DLX bit) this is great because it is outside the inner, you can cook, clean, toilet(at night) and it acts as an area to change in if wet before entering the inner tent section, keeping everything separate, clean and dry. If you have small ones the only niggle is that its windows are not big enough, I mean that once the kids are out it is difficult to keep track of where they are. Our friends have a tunnel tent with a 'picture' window (also a vango) Nikki is very impressed with that idea. If we ever get away while its sunny and you can open all the doors and windows the Aspen should be much better.

If you can buy the foot print ground sheet, its well worth the money. Cleaning the sewn in ground sheet after a camping trip is a nightmare.

The Zambisei is the Aspen replacement and is outer first, consider this before buying the Aspen. Outer first is so much easier to handle and erect in bad weather.
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By: Caroline1302  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2005   Rating: 

Like other reviewers, we love our Vango Aspen 700. We purchased 'our girl' in 2005 - it was love at first sight!

It took us three years to finally find a system of putting her up that works. The original erection instruction from Vango just didn't work for us and we struggled every time - it doesn't help that I'm vertically challenged - and I'll be honest, at one point we thought we'd have to sell her on because we just couldn't get the knack of putting her up in less than an hour.

The turning point came when I emailed Vango in desperation - they sent me a link to a video (which had been on their website at some stage but I've never seen it since). It was a revelation. The key is to think of it as a tunnel tent, but with extra bits front and back. It is such a good video I 'bluetoothed' it to my mobile phone so we always have it for reference should we forget a stage. This is how we do it:

Lay out the inner tent with the door where you want it to be.

Insert the three colour-coded side-to-side roof poles.

On one side only - fit the three colour-coded leg poles to the ends of the corresponding roof poles.

Then attach the leg poles to the ring and pin

Repeat the same action now on the opposite side

Now lay the three 'loops' one on top of the other - think concertina. The front door needs to be on top

Use the steel V channel pegs to secure the back corners of the inner tent to the ground

Then holding the three loops, lift them up so they are vertical and walk to where you want the front door to be ie as you are walking away from the back of the tent (which is secured to the ground) space out the loops as you go

Use the steel v channels to peg out the front corners of the inner tent - it will now stand up on its own! Promise!

Insert the two poles that run from the front to the back of the tent.

Insert the blue fibreglass pole

Again, as before doing one side at a time (in other words do the front first), attach the colour-coded leg poles to the corresponding roof poles. Attach to the ring and pin

Repeat the above for the back

Secure the inner tent to the poles with the clips, secure the inner to the ground

Throw the outer cover over, secure to the poles by bows

Attach to the outer to the ring and pins

Stick in your porch pole

Do your guide ropes

Job done, whilst inflating bed open wine/beer and relax!

Honestly this way really works for us, we can now get the tent up in around half an hour - and without any cross words!

Now onto the good bits about the Aspen. She is a huge tent, loads of flexible sleeping space and a hanging rail for your clothes! There are four of us, two adults and two (rescue) labs and we all fit in the sleeping area with loads of space to spare. We use one of the smaller rooms as a wardrobe/dressing area and the other as the dogs' room. Brilliant!

The living area is spacious and light, we can fit two chairs, two dogs beds, two tables and all our cooking gear in. This is a particular plus of the Vango because there have been many times when the weather has been appalling outside and we've been confined to the tent - but not once have we ever felt cooped-up.

There are fly screens on all the doors and windows which means no nasties can get it - and a particular plus for me is that is has a sewn in ground sheet.

The other really fantastic thing about this tent is how sturdy it is. We were in atrocious weather last August in Dorset - whilst other tents around us were collapsing and awnings ripped - our Vango Aspen stood up to it all - without a single leak.

The only downside is the weight of the tent and poles - but having experienced the weather we did last year and having come out of it unscathed, it is a small price to pay.

Basically, the Aspen 700 is just a brilliant tent. Although we intended to sell her this year - having purchased a smaller Evolution 400 last year - we can't quite bring ourselves to do it (yet) because nothing else comes close to the comfort and security she provides.
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By: Irene44  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

Very difficult to erect first time but once you master the art it becomes easier try tying four made up guy ropes to the front and back frames to hold in place ,also put the two red roof poles that go from front to back once you have erected the legs.

It is a wonderful tent with plenty of space and stays up to bad weather we had two storms in a week and it never moved.The only gripe I have is I wish they could have made the living area doors with windows in so that you could look out .
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By: Solitairefan1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2006   Rating: 

I love this tent! This is the best tent ever made from Vango and we have been through a lot of them.

When this tent is up it 'ain't' moving anywhere. We used this for camping one summer and one night was howling winds, and this tent did not move!

There is plenty of space, the bedrooms are a very generous size, and the smaller of the 3 rooms we used for drying stuff, storing food and all the camping essentials you need. The pole overhead was brilliant for drying towels and coats.

The living area was very spacious and we could cook easily without tripping over things.

In the morning we tended to do the cooking in the porch area and leave the living area free. We didn't have the DLX model as when we first got ours, this type hadn't come out, but we were fine as it was, size wise.

The pockets are so handy for storage and should be made compulsory in all tents!

The only downside of this tent was the weight of the poles, and the erecting of this tent.

The poles are extremely heavy and are in a separate bag, which takes a lot of room in a car (we have an estate).

The erecting of this tent is quite difficult and fraught,

It was these 2 factors that made us downsize to a smaller tent. We only ever do long weekends or short weeks of camping.

We really didn't want to get rid of this tent, but weight and space was the factor here. Its a brilliant tent though and if you do 2 weeks of camping this is the one to get.
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By: Happycampers8  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

We love this tent. After much searching we sold our caravan to move back to camping and get the extra space we needed for our 2 children. We have no regrets. This spacious and light tent is a pleasure to be away in even in our British summers! We have sat warm and dry in howling gales and pouring rain. The kids even manage a game of badmington inside on wet days.

The poles are very heavy and the canvas pack is huge - we did not want to tow anything but can only just get everything in our estate with a large roof box.

This model does not have the front opening into a canopy like the 2006 which we missed at first.
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By: Fundus  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

We bought this tent 3 weeks ago, online, for half the RRP since this is now an old model. We just had 2 weeks camping in Brittany, with very hot days - has fantastic ventilation with 3 side doors that fully open, and heavy rain, - not a drip of water, and absolutely no condensation [ double layer], was very comfortable for our family , 2 grown ups, 3 kids. Overall best thing we have bought for ages, a winner with us all.
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By: Wannabecamper  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

We have just returned from two weeks in our Vango Aspen. Love it. Love it. Love it! It feels so big inside. When we took it down and saw the footprint in the grass, it didnt look big at all. I think it is the shape of the tent that makes it feel so big inside. We were three adults,three children and 8 month baby (started crawling while away), and didn't feel cramped even when raining. As a family tent it is great as the partition between main bedroom and smaller comes down to make big space sleeping 5. The partition between the main bedr. And next smaller one has a zip door, so in the morning we would open all it up, pass baby through, chat etc. The other reason this tent feels so un claustrophobic is the height of roof, I am 5'11'' and there was about 6'' more, even in bedroom. Found all the windows a bit fiddly at first as there are alot, with different positions for ventilation when raining etc. But soon realised the benefits when it got really hot and when it did rain. Fantastic ventilation when you open up bedroom area.I couldnt find the Vango DVD before we left, so we didnt actually watch it. The intructions in bag could do with more detail. I.E. It just says 'roof poles' and doesn't say which colours. I copied a description from one of these reviews which helped alot. It took us a little while to put it up but now we know how to do it, next time will be alot quicker and easier. For a tent of this size it is pretty easy to erect. My only complaints are the porch ground sheet kept sticking outside in a couple of places, hence catching rain. We just used football and swimming ring on rainy nights to keep it in. Having said that, not sure if it was the way we put it up. Other small niggle, the windows in main bedroom are right over your head and can be draughty, I tied the 2 windows together in the middle rather than use toggles, this tightened it and didn't notice it after that. All in all I am very happy with this tent.
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By: Calpyline  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

This tent ticks ALL the boxes. We previously had a Vango Diablo 900 but recently struggled to find sites to accommodate us and also we were frustrated at the low height of the bedroom pods. However the Aspen appears to have as much space as the Diablo without taking up such a huge pitch size AND the bedrooms allow us (even at 6 foot tall) to stand upright without having to bend double. It even seems much more solid and gale-proof than the Diablo and has withstood the severest of bad weather. Highly recommended.
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30 User Reviews of the Aspen 700DLX - Showing 11 to 20          Page:   1   2   3  

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Manufacturer's Description

A range of tents inspired by some of the nomadic tribes of Asia. The rigid steel frame offers exceptional room and living space combined with stability and weather resistance. Plenty of doors, windows and vents add to the comfort and flexibility for the family or group.

"The Aspen...plenty of light and ventilation...the living area can easily be sealed off against drafts and bugs...the separate porch area is ideal for storing wet or dirty equipment." CAMPING MAGAZINE

Flysheet: Protex 5000
Inner: Breathable H2O repellent Ripstop Polyester
Poles: Steel & Fiberflex

Rigid steel frame which ensures the tent is secure and provides a comfortable living space.
Sewn-in groundsheet which adds protection, comfort and helps keep the bugs out.
Seam taped flysheet which gives long lasting protection from the elements.
Mesh ventilation on the inner tent reduces the build-up of condensation and keeps bugs out.
Bathtub inner groundsheet which gives you total climate protection and prevents insects crawling in.
Mesh side door which adds extra ventilation options.
Fibreflex fibreglass poles which are though, sturdy & reliable.
Colour coded poles which help you put the correct poles in their pole sleeves.
Extended porch on DLX models with skylights on the front and side which increases the light and airy living space.
Crystal Clear windows which allow the maximum amount of light through.
Roller bag with zip opening for easy packing away and transport.

... there may be more info on their website

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