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Tent Reviews: Gelert Horizon 6

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
21.05 KG
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9.04/10 from 73 reviews

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73 Reviews of the Horizon 6        Showing 21 to 30          Page:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8  
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By: J1mm1nycr1cket  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 24/08/2011

Sewn in groundsheet makes this tent a lot warmer at night than others I've had. Big space in the middle so you can stand up and walk about.

Easy to pitch, just put the long, bendy poles through first then stake down the two penultimate ones (not the very last ones, the next ones along). Pull the top, centre guy rope at the front and up it goes like a giant slug. Quickly run round and peg down the edges and corner guys and you're pretty much there. Easy-peasy.

We also got the porch which is ace and we use it as a 'kitchen'. Also, if you can still buy one, get the carpet as it transforms the inside from a cold and lumpy floor into a luxury, softy-snug one. Choice of entrance doors is useful. Get the 'footprint', a sturdy plasticised/ canvas sheet in the shape of the underside of the tent. It's so handy because you peg that out first and it shows you a silhouette of your tent so you can see exactly where the edges are and how big it is. Its main purpose is to keep the bottom of the tent clean, which is nothing short of genius and saves a lot of cleaning after your hols.
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By: Doug57  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 14/08/2011

Checked this tent at Camping International in Gillingham, Kent and thought it had all that we required.

We got a 'footprint' with the tent.

We erected the tent for the first time at a site. (Took a chance as we'd already seen it erected).

Very easy to erect and took us no more than half an hour, which is brilliant when you consider it was our first time!

Plenty of room inside and good ventilation and light. Only one criticism is that you cannot 'open' a window space from the inside, no big deal though.

There are some brilliant features including pocket storage, electric cable zip and fasteners to hold the cable securely, reducing hazards. Plenty of head room and space enough in the pods to make it comfortable.

An option to open either side entrance or (If your party only requires one sleeping pod), the end opens up too! All in all, probably the best tent purchase I've ever made to date.
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By: Yeoycg  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 11/06/2011

Spent a long time reviewing 6 berth tents Gelert got fairly good reviews on here. Total of 50 reviews averaging 9.26.

3rd June 2011. Ordered Tent from Amazon £203 plus £9 for next day delivery as we wanted to go away on 6th June 2011 for £203

4th June 2011. Tent arrived before 8 am.

5th June 20111. Erected tent in the garden by myself. The outline shape took only 15 minutes but there are so many guide ropes (nb all black but reflective) to peg and adjust it took about an hour in total. Brass Eyelet missing from inner tent support otherwise very impressed with size, layout and little extras (ie electrical inlet zip both sides and 2 hanging storage pouches). Found pencil in inner tent. Packaging looked like it had already been opened! Sprayed with hose as per instructions. No leaks. Tent had label saying it is ‘weather checked’. Waited for tent to dry when heavy shower of rain arrived. Four leaks discovered! Instructions states to use repair kit provided to seal leaks. Concerned that this might invalidate warranty and worried there might not be enough.

Sent email to Gelert as per Amazon instructions of contacting manufacturer. Asked about warranty and to be supplied with brass eyelet plus extra tube of sealant. Never received reply to this email

6th June 2011. Waited until afternoon for response and then phoned Gelert. Transferred to answer machine. Left message. Never received response.

7th June 2011. Phoned Gelert again. Transferred to sales. They promised to put 2 brass eyelets in post but said that 15 gram tube supplied was enough to seal all seams (about 300 feet!). I asked to speak to manager and was told he was not available. Gave up and contacted Amazon by phone. Spoke to Carlo in the Phillipines. Who said he would arrange collection of faulty tent and delivery of replacement tent.

Email from Amazon stating request for replacement waiting approval.

Gelert phoned back to say the brass eyelets would be put in post.

I asked what ‘weather checked’ means and he said it was only a test of the fabrics used. I ask to speak to manager again and on this occasion was transferred to his answering machine. Left message.

8th June 2011 Delivery from Gelert arrived which was plastic hooks! Phoned Amazon again as nothing had happened. Spoke to Denika in the Carribean. She sent details for returning faulty item and organised replacement. Noticed return label states ‘Different from Website Description’. It should have read defective and I wonder if it will get sent out again!

Had to reason with Denika that I paid for Next Day Delivery but she wanted to arrange 4-5 days. Denika agreed but when item is dispatch it is sent first class! Not sure of difference. Manager of Gelert phoned. I explained situation and he apologised for problems with tent. He said he would put sealant tube in post anyway in case of future problems. He apologised for the customer service. I asked what ‘weather checked’ meant. He said tents are assembled in China and visual done on seams.

9th June 2011

DHL collected 10am

DPD delivered 10:15am

10th June 2011

Erected Tent.

Inner tent slightly small and pulling hard on toggles. Added elastic band to reduce stress.

Small shower after assembly no leaks

11th June 2011

Post arrived from Gelert with letter apologising for poor customer containing seam sealer and a tent accessory kit.

Despite numerous heavy showers no leaks in new tent. SUCCESS.
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By: Dcnice  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 15/05/2011

I used this tent for the first time this weekend and I was not disappointed. I bought this tent for a number of reasons and I have not been disappointed. The reasons were:

Big enough to stand up in; Big enough to store our Kit; Big enough to live in whilst camping if the weather turned on us and the main reason, something big enough to house 2 of us and the 2 dogs. The dogs were at one of the tent in their cage (we did not put up the 2nd pod) and we were in a pod at the other end.

Afterwards we managed to pack the tent up and get it to fit back in its bag. We also bought the footprint sheet for it which helps a lot when pitching the tent and means the bottom of the tent stays clean. The only gripe is that I do not feel the included pegs are up to the job, instead I bought Y pegs for the main corners of the groundsheet and Deltas and rock pegs for the guys. We used rock pegs this time around as the ground was dry and hard.

Overall I was very impressed with the tent.
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By: Jan1971  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 02/05/2011

I read loads of reviews on this site before finally deciding on the Gelert Horizon 6, and like the previous reviewer felt I should return the favour, once we had put it to the test. We were not disappointed, fab tent for the money, offering great amount of space.

There are 3 of us, including 6'4' husband.

I opted for this tent as it needed to big enough for said husband to both stand up and lie down in. He can easily stand up in the living room - I am hard pressed to touch the roof. There is slightly less headroom in the bedrooms, but he could manage easily. In the bedroom he can lie down both ways. With heads by the door, it leaves space either side for standing, which makes it much easier for getting out at night! Other bedroom massive for 1 daughter and leaves loads of storage space. You would easily fit 3 kids in, might be a bit more cosy for 3 adults.

There is plenty of space in the living room - we had space for a table in one corner and camping chairs.

It comes with handy hook up pockets - one for each side of the tent. Also plenty of velcro fasteners across middle of tent for hanging lights etc. I know that previous reviews have commented on a draft coming in at the bottom of the end door - I can't say that we noticed that this was a problem.

Very quick and easy to put - 30 mins is about right. And better still, we managed to get it ALL back in the bag, which we never managed with our old one.

After our little 6 man tent from Argos, I Would definitely recommend this one.
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By: Skoopish  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 17/04/2011

I read many reviews on this site about the Horizon 6 and wanted to add my own once I had been camping. I have to say I am really pleased with this tent and can see why it is so popular. I bought the tent, groundsheet, porch and carpet and would recommend all of them especially the groundsheet which made erecting the tent so much easier.

The tent is so easy to put up it really surprised me, I put the tent up on my own which is really easy to do, once the pins are in place guided by the groundsheet you just start at one end, then secure the far side you are starting with then simply work your way down the tent with the other poles. I found that once you secured the pins and pegged them down you can add one end of the pole to one pin and walk around the opposite side and then push the pole up into position and insert the other pin, that way the pin does not come out so not needing anyone to hold it in place therefore no one should have a problem with putting this tent up on their own.

The large space inside the sleeping pods are really great and they also have handy pouches and eyelets at the top of the pod to hand lights etc.

There are also pouches inside the main part of the tent which also I found to be a great add on, as was the various spots to hand items from.

The carpet fits a treat and it is a great additional item for your tent, you even get a free doormat included as well.

The porch really opens up the tent and is a great space to cook in and also chill out in, at one point the tent was 38 degrees inside and the porch was nice and cool because air can circulate around which makes it a nice area to sit in when your tent is really hot. The only thing I would say is the porch moved the tent around a bit when it was windy because it is at a different angle, but I freely admit I may need to pitch it more securely in future.

We had a day and night of rain and no problems with it whatsoever, no a drop came in the tent and the doormat really came in handy to wipe feet on before you go in the tent, or of course leave the shoes in the porch.

All in all I fully recommend this tent as it ticks so many boxes, the 2010 version is a great price now (£179.99 in many places)as well so a really good time to buy.
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By: Bec_xx  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 21/03/2011

We bought our Horizon 6 in march 2010 after looking at lots of different tents and reading many reviews.

The tent is easy to put up and take down, it took two of us around 30 mins the first time of doing it.

As a family of five we had plenty of space which was great. We had one bedroom and the kids (aged 9, 6 & 3) slept in the other. A big plus was the we could stand up in it.

We learnt from the first trip that the pegs will need to be replaced as they bent easily. Also the door at the end could do with a zip all the way round, but if you use the side door and peg the end down correctly its not a problem.

Overall a fab tent, we have been three times in ours now, all in different weather one of which was extremely windy and wet and the tent stood well!
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By: Thanalas  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 21/11/2010

I recently bought this tent, after searching for a tent that fit my long list of demands.

Having camped several times a year for well over three decades, and having been an active boy scout and scout leader, I've used and owned many tents over the years.

For my current main use, white water kayaking, I need a tent for at least 4 people, in which they can store their kayaking gear, sit out of the wind and rain when the weather is perfect for kayaking (i.E. Often raining).

-The tent should be easy to pitch (it took the two of us slightly less than 25 minutes to put up the whole tent and porch, when we used it the first time), and even easier to take down (around 15 minutes). However, it's so easy that I can also do that on my own within maybe 5 more minutes.

-I should be able to stand up in the tent (I'm 201,5cm /6'8' tall) without bending over. Especially handy when trying to pass someone already sitting on a chair with there being a table in the inner tent. Now I won't get a wet head from the condensation nor a hurting back from bending over the whole time.

-I want to be able to keep my inner tent dry, even if there is torrential rain and the tent is standing in a puddle: This tent comes with a sewn in ground sheet.

-I like to know before I set up my tent if it will fit the spot I hope to use. The footprint sheet works really well for that, besides protecting the ground sheet!

-Due to the bad weather we often camp in, pitching the outside tent before hanging in the inside sleeping cabins, or being able to take everything out of the outside tent before taking it down is a big deal for me. This tent has that.

-I like a tent that in warmer climates allows one to lie down after the sun has already come up (not being stewed by the heat). This tent has effective ventilation, making that possible.

-I like a tent that shows that the designers thought about it. The little tricks that make life much easier such as colour-matched poles and sleeves on the tent, a short sleeve and plastic hooks instead of a long sleeve in which stick always seem to get stuck, logical placement of guy lines, reflective guy lines with glow in the dark connectors, a simple straightforward connection between porch and tent and having special openings for electricity.

-I positively hate shoes in the tent. That makes the optional porch a great addition to this tent. The ability to allow rained on people to leave their wet clothes and muddy shoes outside the inner tent is almost as practical as the ability in good weather to allow two more people to comfortably sleep in there.

Having done my homework before buying this tent, I hope to have bought a quality tent that will last me for a couple of years. But only time will tell. :-)

Small cons:

-I'm surprised by the entrance at the end of the tent not having a zipper that goes all the way around the opening. After all, the other entrances both have a zipper that closes all around the opening.

-From what I read here, the glass fibre poles seem to be prone to splitting/breaking. Since there are three different sizes of poles (why not make them all the same length but with different length coloured sections), it's difficult to keep the right size spares. I ended up buying three sections of the longest (black) poles, intending to cut them to size if I need to replace a smaller size pole.

-The tent comes with standard stakes. In my experience, these don't last for very long. I replaced them with the rock stakes that I still have from my last tent. These are much stronger (don't bend), not as likely to rust and also much easier to hit with a hammer.

-Personally, although I like the idea behind the reflective strips in the guy lines, I prefer the bright yellow guy lines. The reflective ones work well if someone carries a torch, but with their black material being virtually invisible in the night to people without a lamp, I have chosen to replace them with the older bright yellow Gelert guy lines. Saves a few falls and cursing in the middle of the night! :-)

(Please pardon my limited and flawed English, I'm Dutch)
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By: Ma+Pa Clampett.  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 08/09/2010

This tent was bought as a complete package,footprint g/d sheet, tent, porch and carpet earlier this year. Used first the first time this weekend, Sat 04/09/10 until 08/09/10. We had some bad weather on the Sunday night. Extremely high wind and driving rain, the tent stayed fairly dry inside although some water did get through it wasn't enough to worry about. Some of the moisture in the tent could also have been condensation, as it was starting to get a lot colder outside at nightime. The main thing was, unlike our previous tent, this one stayed upright and none of the poles snapped. Making Ma Clampett feel a lot safer and more comfortable. (Last tent she slept in the car in high winds.)

We had read other reviews of this tent, and bought some self adhesive Velcro to take with us just in case, what a good decision it turned out to be, as the large door on the end of the tent does let a lot of draught through, which the long Velcro strip stopped immediately. Over all though, an excellent tent, with plenty of living space. There's even more when you have the porch extension to put your cooker, pots ,pans and other little bits of kit in that you don't want invading your tent. P.S: by looking around you can do what we did, and save yourself quite a bit of money.
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By: Carig80  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating:   Date: 05/09/2010

This tent is brilliant we bought it for a holiday in Cornwall we put the tent up and stayed in place all week. After a night of really bad wind and storms, the tent was how it was when first put up. There is plenty of room in the tent, and the bedrooms are very versatile as you can leave one out leaving extra room for seating etc. There is plenty of room in the bedrooms also with pockets for things. All in all a brilliant family tent
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Manufacturer's Description

A smaller version of the Horizon 8, the Gelert Horizon 6 is perfect for groups, families or anyone who's looking for a spacious, easy to erect tent.

Being a tunnel tent it maximises space and provides ultimate headroom. It packs a host of great features too including a full sewn-in groundsheet, hanging storage pockets, water resistant zips and two side doors for access from both sides.

The Horizon 6 also incorporates some other clever features including a zipped electric hook-up access point, porched entrances (an additional add on canopy is also available here.) and a light and airy living area. And it's also easy to pitch and packs to a compact, carboot-friendly size.


* Electric cable zip access point
* Outer first pitching
* Packed in 3 in 1 suitcase style carry bag
* Hanging storage pockets
* Two side entrances and one end entrance
* Vast storage and living space
* Light living area
* Not to be beaten price!

Other Information

* Colour: Lakeside Navy / Blue Shadow
* Fabric: Outer - 190T Polyester with waterproof PU coating. Inner - 190T breathable polyester. Polyethylene groundsheet.
* Dimensions: Outer - L720 x W240 x H220 cm. Inner - L230 x W220 x H205 cm X Two Bedrooms
* Packed Size: 67 x 44 x 26 cm.
* Weight: 21.05 kg.
* Waterproofing: Waterproof to 5000 mm. Taped seams.
* Pitch: Outer first.

... there may be more info on their website

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