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Tent Showcase: Outwell Idaho XL

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9.35/10 from 49 reviews

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49 Reviews of the Idaho XL        Showing 21 to 30          Page:   1   2   3   4   5  
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By: Graceful  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 03/08/2009

The Idaho xl is a great tent. But,are there any other owners whose Idaho xl tent has leaked where the two bendy ceiling poles touch the roof of the tent. The metal connectors on the bendy poles rub against the tent material especially when it is windy. Otherwise the tent is great.

We have just spent ten days in Cornwall, it rained a lot and was windy. I had to shove kitchen roll over the metal sections of the bendy poles, this soaked up some of the drips but I still had to wipe down the poles with fresh kitchen roll. I fear the metal sections of the poles will cause more damage to the tent when the weather is windy. Still like the tent though.
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By: LesleyJean  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 03/08/2009

Bought this for me and my 2 children ( 4 and 8 ) - thought it would be too big - but is absolutely fabulous. (I have the extension and carpet too)

We sleep in pod 1 - and pod 2 is used as a playroom - works wonderfully.

It is at present impossible for me to pitch the poles without another adult ( I'm only 5' 3'') fortunately there's always been a friend or a relative to help.

Pulling the first two poles up, is hilarious ! - but I have made this a tad easier on the last couple of trips by unhooking the pods from their upper hooks inside, before packing up - hence, less weight to pull up with the poles when pitching.

Packing away, no problem at all - kids love rolly pollying along the tent after each fold into the centre of both sides - one big double fold & then rolled up - it just pops into the bag - works great.

All in all - our first family tent, thought it was going to be way too big, and overstretched myself as always - but we love it - and it was admired by many on the campsite :-)
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By: Wakey7  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 31/07/2009

An absolute corker of a tent with loads of living space and headroom which me and my 8 stone wife can put up and down easy. It was a struggle at first but after 5 weekends away we find it easy now.

Close doors when putting up and open when putting away. Fold both sides into middle and repeat. Both stand at separate ends and roll tightly as poss into middle towards each other and then in middle get all air out then keep rolling one side and unroll the other (the wifes lol) then have 3 pieces of rope or string and tie as tight as poss and it will go in if you keep it as tight as you can no probs
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By: Liz elliott  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 11/07/2009

Just used this tent for 2 weeks in Cornwall, had sun wind and torrential rain. This tent is amazing, space is unbelievable, there were 4 adults and 1 child and we all had plenty of space. I'd recommend this tent to anyone with a family. It withstood some really high winds for a couple of nights and the rain just poured down for 2 days without so much as a drip inside.

Plenty of pegs with the tent. Light and airy inside when fully closed up. Didn't have the same problem getting it back in the bag this time like we did when put up in the garden. All in all its a great tent and I'm really pleased we bought it. I love it, think it would still be a good sized tent if you used it too with the max with 8 people. Defo got to be my best buy.
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By: Pricey4848  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 31/05/2009

For Michelle10. On our second attempt at packing away the tent we found this way worked really well. Unzip / open both doors.Start by folding in from the end ( short side. Not the side with the doors ) half way (this should take about 5 folds to the middle (forcing the air out as you go).Once one end folded in fold in the other end (again about 5 folds ) until it meets the other folded section.Fold one rolled / folded end onto the other then fold this long section in half. Then in half again. Again forcing air out. Finish off by folding 2 more times. Roll about on it for a few minutes and hey presto. It should fit in your bag. We did it today ( couldn't get it in bag when we went camping in April ! ) and it only took 15-20 mins.
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By: Michele10  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 23/05/2009

This is a fantastic tent with so much space. We spent many hours researching on the internet and visiting dealers, comparing measurements etc. We fell in love with this tent as it has everything we wanted. Separate bedrooms, plenty of living/play space with a spacious porch for me to cook in and for Daddy to sit in with his coffee when it is wet!

We did a trial run for one night at our local campsite and were very impressed, although having studied the pitching video several times we found this to be pretty useless. As I was on my own with my ten year old son it was hard work. We weren’t strong enough to lift two poles together so ended up pitching it in sections and securing it with a guy rope as we went along. I am sure we will get quicker with practice and is much easier with two adults so any prospective buyer reading this please don’t be deterred. We were not tall enough to reach the roof poles but found a way around this by standing on a camping chair. We were fortunate enough to set up and take down in perfect conditions, so cannot comment on the stability etc for bad weather.

My only grumble is getting it back into the bag. Sadly after a few embarrassing attempts on the campsite we failed to get it back in, and after several more attempts in the local park we have still not managed it, although we have come close. IF SOMEONE COULD WRITE UP SOME INSTRUCTIONS I’M SURE IT WOULD BENEFIT MANY OTHERS ALSO. Until we get this sorted we cannot go away again. We do not have a large car boot and we are bursting at the seams with just the essentials!

I still think this is a brilliant tent and would certainly recommend it.
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By: Pricey4848  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 07/05/2009

We bought this in FEB 09 as our first ever tent ( virgin campers ) for about £260 from Go Outdoors. We also bought the footprint and carpet ( I believe we are Glampers and not Campers!)

We had our first trip in April this year and the tent was perfect. Loads of space for our 5 year old twins and Harry the dog.Took about an hour and half to put up but Im confident we`ll get this time right down.Think we put it up wrong by putting in the poles one at a time and lifting them as we put them in and then pegged it down when all four were up.However we couldn't fit it into the bag when we were going though.We folded from the ends but I didn't open both doors so I think with all your help I've sussed the problem for our next trip.I would appreciate it if anybody would confirm that I should be folding it from the ends ( ie not the long sides where the doors are )
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By: Sandraj  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 05/05/2009

We bought this tent at the end of last year, paying just under £300 for it. I have been dying to try it out ever since! Went away for a couple of nights over the Bank holiday and was not disappointed. We had never pitched this tent before, having a tiny garden, but had watched the pitching video. It was extremely easy to erect between the two of us (while the kids entertained themselves!), I would say taking about an hour to pitch fully with OH doing the guy lines whilst I made up the pods(!) and unloaded some equipment. In less than half an hour it was up safely enough for the kids to go in! It is the use of space in the Idaho which sets it apart for me. The bedroom pods are fantastic and the height of all areas is great for those of us who are tall and whose backs suffer if we're hunched up under low ceilings all the time! The 'changing' areas give added space to the living area - we stored a lot of our equpiment here and the boys used the space in front of their pod as an additional play area. I can see this being fab for long stays during the summer. There is plenty of light from the ceiling domed window (lucky I'm tall as you need to reach up to fix the fibre glass cross poles in this) as well as the porch and rear windows. All fitted with mesh, and curtains. We also bought the footprint and carpet which adds a little luxury and is extremely resistant to stains - my children tested it out several times! The boys loved their Outwell kids room which they pestered me to buy, and I have to say I am a little jealous! Taking the tent down was also very straightforward. We did stumble (like many others!)trying to put it back in the bag. We gave up after two embarrassing attempts and stuffed it in the boot of the car! UKcampsite came to the rescue however, and we realised we had folded it lengthways rather than widthways. Had a third attempt in the garden tonight and with the correct technique it fitted in the bag easily! All in all we are all so pleased with this tent and can't wait to use it again.
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By: Wilko31  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating:   Date: 05/05/2009

We got a real bargain with our Idaho XL and paid just £225 for it early on this year. I then also managed to track down the extension and kids rooms half price and paid just £70 for the carpet. The only thing we paid full price for was the footprint and ironically, that is the only thing that I have had a problem with. Those of you that have read my thread on the subject will know that the footprints are very flimsy and can easily be ripped apart at the seams by even the slightest of breezes. Thankfully, Outwell have replaced it for us and we have reinforced the new one with duct tape around the seams which has made all the difference.

As for the tent itself, well what can I say, I am absolutely delighted with it. There is so much space inside that with the extension on the front too it is bigger than some caravans I've stayed in! Putting it up was a bit of an ordeal the first time. Having studied the pitching film on the Outwell website we knew just what we were doing (!) but we soon found that it's not until you try it yourself that you realise that you should have paid more attention to the finer details like did they peg any bits down before trying to lift the poles and did they stand at the side or the end when they tried lifting them up?! We got it a bit wrong and stood at the end of the tent when we tried to lift the poles upright and found that it had a lot in common with windsurfing in gale force winds! Then we went round the sides of the tent and found that it was a lot easier to lift when you stand in the right place! There were a sad lack of pitching instructions with the tent (and the extension) which I think is Outwell's way of having a laugh at our expense but I can honestly say that it was much easier the second time round.

Putting it down was straight forward and having read an earlier review on here (thanks CliffnPat!) we rolled it up from the sides into the middle so that the air could escape through the front and back doors. I then got several members of our family who were with us and standing open mouthed in awe of the Idaho XL, to roll over the folded up tent to release the air (I would have helped but someone had to take the photos!) but it really did make a remarkable difference. In fact, the tent fit in the bag so easily that we had room inside for the pegs, mallet and balls from the kids room. I think Outwell should scrap their packaging process and employ my family as professional tent rollers!

So, all in all, a great tent and definitely worth the money that we paid for it. I would recommend it to anybody with kids who need a bit of extra space for all the junk that they take away with them and the kids room keeps them happy for hours! It certainly leaves our previous tents standing (or not as the case was on a particularly stormy night in Keswick last year.!).

I have added some pictures for you to see - please take a look!
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By: Stewarty  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 20/04/2009

I haven't rated our tent because we have not been away in it yet, though have set it up 3 times. The tent looks great n we cant wait to use it. Just had to write after reading all the other reviews about getting it back in bag. Think we have it sussed. Folding from sides instead of front to back firstly fold in both sides to meet in middle. Make sure doors on both sides open. Then fold halves in half again then lastly third the remaining material. Makes a nice fat roll which fits in bag. Folding from front to back as shown in video seals doors from the word go and stops air escaping. After writing this bet we go away n don't manage it next time!
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49 User Reviews of the Idaho XL - Showing 21 to 30          Page:   1   2   3   4   5  

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Manufacturer's Description

The manufacturer has advised that this model has been discontinued.

The Outwell Space Frame System enables the Idaho XL to offer a larger and improved living area,
together with a much wider porch that adds 5 m2 of space to the family’s living area. Carefully designed for easy holiday housekeeping, the Idaho XL has two bedrooms at either end of the tent which open into a side bay equipped with a clothes rail and organiser pockets. The bays can be curtained off to create extra privacy for dressing, and are suitable for a wide variety of living or storage purposes.
Other key features include low-light windows, a lamp holder, light cable tidies, and a cable entry point. With a sewn-in groundsheet in the main tent and a detachable bathtub groundsheet in the porch area, the Idaho XL is designed for ultimate camping comfort and convenience.

Flysheet: Outtex® 5000 with taped seams
Hydrostatic Head: 5000 mm
Floor: Double-coated polyethylene
Inner tent: Breathable polyester
Pack size: Tent: 78 x 40 x 42 cm/Poles: 23 x 78 cm
Weight: Tent: 27.8 kg / Poles: 21.8 kg
Poles: Steel poles 19/22 mm, Durawrap fibreglass 12.7 mm, 2 upright steel poles

• Detachable bathtub groundsheet for porch area
• Large panorama windows in porch area
• Mud valance on porch area
• Clothes rails
• Pre-attached and adjustable inner tents
• Organiser pockets
• Mesh pockets in the inner tents
• Lamp holder and light cable tidies
• Fully seam-sealed flysheet for maximum protection
• Reinforcement patch on all stress points
• Adjustable pegging points
• Pre-attached guy ropes
• Luminous guy ropes
• Heavy duty Outwell zips
• Outwell doormat included
• Repair kit included

... there may be more info on their website

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