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Tent Reviews: Outwell Trout Lake 4

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4  (more 4 berth tents)
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9.13/10 from 30 reviews

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30 Reviews of the Trout Lake 4        Showing 21 to 30          Page:   1   2   3  

By: Tidburyboy  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Like many others, I have come back to camping, not done it since I was a youngster. Thankfully the return was not due to the Credit Crunch, more about just doing something different.

The search for camping Nirvana all started with the trawl though the camping stores and reading all of the really useful information and pointers on this website (thanks to all contributors!)

Having boggled my brain doing the research. I quickly realised that ideally I wanted a tent that would be as comfortable as possible. The reason being that if I found I did not like it, at least I would not be wishing .'if only I had bought that other tent' So, my wish list included:

Large diameter steel/aluminium poles - too many stories about glassfibre poles splitting. Also these tents seem to be less affected in windy conditions.

Poly Cotton - Saw a Bear Lake pitched up at one of the shops. I just loved the obvious quality and if I'm honest I really like the colour too! Everyone knows the cooler/warmer thing, but they just seem sturdier to me.

SIG or ZIG - The ZIG has the advantage of being replaceable (heaven forbid) and the packing away issue, more of which later.

Stand up space/compact/flexible 4 berth - The height inside is great. It's not a small tent as such, I mean I can't see us backpacking with it! But by modern standards I think it qualifies as compact. There's room aplenty for me, the OH and our Dog. I really like the options for the three doors and have found the canopy poles useful on all three (including the large front opening!) Very easy to keep cool given the polycotton the array of vents around the tent. There's also a number of surprise and delight features, like the low level windows in the bedroom; velcro cable tidy for the EHU and good built in storage to name a few.

Easy to pitch - Well they don't come much easier. This thing practically pitches itself. Do watch the useful video however. You'll find it on the Outwell website. Taking it down is slightly less simple, just remember, if you are taking the ZIG out, to do that first! With a little practice you'll find it easily pops back into it's bag. Oh yes, the ZIG. What a wonderful idea. It get's packed away separate from the main flysheet/inners. Particularly in wet and muddy conditions. It just makes the whole packing away thing so much easier.

The main attraction of this tent however, is the obvious quality. It simply oozes that certain something, the zips are stronger, the stiching in the seams is neater and the material used in the ZIG is much thicker and better quality than anything else I saw. Even the bedroom inners are hung on a better grade of elastic, unlike some which seem to be suspended on bits of old knicker elastic. In short this is the VW Golf of tents!

So, why only 8 stars?

Well that's because it's too expensive! I managed to get a really good deal on mine. But otherwise these tents are silly money and the extension is far too expensive (although I do want one!)

So well done Outwell, this is the perfect tent for a couple and is a fantastic quality and stylish product. If you find one at a sensible price then you will not be disappointed.

For me, it's just the over the top pricing stops it getting top marks.
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By: Taffzr7  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We saw the tent last summer up in a garden centre, and had been trying out a variety of tents to use with the car as most of our camping was on a motorbike. The biggest surprise was how cool it was under a clear blue sky, after dying of dehydration of a morning in a nylon tent this was awesome. All the storage under the two windows and between the bedrooms was well handy and with four way windows ( open, mesh, clear plastic and curtain ) we were spoilt for choice.

The footprint is an excellent idea so you can decide which way to point it and it does keep the ground sheet cleaner, what with the fitted carpet and doormat and not forgetting the extension we couldn't say no.

At a push we get it up in under a hour, but to be honest with everything set up and both of us sat with a drink about 2 hours, we kept finding more little things each time we put it up inc velcro hook up straps up one side of the tent. We used it in March by Hay on Wye with frost on the ground, warm, in the heatwave week in York, cool, and are off to Bude in 2 weeks.

We have used it from one night to a week and would not use it with out the extension. It doesn't seem to leak and not move much in wind. Iit seemed a lot of money for a tent but after using it a few times it is more than value for money. Couldn't pack it right the first time we took it down, but after taking our time got it sorted and its easy. The low light windows are a good idea as well, the kitchen can stay in the extension leaving more room in the tent. It is perfect for two adults as you can have a bedroom and walk in wardrobe as well as living room and kitchen ( does depend on wind direction and weather as no door on extension )

I will not go back to a nylon tent ever again, we have heard other campers when they pass commenting on how good it looks as some other extensions don't seem to fit as well as ours does. With three doors you can get a draft from almost any direction, or open all five windows. The only way to better this tent is to buy a bigger version but only in poly- cotton
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By: Stephen Jenkins  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

The Outwell Trout Lake tent was definitely love at first sight for me. It was a good size, much larger than my previous tent - a Coleman BiSpace 400 - but not as large and cumbersome as the trailer tent I had owned years ago.

The footprint is good, as it keeps the bottom of the groundsheet clean and dry - and so makes packing easier. But it is (unsurprisingly) exactly the same size as the groundsheet and is difficult to line up exactly - so expect some rain to slip between the the footprint and the groundsheet sometimes.

The carpet is a must - it adds a real touch of luxury to the camping.

The awning, too, is a must, as it adds so much more space. But be aware that because it is completely open fronted, the rain can blow in. Also, it can flap around rather when it is very windy, so use high quality pegs to secure it (amazingly plastic pegs do a really good job, and go into stony ground much better than the steel 'wire' pegs supplied). In very bad weather I would be inclined to take the awning down altogether.

The main tent seems very weatherproof - it has withstood strong winds and torrential rain better than any other tent that I have owned.

The tent is easy and quick to put up. On my trial runs in the garden, I put the tent up on my own, but it is even easier with two people. It is easy to pack up, although I haven't managed to put it in the stuff sack with the ground sheet attached. If I could do this, then it would be even easier to put up.

The tent also attracts envious glances and comments from other campers - something I have never experienced with any other tent.

BUT BEWARE: the clips which hold the flysheet to the main poles are made of plastic. One of these broke on only my third outing , when I was taking the tent down very carefully. [There are 18 of these clips on the tent and another 12 on the awning]. These are not standard stock items, nor are they generally available as spares. My dealer ordered me a replacement and some spares which Outwell sent out promptly. Although the clips are sewn into the tent, the replacements has a saw cut in them, so they could be fitted without unstitching/restitching the tent. You could,of course, use Velcro or short lengths of guy line as a temporary measure, instead of the clips, but this is not as neat, nor as quick to put up. I am surprised that Outwell do not provide these clips as standard spares with the tent - my dealer informed me that it was unusual, but not unknown, for these clips to break, so having a few spares seems a useful precaution.

If it wasn't for the problem with the clips, I would have given the tent 10/10.
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By: Squirt  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

What can I say, WHAT A TENT!

We bought our trout lake after seeing it erected at a camping store in Cornwall. We we're on a camping holiday and went to buy some longer tents pegs after the torrential rain and gailforce winds. Well, we went back to the campsite with our brand new Trout Lake (and no long pegs!).

We pitched the tent and it withstood the weather without moving an inch.

The tent may be slightly on the expensive side for a 4 berth, but when you look at the attention to detail and the overall quality, it is well worth the money.

We have added the extension and carpet to the tent and these are both worth the money too. The extension is an excellent place to cook and to dine. The carpet adds that extra bit of warmth and feels lovely under your feet.

The tent is very versatile and will last for many years.
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By: Skydog2710  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Returning to camping after a long break we wanted to find a balance between comfort and convenience. We narrowed our choice down to the Trout Lake and Bear Lake 4. We finally settled for the Trout Lake as (without the front extension) it was more suited to weekend trips. We are 2 adults, a 7 year old and dog and is a snug fit for the four of us.

The tent can be pitched by one person, but be prepared to work hard at it. Two can get it pitched and trimmed up within the hour. Have been lucky with the weather so far and haven't experienced any heavy weather yet, but I expect it will stand up to most conditions. My only gripe is that I wish Outwell had provided a side door porch option like the Arrow Lake/Bear Lake.

I am waiting for a front extension to be delivered and will be off to Somerset at the end of April. All in all a great small family tent.
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By: Arcuk73  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Brilliant Tent! very happy. Not used overnight yet! only pitched in garden after purchase. But we spent months choosing what we wanted after we binned our old tent on way back from Germany (Cheap ebay job!) we wanted canvas. But also the small size we like to travel around so often pitching for only a couple of nights before we move on to new destination. Was able to pitch by myself within the hour first time. Would think with both me and the wife on it after a few attempts we should have that down to 30/40 mins!
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By: AndyTT  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Bought this tent earlier this year for just the wife and I to use. Wanted a tent that I could stand in and sit comfortably when it rained! Decided on poly-cotton after visiting a dealer on one of the few hot days in July and found the poly-cotton tents so much cooler.

Spent several weeks trying to decide between the Bear Lake 6 and the Trout Lake (with extension) – both about the same price and in the end opted for the Trout Lake.

For couples this tent in fantastic providing a comfortable base to explore an area. The Sleeping space opens out into one area giving sleeping space and storage for clothes. While the outer area is just big enough for two big comfortable reclining chairs and a couple of small tables. We also bought the extension which gives cover to the front door and provides a sheltered area to cook and prepare food. However, if we are just going away for a weekend we don’t take the extension.

Although smaller than the Bear Lake 6 this tent is much more flexible with three opening doors allowing access from 3/4 angles. The finish and attention to detail is outstanding and although this tent is far from cheap it feels good value when you look at the features compared to other tents.

Having used the tent several times over the summer I can honestly say this is the ultimate couple’s tent. It’s relatively quick to erect and take down, a perfect size for two adults and very nicely fitted and finished. We have now added the fitted carpet which helps protect the ground sheet and adds a nice touch and electric hookup.

If you going to buy one any of the larger Outwell tents, buy the footprint at the same time. It makes setting the tent up a lot easier as you can decide on you location/positioning before you start emptying the bags. It also keeps the bottom of the heavy groundsheet clean considerably reducing pack up time. We normally pack the footprint away dirty and either clean it at home on the lawn or just reused it covered in mud.
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By: Jill987  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

I already have a Bearlake6 but needed something I could handle on my own with 2 children and this is possible. The tent is fantastic can't fault it really, obviously smaller than the bear but with the front extension, which is a must, you almost have the same amount of room. We had a week of rain in Cornwall and the extension meant we could still sit out but not get wet. Also no need to cook in the tent. Also you do not get all that flapping noise with the polycotton tent, they are so much quieter and with the additional carpet very cosy indeed. The front extension attaches extremely well to the main tent with no leaks and provides a space to cook ,store muddy boots, and to sit and watch the world go by and this is an advantage over the bear lake which has an open canopy, after all is always rains when camping!
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By: CaptainBozo  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

I have just bought my Trout Lake after setting out to buy a cheaper tent. I stumbled on this one at the exhibition and was amazed by the quality, attention to detail and sheer variability in its door/window arrangements. Although I have not yet slept in it I have pitched it single handed and given it a thorough testing.

I have to agree completely with the comments made by ljhill (though I'm not sure about sleeping 5 unless one is in the living area). I would add that the possible configurations of doors and windows, all with (good quality) curtains, dark mesh and very clear PVC, all of which can take any desired arrangement including completely opened(windows) or porched (doors), is amazing. The ability to remove half the sleeping compartment to provide additional living/storage space is most useful. I also like the nice touch of the set of velcro rings rising from the electrical hook-up entry point allowing the electrics to be easily kept up off the floor.

A note on single handed pitching (especially if like me you are not very tall). This is a heavy tent - not overly heavy but be prepared to work. I found the hardest part was raising the tent after pegging the rear and threading the poles. It was impossible for me to raise it up fully until I remembered to also attach the side clips that hold the flysheet to the poles at the sides. This stopped the flysheet hanging back like a dead-weight and it took a lot of strain out of the pull-up. Once up it was easily stabilised with the single front-top guy to allow time to adjust the poles and secure the remaining guys. As an indicator for pitching time, my practice pitching run, taking things real slow and careful, including mistakes and several cups of tea took just over 2 hours to absolute finish including trimming up. (Undoing the factory bundled guy-lines was a pain!). When practised this time will obviously come down substantially. Similar to ljhill's comments, once its up. OMG what a tent!

I'm still giggling about the inclusion of a door mat! The only thing missing from the package is the personal valet, a duck whistle and a small table with decanter of sherry. Classic, superb quality and very versatile.
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By: Ijhill  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Curiously no one has reviewed this tent already.

However, we brought this tent earlier this year having spent the previous year looking for a replacement for our Diablo 600. We have a Outdoor Revolution Starcamper but wanted something a bit larger and really liked the simple three pole design that is also used in the Outwell, however, this is where the similarity ends.

The Outwell is a quality tent, the fabric is heavy and thick, the zip-in ground sheet in also very thick and heavy-weight, in all the tent gives the impression that it will last for many years.

I pitched it on my own over the May school holidays and found that the weight of all the quality components made this quite difficult and the zip in ground sheet was almost as hard work as the fly-sheet. However, once up the tent was rock solid. On the second day we had high winds and rain, other tents were collapsing around us and the Outwell barely moved, we had brought the Outwell carpet as well and it was almost like being indoors despite the conditions outside.

Although tent is a four berth an I would suggest that it would sleep five in the bedroom section, the living space although not large is comfortable enough for a few chairs and has floor space for kids to play.

The tent kept us warm and dry overnight and blocked out the morning sun sufficiently that the kids slept in, the fabric also stopped the tent getting too hot during the day and also seemed to cut external noise effectively.

Again the tent took some time to take down as well due to the additional steps of the zip-in groundsheet. I would suggest that for a week stay for four this tent is very suitable, for a weekend less so as pitching is a bit of an effort compared to polyester tents. We brought both the footprint and the carpet and these are useful for pitching and increase comfortable respectively.

Once up though the quality shows and hopefully we will have many years use out of the tent.
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30 User Reviews of the Trout Lake 4 - Showing 21 to 30          Page:   1   2   3  

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Manufacturer's Description

The manufacturer has advised that this model has been discontinued.

The compact Trout Lake 4 is ideal for the smaller family or couples who demand a little extra space and superlative quality in a full-featured tent. This three room tunnel comprises two bedrooms and a living room that features the superb panorama front. It is made from our unique Outtex® Airtech polycotton with alloy poles housed in flat pole sleeves, and a Zip-out colour-coordinated groundsheet. Good looks are emphasised by the Outwell Floating Guyline System while the Outwell Wind Stabilizer and Easy Pegging Systems enhance stability and easy pitching. The inner has the new stripe front. Features include a Rain-safe side door and the ability to create a screen house by opening all doors to reveal a backing mesh door panel – a great way to maximise the amount of sun and breeze entering the tent while keeping out bugs.

Recommendation: Smaller families and couples will love the quality of this compact full-featured polycotton tent.

Type of tent: Three room tunnel tent
Sleeps: 4 people
Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 living room
Pitching way: Flysheet first or as one
Flysheet: Outtex® Airtech (65% cotton / 35% polyester)
Floor: Tarpaulin PVC coated 100% polyester, 10,000 mm hydrostatic head
Inner tent: Breathable 100% pongee polyester
Pack size: Tent: 29 x 106 cm / Poles: 24 x 97 cm
Weight: Tent: 18.0 kg / Poles: 15.7 kg
Poles: Alloy poles #6063, 16/22 mm, 2 upright steel poles

Large panorama front
Enclosed rain-safe door and additional side door
Mesh in each door
Zip-out colour coordinated groundsheet
Front door and groundsheet can be zipped together
Large tinted windows with polycotton curtains
Striped inner tents
Organiser pockets
Mesh pockets in the inner tents
Lamp holder and light cable tidies
Reinforcement patch on all stress points
Adjustable pegging points
Heavy duty Outwell zips
Outwell doormat included

... there may be more info on their website

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