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Tent Reviews: Hi Gear Gobi Elite 4

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8.61/10 from 61 reviews

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61 Reviews of the Gobi Elite 4        Showing 51 to 60          Page:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7  
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By: MrLeeroyBrown  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 20/04/2011

I bought this tent back in 2009 for £99.99 from Go Outdoors Stockport (discount card price) & have been really happy with it.

I think the price I got seems to have been a real bargain because they are now advertising it at £149.99 (Apr 2011 discount card price).

I chose to get this tent because it perfectly matched my budget & ticked all boxes for what I was looking for. I am 6'4' tall, so it was important for me to get a tent which had a decent sized bedroom area & this one does - it allows me to snugly fit in 2 double size airbeds and is very comfortable. Some of the previous reviewers have noted that the bedroom vent can be a bit draughty though I can honestly say I’ve never noticed this?

Similarly, the living area is an equally good size. The almost vertical edges really maximise the space by allowing chairs to be positioned right up against the walls & not forcing you to duck your head. This means 4 people (6 at a stretch) can comfortably sit around a table – which is great for congregating with your fellow campers if it is raining!. The best part of the living area however is it is tall enough to stand up in, which is great for cooking & getting changed and there is also a nice touch with netted pouches on the inner door so you can put your keys & coins in etc.

To pitch it is reasonably easy - the tent pitches with the outer flysheet first, then the inner room with built in groundsheet gets hooked to the inside. It can be a little difficult to pitch in the wind, but, once you have got used to it, it becomes easier. I can pitch it on my own, but usually get someone to help me with the initial lift after pegging out. The instructions advise you to thread all the poles before lifting, though I advise (like other reviewers) to leave the grey poles until the tent has been lifted, else it is just too heavy to get up in the air. I should note that my tent came with the footprint included, though I have noticed this is now being sold separately in go outdoors for about a tenner!

I have used this tent in both extremes of weather (hot & cold) & it held up very well. In the heat there is ample ventilation – side doors can be opened with the bug shields protecting you from insects, although the front door does not have one. In the wet is where I was most impressed. The tent has seen its way through a number of rainstorms & has so far never leaked on me!

The only issue worthy of a mention is I once had a couple of poles splinter in some particularly bad wind! Schoolboy error, I chose to pitch up facing a friend as opposed to putting the back end into the wind. The wind got up in the night & was blowing full force direct into the ‘side’ of the tent! It held up well for quite a long time, but in the end the side guy rope snapped & a couple of sections of pole splintered – had I have pitched properly no damage would have occurred. The repair was easy, I simply went to go outdoors to get replacement poles & they gave me them for free!

Overall, a very good tent for the money!
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By: Northernbiker  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 06/09/2010

After returning 3 Hi Gear Atakama 5 tents because of faults we decided to pay the difference (the Atakama was on offer at £60 when we got it and the Gobi £100) and get one of these. The quality of this tent compared to the Atakama is far better.

It is easy to put up with colour coded poles and sleeves Grey poles go through sleeves with grey ends and the black poles through black ended sleeves. The ring and pin ends have an adjustable strap so loosen it off, put the ring into the end of the pole and once pegged down tighten them up. Our tent came with a footprint ground sheet(can be bought separate) and this did keep the fixed ground sheet clean and dry, and we did have quite a lot of rain on our weekend away. The bedroom on this tent is classed as a 4 man, and you can get two double airbeds in (we did) but it is tight, but most tents do seem to over state the sleeping room. I, personally would say two adults if camping for a week, 3 for a long weekend, max. It has good stand up hight in the living area for most under 6 foot tall, and three doors to give good access regardless of wind direction. The two side doors have fly nets but the front doesn't. The bedroom also has a fly net door as well as the standard. The bedroom has good ventilation but I think the living area could do with a small vent at the top as there was condensation in the morning. This did however dry quickly once the doors were opened.

This tent is identical to the Gelert Ottawa 4 tent, We were pitched next to 3 of them, and you can get a canopy to fit the Ottawa (aprox £50) so you can extend the living space if you wish.

Overall I would say this is an excellent tent for the price (it has been down to £60 this year, so keep an eye out for the offers)
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By: Andypandy123  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 30/08/2010

Decided to buy a tent to get some cheap weekend breaks and holidays after never even being in a tent in my life before. Also considered a caravan or camper van but tents are so much cheaper. Was very sceptical about camping due to the perceived hassle of erecting tents etc.

I almost bought the pop-up High Gear DS Fusion 4 due to its ease of erection, but after seeing the size of the Gobi 4 in the shop, this tent seemed much more practical, although I was worried about the hassle of putting it up.

I had a word with one of the assistants in Go Outdoors, who persuaded me that it was easy and would only take 10 mins to put up. EASY I thought!

It seemed a bargain for £100 which was only a tenner more than the pop-up version and it was even advertised as easy to assemble.

I couldn't wait to get it home to test. It was more like 2 hours and 10 mins to assemble rather than 10.

The only instructions you get are sewed into the carry bag and to say they are woeful is an understatement. I'm sure tents like this are a doddle to seasoned pros, but to complete and utter newbies like me, some decent instructions would have been ideal. Took absolutely ages to suss everything out, the basic, diabolical instructions are next to useless.

Once I'd got the thing assembled, it was very good, I have to say, it's just a single bedroom which is a struggle to hold 4 people, you can only fit one double and one single blow up bed, so it's more of a 3 berth really. The front room is pretty spacious and once you're over the initial frustration of assembling (if you are a newbie of course) you start to appreciate the cleverness of the design.

I slept in it in the garden overnight with the kids and it was great. Now I know how it all fits together, I think it will only take 20 mins next time to assemble. Indeed, it took only 10 mins to fully dismantle, including removing pegs and stuffing it back into the hold all.

Would have scored higher if the instructions were more comprehensive and it genuinely had room for 2 doubles in the bedroom.

Overall I'm pleased with the purchase tho, just wish the initial assembly was less frustrating than it should have been.
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By: Jelboy53  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 17/08/2010

I bought my tent(Gobi4) in September last year to take to a UKCS meet as I didnt fancy towing a van down south.Usually I will swither and dither for weeks/ months on any purchase I make but time was pressing last year and my budget was tight.So off to GO Outdoors I went.

The Gobi caught my eye for most of the reasons stated in the other reviews. And I agree with most of the previous reviews. I have used it twice last year(once in windy conditions) and it stood up well to the weather I had. I found it easy(if a bit longer to pitch alone)and agree about putting the two black poles in 1st then the two grey ones when you get it up. I like the space this tent offers me both in the living area and in the sleeping pod (I use two 6 legged fishing beds to sleep on) the front window and the two little windows to each side that let enough light in during the day. The guy ropes are adequate and kept my tent steady in howling winds last year. My one concern was weather it would stand up to substantial rainfall as I had never pitched in wet conditions.

My fears were allayed two w/ends ago when I was off with my relles camping. They took my tent and pitched it for me. And I travelled up later in a torrential downpour for 3 1/2 hrs. When I arrived my tent had been up in heavy rain for at least 6 hrs when I opened the door it was bone dry inside. I now trust my Gobi 4 to protect me what ever the heavens decide to do. And would say that my only concern is the lack of a cloth divider which would give some privacy to my two older daughters dressing/undressing etc.Not a bad tent for £99. And the carpet is a godsend when your traipsing about in bare feet of a morning.
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By: Cora82  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 09/08/2010

Bought this tent last week for £99.99 from Go Outdoors. It's a cracking tent - so spacious! The side doors on the front porch area allow the sun in but the fly nets stop the beasties (very useful in midgie infested Scotland!). As someone else mentioned, it would have been great if the front door had a midgie net, or at least a full window panel, but I guess we can't have everything we want for less than £100! The most recent model is blue which seemed to attract the beasties, something I never experienced with my previous tent (black and grey). The adjustable pegs are very useful and make pegging the poles in place so much easier. Vent at the back is a blessing on a hot, sunny morning. Overall, a 9 out of 10 tent :)
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By: TheoldNo7  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 19/07/2010

I bought this tent as it was on offer for £59.99 in Go Outdoors. It is fairly easy to pitch if you put the 2 larger black crossover poles in first and then once it is up put the two porch poles in. I prefer 'fly first' tents as the inner stays dry in the rain and this tent is ideal for this.

The poles can be difficult to fit into the pegs and require a bit of brute strength to bend them but otherwise it is fairly easy to pitch. It does however take a hell of a lot of pegs on the fly, groundsheet and skirts but it is well worth it once it is up!

I have the additional footprint and I would recommend this to anyone. It keeps the groundsheet clean and dry which is very useful when putting up or taking down in the rain.

We have just returned from Snowdonia where the tent faced gale force winds on the first night. Stupidly I pitched it with the porch facing the wind (also facing our friends tent) and I woke up to find 2 broken poles on the front porch. The rest of the tent was undamaged. I was annoyed that I had not put the back to the wind as the crossed poles would have withstood the wind no problem. However on walking round the site and looking at the state of other peoples much more expensive tents, I was very proud of mine!

I got 2 new poles from the site owner and had it as good as new in no time!

I am 6'6' and can stand in this tent which is one of the reasons I fell for it in the first place (aside from the price!). The only complaint I have is that there is no fly net on the front door, which would add much more ventilation when cooking. The 2 on the sides are fine though. The plastic window on the front is a bit flimsy so make sure you shut the fabric over it to open and close the door to give it added strength. The flap on the back of the bedroom can be a bit annoying but it could always be taped down.

Overall a great tent for the money!
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By: Prooro  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 11/05/2010

I think this tent is great. My husband and I used it four weeks running last summer and for a week this Easter. It does take two of us to pitch it; we got quicker last summer then lost the knack and it was back to an hour again at Easter. This isn't just getting the tent up though. We've got to get the bikes off the car and find it first.

My husband only agreed to come camping if he didn't have to crawl around and this tent has made him really happy. We can sit inside of an evening, both stretched out on our loungers and then retire to our luxurious Coleman airbed which has space each side for us to walk.

Only complaint is the draft from the ventilation window at the back. It's lovely to wake up on a warm summer's morning with a cool breeze but during a cold April night I had to wear a hat in bed.

Would definitely but this tent again.
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By: Bpurple  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 26/08/2009

I bought this tent as a starter for our camping experience for 2 adults and our 2 year old so is my first real tent and considering my complete lack of camping knowledge and expertise I think we made a very good choice, we wanted a tent with a large living area we could stand up in & relax in the evenings & let the little one play. The living area space is maximised by having quite steep sides as the dome portion of the tent is used for the sloped sleeping area which itself is massive.

The instructions tell you to put all 4 poles in then lift it all up in one piece and clip the poles in but I found this very hard work and almost impossible without help. I managed to put just the 2 main (black) poles in and clip them in, then install the 2 secondary (grey) poles, this was much easier and I managed to erect the whole thing in about 30 minutes on my own.

I was very impressed with the Gobi4 as it has a heavy duty 3000 rated fabric and the 2 side doors & the bedroom door have a mesh option built in and the main door also has a high level window as does the corners of the living area which lets the sunlight in but still gives you privacy unlike the full hight windows on other tents.

Now that I have a little camping knowledge my only criticism is the living area isn't fully sewn in so can be a little draughty in colder climates and as the doors open sideways you don't have the ability to make a porch or sunshade.But I'm sure its easy enough to make my own with the aid of some clips and a sail canopy.

Fantastic tent and superb value a £99 - £119 from go-outdoors
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By: Franbarry  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 05/08/2009

This is our third tent. As we enjoy camping, we were after a tent that we could cook in, and stand up in. This one ticked all the boxes. We also liked the mesh doors, as this gave good ventilation. We did have quite a bit of rain which tested out the waterproofing!

One thing we will say is that if you are going to do a lot of cooking, then open up one of the doors as it can get quite steamy otherwise.

It took us about an hour in the rain and about half that the second time, which was dry. We look forward to more fun camping trips with this good all round tent.
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By: SiDi  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 11/07/2009

Just bought one of these tents.Never put a tent up in my life!, had a quick trial run on the lawn,didn't fit the inner bedroom, just wanted to erect the main flysheet to see how hard it was gonna be. Went camping a few days later and it prob. Took a good hour to get it all set up,all the guy-lines etc. The guy in the shop (Go-Outdoors at Wakefield) was very helpful and said it would take about half an hour or more. He obviously wasn't including camping dummies like me in that sort of timescale. Still not sure if I'm doing it right or wrong but it was good fun none the less.

The only thing I would change would be the 'front door',it has no mozzy net like the 2 side doors.The tent has 4 poles and I must admit it's a bit harder than I imagined trying to get the 2 main crossover poles in place.We found it easier to fit the two front ones after the 2 big main ones.There are 2 'tension straps'? fitted to the bottom of the fly sheet but I couldn't get the poles in the pegs with these attached (they don't adjust). I just undid them and after slight adjustments to the poles and a bit of re-pegging the tent seemed to look the right shape but I've got a funny feeling I'm doing something wrong.

I'm sure other campers will en-lighten me or take the mick on further trips that we are planning now that our maiden trip went fairly smooth and the weather stayed nice (not sure how we'll fare if it doesn't). I expect I'll take up bowling or pipe smoking and buy a tourer or a motor home next year lol.
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Manufacturer's Description

An updated version of Hi Gear''s popular dome tent, ideal for weekends away with family or friends.

Hi Gear''s Gobi 4 Elite is a semi-geodesic dome style tent, with crossed-over fibreglass poles that keep it stable even in very windy weather.

It has a large front door and 2 additional side doors for easy access and total ventilation, and a fully sewn-in groundsheet that keeps out draughts, rain and insects.

The two large front windows have roll up curtains so you can let light in or keep your privacy, and front enclosed mesh vents also aid the ventilation.

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