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Tent Reviews: Hi Gear Kalahari 10 Elite

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10  (more 10 berth tents)
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9.31/10 from 91 reviews

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91 Reviews of the Kalahari 10 Elite        Showing 51 to 60          Page:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  
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By: Dankalahari10  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 19/07/2011

We purchased this tent second hand of ebay with the carpet and footprint and very quickly added the porch! We are a family of 2 adults, 2 children (aged 1 and 7) and an Old English Sheepdog (hence the requirement for the porch).

This is a fantastic tent! For the size it really is simple to pitch and takes me and my partner 10 minutes to pitch and me a further 15 mins to put all the pegs in whilst she does the insides (bedrooms etc)

The carpet is a very pleasant addition, specially first thing on a cold morning and and footprint is also very useful when pitching and to protect the tent. I would recommend this tent to anyone who will listen so save your ears and buy it!
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By: Stuart6867  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 19/07/2011

We bought this from Go Outdoors recently on one of their package deals. As a family of 5 (3 boys 7 & under) found the tent very spacious with the one of the smaller 'double' bedrooms ideal for a travel cot plus another used as storage to keep all the usual luggage needed out of the way.

Main living area is great, very cosy with the carpet and ideal for kids to play in when wet and windy.

Easy for 2 people to put up, even on your own at a push once you have got started. No issues with condensation like other tents we have used. Our first time was recently and was rather wet and windy. Stood up really well to the weather. Would agree with other comments that the vents do flap a little but is a minor issue only.

It might be a big tent but is easy to manage and transport. Absolute bargain if you time it right.
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By: Supersuzy  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 11/07/2011

Purchased this tent from Go Outdoors a few months ago when the '10' was cheaper than the '8'. We'd previously had a dome tent where you could only just about stand up in the sleeping compartments (I'm only 5ft). As our children are growing up and getting considerably taller than me we wanted a tunnel tent after seeing a friends. It is brilliant, loads of space, great storage pockets and plenty of them. The footprint sheet makes it so easy to put up. Probably took 30-45 mins with the children's help as it was windy at the time but still easy to pitch. We didn't really need the '10' as we are two adults two children but as we had so much space the children could bring friends camping too. They had one end with the separator between the sleeping compartments which we undid in the end as the boys slid under it during the night in their sleep! Seemed pointless having it done up. The smaller end would be perfect if using camp beds or a cot. There was enough room for 5 children and some of their luggage in one end. The central living area is very spacious. The vents didn't secure particularly well so they did flap quite a bit at night, rather annoying but the only negative point I can think of. Although this is much bigger than our previous dome tent this tunnel tent is much easier to pitch. I would definitely recommend it.
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By: Cdsmiler  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 05/07/2011

Bought this tent from Go Outdoors a little while ago. Had no where to put it up to test it as it's so big (it's HUGE!) but fortunately our first camping trip this year was in a local site.

It took quite a while to put up the first time, and helps if there's 3 of you, plus an additional 1 to entertain the 18 month old! (2 can do it fine though) Only took time because of it being the first time pitching, it was boiling, and we had to stop for lunch! (Can't ignore a hungry toddler!).

Although it took time, it'll definitely be quicker next time - it's very simple and logical. The porch less logical but again with practice it'll be fine!

The bedrooms are a generous size - we used one end without the divider for a massive king size inflatable bed and a travel cot and had room to move. We put up the bedroom pods at the other end purely to test it and found they were quite useful for storage. Would also be great to use the smaller room for a loo in future!

Although the tent is massive, the porch was a great addition and allowed us to keep cooking equipment separate and not have to drag it inside.

We also bought the footprint and carpet and are very glad we did too. Kept the tent warm underfoot. The tent itself did heat up quite quickly in the sun (was a warm weekend in the day!), but also cooled down quite quickly at night (we had bizarre bitterly cold nights!). There's loads of vents, and having two doors opposite each other was very beneficial to get a decent draft through during the day.

Actually looking forward to testing the tent in the rain! Fantastic size family tent - suited 2 adults and a toddler perfectly (our two helpers had their own tent!) and will be great as the family expands. Not worries at all about having to spend time in there during less than pleasant weather! All the storage pockets are a godsend (and discovered extra ones when packing up too!).

Overall VERY pleased with the tent - can't wait to use it again!
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By: Humber  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 10/06/2011

Great tent plenty room well made easy to put up and it even fits back in to its own bag. Well vented for summer (what summer) but its a cold tent, the vents do not close properly making it very hard to heat up inside off tent. We had it up in Glencoe, it was -5 at night, we were really cold even with a elec radiator on all night. Radiators no good in tents, get a blow heater but make sure you get one that switches off if its bumped. We had a few really good holiday in this tent, never had any problems and we did really like it even when we were cold. You can pick these tents up for great prices, very good value. We also had the canopy which are a bit of a pest to put up and get to fit, but they give you a good big area to cook and eat in. I prefer to use a utility tent though
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By: Penecon  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 06/06/2011

Hi got this tent brand new from the manufacturer for £150 and it is blooming marvellous ! got to use it this weekend in Angle and cant fail it in any way ! I had 3 adults and 3 children in it as friends tent hadn't arrived yet , but will be used for myself and my 2 girls, plenty of room for us all. Went up in about an hour maybe longer to make sure pegs and ropes were all sorted.We pitched in a windy spot but the tent was going no where.

Very tidy with lots of vents to keep it aired which was good as it was boiling ! the sewn in groundsheet was fab couldn't have a tent without .One end of the bedrooms fitted my queen size bed and 2 single beds in it no trouble. I would deffo recommend this tent its exactly the same as the Gelert meridian 10 as that was the manufacturer I got it from only the name was changed to hi gear for the Go outdoors store !. If you want a large family comfortable good looking tent then this is the one and I plan on having many more trips in it .
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By: Martin2410  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 03/06/2011

We bought one of these tents when Go Outdoors reduced them a few weeks ago-10 man was £50 cheaper than the 8 man version! So we finally got to put it up on Bank holiday Monday just gone at Windermere. Its a brilliant tent with loads of space in side. We only used 1 bedroom as we could get all 4 of us in it comfortably, so had the other end as complete living space. Its almost like a marquee inside (might rent it out for weddings). We used the velcro fastening over the middle to hang some gazebo lights. It looked so pretty in the dark. The tent took us about an hour to put up then about another hour to peg out properly and hang the inner bedroom, but we weren't rushing and this was the very first time out of the bag. We had some light winds that blew the tent but not enough to make it sway. This is probably the best tent I have ever been in, well worth looking out for in sales. I think you may be pushing it to use it as a 10 man tent, realistically, 6 or 8 would give you good living space.

Its well worth the money-go and buy 1!
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By: Flavman36  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 05/05/2011

This tent is brilliant, like many others here we also bought it in the go outdoors sale. Unbelievable value. We had a dome tent before so the only place I could stand upright was in the centre. I was spoilt with this one as I could stand up everywhere. We went for a 5 day camping trip a few weeks back and this was the first time we had used it. The weather was roasting but the tent stayed comparatively cool and on the last day it got fairly chilly about dinner time cos of the wind so we picked up the garden table and chairs we had and the six of us inside for dinner. We put on the light hanging off the roof and sat in comfort and ate. We all had loads of room in our bedrooms and the dog had a bedroom to herself. Would recommend this tent to anyone who will listen. You must buy it as it took me and my 4 year old son about an hour to put it up. Now for a tent that big that really ain't that bad.
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By: Hjf139  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 03/05/2011

Bought this back end of 2010 as son has grown to 6'5' and needed headroom. Used it for first time over May day weekend on a very windy site in Dalby Forest. Easy to put up, we found that if we pegged the four corners out on top of the footprint which we also bought it prevented the wind taking hold of it and also kept it square. Bought the carpet and porch as well which helped to keep heat in. Only downside is trying to get it back in the bag, marked fold lines would have been useful on the bottom! We eventually managed it and have written down how we did fold it up and put it in the bag for next time. Would definitely recommend this for families. Plenty of room inside and the storage pockets come in handy.
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By: Baloonav  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 19/04/2011

We bought a Kalahari 10 late 2010 when on offer in Go Outdoors, We also purchased the footprint and carpet, and bought the porch a few weeks ago when it came back on sale. We put the tent up in the garden as soon as weather got better to check all okay but only got the chance to use it last weekend (3 nights from 15th April).

We chose this as we are a family of 5 (2 adults + 3 kids) and wanted a large tent for longer trips. Initially it was not our first choice but after reading reviews here, seeing it a few times and speaking to friends who have the 8, decided it was actually better for us that our initial preferences and our budget. For the money it is excellent value, it is much bigger than it appears on first impression. It can easily hold 10 plus kit – but having 10 stuck in the communal central area on a wet day could be a squash, especially if no porch for cooking kit etc, in fact some manufacturers would easily class as a 12 man tent or even more. It took ~30 minutes to fully erect with 2. It’s very spacious, tardis like in fact, the bedrooms are extremely generous (each can easily swallow the occupants plus all their personal kit and more) and still leaves plenty of communal area inside. As the kids are still young and all 3 could share we could even just use bedrooms in one end and leave the rest as a huge open area. As it was we used 3 of the bedrooms and the 4th to store equipment and a ‘play room’. We used the generous porch to store cooking kit, shoes, spare chairs etc but these could easily fit inside the main tent without much compromise with only 5 inside.

The porch does not fit as snugly to the side of the tent as I’d have liked but provides a generous amount of additional space, but may mean some sites would say you need a larger pitch. Others commented they used the gelert porch when the Hi Gear one was unavailable, but the hi gear one has a closed front and you can unzip the entire front if you want

Any gripes? Not really, it can be a bit dark inside and making the central sections in a lighter colour would have helped (I think the earlier versions did have a lighter roofing) – an excellent tent for the money, plenty of space for a larger family, easily erected, looks solid construction, lots of nice little touches (many pockets, cable entrances, removable dividers, vents, hanging points, SIG, .) a reasonable footprint, and great value for money. Ventilation is adequate but still its a 'nylon' tent so hot in warm weather. Packs back easily into the bags. Only thing is a shock chord broke when striking the tent, nothing major but would not expect it to have gone on its second outing – not a problem to insert a new one but not looking forward to doing it on such a long pole! Can’t comment on its stability in bad weather as luckily we did not experience any, however our friends who have the 8 said theirs behaved impeccably during a storm they had last summer with lots or rain and high winds, so hoping all will be okay. Would I recommend it – obviously yes! We could have easily got away with an 8 but for the small price differential and 5 of us then went for this for the extra room it gives and very glad we did.
3 from 3 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

91 User Reviews of the Kalahari 10 Elite - Showing 51 to 60          Page:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  

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Manufacturer's Description

An updated version of Hi Gear's extra large tunnel tent, perfect for relaxed family camping holidays.

The Hi Gear Kalahari 10 Elite is a spacious and stable tunnel-style tent with two large partitionable bedrooms in a face-to-face layout, roomy enough for you, your family and all your gear.

Pre-attached high-visibility guylines, reduced pole sleeves, and sewn-in polyethylene groundsheet make pitching the tent quick and easy.

The bedrooms comfortably sleep five at each end of the tent, and have breathable polyester walls. Bedrooms can also be removed, to give you extra storage space, or room for dirty gear.

The huge living space has two large windows and hanging storage pockets to help keep it tidy, organised and liveable. Multiple vents along the roof help air flow throughout the tent.

The sewn-in groundsheet combined with the fire-retardant polyester flysheet (with 4000mm hydrostatic head) give you a fully sealed and ventilated internal environment, so you'll be completely protected from draughts and sustained downpours. The two doors can be propped and extended out to use for extra shelter from rain or stretching the space out for more room if it's sunny.

Other useful features include the water-repellent zips and an electrical cable access point.

... there may be more info on their website

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