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Tent Reviews: Berghaus Air 4

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8  (more 8 berth tents)
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8.64/10 from 14 reviews

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14 Reviews of the Berghaus Air 4         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Spudella  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2019   Rating: 

I bought this tent to make it quick and easy to camp with my then 3 year old. We have done 2 weeks and 3 weekends in it so far.

It takes me alone 20 minutes to get up. This includes pegging footprint down to putting the carpet in.

It takes approx. 30 minutes to have everything back in their bags at the end. This is mostly due to the faff getting it back in the bag.

By comparison by old poled Coleman 3 man single room dome tent ( 15 years old now) takes 20 minutes to set up and 20 minutes to get down.

There is ample space in the air 4 but for a maximum of 2 adults and 1 child (if you use camp beds)

The zip on the side door is sticky like there isn't quite enough give in the fabric. I think this is where the tent will fail in the future.

Ventilation is not good enough in the tent condensation in a morning is bad.

All in all adequate tent but I don't expect it to last past 5 years even with moderate use.
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By: Pancellorum  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2018   Rating: 

I agree with all the previous Pro's & Con's from previous posters. One thing I will add re the door canopy pole. I did a couple of experiments and have now cut down the original pole by 1cm at each end. It works perfectly and the door shuts much better.

Overall I think price for quality and practicality, this is a good all round tent for just a couple of days or a longer break.
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By: JEEPY  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2020   Rating: 

Great tent, survived hailstorm first trip. Inflation easy enough, usual problems getting back into bag but that is just practice I guess.

However has anyone got any tips about guying/pegging out the front, mine just sags and a lot of space wasted as a result, does not seem to be anything that keeps it in shape.
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By: Zoelou1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2020   Rating: 

My first airbeam tent and it was a brilliant one to choose. The air 4 is perfect of our needs. We are a family of 5 and a small doggie. The children have the sleeping pods and my hubby sleep on camp beds in the living area and then in the day fold them up and pop them in the sleeping pop. We have really downsized our gear this year as it just got too big and we wasnít really enjoying it as the set up was just so time consuming. The air 4 is a lovely size. You can have it up and pegged out in 15mins tops. Takes even less to take it down. Itís very well made. I really have nothing bad to say about it!
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By: Hunc  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2018   Rating: 

I still use smaller tents for hiking and motorbike trips but love this one for luxury and roominess for my wife and I. We chose it for Berghaus quality and intend to keep it for many years.The air beams are replaceable and the tent is built to last. Four people in the sleeping area is possible but would be cozy, with no room round two double airbeds.

I bought a Eurohike medium carpet which is square and works well in either sleep area or lounge with a neat gap all round for shoe storage if muddy.

Some hints I gained from others and experience. Inflate middle pole first and insert door frame pole carefully before full inflation of other poles. I broke the original fibreglass pole despite warnings and in anticipation had already got a replacement cheaply during Lockdown! I notice some other tents have a mini air pole in this position but this would be heavier. On the subject of this pole and the main side door I notice that the pole makes the small awning very taut and secure but does mean the door zips are stretched a bit by this upper corner. I think this could give problems so I pull in the door when closing and maybe as the new pole and tent fabric relax this may diminish

I use some rock pegs in place of the poor quality original pegs.

The front awning can be pegged partially open using the same peg as the front guy ropes. In addition this awning can erected at full height for outside sun protected seating by buying pair of King poles.

Finally the bug bear of all large tents : Getting it back in the back in the bag! After advice,experience and my wife's lateral thinking we have cracked it: Release the air valves AND use the deflate option on the pump to suck air from the three beams. Then fold initially lengthwise but then fold or towards the valves allowing air to push out. Finally we insert the long roll into the bag and fold in half on top of itself in the bag and close.

It is manageable to carry but fills the boot area of our small hatchback car so Iíll stick with my smaller tent for hiking !

All in all a quality purchase and very happy.
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By: Ajheto  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2018   Rating: 

Used the Air 4 for five trips in the summer about 12 nights under canvas.

First time with an airbeam tent so can't really compare with other brands, but very pleased with the Berghaus.

When inflating it is important to remember to make sure the grey valve button on the beam is in the out position otherwise as soon as the pump is removed the beam will deflate again.

The side door canopy pole is a little awkward to fit by one person at first attempt but once you have the knack it fits well.

As mentioned in previous reviews, nice and airy, lots of headroom, great windows, doors and mesh options.

When packing up it is important to try and squeeze air from the beams before folding, I take my shoes off and walk along them towards the open valves.

Next fold the length of the tent first one quarter, press a bit more air out manually, then fold another quarter so it is now half size, one more quarter fold to three-quarters and then the final quarter fold. I position the bag at the door end to check that the width of the folded tent will fit.

Now, start to fold and/or roll towards the bag, kneeling on top to squeeze more air out each time. Finally tip the bag upside down on top of the tent and it should fit.

I was pleased after one trip when the tent had to be put away wet that when put up again at home to dry it took only about half an hour in a slight breeze to be completely dry enough to pack up again.
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By: Afortunado  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2017   Rating: 

I have just bought the air 4 and returned from a weekend trip away.I'm in my 60's and a solo camper so this tent is perfect for me, It is so easy to erect on your own. The only problem I have is putting it back in the bag,it was so difficult but maybe next time I will master it. Standing room inside is excellent and the mesh doors are a great idea especially here in Scotland with our midges in the summer.Looking forward to my next trip.
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By: Belper Bloke  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2017   Rating: 

So not to go on to long, good points and must have,

Ground sheet, carpet, better pegs

Read the instructions, watch the you tube video, inflate to near 4.5 psi install door frame before fully inflation, fully inflate tubes 4.5 psi no more.Fully peg as required tight ish.

To deflate fold towards the open valves to let out the air or it will not fit in the bag, fold length ways 1/4 then 1/2 , 3/4, towards the open valves

Then start to roll tight ball, sit on it working towards the OPEN valves, it will then fit in the bag, if not its full of air, good luck.

More free advice from Belper Bloke.X
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By: Oberon  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

Before I give you my review of the Berghaus Air4, may I enter a plea for help? HELP!

If anyone can tell me the correct way to fold this tent so that it goes back in the bag, I would be eternally grateful. I asked Millets. The customer service guy, Melvin, tried to help, but was unable to. That is nuts! All someone had to do was to get the folding pattern from their Chinese factory. But they couldn't/wouldn't/didn't. Bah! I am totally underwhelmed by Millets' after-sales service. And - how difficult would it have been for them to put 'packing away' instructions in the user manual? Packing away is just as important as erecting the tent.

OK, anti-Millets rant over. Except to say that I'll think twice before buying another tent from them.

The Air4 is a brilliant tent. Like one other correspondent, I am a solo camper, no longer in my prime. I'm nearly 70, but not dead yet. I wanted a tent that I could stand up in, and put up by myself.

The Air4 meets both requirements, easily. It goes up in five minutes. Pegging out takes a little longer. But it really isn't a hassle. You might want to replace the supplied pegs with something a bit more substantial as the peg supplied appear to be made from soft toffee. I bought 10' steel pegs , dirt cheap, from Amazon. No way is my tent gonna fly away :-).

I said that this is my second Air4. The first one developed an 8 inch rip the first night out. Millets were good as gold in replacing it. I don't think that the rip was due in any way to the design of the tent, or the quality of materials. I suspect that there was a flaw in the weave, nothing more.

Some have said that the poles for the 'rain-brow' (its a porch) are tricky to install. Here's the answer - insert the poles before you inflate the tent. Easy-peasy.

The great thing about that porch is that it sits just under my Trespass event shelter. Much less expensive than the Air4 extension and quite a lot more roomy. And yes, I can erect it on my own. The Air4 and Trespass shelter are a great combination.

Having received my replacement tent, I erected it, indoors. (I have access to a warehouse) This bit is really good - I left it up for a month and there was no noticeable loss of pressure in the air-beams. That is impressive.

To describe the Air4 as a 4-berth tent is stretching a point. If they were four adults, they would have to be really close friends. If they weren't at the outset they would be by the time they got back home :-)

The two 'bedrooms' are each just big enough for a double airbed and are separated by a hanging sheet. Just hope they don't snore. But I imagine it would be OK for a family of four if the kids were little.

For me, as a solo camper, it is just fine. My bed goes in one bedroom, all my gear in the other - which leaves the living area free.

There are two lantern hooks. A third would have been nice. Otherwise, the internal features that others have described are well thought-out so I won't repeat what has already been said. I'll be using the Velcro loops for the EHU to hold a string of solar LED fairy-lights.

I do think that the manufacturer may have missed an opportunity (or maybe it was just a cost-saving exercise) but it occurs to me that with the addition of a couple of poles, the huge front door could double as an awning. I have some spare poles, so perhaps I'll see if this idea works when I use the tent this weekend.

So, apart from the impossibility of getting it back in the bag, this is a brilliant tent - at a bargain price. Please - if you have found a folding pattern that works, please tell me how it's done.

Oh yes - to the gentleman who said that a footprint isn't available, I'm sorry to contradict you, but oh yes there is. Sadly Millets sent it a fortnight after they sent the tent, so like you, I made do with a £10 tarpaulin.

The only reason that I didn't give this tent 10/10 was because of Millets inability to give me the folding diagram that exists. They have it in the factory - their workers don't fold tents at random and hope that they will go in the bags. I've been visiting Chinese factories for the last 20 years, so I know how things are done out there. They give the workers diagrams.

So - a brilliant tent, let down by Millets very poor after-sales service.
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By: Mikeygasbag  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

I'm not good when it comes to decision making.

After weeks of research, I realised that an inflatable tent was the best way forward for an over 60 year old solo camper, who requires a small footprint but good standing room. In the end, it was the price point and Berghaus name that swung it for me.

I've just returned from a few days away and would like to add my thoughts.

First the pros:

Pitching is a doddle!

Packing away is a doddle!

Plenty of space.

Good storage options.

Sturdy and waterproof.

My cocker spaniel loves it!

Now the cons:

Ventilation could be better.

Difficult to fit side porch pole.

Difficult to zip/unzip side door.

No fold flat groundsheet on either one of the doors.

I have spoken with the guys at my local Millets store who have advised not pegging the corners out before inflating to address the zip problem. I'll update this review after my next camping trip.

I'm probably being very picky as my overall experience with this tent was positive. To be fair, at less than £300, it represents excellent value for money.
3 from 3 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

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Manufacturer's Description

The inflatable beam design of the Berghaus Air 4 tent provides a special camping experience and a super-quick pitching time. Stable and strong with plenty of features, you'll wonder why camping hasn't always been this easy.

Available from Millets http://www.millets.co.uk/

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