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Tent Reviews: Berghaus Air 8

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8  (more 8 berth tents)
30.00 KG
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9.5/10 from 12 reviews

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12 Reviews of the Berghaus Air 8         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Strong_77  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2017   Rating: 

Overall a brilliant tent, so easy to put up and is spacious and stable once done. Does take a bit of time\nack to get all the air out and back in the bag but haven't failed yet. The one issue I have with this tent is the bedroom pod material (facing outwards). It is very thin and as such the claim on Millets\Blacks website that 'Darkened bedrooms to reduce early morning light' is not true. The bedroom material is very thing and coupled with the fluorescent strip around the tent at about head height, means that it is probably no darker than my old tent (Vango Tigris 600). My kids didn't seem to notice and happily slept in till after 9 so maybe it was just the sun was on my side.
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By: Sona  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

We love this tent! After some initial fiddling about with the valves to figure out how they work, we got it pumped up and pegged out in about 25 minutes. Its really big inside, our 3 boys have a 'pod' each and we have the fourth one. They all fit a double airbed if required, and there are privacy curtains to divide the pods. We love not having to pfaff about with poles, and its very solid when up. The mesh doors are invaluable when camping in midge season! I love the colour and the internal living area can take all five of us with our chairs and the table to eat if the weather turns on us, its huge. I have recently found a footprint made for this tent on Millets, which is very useful, when we got ours I had to find a tarp to fit which was tricky. We've been in some very wet and windy weather in this tent, and it didn't leak, we did find that you need to recheck on the air pressure in the beams after a few days if you're in the same place after pitching, as the wind was bending them one night before we realised this. However, the tent did not sustain any damage, unlike others with snapped poles on that site! We also found it easy to get back in its cavernous bag, we quarter ours long ways and roll it, no problem. All in all We would heartily recommend the Air 8 to anyone!
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By: NickyNac  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

We have just bought and tested this weekend the Berghaus Air 8 Inflatable tent and the matching porch.

This was the first time putting up the tent (in the rain) and it took us around 30 minutes to put up the main tent and porch. It took us a bit longer as a few rookie errors were made along the way. Mostly with the porch. Getting it to lean into the tent correctly so no rain got in was a challenge. We did the best we could but properly remedied this the next day when the rain had stopped by pulling it over the main tent a little tighter with the guide ropes.

The tent pumped up like a dream (once we figured out how to set the valves) however you do need a bit of strength to pump each section fully. It starts off easy but then it gets a little harder to pump the fuller it gets.

Females take not of this if taking the tent on your own you need a little bit of strength to pump up 4 sections.

The tent and porch each comes with a pump. We got a carpet for the main tent but not the porch as we agreed the porch was going to be the main entrance for muddy shoes, cooking and eating (with two messy kids its easier to wipe a ground sheet than it is to wash a tent carpet)

Once the tent was up and all our gear in place it is then you realise how massive the main tent is. This tent is awesome for families. It has 2 very large pods, one at each end of the tent. These pods can then be split by a privacy sheet down the middle, which we will need to separate our two little monsters lol.

It has lots of pockets and storage.

It has large windows to let in lots of light if you fold down the curtains. There is lots of headroom.

It has a hook for a light in the middle of the tent and in each bedroom. The thing I liked was the Velcro to strap in any loose wires from the ceiling so the could safely reach your electrical point.

I would suggest that even though the main tent is very large if you have, like us, lots of equipment like chairs, tables, cooker, fridge etc (we like to glamp lol) that you invest in the porch. Buying the porch will free up the living room for the chairs and table when you want to chill at night, playing board games or we watch a film off the laptop if the weather is bad.

I just love this tent. It was an upgrade from a trailer tent which took us 2 hours to put up. Now we know what we are doing with both tent and porch I can safely say it will only take us 20 minutes if that to put up both. I can't wait for our next trip in it with the kids.
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By: Patientpyeman  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

One word Awsome. We had the huge corado 8 prior to this. Which took an age to put up. This tent literally takes 10 minutes. We have already used it twice, with absolutely no issues whatsoever. Ideal size for us (with the porch) 2x adults 3x children.We have even modified our Corado 8 carpet (two small slits in the middle seam for the bedroom clasps. And it fits like a glove. Got ours from millets online again 10 / 10 for service.
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By: ALEXXANDER  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

What a great idea inflatable tents are ! Wanting a large tent, but not the work involved in putting one up, I plumped for an inflatable Air 8 by Berghaus. I can inflate the tent on my own in 10 minutes every time. Inside, it is cavernous, with 2 bedrooms and a large central area. With a 6000 HH rating it is guaranteed to be dry in the worst weather. Also it actually fits back into the bag after use ! :) I have nothing but praise for this tent.
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By: Si-uk  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

Have just recently purchased this tent for when Creative AIMs goes camping.

It was a replacement for a Vango Samara which was a good tent, but for some reason, it suffered from the wind and sometimes badly.

First impressions were flabbergasting, because of the size of the oversized tent bag.

It took a while figuring out how to put it up due to the air escaping rapidly, because the instructions were vague.

We eventually found a valve button to press which helped keep the air in the tent.

Once everything was laid out the buttons pressed, it took minutes to put up this tent.

The overall size is misleading, because from the side it only looks small, at 3m. It is not until you look at it from a different angle you realise how big it is, at 7.5 m.

The blue colour with yellow stripes takes some getting used to, but after a while it becomes likable.

Inside by entering two doors, one mesh, you will be greeted by a 3.30 m by 3 m living area, and if you find this a little small, you can always fold back a sleeping pod or too.

The living area can become rather cosy, but it is not massive to feel lost, or too small to become claustrophobic.

In the living area there is a door at the front with a porch, which has a window and another window next to it. At the rear there is also a door with a window and a window next to it.

The bedrooms are a fair size, with a curtain divider to add privacy for those that need it.

Putting the tent away can be tricky and can take a few attempts to fold it right to fit in the bag, after a few times you will find away.

There are many hanging points for lights etc and plenty of storage pockets to put your things in.

We did get a bit of wind offering an unusual strange experience. There is no flapping as such like with a poled tent, infact it just kind of bends a bit when the wind catches hold of the air beam.

Overall this tent scores a 9 out of 10, and probably score higher next time.
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By: Codfathr56  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

I have 1 of these tents I think it is a very nice tent but I also think it has a small manufacturing fault.I am now onto my 3rd tent everyone has had the same fault there is a small bit of stitching on the back door in between the mesh and the main door that is not taped you can see day light though the stitching .It is hard to see the water coming in as it runs down the inside of the door then back outside. I will try and put some photos on here to show you hope this helps
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By: Bobimus  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

I researched load and loads of tents as I couldn't decide which one to buy for my family (me, my wife and 3 kids).

I decided to take a punt and buy the Berghaus Air 8.

Before I went camping I made a very quick video on YouTube of me and my brother putting it up and taking it down for the very first time

Since, I have been on a weeks camping holiday with it and we are very pleased with it! It is so so so so much easier and quicker than pole tents and it easy to put up by yourself, simply roll out, peg down the four corners and then pump up the 5 beams. It literally takes 20 mins to put up from out the bag, including pegging it out.

The quality of the tent is very good and bedroom pods are nicely laid out at either side of the tent, with a communal area in the middle.

Taking it down was just a easy, and by folding it three times down the length and rolling it up, it easily fits in the slightly oversized bag first time.

If I was to be critical the only point I would make is; the tent would benefit from additional windows, it's a tad dark, but ideal for sleeping.

Recommend buying!
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By: Alphabet  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

After having a Vango Monte Verde 900, which was a fantastic, huge tent, I decided to change it as the tent was impossible for just one or two people to put up (I'm a single parent) and weighed a ton.

One of my friends had a Vango inflatable tent and raved about it, so I did a bit of research to see if I could find a cheaper one, that was also blue (don't like green tents! Plus, a blue one stands out more as most people tend to have the green ones) and finally found what I was looking for in the Berghaus Air 8.

I got an amazing deal at Millets - fantastic customer service, and I ordered it over the phone about 10 p.M. On a Friday night, and the tent arrived Monday lunchtime!

I also ended up getting the air porch - also inflatable - and Millets did me a great deal on that as well.

There is no specific footprint or carpet for this tent, but after a lot of researching, I found a footprint on ebay that was almost the exact size, for about 25. For the carpet, there was nothing remotely close, but I managed to find two enormous picnic blankets (the longest side was the same width as the tent) so I sewed them both together, and it worked a treat!

Took the tent on a camping trip with friends to Norfolk, and my 14-year-old daughter and I managed to put it up by ourselves in about 25 minutes (will be quicker next time!) - a complete change from the hour-plus the other tent took, with three people having to do it!

Needed a bit of help from my friend's husband to put the porch up properly, but that's because it has the big sheet that goes over the top of the tent, and I couldn't get it over the top by myself. But otherwise it was easy to do.

Each air beam inflates in seconds and deflates even quicker - and we got it back in the bag first time! A miracle in itself!

Absolutely love the tent. With both bedrooms up there isn't that much living space, but we only used one, so we had plenty of space, plus the porch was used for the table and all our cooking stuff, so that gave us a lot more room.

The porch also comes with its own groundsheet, though it's not sewn in, but it's fine anyway.

It rained one of the nights for several hours, but not a drop of water came in, and the tent didn't move in the wind.

Cheapest air tent by far that I found, and the blue is a great colour! Excellent quality and would highly recommend it.

Also thoroughly recommend Millets - their customer service was absolutely excellent, and I got a good deal on a table and some smaller items as well.
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By: Banbino  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

Recently spent a few weeks researching air tents. I wanted a roomy tent as I have 3 young kids - 6,4 and 2. However, the wife isn't very keen on camping so also wanted something I could erect myself.

I considered the Airgo Cirrus 6 and Nimbus 8 and a few offerings from Vango. I finally decided purely on price and the Berghaus name on the Air 8.

I bought a footprint for the tent which fits perfectly - A Kampa Sundown 8 footprint from Amazon for only 18.

From parking up, putting down the footprint, pegging down the corners of the Air 8, pumping it up, pegging it down, and pegging the guy ropes. It took approximately 30 minutes in total on my own. The pump of the beams simply took 30 seconds per beam. I put the tent up in high winds.

I reckon next time I do it, I can have it perfected within 15-20 mins from start to finish.

Tent is excellent quality and also offers 6,000HH so you can be sure it will be pretty dry.

All weekend it there was no rain but it was extremely windy and the tent held up great.

Would definitely recommend. It's less than half price of the similar Airgo Nimbus 8 (which is +15kg heavier). The 70D sheets are good quality and my preference would be for it to be more lightweight.

The bag is huge and takes up three quarters of my boot. My car is an Audi A6 so it's not a small boot.
2 from 2 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

12 User Reviews of the Berghaus Air 8 - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

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Manufacturer's Description

Available from Millets

Berghaus have done it again! The revolutionary design of the Air 8 tent will provide a special camping experience with an easy inflatable beamed construction and super quick pitching time. Take a look at the beautiful view that surrounds you through the large windows and shut out the world by drawing the curtains as the night draws in.

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