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Tent Reviews: Coleman Arinos

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6.9/10 from 10 reviews

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10 Reviews of the Arinos

By: Sarahlohse  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

I borrowed this tent to take my 10 year old son camping for a week in Norfolk last summer. The owner is well over 6 foot tall and bought it because it was cheap (less than 100) and has loads of headroom.

The tent has a tall dome section and an attached tunnel section, into which a second bedroom may be fitted. The tunnel section has a flat groundsheet attached to the bottom of the dome only which extends to the end of the tunnel section (sitting underneath the second bedroom) and requires pegging.

We pitched in high wind and drizzle. Having to pitch the inner of the dome section first meant keeping the inner tent dry was impossible and we found the ties that attached the flysheet to the fibreglass poles of the dome section soon ripped off in the high wind. I wondered whether the dome end would even stay up (although it did) and the wind forced contact between the flysheet and the inner tent, allowing some wicking of moisture through, so we decided to use it for storage rather than sleeping and put up the large bedroom in the tunnel end.

This bedroom is lovely and spacious and the two of us had plenty of room for a double and single airbed plus storage and were able to keep well away from the sides to prevent any contact between the inner tent and the flysheet.

However, this left us with only a teeny living space between the dome and bedroom sections - barely large enough for our kitchen unit (which is only the width of the stove) and two chairs, and not too useful during what turned out to be quite a wet week. There was a gap between the bottom of the two side doors and the ground sheet, and as we were pitched on a slight slope the rain water came in under the door and collected in the living area. The two side doors have only a single zips, so it wasn't possible to open just the top sections for ventilation (which would have been useful when trying to cook inside in wet weather). We had to get really good at fast entry and exit in the rain, as everything inside got quite wet as soon as the doors were opened. And everything is quite dark inside, as there are no windows to speak of.

We also had a side extension with us, but it was impossible to pitch in the high winds and so wasn't used.

When I buy my own tent this summer I'll be looking for a larger living area, double zips to doors, a tent I can pitch in one, some windows and a sewn in ground sheet. I won't get this for 100, of course! This tent served us well enough, despite all the negatives, but I wouldn't have chosen it myself.
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By: Topgear1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Bought this tent for 80 from camping and general just as a short break,weekend tent.

For the money we paid I have say it was well worth it, wouldn't have been to happy if I had paid full price.

I was not keen on inner up first,but in fair weather its not really a problem.

As mentioned in before the ties on the fly sheet do tear off easily,leaving the fly sheet unattached to the main bedroom pod.

With a strong wind blowing on the back of the tent it can blow over,could really do with another two guy ropes.

All in all have to say it is a roomy tent,the main bedroom will accommodate two double air beds with the smaller room you can just squeeze in a double.

Great tent for the price ,certain areas could be improved.
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By: FlightlessFairy  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Well I can't give an in depth review as we have been lucky with the weather and haven't had to tolerate rain yet but in the wind its been fine.

We got it as it was cheap (120) and came with the massive awning, which owing to size hasn't actually been tested by us yet.

My husband is 6'6' and he can stand in it which was a big consideration when choosing this tent.

We, like many others, have opted to just have the one bedroom up and have the big living area. With the 3 door options it doesn't get stuffy or too hot and the little windows that can be propped open are great for ventilation.

We found it was quick and easy to erect and collapse, and on only our second attempt didn't need the instructions!

I think in rain it will be a pain opening the doors etc but then you're camping so its never going to be like at home.

The colour is lovely and unusual (greeny gold) and we felt very professional once it was up because even in a strong wind it just sat there happily with no flapping about.

Tons on space, and generally a lovely tent. And I think I can comment as we actually own about 7 between us (me and husband) and none compare to this!

Can't wait to put the awning on it!
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By: Tee1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

We bought this tent because it was: cheap, you could stand up in it! Bliss after many years crawling in and out of a much smaller tent. We found it tricky to put up initially as the instructions were no more than a picture of the tent but we're now experts, find it hard to imagine being able to put it up single-handedly though. It has the flexibility of having 2 sleeping areas or 1 with a largeish living area. Have used this tent in all weathers and it doesn't feel too secure in wet and windy conditions but it has stood up so far. As has already been mentioned it is very frustrating going in and out in wet weather as the rain just gushes off the roof into the door. It's doing the job I would have expected for the money and I can see us using it for a while yet before having to trade it in. I guess you get what you pay for!
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By: Padster75  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We have used this tent on several occasions this summer in a very wet and windy Lake District. We had 1 occasion of rain water coming in, but to be fair it was through the zip and it was hurricane strength winds and rain that resembled a bucket of water being continually thrown our way. We were warm and dry (aside from a tiny puddle from the zip). We (2 adults & 1 child (12)) just used the larger of the bedroom areas, and had the extra space for living area. We had more than enough room and made no compromises when cooking/eating/chillaxing.

I think the major problems with this tent are its inside up first. Not much fun when trying to throw it up in a Cumbrian thunder storm. Also there is a gap between the ground and the fly sheet. Not really major I grant you in the grand scheme of things.

We bought the Coleman awning to use with this tent. A very good buy (if you can get hold of one). Really does extend the living area and eliminates all the problems of rain water pooling and dripping into the tent. My only issue with the awning is you really really need good weather, or at least NO wind. Does the business with the rain, but we ended up taking the awning down at 3am in torrential rain and extreme wind because the noise of it flapping was intolerable. However I would highly recommend the outlay of buying the awning, just don't use it in winds greater than a gentle breeze!

This tent is a belter, really stands up to inclement weather very well particularly for the price we paid (86). We have however upgraded to a Jack Wolfskin because we prefer the outer up first tents and the finnese the JW tent offers, thats not to say that we wouldn't recommend this Coleman. It does the business.
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By: Pokeystick  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

Bought this tent from Argos as a bit of fun, with lots of Christmas vouchers to spend so weren't too worried whether it was any good or not!

The tent was chosen for it's headroom and I have found it possible to stand up comfortably in both the living area and bedroom even if you're 6ft.

The first time the tent was used my partner and I struggled with pitching it so I do advice practice in good weather first, however each time we have used the tent pitching gets much easier even to the point where, I'm proud and shocked to say I have even successfully pitched it singled handedly.

We've used the living area for social occasions in inclement weather, for 5 adults on camping chairs, a table and camping equipment and been very comfortable, warm and dry.

I've used the tent in wet, frosty and windy conditions and when a little time has been taken to pitch it well, it has stood up better than expected.

All in all I would have given this tent at least 8 out of 10 but there are 3 minor points. 1)the ties from the inner tent to the poles are only glued on so I've lost a few, 2)the initial difficulty pitching and 3)the tent is difficult to air out and dry thoroughly afterwards but considering the size that's to be expected.

I really have been pleasantly surprised at its versatility and durability.
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By: Wandster73  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Paid 129 for this in Argos after EXTENSIVE research (almost ending in divorce!). Lots of reasons this is a great tent: it's a good size so you don't have to pay for two pitches (as a few sites have charged for our 23ft 8-berth tent), great value compared to similar sized tents, the head-height is excellent, I could go on.

We've used it with the second bedroom and without and I have to say I think you could easily squeeze another person in no problem. We've used the second bedroom as a 'changing room' and kept all our bags etc. In there to keep the main living area clear. We've also recently left the 2nd bedroom out to maximise living space which was great for the four of us, 2 kids included.

I agree that after heavy rain it does come in the doors when you unzip them but it's a tent: it's never going to be 100% dry all of the time! And believe me, I'm REALLY up-tight about keeping the tent dry but you have to keep it in perspective. I think we'll buy the canopy to solve that problem.

Other draw backs? None really, I like the fact that the groundsheet is NOT sewn-in for the main living area and if you pitch & peg it properly the rain doesn't stand a chance of getting in. We've had torrential rain in Scotland and it's been 100% dry much to my amazement, given the ferocity and duration of the soaking.

Overall, this a great tent for price. Very versatile and roomy for it's size. Would definitely recommend.
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By: Sharples  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Just home from our first family camping trip and bought this tent from Argos for 85. Only very minor issues that could be easily dealt with this tent, as with the previous review the issue of the door after a downpour, had a lovely dry tent until we opened the door to go out. However we are thinking of buying the extension canopy that colmon do as a addition which will hopefully rectify this issue. Putting up the inner first isn't ideal as halfway through erecting the tent it began to rain a little. We used both sleeping areas as our youngest was in the travel cot but we still had plenty of room for the children to run around. Head room was great as even my Husband could stand up inside and he is 6ft2 which was great. Cant wait to go again. Overall we are very pleased with the tent and are glad we chose this tent rather than the package deal that Argos do (my sister bought this and it rained in on them).
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By: Chocokelpie  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

Just come back from a camping trip minus my coleman tent which is now sitting in a bin in Yorkshire! Good tent in dry weather but we had 8 hours of rain and our bedding was soaked. The rain came in through the zips and every time you went in and out the doors you got drenched as the water runs straight onto you! Also rain coming in under the doors. Could have been designed with a sewn in ground sheet. Bugs needed no help in entering the tent as there is easy access all around due to the ill fitting fly sheet. Paid full price for this and am extremely disappointed. Will be buying a new tent with a better hydrostatic head and a fitted ground sheet!
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By: DogChops  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

Bought this while Argos had a camping reduction offer on and managed to purchase for about 106 after discount, so for that money, it's actually a fair amount of tent.

We have only ever use the large bedroom, opting to maximise living space, which works really well. We can comfortably fit 2 double airbeds in the bedroom, but go with a double and a single to accommodate us both and the little 'uns, plus dog and usual bags an sundries.

So far on 5 camping trips, it's holding up well and is used April to September so has seen some wetter and windier weather and has kept the elements from us nicely.

I only have 3 gripes about the tent, in that it's erected inner first, fortunately pitch-up and take-down days have all been kind.

The ground sheet isn't attached to fly like on the other Coleman 4 person units, although on a nice dry day, is good that the grass that comes in can just be brushed back out.

When it rains, (when it stops) whenever you open or walk through the side doors, the rain gathered on top will pour onto you / the nice dry groundsheet. Some sort of storm flaps / porch hood or something would have been a nice touch. Otherwise, for fair weather camping (and we try to go when it is), it's a really decent bit of kit, especially for the money.
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Manufacturer's Description

Versatile and roomy 6 person tent with two bedrooms and a separate living area. The large bedroom will accommodate 4 people and the smaller bedroom is suitable for two.
If your requirements change, remove a bedroom to have a larger living area. Includes a durable PE groundsheet.

3 doors, windows.

4 air vents.

Colour coded poles.

No see UM mesh.

Groundsheet attached in bedroom, separate in living area.

Flysheet fabric: Polyester, 2 000 mm PU coated

Taped seams.

Part ring and pin system.

Colour coded inners.

Quick clips.

Fire retardant.

Size of tent overall (H)215, (W)290, (L)605cm.

Size of large room (H)210, (W)270, (L)230cm.

Size of smaller room (H)185, (W)135, (L)270cm.

Height at highest point 215cm.

Packed size (H)61, (W)26, (D)26cm.

Weight 14.2kg.

... there may be more info on their website

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