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Tent Reviews: Coleman Coastline 6 Deluxe

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
17.70 KG
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7.11/10 from 18 reviews

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18 Reviews of the Coastline 6 Deluxe         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: IOWcampers  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

We have used this tent very happily for three years now in all weathers. As is usually the case with tents, it is comfortable for 4 people (and even better for just two) but I think 6 would be too many. We don't use the front bedroom - we have bought the add on canopy which is great too. No problems in windy weather and no leaks in the rain - though I agree that it would be an improvement if the doors zipped all the way around. It's easy to put up and easy to take down, though the bag could be bigger and the pegs could be upgraded.
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By: Watty1964  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

Further to my glowing review when I first got the tent I would add that it's rubbish when it rains.

As other reviewers have mentioned it leaks where the toggles are stitched into the ceiling at the window seams and the side and large 'front' door allow water and draughts to come in unless you peg them down, thus making them unusable as doors.

I should've returned the tent the first time it leaked but we'd used it several times before this happened. I'm now looking to replace it with something that will actually keep us dry if it rains.
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By: Ladyp4511  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

We purchased this tent due to the height mainly, I am 5'10 andmy husband 6' so didn't want to be crawling around on hands and knees. Have been very happily camping with it for the last 2 years. Have camped near cliff edges and had VERY windy/wet weather have had a couple of minor drips from window straps and 1 unexpected puddle from not pegging the front porch out properly but I feel the coastline 6 deluxe has served us very well and I am very happy with it. I do agree the main issue is the doors not sealing at the bottom the bedroom doors not always closing properly is only a minor issue to us.

I will happily hand this tent down to our children next year when we upgrade
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By: GuitarGav  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We bought this thinking it would meet our needs.And it is a big improvement over our previous tent in terms of size. We even bought the add-on porch for much needed space and shelter for getting in and out when wet.

It does have a few down sides:

- The doors do not seal up all the way around. Crawlies like to get in. A big problem for the large opening at one end, so watch the wind direction when pitching.

- The single 2 man area, by the big opening, can get wet since there's no way to prevent the large door opening from sagging onto the inner tent.

- After a very wet week in Wales we had a few damp puddles inside. If wet we put down a tarp now before the tent.

- The add-on porch is a lot better than the built in one, however, it is a real pain to put up, especially in wind, and no matter how well packed, always ends up tangled.
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By: Crazycoop  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

We weren`t intending to buy this actual tent but it was on offer and came with a few extras.We looked at the reviews and in the end made our purchase.

Thank god this tent is good.It was an upgrade as our previous tent I could not stand up in my husband could and the kids were fine!

We took the tent to my sisters paddock to put it up.Simple easy to put up obviously took us a bit longer to do the first time as it is so much bigger than our old tent.

There are only four of us so we use the single sleeping area for all our bags and storage.The girls like to share the big sleeping area with us but in the day we put all the sleeping stuff in one side of the bedroom and zip it up so the kids have got a play room.

When we used this tent the first time we were in Scotland at the Cashel campsite (would recommend it ).Might I say that despite the heavy rainfall and flood alerts our tent remained dry and comfortable.I am however going to invest in a side porch as I had to do all the cooking in the tent.Pegs needed an upgrade and partner had an issue with the bottom of the doors not zipping all the way round.However very minor and we didn`t have any flooding.

Would strongly suggest a carpet and buy a couple of cheap picnic blankets to put near the door if you have kids cos if its rainy it saves the carpet.We had a week of rain and the kids used to stand their wellies on the waterproof picnic blanket when they came in the door.

I am looking forward to many more pleasant camping with the family in this home from home.

CONS; No bottom door zip. No mesh at doors to stop insects

PROS; Space,Easy to put up,Nice looking tent,Well made,WATERPROOF,all in one groundsheet no gaps.
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By: Chez73  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

We brought this tent as new campers and have used it for several camping trips. Simple to put up, it has lots of space and even my 6ft 3inch partner can stand upright in the middle of it. The main problem we have had is the doors not zipping right along the bottom but reading other reviews I will try velcro next time. We have used this tent for 2 adults & 4 children, only 1 person could sleep comfortably in the back bedroom but this is easily solved by use the back room for storage and the adults sleeping in the main part of the tent. The tent has stood the test of extreme winds & heavy rain with just a few leaks and rain seeping under the door. For the price approx £170 this tent was a good buy.
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By: Brickiemum  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

I have recently purchased the new 2011 version of this tent after reading other reviews. I am really pleased with the improvements made to the tent, perhaps the manufacturers also read the reviews on here? There are now zips on the bottom of all doors which totally gets rid of the problem mentioned several times about water/insects getting in the bottom of the doors. The bedrooms are now made of a darker material to keep light out, I'm hoping my kids will sleep a bit longer in the morning!

We put the tent up for the first time in the garden and it was completely simple and straight forward to erect. I agree the instructions are not fantastically helpful but if you are familiar with tunnel tents it is really very easy. The tent didn't have to wait long for it's first soaking and I must say it performed well, no leaks at all. Having read of the problems with the porch I was expecting that to still be an issue, however I can honestly say nothing happened, perhaps this has been an improvement for 2011 too?

We only use the one bedroom pod at the back and don't install the one at the sloping door. I agree that it would not be a comfortable experience being in there and in my view the tent is a fantastic large tent for 4 or 5. 6 people would be a tight fit.

All in all I think the space is brilliant in the tent, the features such as the rolling windows and hook up access are useful and fun. Only gripes I would have would be lack of a place to hang a lantern and that the bedroom zips will not do up if you fully tension the guy ropes on that section of tent (not a huge issue, they were fine when we slackened them slightly and the tent was still fully stable)It's also brilliant that you can pick this tent up so cheaply from online retailers, a bargain at just over half RRP!
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By: Crockatt  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

I have used my tent a few times now and for the most part really like it, I can erect the tent myself in about 30 mins, it is very spacious, with plenty of room in the living area, and also in the 2 back sleeping pods, I however do not like the 3 sleeping pod, mainly due to it being so close to the large sloping main door, which gives little room for standing having your head constantly in the material of the pod. I also dislike the large door due to slope on it, it wastes space.

The fully sewn in ground sheet, is till you reach any doors, where it stops and it just covers the bottom of the door ways, I woke one morning after heavy rain to find the tent totally flooded as the ground sheet had fallen down on the large door. It is not what I would class as fully sewn in. I also hate the rain canopy above the side door , as has been mentioned before any amount of wind or rain and it constantly flaps down, it is an utter waste of time. I did also have a little water get in at the toggles of the windows but it was very minor and that was also in very heavy rain.

I plan to enjoy the tent for a few years, but would not buy it again, but mainly because of my dislike for the slope on the large door and the groundsheet not being fully sewn in.
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By: TeamMinns  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

Bought this for our family of 4 thinking we could have a room each for the kiddies and another for me and hubby.

Troubles started when we began to put up the tent. Instructions are beyond useless, having never put up a tent before, trying to do it from a picture with a few arrows drawn on was never going to work.

Next we couldn't do up any of the doors. Probably our fault for pegging the guy-ropes first but even with them all loosened we could still not fully zip the inner tents. Finally got the outer doors shut but the zips were very strained and one was so bad that we daren't open it for fear it wouldn't do up again.

Then we discovered one of the guy ropes had partially broken off from the tent and that the porch had ripped when we put the supporting pole in. Bear in mind this was the first time we had used the tent and we hadn't used undue force, I can only attribute this to the tent being of very poor quality and cheap materials.

The next problem came when we went to go to bed. The back 2 bedrooms are fine and perfectly sized for a double airbed or a child. We put the travel cot in one and a single airbed in the other. When we went to put our double airbed in the front bedroom we found it just about fit but there was no room for 2 people to sleep on it! This is very badly designed as the side of the tent comes in at such a low angle that there is only really room for 1 person on a single bed. We did sleep on it but I was pushing against the side of the tent and, due to the all-night rain, the tent leaked. In the morning the sleeping bags, bed and floor were soaked. We also had a river running through the tent due to the front door not zipping fully around.

Other niggly problems were the lack of lamp hanging loops and cheap pegs (we broke a few on soft ground).

Some good points were that the living area was very spacious and I liked the storage pockets in the bedrooms. Also the electrical wires vent would be useful if we had an electric hook-up. Not sure what the 'cat-flap' zipped thing was for?? Maybe a cat-flap?

Overall we had a very bad experience with this tent and were lucky to get a refund. Would never buy a Coleman again (had a bad experience with a Coleman airbed too).
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By: Dylan1975  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

I have a coastline 6 and I did not seem to have much problems with it apart from the door bottoms but solved this by adding sticky Velcro to the bottoms at a cost of 5 pounds, and the large door at the front sticking to the pod again easily solved with in 30 seconds when not in just peg it down. One more thing I found was no were to hang a light mmm but all in all a good price for a large easy to erect tent. As said before the only thing you have to do once main tent is up is attach the inner bedroom compartments. Just make sure you attach this before the guy ropes are fully adjusted as we didn't and when we tried to zip the rooms shut it only zipped half way round.
5 from 5 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?   

18 User Reviews of the Coastline 6 Deluxe - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

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Manufacturer's Description

Your family will feel safely ensconced in this spacious 6 person tent thanks to the stable and wind-strong tunnel structure which copes effortlessly with tough weather conditions, together with a sewn-in groundsheet, ensuring your tent remains bug-free while also keeping the effects of the weather outside your front door.

* Tunnel tent structure offering a good internal space and easy pitching.
* Each individual bedroom sleeps 2 people, providing both privacy and flexibility; you can remove bedrooms according to your sleeping, living and storage needs. Perfect if the weather turns poor and you need to create more living space in an instant.
* Fully integrated sewn in PE groundsheet, providing dry and bug-free camping.
* The living area groundsheet is a thick PE to resist heavy use.
* It features fibreglass poles.
* Rrain protection peaks; pole-tensioned fabric providing a porch area over the doors to prevent rain from entering the tent on entry and exit.
* A set of porch poles is supplied allowing one door to be created into a porch area.
* Includes the Cool air port for increased ventilation.
* The new Coleman exclusive self-rolling windows means you donít need to roll the windows manually, a spring coils up to do the job.
* Features 2 doors, one side door and a large door that can be opened into a large porched area.
* Optimally place guy-lines along the poles and around the tent ensure stability in high winds.
* Up in one pitching allows for quick and easy pitching; the inner bedrooms are pre-attached and they can be left in when packing the tent away.
* Colour coded poles and pole sleeves and bedroom inner hooks minimise pitching errors.
* PVC windows with covers increase visibility and allow light into the tent but provide privacy when required.
* The power cord vent is a convenient opening so that you can run an electricity cable into the tent

... there may be more info on their website

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