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Tent Reviews: Coleman Modulus X7

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7.55/10 from 11 reviews

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11 Reviews of the Modulus X7         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Harriet123  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2006   Rating: 

I have just said goodbye to my Coleman Modulus X7 (note that's 11 years of service). I wanted the X5, based on the reviews here but they sent me an x7 by mistake. It was to be honest too big for us but nonetheless a smashing tent.

The removable extension is a great idea and we used ours more without the extension but it was great to have if needed.

Our first outing was in pouring rain and lashing wind in the lake district and not a drop entered the tent. That's particularly impressive since it probably wasn't up quite right. Then we went to Croatia and the Bora hit, again the tent stayed in place where lesser tents failed.

A really well made tent! My only gripe is that it didn't come with any instructions at all so I never quite got it up right.
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By: AndyandSara  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

This was our second tent and it had done us proud.

It is slightly difficult to put up the first time due to the appalling instructions. However with the simple colour coding system and a modicum of common sense then it is a fairly simple procedure. (25mins is the quickest we've managed).

I would mention here that there is a small pole that goes across the top of the living area and it can be really fiddly to insert. The best way to manage this is to open the side of the tent and slide it along the sleeve, then extend the strop to it's longest length clip it together then tighten it as much as possible. The pole may well bow the wrong way (down) at this point just push it up and it will flick up to hold the living area roof in place. If this is not put up properly then you will get pooling of water when it rains. The best bit about this is the fact that the strop makes the best washing line or lantern hanger.

There are lots of windows making it light and airy and the fact that you can open both sides of the living area makes it easy to keep cool. The amount of zips on the doors is mind bogging but it lets you have a miriad of different ways to have the doors open. The mosquito netting on all the doors is very handy.

The porch area is exellent to store wet wellies and shoes without getting mud inside the tent.

The tent is so well made and water tight the only problem we have had during rainy days or nights is the condensation that forms on the windows which then dribbles down onto the floor but very easy to mop up and has never been an issue.

If we're going for a short trip then we only need to take the main part of the tent. But if we go for longer then the other bedroom makes a very large spare room.

The room in this tent makes it bearable if the rain is pouring down even with 4 adults and 2 children to be kept amused.

The only negative point is that the when the door is held out with poles to create an awning the water can pool on top as it slopes toward the tent and then runs down into the tent if the wind blows. I find this can be avoided by leaving out 1 piece in the poles when you peg them out so water runs off easily.

It has now done 3 seasons including 2 Isle of Wight festivals and through wind rain or shine it has never let us down.
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By: Travelbuggles  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We bought this tent as our first tent, its dance floor is spacious and the bedrooms are a good size. We found the tent a little awkward to put up but we have got used to it. We also found that the pole in the middle does very little and despite using the tent several times and asking other owners of the tent we cant really work out its purpose or how its used. We found that water pools in the centre and the seam does leak, from what we've seen this seems to be a flaw with the tents design. We love our Coleman but are upgrading to an Outwell Tennessee 5 this year. The Coleman is light and airy, it does get a little hot during the day and is bright in the morning, make sure you have your eye mask! We stayed comfortably in this tent with 4 adults! I would recommend this tent!
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By: Alanfish27  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

I really like this tent. It has withstood a bashing by the rain and wind and never let me down. It is a pain to put up and takes up loads of room so pre warn campsite owners when booking. Once up its a cracking and has loads of room for me, missus and 2 kids. If you can find one for less than £150 I don't think you would get a better tent.
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By: Ronh  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

I bought this tent at a good price and overall I'm impressed with the design and flexibility - what really makes it for me is the HEIGHT, I'm only 5 ft 10 inches but hate it when I have to walk around like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Plenty of room, maybe a bit awkward to erect but most tents with bendy poles are as far as I can tell.

The thing which really bugs me however is that the inner ceiling pole in the living area just does not do its job - in rain or wind it will NOT stay in the domed position. No matter how much I tension the strap it persists in becoming an inverted dome ( not particularly helpful as pools of water gather in the dip ) I have contacted Colemans and the local seller (Somerset Caravans and Leisure) neither of whom could suggest a solution. In my view this is a pretty basic design flaw and my dealings with Colemans in UK was far from helpful. This is the main reason for the poor mark. Would be really grateful if anyone has found a solution to this issue.
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By: BobCat70  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

I purchased the Modulas X7 as a 'long stay' tent and also as I'd outgrown my Phad X3, or rather my knees had. On it's first outing the weather changed from beautifully warm sunshine to heavy rain and gale force winds. The X7 stood up to the winds admirably, however it didn't keep out the water. There were leaks on two of the living room corner windows and one on the ridge. This could have been due to my relatively novice and over zealous pegging and the change in temperature, or simply poor construction, non the less it leaked.

The size and quantity of windows throughout, added with the grey/silver material of the tent makes for a very 'airy' unit. Dont be expecting lazy mornings in bed, though it does have it's advantages as the evening draws in.

The mesh on both the very large doors is more than welcome, keeping out the bugs and adding to the outdoors/indoors feel. The king poles provided convert one door into a useful sun canopy, though why a 2nd further set is not included I do not know?

The ability to zip up the base of the doors keeps the drafts out when closed, yet when open, the lip of the sig can be pegged down flat. Avoiding trip hazards for the young and the slightly tipsy ;)

A reasonable amount of useful storage pockets can be found within the living space and sleeping pods. There is also an ehu entry point beside the front door. I say 'front door' as this is the one with the side curtains. Little protection they give. The attached door mat helps keep out some of the mud/wet etc though.

The central living area is very high and the walls give optimum space to the users. Regarding the ridge pole that gives the domed roof, this must be fixed very tautly by the strap to maintain its position, otherwise it will drop down. Attaching any light etc to the hanging hook will have the same effect.

The bed pods are very spacious, as is the whole tent considering its footprint size. I've used a double queen sized raised airbed with still enough room for kit. When pitched, the toggles fixing the pods to the outer can cause the zips to be rather over stretched, however, a little fine tuning can alleviate this to a degree.

The red guys are not the most conspicuous of colour choice and are as good as invisible at night time. That said, there are lots of them so you shouldn't worry too much about being blown away. I've noticed newer models in Colemans range now have luminous guys ;)

As a single parent/lone camping I found this not to be the easiest of tents to erect in anything more than a slight breeze, with a few extra hands I doubt this would be a problem though. The storage bags could have used a little more generosity as packing away can be a bit of a squeeze.

The ability to be able to use the Modulas in full or part is a grat feature, allowing users flexibility on occupant numbers and pitch size as their needs require. A couple more guying points on the 'wall' side would have probably been handy if only taking the smaller option though.

A good tent let down by a lack of thought in a few points of it's design.I still like it though, even if it's no longer my first choice out of the loft
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By: Dobbs123  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Gixerboyz, glad to see you are enjoying the Coleman Mackenzie 8, she looks a beauty.

Just read your review of the Modulus x7 and looked at your photos (view looks lovely by the way). I noticed your roof pole was not dome shaped as it should be. No fault of yours as the instructions are extremely poor.

I found that I had to tighten the tensioning strap on the roof pole to get it to hold the correct position. Once tightened it did its job well.
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By: Gixerboyz  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

I had the Modulus X7, the instructions in the bag are appalling, so set it up before you go away.

The tent is airy with all the windows in the corners of the main area plus the main doors front and rear, also windows in each bedroom, room tidy included which is handy, plenty of ventilation around the tent (about five areas) mesh on the doors to keep the bugs out.

I gave it a low score because the extra bedroom needs to be zipped on otherwise it had a large flat side which blew in by three feet in the winds we had, with the extra bedroom on it provided better aerodynamics, but made it pointless to have a tent that could be used as a 3 or 7 man tent if you always used the extra bedroom against the winds.

The tent design is hooped on the bedroom ends and the two doorways, the weedy pole used across the roof allowed the water to gather in heavy rain and created a pool of water in the middle causing a leak on the seam, even tensioning the guy ropes all around made no difference.

It was commented that the tent looked like Amityville, the house on the hill??

Good tent, not the fastest to errect, good visibility and ventilation but compromises in the design for the wind and rain means I score it low.
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By: Dobbs123  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Just returned from 3 nights camping with my 5 year old daughter. The tent arrived one day later than expected so I didn't get to test pitch it as planned before leaving for a small break.

As said elsewhere the instructions were a joke but thankfully having read the Jug's review of the Modulus X5, pitching it was fairly easy on my own with my 5 year old handing out the pegs as I went along.

The first night we just pitched the main section of the tent and I was really impressed with the space and had no intention of erecting the other section however my daughter had different ideas. The extension went on with ease and added a handy playroom for her.

When I first erected the tent two other campers came over for a nosey and were sceptical about the shape of the tent.

It was reminiscent of the scene from 'An American Werewolf in London'.Don't go out on the moors. Or in this case it was more . You cant have a tent that shape.She'll never withstand the wind. I listened to their horror stories of tents they'd seen being destroyed by the wind on this site and admittedly was quite apprehensive.

The first day she withstood a heavy thunderstorm with ease and I relaxed.

Day two was pleasant, mostly sunshine and only one shower.

On the third day it was a different story. It rained from 1030 in the morning until 0230 the following morning and the wind was gusting up to 60 miles per hour (apparently, but it felt like more). It was a horrendous scene and unfortunately I had pitched the tent flankside into the wind so she was taking the full force of it's onslaught. I maintained a constant vigil on the pegs as the ground had become a quagmire and the pegs just weren't able to resist the strain they were under and were coming out in the strongest gusts. To be fair this was no fault of the pegs but was due to the fact the ground had become so waterlogged that during the strong gusts they were just ripped out of the ground, not just the pegs that is.Big lumps of earth as well.

I rectified this by purchasing some plastic 'x' cross section plastic pegs (dunno the correct name but they were cheap) nearby. Thankfully the tent was still standing when I returned. I cross pegged all the guy lines to give them extra support and thankfully this paid off in that only one came free during an exceptional gust at around midnight.

When the storm eventually ended (16 hours later!), my Coleman Modulus X7 was still standing!

I couldn't believe it. Throughout the day I'd seen 6 tents destroyed, including a Vango Tigris and unbelievably an Outwell Idaho (I'd thought they were the Rolls Royce of tents) as well as a couple of Halfords tents amongst some others. Numerous families fled the site.

In the morning the site, which had been full, was almost empty and I discovered a further three tents ditched at the bins beside us and noticed people were scavenging guy lines, poles, even airbeds discarded at the bins at the top end of the field.

I was really impressed the tent had made it through this storm and was still standing, especially after seeing the destruction caused elsewhere. I only had a bit of spray coming in where the dome pole in the centre section had been rubbing against the flysheet during the really strong gusts and there were a few drops of water on the table in the morning.I intend to reproof this section of the tent and feel it was no fault of the manufacturer that there was a very slight leakage here. It was caused by the extreme weather and pegs coming free resulting in the pole rubbing against the flysheet.

This is not an aerodynamic tent. It is not streamlined. In fact it can trap the wind very easily depending on the wind direction.I definitely cannot say I wasn't apprehensive, or maybe scared would be a better word.And I don't believe I'm scared that easily being an ex soldier and currently a firefighter.

This tent to be honest amazed me and I am a fairly experienced camper. Cubs, Scouts, Venture Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh, 11 months camping on the Continent (not all at once), local Mountain Rescue team member, plus local camping on numerous occasions.

Ironically after the storm subsided, I suffered a cracked pole caused by a group of drunken teenagers staying on the camp site who at 0330 decided it was funny to run and trip on every guy line down one side of the tent.

Apparently it had amused them watching me out checking the pegs by torch light during the storm.

An excellent tent, and I highly recommend it!

I only gave it a nine out of ten because of the poor instructions.
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By: Morphoolu  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

This is a good tent for size, living area and weather resistance. Ours has instructions on a flap that is stitched into the (large) bag that the main tent is carried in - they're OK and once you've put it up a couple of times you get into the routine. It takes a lot of space so you need a big pitch area for it. The bedrooms have an inner tent that tends to hang down near the floor so that reduces the space to a degree but there's still plenty of room. We have a double airbed in each and there's probably enough space for nearly another double one to go in next to each one in each bedroom.

The zip on second bedroom is good - it's easy to sort out in the rain etc and comes in its own zip off carry bag so you can easily take or leave it, as required.

Currently looking for a decent canopy to go with it and have been a bit disappointed that Coleman haven't produced one in the same way as Vango / Sprayway etc have.

We paid £180 for ours after reading the review above this one and it's a good price for a good tent.
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11 User Reviews of the Modulus X7 - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

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Manufacturer's Description

A tent that can grow with a family or their requirements. The modular bedroom offers great flexibility with the option of 3 up to 7 person configurations. Extra head height from the pre-bent cathedral style poles makes the interior more spacious. Convenient modular carry bag that adapts to suit your tent modular requirements.

• Flysheet fabric: Polyester, 6 000 mm PU coated, taped seams
• Inner tent fabric: Polyester breathable and no-see-um mesh
• Inner room groundsheet: PE 110 g/m², welded
• Living area groundsheet: PE 140 g/m², welded fully integrated
• Poles: Wrapflex™
• Carry bag type: Modular carry bag
• Carry bag dimensions: 75 x 50 x 39 cm
• Headroom: up to 240 cm
• Right side modular inner room can be removed by simply zipping it off
• Cool Air™ Port
• Entrance mat and wings
• 1 set of awning poles included

... there may be more info on their website

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