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Tent Reviews: Dometic / Kampa Bamburgh 6

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
34.50 KG
Fully Sewn-in
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7.38/10 from 8 reviews

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8 Reviews of the Bamburgh 6

By: Srawd  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

I bought this tent after much deliberation and shopping about and chose it because of the size and space in the living area and the porch. Initially I was very pleased with the tent but soon found the faults. The outer zip on the porch area was faulty (as we found out during a very heavy thunderstorm). The zip on the inner door was also very stiff but we managed to loosen this with lubricant. The tent leaked in most of the seams (albeit in quite wet weather). At the start of summer this year one of the poles broke and I found out that nowhere sells parts for this tent and I would have to purchase a full set of poles direct from Kampa -which were not a reasonable price! Luckily a friend mended the pole for us and we managed to get away for one last camping trip in August this year before some very strong winds destroyed the tent poles completely (apart from the mended one). We did hit some extremely windy weather and to be fair many of the tents on the site blew down. The problem with this tent is that the porch does not fully seal and there is no way of preventing wind whipping into the main tent (this also created an issue for our puppy who could escape very easily from the tent). The size and lay out of the tent is lovely but unfortunately the quality of the zips and the ill fitting 'bucket groundsheet' in the porch made this tent an absolute waste of money (only lasting five camping trips) and we are now looking for a more reliable tent and will definitely stick to well known, popular tents.
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By: Beal  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

We have used this tent only once so far but loved it. We have two young children and due another in July, this has a lovely sized living space to allow the kids room to play should the great British weather let you down. Which on one day it did.

We wanted a tent that would not take forever to put up but would give us the space and protection we needed with as little stress as possible. We practiced putting it up once prior to going on holiday and it took 2 of us 40 minutes (me pregnant) so obviously we were much faster second time around.

I can't say we had any huge issues with the tent, we were happy with the product. I would recommend getting carpet if you have young children, this is something we are going to get for heat and comfort.

Our first camping trip in a few years was a success and we can't wait to use this tent again soon.
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By: Surfinsaint  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Spent years convincing wife that camping was a great! Then bought Bamburgh 6 and almost lost the will to live!

We have now used it for about 14 nights in varying (British) weather, and to be honest it is now only really fit for the bin!

We are a family of 2 adults 3 kids and a big dog, who is only allowed into the front porch area, sometimes.

Both of the side insect-screen outer window zips have burst.

Leaks like a sieve on just about every seam.

Torn groundsheet.

Zip to living area pulls the flysheet so tight that it's like a drum skin, younger 2 children cannot manage to zip/unzip it.

Front door zipper is positioned and angled so low when the door is closed that you have to kneel on the floor to get to it, not great when the tent and floor is wet.

Bent pole.

And my biggest gripe is that Kampa have yet to reply to my email with pictures!
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By: Newnatjj  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Bought this tent as wanted to upgrade from our Hi Gear Kalahari 8 to a tent which had an integrated porch.

*Fantastic size living space; really light with the big windows & lots of room for our family of 2 adults, 2 kids (aged 13 & 10) plus our four legged friend (JRT). One of the main issues we had with the tent was that the sewn in groundsheet was only sewn in on three sides; the side which had the porch attached was a toggled groundsheet which let a lot of draughts through & incy wincies!

*2/3 bedrooms; supposedly sleeping six in total. We had to leave down the dividing curtain in the 'big' bedroom and it was a squeeze fitting three of us on airbeds in there. Our son slept in the double room, I doubt we would have fit another airbed in there too. Might be ok with campbeds though as they don't tend to be as bulky as the airbeds.

*We did find this tent much harder than our beloved Kalahari to put up. The frame's really heavy and we struggled to 'walk' the tent into position once the poles were in place. The pegs that came with the tent were not up to much neither!

*Though it did come with a few, we thought this tent lacked in storage pockets.

*Doors with zip up fly mesh

*Fit back into bags

During our pitching of this tent (stupidly was on a trip, didn't test pitch it first!)the material on both sides of the porch split. A number of the elasticated toggles split and we found it did not sit on the footprint properly (I'm still convinced it was not the right footprint for the tent though, however store assured us it was). Because of this and I wasn't entirely happy with the toggled side of the ground sheet and the sizes of the bedroom, we returned this tent and bought a Vango Maritsa 700.
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By: Chapar  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I would just like to add to my original review.

After doing a fair bit of camping this Summer and much of it in rain I would like to say just how well the tent held up. Having used seam sealant on the 4 spots I mentioned before the leaks were sorted.

Also I contacted Kampa about our sticky zips and their advice proved to be very useful and the problems have been resolved. So now we have our perfect tent and so I have upgraded my original rating from 8 to 10.
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By: PippinSWFC  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Having backpacked a huge amount when I was younger in a minimalist fashion, once married, I assumed this was over as the boss was dead set against the idea. However, several years later we were invited away and were lucky enough to borrow a friend's Outwell vermont XL. The Outwell is a vast tunnel tent which supposedly sleeps 6 and really enabled our family of 4 (me, the boss and 2 boys aged 10 and 7) to sleep comfortably and dry despite the weather due to its bathtub floor design. It also had a fully zippable porch for getting the kids out of their wet clothes before getting into the main tent. As a result of said weekend, I managed to persuade her ladyship to buy a tent and thus began researching in earnest…

To save you a lot of time, the reviewers choices seem to indicate that Outwell and Vango are the two prize contenders in the family tent market and I must say the Outwell was a great tent, even though the sleeping quarters don’t have the ‘lights out’ concept that Vango seem to offer in their tents. I spent hours on this website and others, measuring sleeping pod sizes and numerous claims that some tents had that others didn’t before settling on getting a Vango maritsa 600 or an Outwell Vermont. As I was researching prices and had decided on the Vango due to it’s ‘lights out’ bedrooms, I happened to come across an article about the kampa. It’s floorplan is surprisingly similar to the Vango with considerably larger windows, thus creating more light, also being blessed with a panoramic porch like that of the Outwell Delaware which in turn is better than the Outwell Vermont. Whilst it doesn’t have a ‘lights out’ system, the pods in the kampa are darker than the Outwell’s. Thus the best of all worlds…

To cut a long story short, we bought the kampa bamburgh 6 and once up (having only taken 20 minutes due to the colour coded pole / pin system) were amazed how similar it seems to be to the Vango but with more daylight. The front entry porch is large and doubles as both a cloakroom and a kitchen, with the entry door being able to be fully opened, enabling it to become a canopy like the Outwell concept – unfortunately the Outwell’s don’t seem to have the zipable front door. The kamba porch’s floor is a toggle-in groundsheet unlike the rest of the tent which is a bath tub design. This enables you to take this out and wash it separately. Nice, large windows with curtains etc which are affixed with the toggle design, but not as nice as the Outwell’s zipped windows. However, this pales into insignificance as an issue. 2 nice triangular ventilation windows.

In the main living room there are two massive doors, both of which have flyscreens and there are also 2 large windows creating loads of light. Without having used a Vango, I assume this would give a more pleasurable experience than the smaller windows, although it would have been better if the blinds closed up wards rather than downwards. The room itself is massive, with 1 cable entry point either side, two doors previously mentioned and the sleeping pods. The ceiling height is massive with a hook for a lantern and Velcro straps for cables. The groundsheet, whilst a bathtub design isn’t as convincing as the Outwell or the Vango even though it’s fully waterproof with a 4000 rating. Don’t get me wrong, it is fully waterproof but the other 2 designs are more convincing with no gaps up to 6 inches high whereas the kampa has a folded corner and as such has some gaps. The tent is more than suitable for a family of 4 or 5 – 6 would be a squeeze on a poor weather day and as you know, sleeping pods generally aren’t as big as you expect them to be for 6.

The sleeping pods are great for our 4 – good sizes, enabling us to put a double airbed in the smaller pod for the 2 children and our massive aerobed in the larger pod. One problem though – unbelievably, whilst you can remove the inner wall between the pods, you can’t completely open the larger pod’s entrance to have only one entry opening which seems a really silly design fault to me.

However, overall, the kampa is a brilliant tent, which holds its own against considerably more expensive tents in the Vango and the Outwells and for me is better value for money. It is remarkably similar in design to the maritsa 600 and I’m amazed they have got away with it to be honest. It’s also considerably better looking than the Outwell. With its 4000 rating, its fully waterproof and almost a home from home experience once the wardrobe, carpets etc are in situ. Overall a great tent with minor niggles – let’s face it, you’re always going to have at least one niggle with a tent…
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By: A reluctant camper!  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

This is the first tent we have bought (previously borrowed my sisters) and are so pleased with it. It was relatively easy to put up and apart from a little damp patch in the porch on one very wet/windy night stayed completely dry inside. Best feature is the porch where you sit and eat if the weather is a little inclement outside (and trust me, it's always inclement when we camp!). Really liked the colour coded poles that made it so much easier to put up and the sewn in ground sheet was fabulous (previously never had one!). Only slight downside is that of the two bedroom pods one is larger than the other and can comfortably fit a double camp bed in where the other one is smaller and was a struggle to fit it in there. The weather was bad at night, especially the wind but I was pleasantly surprised how well the tent survived! The living area is large and airy and was great that when it was too chilly to sit outside we could adjourn inside and all relax and play cards etc. Would really recommend this tent for a family of 4 - for me it ticks every box!
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By: Chapar  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

As there were no reviews on this tent when we were considering which one to buy I thought it best to review this tent once we got back from our first trip using it - which was over this Easter weekend.

We chose the Bamburgh 6 after a lot of thought as to what our ideal tent would be like. We wanted at least a 6 man tent (we are a family of 2 adults, and a 9 year old son). We wanted a decent sized living area with stand up height and a porch area , attached to the tent rather than a separate add-on, that would serve as a kitchen so that I wouldn't have to stand in the rain to cook - as I have done so often in the past 4/5 year of our camping adventures!

This tent ticks all of those boxes. Plus all the natural light you get when you open the 'curtains' and the fresh air when you fold back the doors either side of the living area will be a real bonus in the warm summer days whilst keeping those flying things the other side of the mesh screens!

The 2 access points for the EHU, 1 each side of the living area are useful too.

The sleeping pods are great for us with the helpful 4/2 split, with the provision of a divider for the 4 man pod if you want it. The pods were long enough for our 2 camp beds to fit (with the heads at the back of the tent) and the 2 doors were great meaning that each of us could get out of the pod without disturbing the other person by clambering over them.

Whilst the pods are great for 3 people, allowing the space designated for 2 people each, I think for more people they could be a bit snug - but to be fair I have never found a tent yet that could comfortably sleep the number of people they say they should unless you all sleep on a mat directly on the floor without airbeds & camp beds - which is why we insist on a minimum 6 man tent for 3 of us. We had sufficient space for our rucksacks with clothes and our sons pod easily accommodated his play things as well.

As we don't have a garden we pitched this tent for the first time on the camp site - so I was relieved that everything was in the bags.

Pitching was straight forward though I can't see one person doing this on their own - especially factoring in the widest point of the tent (in the middle of the living space).

We loosened the straps by the pegs for the poles and had no problem getting the poles attached to the pegs. The poles are colour co-ordinated to each other and the 'sleeves' on the tent which was very helpful. The guy lines are reasonable quality and there are 2 separate guy lines rather than one combined guy line at each point along the tent which I prefer as they are easier to tension. I used 1 peg for each pair of guy lines which worked very well. Hopefully that will make more sense when you pitch your Bamburgh!

There were plenty of guy lines around the tent so this took a little while for us to do - but this was the 1st time we'd pitched this tent. The pods went in easily and the carpet fit very well - we chose to buy the proper one for the tent given it's more unique shape.

The porch has a bath tub ground sheet rather than a sewn in one and the porch area rides a few inches off the ground. Once we worked out which way to put the bath tub sheet in it went in easily enough however I managed to position it so that one side of the bath tub was higher than the other. It may be this that caused the edges to flop over. However as we used the porch area primarily for a kitchen this was a huge improvement on cooking in the rain! The rain does come in through the gaps, depending on wind direction so bear this in mind if this matters to you - it didn't bother us.

The tent is well ventilated which I like but some might find it a bit draughty at times - so look at this before you buy in case this would cause you a problem.

So how does this tent hold up in the weather? fortunately the Easter weather threw wind & rain at us for quite a while, especially on the Monday. The wind didn't bother the tent at all - the steel legs and all those guy lines kept the tent very stable and we didn't worry about it at all. Passing showers were not a problem however the sustained heavy rain found a few weak points. The fly sheet itself was fine (it has a 4000mm HH). The weak points, and there were 4 of them in our tent, were the 'rings' for the toggles on the curtains in the main living area, specifically 1 on each seam (the middle ones) of the widest point of the tent and the same again on the seam by the sleeping pods. Closer inspection showed that though the seams were taped (as all the main seams are throughout the tent - and these were all fine) the point where these rings were attached had separated from the tape. I am sure that this will easily be dealt with by some seam sealant when we next pitch up (as by the time the tent dried out on the Tuesday we were packing up to come home).

The other issue with the tent was the stiffness & stickyness of the zips. This was particularly evident with the big doors that go across the tent. The design is great because you can open the tent right up - but zipping them back up again was difficult. With use this did improve - eventually and we used candle wax to help ease the zips along. We are still struggling with one of the doors on the side of the tent.

The fact that you can open the front of the porch right up was brilliant - I was sheltered enough when cooking and moved the cooker out a bit when doing the burgers & ribs which kept the smells out of the tent.

This tent offers all the flexibility & space we could wish for and we are really pleased with it.

I have marked it down for the leaks & zips as mentioned but otherwise, for us, this is the perfect tent.
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Manufacturer's Description

Looking for a family tent with plenty of living space? The Bamburgh 6 could be for you. The bedrooms, at the rear of the tent, open out into a very large hexagonal shaped living area – large enough for the six people the tent can sleep. The bedrooms are full height but the living area headroom is exceptional giving a feeling of space and airiness not often found in tents of this price range. The living space is complimented by the large front porch area – ideal for kicking your shoes off, for storage or just for relaxing in a chair. The front door of the porch can also be completely rolled back to create a protected sun canopy. The wall between the extension and the living area can also be rolled to one side to create one large open area. There are two large doors either side of the living area – one with a mesh screen to keep the bugs at bay. To complete this superb package, the Bamburgh 6 has a sewn in groundsheet and two cable entry points.
Key Features
• Weathershield® 4000mm hydrostatic head
• Strong, colour coded Dynasteel frame
• Sealed Groundsheet System (SGS)
• Two side doors, one with secondary mesh panels
• Large front porch
• Removable groundsheet for porch area
• Side vents- closable
• Large panoramic windows with interior blinds
• Organiser pockets in front of and inside inner tents
• Canopy pole set
• Lamp hanger with cable tidy system
• Cable entry point
Optional Extras
• Living area carpet
• Footprint
• Matching windbreak
Poles: Dynasteel 22/Fibreglass 127
Colour: Cucumber/Olive

Interior height: 230cm
Inner tent height: 200cm
Pole set weight: 19.5kg
Tent weight: 19.2kg
Poles pack: L80 x W20 x H20 cm
Tent pack: L75 x W36 x H36 cm

... there may be more info on their website

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