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Tent Reviews: Gelert Beyond Corvus 5 + 2

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7  (more 7 berth tents)
41.00 KG
Fully Sewn-in
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9.6/10 from 10 reviews

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10 Reviews of the Beyond Corvus 5 + 2

By: Inkpen  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Bought as an 'end of line' for £299 (sadly I hear that Gelert are no more & are now just a brand name of Sports Direct). This tent has the ideal layout for boy, girl & parents that we needed after our 5 year old Outwell Vermont XL (sadly & somewhat surprisingly, for £1000) bio-degraded & fell apart! This was a downsize and we've managed to fit in very comfortably. It doesn't seem nearly as well made as the Outwell, but it's good enough and now the kids are a bit older our mantra of 'be gentle, it's a tent' is beginning to hit home and maybe we'll get away with it for 3 or 4 seasons or maybe more - for the money, that will be good value. We bought a new footprint for £10 and a carpet for £45 - all end of line and it's cosy & home, now. Last trip out blew quit a gale & thunderstorm and the tent was solid & sound. We really like it now - though the cheapness helps! I wouldn't have paid £800 for it, but I am extremely pleased with what we got for £350. (Might get a 6+2 and store it for when this breaks!)
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By: Popsider  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

Great tent. Replaced our Cabanon Aruba with this just because we were struggling to fit the Cabanon in the car. Three good sized bedrooms and still plenty of room inside for our family of five. Easy to put up, we did it first time in the dark using car headlights, and take down.

Feels secure and whilst it was hotter inside than the Cabanon that's the trade off using a nylon tent rather than a heavy canvas one. Not that this is a lightweight, it has steel poles at the sides, but it is a good balance of strength and pack size/weight.

We didn't use the porch so were cooking outside - I suppose a built in porch would be nice for cooking but then you increase the tent footprint which we didn't want. Overall very pleased with this tent.
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By: Youlbury  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

The Corvus 5 + 2 is a very nice tent; it stands out from the usual Outwell/Vango majority and had a few compliments when we have pitched it twice.

The quality of materials are good and is well put together, the tent has some nice touches, three doors, small canopy to the side doors (both fly mesh) large windows , curtains, large sleeping pods, with the option to remove/add all three pods to however you want to configure the tent.

It is a big tent and relatively easy to pitch, however we have managed to have sloping pitches so far when camping with this tent and it takes a little time and patience to pitch it perfectly, obviously a lot easier on a flat pitch.

It has stood up to some very fast gusts of wind, gales and no problems with heavy rain, we have the front canopy again this needs someone to be precise when they pitch but it is a nice addition.

We managed to pick this 2011 blue version in June for £385.00 including footprint, front porch and spare inner tent and poles.So it should last a while.

Overall and excellent tent, obviously it needs the minimum of two to really pitch it; it would be rather indulgent for two let alone one.
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By: Abjam24  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

Just had a week in the tent and put up the side porch - wow I loved the porch. Easy to put up but could not manage to get it to grass level! It was about an inch off ground. Saying that no rain entered and it has loads of room for the kitchen stuff and also clothes cupboard, table, fridge and shoes / boots etc. This gave us loads of room in the tent. The porch has two zips - one to open as a door and the other one if you wish to have an open canopy. Choice is yours. I would have really liked the porch to have had a SIG as that is what I am used too - but that is just a minor niggle. Not sure if any porch has a SIG?

I cannot say enough good things about the tent and porch. It stood up well to thunder and lighting and horrendous downpours as well as hot sun in between. No draughts in the tent - my friend was well impressed and stayed an extra night! I think she is going to bin her tent at home and invest in a Corvus!

This tent and porch is king of the camp field in my eyes and also my friend's. Bags of room for 4 of us.
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By: Cleagarr  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Our first trip in our Gelert Corvus 5+2 was to West Sussex over the Jubilee weekend where we spent five nights (in seemingly all seasons!) at a horrendous site (see recent review) but where we loved being in this tent. We paid £200 for this tent in the deepest winter from Yeomans which is a massive £500 of the rrp; on Ebay currently it is selling for £399. The main reason we chose this tent was for the sewn in groundsheet, third bedroom and the ability to add a porch. We went for the SIG to help keep the cold/damp and birds out (from experience!) and to keep the kids in! The third bedroom is great for us now because it means our baby can have a room with her travel cot in and not disturb or be disturbed by the older two – later it will used so that our eldest can have a room of his own. The porch we wanted for cooking – the kids can be kept well away from any dangers.

So, purchase made (and justified because it was such a bargain!) mum, dad, three kids, the tent (with additional side porch) and a seemingly never-ending list of “essentials” all crammed themselves into the car and roof-box for the four hour drive to our destination.


When we test-pitched the tent in the garden we put all the cross beam (flexible) poles in place and then (from the back) put the steel leg poles in place. On reflection we felt that these poles being in place made the fabric too heavy so on arrival at the site we decided to complete each section fully at a time. So, the rear cross beam pole was pushed through and the legs added. Then we loosely pegged the guy ropes for the section to hold it upright. We then proceeded down the tent until we got to the front. We then stretched the sections out a firmed up the pegging. It is worth closing the doors before you do this in my view so that you get a good sense of how ‘stretched’ it all needs to be.

Pitching the porch was quite difficult. As you will see from the photos there was a large(ish) gap between the porch and main tent. This could have been done better but will never be a tight fit so be careful with this. We found that the rain ran off the main tent and onto the floor in the porch – you need to make sure that you “lip up” the groundsheet in the porch so that the rain slips underneath. Erecting the porch was the only time I became “tent-erecting stressed”! I’m thinking it might be worthwhile stretching the porch over the tent before putting it up next time. Not sure; when we’ve been to France in the summer I’ll update everyone!

From getting out of the car to being pretty much finished (beds up and me taking photos!) took about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Striking the tent:

Really simple. Just make sure you fold it widthways first and make sure you get all the air out it!


This is a fantastic tent to live in. The bedroom compartments are big – we have a huge airbed and yet there was still space to move in the room. The two older kids had loads of space for their readybeds and toys so they did not need to get out of their room to play – they could also be banished back to it when necessary! The third room is equally big and held the (large) travel cot and all our clothes. The living area was large enough to have big folding chairs, chairs for the kids and rugs to sit on. We also had a fairly large cupboard unit in this space and did not feel hemmed in.

It was a real benefit of getting the porch that we did not have to have the stove and cooking stuff in the living area. We felt safer and a lot less cluttered than otherwise. The porch was more than big enough for the stove, kitchen unit, a couple of chairs, another unit and the fridge (we take a domestic table-top fridge).


I have to say that for us, a family of five with three young children, this is the perfect tent. It gives us great space and flexibility in terms of the rooms and porch and feels safe and comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend this tent to anyone!
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By: Abjam24  Reason: Other  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Just a note about my first review below. The Corvus 5+2 Porch that I purchased from Pricepounder and what is also on Ebay at this present time is a SIDE porch and not a FRONT porch as I was led to believe.

This is a great relief, as I could not fathom out how to attach the porch on the front! However, I do not have enough width in my garden for me to have tried attaching it at the side. Will have to wait to go camping and try it. I will post piccies when erected.
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By: Abjam24  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

This tent has a WOW factor attached to it. Bought in April 12 at Pricepounder for £299 + VAT + end porch (still some left) or you could buy it on Ebay at this time for £395 plus free delivery) and which also includes the end porch. We pitched it last night in the garden (see piccie just uploaded) and it was easy to put up - as other reviews states - start at one end and work your way forward/backwards.

We only put up the 2 bedrooms so the living area is HUGE. Loads of large windows make you feel that you are living in an extra large conservatory at home. All curtains goes into their own pockets. This is great for those sunny days (last seen in March 12) as you can put the curtains up where the sun shines in)! As previously stated, there is no netting over the front door, but if you put the porch on, there would be no problem. You could always shut that door on an evening and use one of the 2 side doors which does have netting.

I bought the footprint and I use the Rock 4 carpet for the 2-bedroom and a Gobi 4 carpet for the 3-bedroom. Both are slightly too big but I just fold over at one side. For the living room carpet I use the Sahara 6 which is a good fit, but being octagonal you have 4 corners not covered which we don't see as a problem, we use a mat for shoes etc.

I had to stand on a chair to get the bedrooms up (only 5' 1') so am going to leave them up and pray that it all goes back in the bag! Six footers out there would not have a problem!

This tent is draughtproof which is a plus especially last night when it howled a gale but the Corvus stood the test. This morning it absolutely poured down and not a drop of water entered the tent so 10 out of 10 for that.

All in all, it is a great big tunnel tent which is easy to pitch, has a vast living area, loads of big windows and has the added bonus of steel rods (as opposed to fibreglass) giving it a solid and more expensive look than it is.

Going away with it next weekend and site willing, may even put the porch on, though for 3 of us we don't really need the extra space.

This monster comes in 3 bags, Tent, porch,rods and bedrooms. The rod bag is very heavy so you need your car next to your pitch.

I recommend this tent and you will not be disappointed. It is fantastic value for money.
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By: Granlands  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

I bought this tent in August this year. I first saw this tent on display at Winfields and fell in love with it. It gave us the best layout with the main bedroom for me and the wife and the one next to it for 2 kids, with the oldest one having her own space in the separate bedroom at the side.

The first time we tried to put it up we had a real job on our hands. We have found the best way is to start from the back (where the bedrooms are) and peg the corners down loosely. Then thread all the roof poles through whilst the tent is flat. Then starting from the back start putting the steel poles up. We one roof pole at a time, putting the steel pole up at one side, and then the other. We found it really helps to pull the roof of the tent over the corner / bend of the steel pole, whilst locating that particular pole into the ring and pin (if that makes sense), then pulling the tent roof over the bend / corner of the steel pole on the other side, when putting that steel pole in the ring and pin. We found that once the first two steel poles are up, we just peg a couple of the guy ropes out at the back of the tent to keep the poles upright. We then continue doing this until all the poles are in and up, and then peg the tent and guy ropes out. It took us over an hour the first time to put it up, but now we can do it in about 40 mins.

Putting it back down is pretty easy, but we have found that to get it in the bag it really does help to get the kids to roll over it in order to get most of the air out !

Most of the doors have fly screens, except the main front door does not for some reason (we did not really use this door) - a bit strange really. Also we were a bit disappointed that there is only one EHU access point on one side of the tent, which can make it difficult depending on the position and how far your tent is from the electric point (ours only just reached).

Other than that we really like the tent. We have the footprint and carpet and there is loads of room for our family of 5. We are going to get the porch next year, so that we can cook in there if the weather is not so good.

Just one point, it does say there is a zipped central bedroom divider, but there is not on this tent. There are three separate bedroom pods all together - a 3 man pod, 2 man pod (these are at the back of the tent) and a 2 man pod at the side.

We can't wait to get out in our tent again next year !
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By: Muffel  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Wife and kids absolutely love this tent. I wanted to buy a Beyond Meridian 8 but this was pitched next door in the showroom and they fell in love with it. Three visits later I gave in and bought it along with the footprint groundsheet, fitted carpet and the side porch. The showroom display had the end porch but my wife was of the opinion that this would leave the living quarters exposed to anyone looking in. This is something I have seen on many Outwell tent designs (and others) which people address by using matching windbreaks. Because of this we opted for a side porch which we had to order off the web as none were in stock. Most sellers on the web were out of the blue one as well but we did manage to get one in time for our first trip out.

We followed the instructions that have previously been written on this site for the Corvus 6+2 and they were very good indeed - much better than the sewn-in diagrams in the tent bags - come on Gelert, this is easy to address! Did not experience the problems mentioned with the groundsheet lifting to any great degree but there was a bit in strong winds but, in my opinion, nothing out of the ordinary.

The tent pitched easily (if a little slowly as I was continually referring back to the instructions!), but at the end of the exercise it was up and weathertight, however, I was not that happy with the result. The top fibreglass section of the poles which goes across the roof, when guyed securely, bends a little in the horizontal away from the vertical steel side poles, making the tent roof look a little skew if looked on critically. This also caused the roof curve to be a little uneven leading to small areas of pooling on the fabric in heavy rain. There was also small beads of water coming through the zip arrangement on one of the side doors - the one that zips sideways - again during heavy rain. These complaints are fairly minor though.

The biggest disappointment was the side porch. This did not fit snugly onto the side of the tent at all and, unless I am doing something VERY wrong, I am unsure of how this accessory ever will as the sides of the tent are straight and the tent-facing edge of the porch is curved. If you place the first set of poles for the porch directly adjacent to the main body of the tent and then pull the canopy sheet over and tie down, the gap between the body of the tent and the porch is up to a foot and there is no way of making this weathertight unless you buy extra fabric and sew it on. Unfortunately this was the only part of the package we did not see in the shop so I guess it's a case of caveat emptor.

The tent itself is fantastic and is really spacious. The three independently hung bedrooms were key to the buying decision and led to us (my daughters mainly) rejecting the Meridian 8 and Horizon 8. Also it does not look too big on the campsite (6m X 4m) so you will easily get away with one pitch. If you add the end porch (an extra 3m) it will look enormous and you will be unlikely to get away with only paying for a single pitch.

All in all I would recommend this tent but I do have reservations about both porches - that said I will buy an end porch next year and give it a whirl :-)
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By: Steve@tracey  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Upgraded to this tent from the osprey 8 and found it to be amazing, if your looking for comfort and an easy pitch this is the tent for you,my son and myself pitched the tent in around 25 mins, its spacious and warm and also very sturdy and great value for money even though it cost us £550. It really is worth every penny and we don't regret it.Cant wait for next trip out in it.
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Manufacturer's Description

Fully sewn in groundsheet
Integrated front canopy
Strong adjustable webbing straps for increased stability
Brow pole for increased weather protection over side doors
Mesh panels on all external doors
Large side windows
Side entrance with wet storage area
Zipped central bedroom divider
Extra large carry bag for easy packing
Strong pegs for key guying points
Coordinated bedrooms and curtains

Colour: Vibrant Blue/Steel Grey/Anthracite Fluorite Green/Steel Grey/Anthracite
Fabric: Outer: 190T Polyester with waterproof PU coating
Inner: 190T Breathable Polyester
Groundsheet: Polyethylene
Dimensions: Outer: L 620 x W 400 x H 220cm
Inner: L 220 x W 150 x H 210cm x 2 bedroom L 220 x W 200 x H 210cm x 1 bedroom
HH: 5000mm
Weight: Outer 15.65Kg
Inner and Accessories 26.2Kg
Pack Size: Outer 73 x 34 x 34cm
Inner and Accessories 73 x 33 x 29cm
Poles: 10 x 19mm Steel poles and 5 x 12.7mm Fibreglass
Brow poles: 2 x 8.5mm Fibreglass poles
Pitch: Outer first
Taped Seams: Yes
No. of people: 7

... there may be more info on their website

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