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Tent Reviews: Gelert Beyond Corvus 6 + 2

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8  (more 8 berth tents)
24.60 KG
Fully Sewn-in
Fly first
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9.27/10 from 26 reviews

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26 Reviews of the Beyond Corvus 6 + 2         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3  

By: Kelley32  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

I haven't really got anything bad to say about this tent, we searched high and low for a tent to fit us all as a family in 2009. We are a blended family, my partner has 3 girls from a previous relationship and I have 2 children plus we have a son together. The space in this tent is unreal and fits us all without feeling cramped.

We have the porch, footprint and carpet as well and it really feels like a home from home.

Although most of the kids are grown up now, 25, 21,19, 16, 7 and 5 there is plenty of room for the little ones to play if its raining.

It takes a while to put up at first especially when you have kids complaining around you, can get pretty stressful but once you have the hang of it, it takes around 45 mins - 60 mins to put the tent up and hang the bedrooms.

It withstands most weather, we have camped in high winds, thunder storms, torrential downpours and red hot sunshine with no problems whatsoever.

The only problem we have had in 6 yrs is the big door at the front, the clear plastic came away from the stitching whilst we was camping but a bit of duct tape remedied it till we got home and got it fixed. Had it fixed but it did it again last year so have had to get it done again. Not a big or expensive fix, just a bit of a pain.

I have no issue with this tent and would gladly recommend it to anyone
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By: Lynsey86  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

I have just got back from a week away in Dorset this was the first time we had used this tent, it was harder to put up then our last tent ( nemesis 8) but this is a lot bigger , we had plenty of room there was 7 of us but would be fine with 8, we brought a hi-gear porch as couldn't fined the gelert porch but it fit ok we tied the ropes to the back of the tent as they was a bit to short so we are planing on buying more rope to extend them , the porch made this tent massive we only went for a week because when we went in the old tent we had after a week and I would be ready for home but this new tent was so nice we are going to book for longer next time I could easily live in this tent for 14 days. I loved the fact me my husband and two young children had one big pod to sleep in as I like to keep a eye on them. The last night we was hit with 20 MPA winds and the tent stood strong . The space in this tent is just so unbelievable plenty of room if it had rained. I would defiantly recommend this tent .
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By: Mdbrierley  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

We bought this tent last year as we are aiming to holiday in the UK much more and wanted enough space that we would be comfortable staying for more than just a weekend. SPACE we got! This tent is HUGE! It would easily fit my Renault Clio in twice if the bedrooms weren't up!

The space inside means that when the rain comes down, you can happily sit inside without feeling cramped.

I do just have one criticism however and this is why I have given 9 out of 10 instead of full marks. There are absalutely no instructions whatsoever apart from a very brief diagram of the tent. It does take some effort on your first attempt to learn how to get it up without taking an entire day! It took us around an hour and a half for the two of us to put it up first time around, we have now got this down to about 45 mintutes (interior included). All of the metal poles are exactly the same size so there is obviously no need for colour coding and where to put each pole is quite clear. The logistics of getting the thing off the ground is the challenge! Having said all of this however, the time spent putting it up is definitely worth it.

I can understand why the size of the tent might cause problems on busy weekends and holidays however. One camp site owner described it as 'one of those aircraft hanger sized tents' as it does take up a lot of room. You will more than likely need to pay a small supplement (usually about 2 per night) due to this.

There are 4 bedrooms that can be put up, two of which can combine to make one master bedroom by zipping apart the divider. All of the bedroom entrances have the option of zipping only the breathable netting up to let a breeze in if its really hot. Once all of the bedrooms are up, there is still enough space to fit in a full set of table and chairs.

We don't have either of the extensions yet as we don't feel that we require them at this stage, but we will definitely be looking into it.

There is a zip on one side of the tent that allows you to run a cable though, this came in handy for us when we used our electric hook-up to hang a light on the hook at the top of the tent in the centre. When we don't have this, we just hang a small battery powered lamp from the hook instead.

The tent has three possible entrances, two in the side and one larger door in the front of the tent. When it is really hot, leaving these open really helps to cool the tent down. You also have the option of leaving just the netting part of the door zipped up which lets a breeze in too.

All of the windows have a sheet that can be pulled up and togged on which is good if you want a bit of privacy etc. They also have vents above each which you open from the outside that are good for letting extra air in.

We have been quite lucky on most of our recent trips but have also seen the odd bit of wind and rain and it has not given us any problems.

I will be heading out with it again this August bank holiday. I really look forward to going out each time as it is such a fantastic tent and this time is no exception. We are heading out as a group of 10 family and friends with two tents and I'm sure mine will be the envy of all!
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By: Eowyn  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Bought this tent last year as we were looking for a HUGE family tent at a bargain price. Used it for the first time last weekend, and let's just say we made the right choice!

We paid 250 from an ebay seller for the tent, footprint and carpet, then another 79.99 on amazon for the front porch extension. So in all 330 for a package that would have had an RRP of around 1500. At that price, we could hardly say no!

We practised putting it up in the garden a couple of times prior to the trip, and are very glad we did. It took well over an hour the first time, but we can now have it all set up, including the bedrooms, in 40 mins ~(and without too many arguments!).

This really is a home from home. We used a single bedroom for both kids, unzipped the partition to make a 3 metre wide master bedroom, and used the fourth bedroom as a storage / dressing room. We are very glad we bought the porch as well, as it gives fantastic 'outdoor' space, which we used a kitchen, and as a dining room when the rain poured down! We very happily sat four people round the table in there. It's a huge porch.

And rain it did! We were caught in a torrential downpour in the New Forest, and there was no leaking anywhere. In fact, the tent was pretty much tested to the limit when it came to waterproofing. No complaints at all.

The other night was very humid and sticky, so we slept with the doors unzipped and just the mosquito nets in place. This let a nice breeze through and we were very glad to have them.

Having the carpet was a real bonus - it's really quite cavernous inside and this made all the difference.

We are off again for a much longer holiday later in the summer, and absolutely can't wait to use this tent again. If anyone is hesitating about it, please don't - it really is fantastic.
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By: Sulphurman  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Got the tent, then got a footprint & carpet from the older (smaller) model, but it still fits ok and is perfectly useable as such. Got the front porch, got the side porch.

You'll need a larger pitch to get this all on as it's a bit of a whopper! Also the front porch needs to be carefully attached to the main tent so it doesn't disconnect in the wind. Once you've sussed it though, it's great.

There is so much room in this tent. We have a 6' table and a pair of benches that go in comfortably and no one feels crowded. If you don't pitch the optional front bedroom you could could probably hold a music festival in there!

I found the quality very good, with just a couple of small misses on the taped seams that let a small drip in - DIY fixable.

There are some really nice design touches, such as the vents above the windows that do a great job when needed and can be shut when not.

The optional porches are great for keeping the main tent clutter-free. We use one as an entrance and one as a kitchen.
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By: Kavywavy  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

We bought this tent in 2012.I'd researched so many different tents on the Internet and this one kept catching my eye.

We've had one 10day holiday in our Corvus and I must say we loved it(and so did other campers!) we also got the footprint and carpet which I'd recommend the footprint kept the sewn in groundsheet clean so we didn't have to clean that off and the carpet kept the warmth in a little more and made it feel very homely.

The only reason this tent wasn't given a ten star rating is because ours had 2 minor faults these luckily was nothing major but when I pay a pretty penny out on something I want it to be perfect.

Thankfully we didn't get a lot of rain but the one afternoon we did get a sharp shower and the tent kept all the water out.

So for anyone looking for a new tent and likes the tunnel tent style it's a must.
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By: TinanGed  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

We have been camping for over 40 years and have owned many tents but this is the best one we have ever found - we love it.

We camp with two teenagers and two dogs and there is plenty of space. We have the biggest bedroom for me and hubby and there is room in there for a double bed and walk around space on all sides, a large dog crate and all my clothes in bags lined up at one end. (Oh and his small bag of stuff fits in there as well!) The kids have a bedroom each and they take loads of teenage essentials along with them - this has included a TV and X box and often includes a couple of mates but they never complain they are short on space. We are a tall family and like that we can stand up in the bedroom spaces. In the living area we set up our kitchen and have another large dog crate, six to eight chairs and a table. With the wet summer we have had this large space has been great and we have entertained friends on many sites.

The tent is easy to pitch and we usually get it up quickly - even in wind on occasion. We have not had any problems with it not coping with bad weather and we have camped in heavy rain and snow and our last camp there were 45 mph winds but we had no issues.

We have the optional carpet which gives a great luxury feel and adds to the warmth, I would recommend this as an addition.

The three doors mean it is well ventilated - a must on sunny days. There are also window vents which close with velcro for cold or windy days. Closing them does seem to help heat inside up quicker on cool evenings.

There is a zipped hole for elec hook up cables on both sides of the tent which means it is more flexible than those tents that only have one opening for cables.

I love this tent and will carry on using it for years to come.
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By: Nippery Slipple  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

Brought a 6 + 2 to replace my old faithful (Outwell Indiana 8), basically because they were internally very similar.

Pitching was very easy, it took 2 of us 35mins (For a first time pitch I thought was excellent, though previous pitching of the Indiana was a great help)

The internal layout was great, you can put up what inner you want depending how you feel(we always put up all of them - the 4 for me and the OH, the rear 2 for junior and the front 2 for the bags & clothes)

Nice detailing on the curtains and inner tent material.

Doors on 3 sides.

SIG excellent, with lift up velcro covers for inner tent pegging points.

So far we have had 1 night of wind and heavy rain, & it stood upto it no problem.

Can't really fault it, although an included front canopy would be nice.
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By: Caegarw campers  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

After browsing the internet for endless hours viewing all styles of tents we decided to visit our local store ABC Camping in Swansea to see our shortlist first hand in their display area. The shortlist was quickly ripped up when I set eyes on the Gelert Corvus 6 + 2.

Wow! What a tent. I purchased it there and then and prayed for a dry weekend.

The tent itself is easier than it appears to erect and does have to be erected in a certain order. Other comments on this site explaining the sequence are spot on, so many thanks for the advice.

Basically this tent is a home from home due to its quality and size. I have twins and there is so much space for them to play inside if the weather is not so good. The detail and finish are amazing and I wouldnt want to spend another night under the stars in anything else than this tent.

I would recommend this tent to anyone that would listen to me.
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By: Jeanette 67  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

We love our tent .We bought it last year, we had a Vango. We bought this as we needed a big tent. 2 adults and 3 children all growing! we have been in it tons and love it! it is every thing you can ask for. Sturdy, waterproof, easy to erect and get back in the bag! The ground sheet sewn in is the best thing to have keeps warmth in and bugs out! am looking to purchase the side porch! for cooking and shoes.

Above all great tent that will last a while and get tons of fun out of! bring on Aug bank holiday!
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26 User Reviews of the Beyond Corvus 6 + 2 - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3  

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Manufacturer's Description

The Corvus 6+2 offers the optimum in comfort and living space. With the option of an additional side bedroom this model offers choice and versatility to the user. Due to the large front and side windows, light freely enters the tent whilst the small canopies over the side doors provide additional protection from the elements.

Specifications :
flysheet fabric: Polyester with waterproof PU Coating.
Inner fabric : Breathable Polyester.
Groundsheet : durable polyethylene
Hydrostatic Head : 5000mm
Poles: 10 x 19mm steel poles & 5 x 12.7mm fibreglass poles 2 x 16 mm steel porch poles.
Weight : outer 14.7kg
inner 24.6kg
Pack size : Outer : 75 x 43 x 33 cm
Colour : Vibrant blue, Steel grey and Anthracite
Pitching style : Outer First

Features :

* Electric cable zip access point
* Packed in large carry bag for convenience and portability
* Sewn-in inner tent groundsheet prevents unwanted drafts and bugs
* Living area windows
* Large inner tent and additional removeable second bedroom
* Pre-attached guying system
* Hanging tent storage pockets
* Two door entrance options
* Multi ventilation options
* Tent accessory pack included

... there may be more info on their website

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