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Tent Reviews: Gelert Zenith 8

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8  (more 8 berth tents)
48.00 KG
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9.73/10 from 15 reviews

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15 Reviews of the Zenith 8         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Petrag  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

A little late to this tent as it was bought by me 2 years ago ! I endorse all the previous excellent reviews as we've now used the tent on 6 occasions

When I say 'we' I mean myself ( 65 ) my daughter and grandson plus occasional visitors

We have the erecting down to a fine art now, once we have the 3 main poles located my daughter stands inside on steps and lifts the dome while I run round and pin the poles, I'm 5' 4' and my daughter roughly the same and we manage this well

The tent withstands the strongest winds and is totally waterproof unlike my smaller tunnel tent which bends every where in the wind

If I ask my daughter which tent shall we take she looks at me as if I've gone mad, no question, it's the Zenith !
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By: Pwal1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Skip this first bit if you just want to get to the pros and cons at the end.

The reason I went for the Zenith 8 was that my previous cheap as chips tent was crippled on a windy August bank holiday at cadwell park so I vowed to get myself a decent tent with a SIG and room to stand up in.

Spotted this on ebay and won it. The first thing you notice is the weight and number of bags for this tent, three in all, the poles being the heaviest, but its a big tent so was expected really.

Pitching the tent for the first time was not as bad as I thought it would be after reading the comments on here of how best to do this.

As many have said you really need three people to get the dome up, one to go into the tent and hold the roof up while the other two bend and pin down the poles.

Once this is up its an easy task of putting the rest of the poles into their colour coded places, simple.

The whole lot can easily be done in under an hour.

The living space is huge and due to its shape is very sturdy in windy and rainy conditions.

The bedroom pods easily eat up a double airbed or two singles with room to spare, also have fitted a double camp bed in one before.

There are many features with this tent that I had never seen before, like the cup holders and hanging storage places for shoes on entry etc.

There are of course a couple of little things that could be improved upon, a lot of the windows and air vents can only be adjusted from the outside, which can be a bit of a pain as its a long walk round to do them all. And the front doorway could really do with a canopy, you can purchase one but I don't think they make them anymore.

So to summarise


Easier to pitch than you would think, and packs away easy due to large bags

Very stable in wind and rain

Loads of room, great for a groups of people going away together.


don't think they make this anymore so getting hold of spare parts or canopy maybe a little difficult.

Packs away into 3 large bags so will need space to store and big enough boot to use this tent.

Most of the windows require opening from the outside.

All in all though an absolutely great tent which I highly recommend. Other tents have come and gone whilst I have owned this but the Zenith 8 is a definite keeper

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By: Julesybabes70  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Have had this tent for about 3 years now. Used it solely in Festivals where it was without a shadow of a doubt the largest single tent in the place.

I have to agree with all the reviews above regarding the positives:

4 large bedrooms (big enough for a full double bed sized inflatable mattress) so big enough for most needs

Huge central area (easily big enough for all eat in and store equipment)

Very robust material and poles

Clearly colour coded poles and holes to set up tent

Sewn in groundsheet which goes up the wall a few inches so you a) avoid rainwater coming in from ground level b) avoid quite a few bugs too

A few handy cup/magazine/torch/phone etc holder accessories just to keep things easily to hand

Dedicated power inlet hole


Its a minimum 2 person job to set up

Its a real challenge to get back into the bags, very very tight (remember air is your enemy)

The poles weigh a lot and the handle on the bag is really rough on your hands(get a trolley ideally)

Difficult to find tent carpet now in 2012

The porch bit is tiny and more of an afterthought than anything else. (get a gazebo or similar)

Overall very happy with my purchase and use of the tent. Note that its exactly the same tent at the Hi Gear Sahara 8 and slightly smaller than the Outwell Hartford XXL. The Hartford definitely has a nicer porch part.
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By: Madscot66  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

Used this tent twice last year(2010)must admit it is huge and very sturdy. A must is the carpet great under feet also foot print to protect tent from mud and stones.The front extension is also a must as this is great to cook under when weather turns . When putting main dome up it is essential to take your time and not rush as accidents can happen it may be difficult but well worth it. This space is massive and the head room is enormous . The bed pods are also massive and with four rooms, wee can keep one as store. Colour change from 2009 is better and they also added a roof window in central dome which is nice.All in all a great tent and a must for family's. Can't wait to get back out. Well worth the money
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By: Larahausp  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

I have just came back from 5 nights in Cornwall, this is he first time we had used our new zenith 8.

This tent is by far the best we have ever had we had a very bad night of rain but the tent never leaked and was very sturdy.

The overall tent size is huge, once the dome is up(which is not to bad) the rest of tent is a breeze, it took us about 1 hour, its the pegging out and guy lines which take the longest.

The only problem which I dislike about the tent was the doors and the windows which open from outside, I think the door on the older model was different.

I would highly recommend this tent the pods are big enough for 3 and we used the 4th pod for storage and wardrobe. I would say this is equal to the outwell hartford xxl if not better.
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By: Doreachiever  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We have had 3 trips now in our Gelert 8 tent, and absolutely love it.

We decided to upgrade since our 2 kids are now growing up, and we needed extra space. We did no research at all, but went looking at out local tent outlet. As soon as I walked into one of these that was erected on display, I thought it was just what we were looking for. There was around 30 tents erected, so plenty of choice, but the Gelert 8 had everything, and more.

As long term campers, we really knew what we were looking for.

The living space in the tent is superb. Table, chairs and all the shopping disappear into the space.It's like being at home.

In hot weather, we opened all the windows and both doors, leaving the bug nets closed, and we had ample breeze flowing through the tent to keep us in comfort.

We found the cup holders excellent for the lads, making sure there was no drinks spilled, and on entering the tent, we took off our shoes and left them in the shoe holders on the side of the tent, which meant that even on rainy days, the inside of the tent remained immaculate. I am over 6 feet tall, and normally suffer somewhat with an aching back from stooping over constantly when camping, but alas, no bad back with this beauty. No bending or stooping. I can't say enough about this tent, other than that we wish we had bought one years ago. For those with experience, it is a walk in the park to put up. The main dome and bedroom pods can all be done in well under an hour (with the help of the boys). As said previously, having someone enter the tent to hold up the 3 main dome poles at the point where they cross is a must. From there on, it is so easy to insert the rest of the poles that a 5 year old could do the job, as everything is colour coded. We put the tent up without even looking for instructions. Match the 3 black poles to the 3 black sleeves, and that's all the instruction needed.

I fail to see what the 2009 version could possibly offer that our 2008 tent doesn't. We got a fantastic deal when we bought our tent, but now that we have had the experience of actually using it, I would happily pay the rrp no problem. If you are looking for a tent, look no further, buy this one.You will not be disappointed.

If there is a down side, it is that once on site and erected, there is no shortage of campers that want to come and see inside. Every single person who has looked in our tent has been well impressed.Enough said!
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By: Adywayne  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We bought one of these earlier this year and have just had a week down in Dorset, quite a mixed bag in terms of weather, with a particularly rainy Thursday (around 10hrs solid) but we all stayed dry.

Its a bit of a beast to put up to begin with, but after the practice run, it all becomes clear as with most things, and is helped by the colour coding.

Absolutely delighted at the internal space offered by this tent, with 4 generous sized 2 berth rooms. You could also fit at least another 4 inside the main dome if you really needed to, but for me, it offered my family the luxury of being able to stretch out and relax without having to fight for space.

Not overly keen on the front door design when wet, as the water just rolls down and pools inside the dome, but it's something we got used to.

Plenty of pockets and little storage nets, fly screens on the front and rear doors of the main dome and each bedroom, also on the bedroom inners.

Plenty of windows to make the main dome area light and airy, with most of them also having fly screens although they do open from the outside.

This was purchased to replace our cheap 6 berth tent and they really are worlds apart. This has been a great purchase and even my wife was suitably impressed and enjoyed herself. We would really recommend this tent to anyone thinking of buying it.
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By: Linda Stephen  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We both camped when we were kids, having 'graduated' to a caravan when our children were small and then to hotels and time share as we grew older! But we have nephews who wanted to camp, two man tent on the lawn when they were small was fine but as they got older just would not do any more! We bought a small 4 man at the end of last year to test whether camping for their Mum was a viability! It was but only with a much 'bigger' tent! So began the search. I used the reviews already listed on the UK Camping site for family tents and had three makes in mind when I went shopping. I found a steal on the Gelert Zenith 8 and so did the deed and told my sister in law we had a marque! I looked everywhere on line for the footprint ground sheet and carpet but could not locate anyone who had them in stock. We bought a couple of tarpaulins and duct taped them together, we were a bit short about a a foot on each pod.

To say we had not done a test drive, it went up fairly easy, once we had sorted the centre dome and the three main black poles. Once you have those everything else is a breeze! The poles are colour coded and instructions easy and simple. It has oceans of room both for living and sleeping in, one of us is 6ft plus and could still stand without touching the roof of the tent.

Taking it down was easy even though it was a torrential downpour, we were wet, the tent was wet, everything went away in the tent bags except the outer. We decided that it was just not worth getting even more wet through spending time folding it to get it back in the bag! We folded it roughly and threw it in the back of the car and strung it up in the garage to dry out when we got home.

The door was a bit faffy in the rain, dripping inside as it was manhandled but that was the only problem. The doors as both ends have bug nets and provide a lovely through draft. Praise be to Gelert for making such a good tent! We have had a lovely first stay in our new 'marque' even though our weather was very mixed. We go to Scotland for our next trial!
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By: Yazbbj  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We purchased this earlier this year after much research. We firstly liked the price (on ebay) for the size of tent and being first timers, we were quite worried that perhaps we had used the wrong criteria in choosing the tent. Anyways, it got its first airing over the Easter bank holiday in the Gower. I must admit I was slightly embarrassed when it first went up as we were in the middle of the field and it looked like a great big cherry on the top, it was that big. I soon got over that when I realised the room we had inside. Plenty of room for a 7 year old and a 2 year old to run around and for storage of all the stuff that comes with little ones. OH is 6 foot 2 and was thrilled that even in the pods he did not feel cramped.

We were not able to do a trial pitch and had a bit of a time when we got to the campsite, but the help of two very nice gentlemen soon sorted that out. We may find out otherwise over time, but having someone in the tent holding up the main poles seemed to be the trick that finally did it. After that, for a big tent, everything else went pretty quickly. After the drama with putting it up, we assumed taking it down would be quite difficult but were pleasantly surprised when it came down quite easily, had we had a footprint, we probably would have been away within less than an hour but it took us longer as we were cleaning the groundsheet as we went along.

Enough of the raving, something about the features:

Windows: Great as it gives you the option to have them covered.

Two entrances: Excellent for letting some cool air flow through on those hot days.

Living Area: Plenty of room for tables and chairs and kids toys, a must for those rainy evenings.

Storage compartments: Especially handy for keeping medication, phones, camcorders and such like away from little fingers!

Pod size: fits a double aerobed easily with space to walk round without stepping on the bed (just barely but enough to make a difference.)

Equipment: The colour coding makes it first time camper proof. I thought the instructions were rather minimal for the size of the tent but was totally surprised to find that they were really all we needed.

Finally, we had some pretty heavy rain and wind one night (we were right by the sea) and the tent barely moved. No regrets buying this and I can't wait for our next trip.
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By: Cerberus74  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

As a born again camper I reasoned that the only way to get the wife to come camping again, and to want to continue to go camping, was to acquire a large and comfortable tent.

The Gelert Zenith 8 fits the bill in every way! We scoured the internet and discounted many other tents as too small or too overpriced or too flimsy. I called Gelert to confirm a few details and was more than happy with their customer service. They even sent me a copy of the tent instructions which helped me with my choice.

We found a 2008 Zenith 8 on ebay for the right price and went for it. The 2009 Zenith is now in the Gelert 'beyond' range but looks identical so we were not concerned by having a 2008 as opposed to a 2009 model.

As the tent is too large to fit in our garden (it has a footprint of 8m x 5m) we were forced to 'risk it' and erect the tent for the first time when we arrived at the camp site. There were four adults and it took us about an hour and a half. Providing much entertainment for the other campers. Getting the first three poles in and bent to shape is a bit of a trial but I'm sure it will be easier next time. Certainly now that we have more experience! Having a person crawl inside the tent and lift the point where the poles cross is both helpful and quite amusing!

Once up the Zenith 8 is the envy of many a campsite. It's huge and quite imposing. The 'living room' is a great size with plenty of light from the many built in windows. Staying in a tent with curtains was also quite a novel and enjoyable experience! It wasn't a difficult tent to put up but it is large and so is a time consuming job!

The storage pouches are really handy and having built in cup holders is just a great giggle. I don't think I used them once but they did make me chuckle every time I looked at them.

Everything about this tent 'just works'. The bedrooms will take a double height air bed with ease. The sewn in ground sheet keeps the weather out.

Taking the tent down was very easy. We chose to keep the poles separate and now keep them in a backpack. Keeping the weight of the bags down a little bit. The tent packs away in the 2 supplied bags. The heaviest of which is very heavy and can take two people to carry around.

With the special offers available on the 2008 model I think we chose very wisely with the Zenith 8 and in terms of value for money I don't think it can be beaten.

The differences between the 2008 and the 2009 are so minimal that the sale prices on the 2008 are an absolute steal!
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15 User Reviews of the Zenith 8 - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

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Manufacturer's Description

Although not having the brand cache of an Outwell Hartford or a Vango Killington, the Gelert Zenith's certainly tick all the boxes when it comes to quality and price point. The Zenith has a fully sewn-in groundsheet for a sealed internal environment (Howard Hughes had one) and an external fibreglass frame to allow for flysheet first pitching. The fire retardant polyester flysheet offers 5000mm hydrostatic head protection. The other major features of these tents are the skylights, multiple windows and hanging tent organiser pockets. The Zenith 8 features 4 large 2-berth bedrooms, although at 200cm wide and 230cm deep, they could accommodate 3 per bedroom, if required. The Zenith 8 features a large 'J' porch doorway and a second, smaller 'J' door at the rear of the living space.

Other features include: Welded and reinforced polyethylene groundsheet; water repellent zips; electric cable access point; multiple ventilation points; pre-attached hi-viz guylines; 'slick sleeves' for easy pole threading; breathable polyester inner tents; 16mm, 12.7mm and 11mm fibreglass poles plus 2 steel porch poles.

Weight: 17.2kg (flysheet); 30.8kg (poles and inners)
Pack Size: 71x40x33cm (flysheet); 71x31x27cm (poles and inners)
Dimensions: (Outer) 805x505cm
Height: (Inner) 215cm
Colour: Fir Green/Frosted Green

... there may be more info on their website

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