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Tent Reviews: Khyam Quebec 8

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8  (more 8 berth tents)
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9/10 from 10 reviews

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10 Reviews of the Quebec 8

By: Clappers  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

I have only used the tent a few times and it performs very well in heavy rain and winds - really sturdy and spacious. My big criticism, even after reading the reviews here and online, is I find it incredibly difficult to put up. I've tried every method of pinning the uprights to the base and it has taken me over 90mins on two occasions. It has got to the point now where I don't use it. Shame, as otherwise its a good tent.
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By: Loftus  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

After much deliberation and a number of tent displays we decided on the Quebec 8 for our first family tent, and picked one up for £225 late in the 2009 season. Though our two children are still small, we preferred being at the other end of a vis a vis tent rather than a zip or worse just a dividing curtain away.

After a couple of trips with this in variable weather, Sun, torrential rain and high winds (with Delta Anchor assistance), this has performed very well.

Packed in two suitcase shaped bags (Main tent in one, poles and inners in other), with long zips down two edges for maximum access makes this easier to transport and carry as well as pack away than a single bag, though you need to remove inners, and make it easier to pack away.

We purchased the footprint and at test pitching followed the instructions, not sure why as I never followed any for the many tents I have put up for myself and others in the past, and I have not since as the method listed is very awkward putting in all roof poles first. The best method is the one many have listed for similar tunnels, peg tent at one end and go one end to the other putting in roof, then uprights, pin and move on to next. When windy while setting up I pegged both ends to start and used temporary pegging points with some of the guys and it worked well. From there its just as any other tent.

Once erect this is a well made and sturdy tent, no leaks drips or any issues of the sort. Masses of space, nice and light inside, as well as internal pockets light hangings etc etc. I personally like the window covering being on the outside as this design is much less likely suffer from a leak.

Externally there are a lot of guy points, many of which when stored zip into their own handy pockets, the guys are luminous and have so far performed well.

The bedroom configuration of 2 separate 2 berths at one, and a dividable 4 berth at the other suits us well. While condensated at times, managed to vent and clear well.

A couple of niggles that are fixed in the newer version of this tent are the lack of integral porch or even an eyebrow door makes exiting during and after rain tricky without getting water in (as per other tunnel tents by design), though we mostly use with the Khyam Sun Porch which also added to stability in wind that overcomes this,the newer model has a small porch. Also there is a double skin on outside roof over the main tent to help reduce heat, which is tricky to get sitting quite correctly (pure aesthetics) and does tend to be very noisy in strong winds (unless you have the sun porch on which stops this) the newer model has this piece inside.

The other thing is as others say the strength of the connector on the ground sheet door flap, really like the fact this can be up or down, but if you forget to detach a small child will catch it and snap the connector, seems a very poor choice of material for this piece unlike any anywhere else on tent. We had one broken second day we used it.

Packing up and from first time used (after test pitch when I took down by myself) packed away on first attempt into tent bag.

Overall very happy with this tent, the main niggles were addressed in 2010 model and would buy it again.
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By: Cm8032  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Bought this tent a couple of years ago and have used it in glorious sunshine, strong winds and a two-week unrelenting near-monsoon. I love this tent. It's been well-considered and designed, and just *works*.

There is definitely a knack to getting the pins into the bottom of the upright poles. We've found it's easiest to peg one end, then put the poles in starting from the pegged end and working to the other. It's marginally easier if you draw the tent up towards you as you put each pole in, so that you end up with each completed pole lying almost on top of the previous one - it all straightens out fine as you pull it upright. It also helps to keep the end of the pole close to the ground rather than lifting it too high. You also need to have the doors open when you pitch/pull down to enable air to get in/out.

It's remarkably easy to 'trim' and the interior arrangement is spacious and flexible. We use the double bedroom, and one of the smaller ones as a larder and place to keep our potentially muddy walking gear. The little zips to run an electricity cable into the tent are a very clever idea, and it's even possible to run electricity into the bedrooms via the little floor-level porthole windows.

As one of the other reviewers said, I think the fixings to hold up the 'draught excluder' flaps are a bit weak, as we've broken 2 now, but they're fixable and generally non-essential unless you end up pitched in standing water (as we once did). The tent has always stayed dry inside (one end was floating at one point!). However, the combination of excellent waterproofing, fully sewn-in groundsheet and having to have the doors open to pull down meant that we ended up with a tent full of water when we had to strike camp in a downpour. It just wasn't possible to keep rain out as we took it down, or to squeeze the water out as we packed it, so it still had puddles inside when we reached the next site. It all dried out very quickly and still kept us dry during a couple of very heavy thunderstorms afterwards, but I think we may need to get it re-waterproofed before next year as there was definitely a bit more water on the inside than usual when we struck camp again.

The only real criticisms would be (a) the windows: there's a single outside 'curtain' covering each window, so if it's raining but you want to see out, you have to go outside in the rain to raise the curtain, and the ventilation mesh is above the clear plastic window and the curtain can only be raised from the bottom (not rolled down from the top) so you can't have both privacy and ventilation; and (b) the strength of the springs in the poles. After 6 weeks use, over 2 years, all the springs our steel 'awning' poles (for putting the door up as a porch) and in one of the fibreglass roof poles have broken so the poles come apart into their 3 separate sections, and one of the springs in one of the steel uprights has also gone. They all still work, though, and I don't think these criticisms should really detract too much from a really good tent.
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By: Jcoops  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Brilliant tent. We purchased this tent last year and have now used it successfully a number of times. Both my husband and I hadn't camped for about 10 years (before children were born)and found it really easy to put up, and the space you get for the money is super. Well laid out and well made. Sewn in ground sheet is great.
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By: Rycro  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We are new to camping and bought this tent because it seemed to have everything we wanted. Our children are still small so we use the big bedroom but will be able to put them in their own room when they are older. It is so big that we can expand the family without having to change the tent. We initially had problems putting it up (both times in gale force winds) but on third trip had used the reviews here to help. My Husband goes inside the tent and I put the poles in, as previous review suggested. We had it up in 20mins last week, also in wind! It packs up really well. We have an estate car and it fits well, wouldn't want to use it with anything smaller though!

One negative is the way the groundsheet is held up in the doorway. One of our offspring tripped before it was released and ripped the toggle off. Not a huge problem as we fix it with gaffer tape now.

It has loads of space inside and we have happily stayed in it in the rain without any problems. Would recommend this tent without reservation.
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By: Rammie  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We love this tent! Having reluctantly sold our very reliable Coleman Quadspace, which also had 3 bedrooms, I decided to look for a tunnel tent, which would be quicker and easier to put up. Our main requirement was 3 bedrooms to give our daughters their own space, including a 'master bedroom' which was not adjacent to the girls' rooms. This tent surpassed our expectations with it's huge living area, sewn-in groundsheet, carpet(so comfy under our feet), and footprint groundsheet(which makes cleaning, and packing the tent away so much easier).

We recently used the tent for the first time, and were delighted at how quickly we were able to put it up (I recommend loosening the tension straps till they are almost undone to get the pins into the poles!) We had no problem packing the tent away either, but I have to confess I have had many years of practise, and use my knees to squash the air out as I do each fold!

The British weather was as unpredictable as usual, and we experienced torrential rain and gale force winds, as well as warm sunshine. This tent stayed dry and comfortable throughout.

We've also bought a sun porch, which we have yet to try out! (Incidentally, even with the porch, the dimensions of the tent fall just within the Camping and Caravanning Club's pitch limits.)

The packed size of the tent is quite big (my hubbie was concerned that we wouldn't fit it in the car boot, at first) but we split the bags to reduce the weight, and found that it fitted in our car even better than the Coleman! The disadvantage of the packed size and weight is completely outweighed by the size and practicality of the tent once pitched!

Highly recommended!
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By: Peasjay  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We purchased this tent after much deliberation (there is so much to choose from). We set out to get as much space for our money as we could get. With the best weather resistance too, we took it home, booked in to the nearest campsite we could find closest to us, and believe it or not we managed to leave the instructions at home DUH!. But hey we still managed to get it up and secured in about an hour and twenty minutes.

We thought that was great, but what we didn't realise at the time we had left the rings out of the bottom of the poles, it blew a gale and rained cats and dogs. We woke up in the morning still in the tent warm and dry, what more could you want. 3 days later we have booked to go away again cant wait to get out there we love it.

P.S there was no way we could get it back in the bag maybe in time to come, thats my only gripe the bag is too small, other than that thumbs up from me and the wife
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By: Marcokaz  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Just got this new in April to replace large Vango Diablo 12, and we love it. Love the space and versatility it offers and have just purchased sun porch to use as wet area and cooking space (not as protective from the elements as the Vango's built in porch, but does the job). In response to review below we had same problem but after getting some advice from camping shop where we bought I can know (feeble, women!) pitch the tent quite successfully with a small amount of help from my 10 yr old (and I mean small) by myself. You have to peg in down in four corners, put all fibre glass roof poles in then get inside and lift up the middle while someone puts in the first pole, then come out and do the other side by walking the metal pole into towards the middle of the tent a small way, the pins go in much easier, then continue along to one end and then do the other - phew hope this helps!
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By: Glory g  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We have just used our Quebec 8 for the first time. Found it relatively easy to erect. Only difficulty was fitting the pins into the bottom of the poles, found it took quite a lot of effort.(any tips gladly received). Once up we really enjoyed using the tent, the amount of space is incredible, no more aching back from having to stoop. We can see us having many happy camping trips with this well made tent.
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By: Chris101  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We were a little apprehensive about buying this 8 man tent, as there were no reviews to examine, but based on other Khyam tent reviews we took the plunge. It arrived yesterday, and I erected the tent alone (although Max, an excited 3 year old was there to get in the way)- took about 40 minutes. I glanced at the instruction pamphlet for about 10 seconds until I realised that the poles along with the polyester channels to accommodate the poles over the roof are all colour coded. (steel poles for the uprights and fibre glass for the roof sections - these are the typical type that lock together under spring / elastic tension). The vertical uprights are held in place by plastic clips, nice and easy. 5 minutes after the last of the pegs went in the sun was replaced by black clouds, which promptly turned into a mad tropical monsoon. The next morning the tent is still dry on the inside. The sewn in ground sheet is a big bonus over our last tent, and has elastic fixing points under the outer doors to prevent water and drafts coming in. This tent is big, loads of space, but itís not so big that 1 man canít erect on his (or her!) own. The weight of the tent may be an issue for some as its about 34Kg, but comes in a sturdy carry case, with 3 compartments to separate the outer, inners and poles. Glad we bought it, but if you do make sure you have enough boot space!
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Manufacturer's Description

The Khyam Quebec 8 tent is a classic example of a tunnel tent that gives you a huge amount of space for the minimum of effort. The tent has 3 bedrooms so you can trade off living or storage space by simply removing a bedroom. This tent also features the new low level bedroom windows and zipped guy point tidys. The Quebec 8 gives you that extra space needed for a larger family.


Bedrooms: 3
Sleeps: 8
Doors: 2
Windows: 6 - 4 in bedroom, 2 in living area
Poles: Steel/Fibreglass 12.7mm
Flysheet: Polyester 185T, 5000mm Hydrostatic Head, Fire Retardant
Inner Tent: Breathable, Fire Retardant
Groundsheet: 10 x 10 PE, Fire Retardant, Sewn-In
Height: 225cm
Weight: 28.5kg
Pack Size: 71 x 39 x 31cm

... there may be more info on their website

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