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Tent Reviews: Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0 XT

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
45.00 KG
Fully Sewn-in
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3.92/10 from 13 reviews

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13 Reviews of the Ozone 6.0 XT         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Stevecusack  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

2015 6xt purchased after a lot of saving up and research.

Disappointed to say the very least. This tent does not like water. Puddles at the base of all tubes and leaks like a sieve to all inflatable beams overhead. The 2016 model is not compatible zip wise with the canopy so if you want to update any or part of your tent you have to update it all. Come on designers, show some loyalty to the hardworking people that have bought your tent and still continue to use it because it does have its good point, light and airy, a bit too airy due to the non full closure of the doors, loads of space, headroom is the best ive ever encountered.

I would apply for a job at this company as Ive spent so much time in this tent and camping generally I feel I could be of assistance. PS the staff discount would make this tent more realistic in price.
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By: Aj26  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

OK so just returned from Easter weekend of camping along with Storm Katie having previously only used our tent in the 'luxury' of summer! Thought it as good a time as any to leave a review .

Contrary to other reviews, despite stormy weather and lashing rain we had very few leaks, some small (less than an egg cup full) at the bottom of a couple of beams and, I'm assuming because the gale force wind was blowing straight onto the back of the tent, a small drip from the rear window which looked worse than it actually was once it soaked through into the bedroom compartment wall.

My biggest gripe about this tent is, as a previous reviewer has already said, the draughts! The bottom of the doors are open so very draughty and will be receiving a significant number of Velcro tabs before our next excursion! Worst than this though is the draught from the vent above the door, which despite the small porch we had to resort to taping a tea towel over.

Unfortunately despite my best endeavours, we still had draughts I wasn't able to locate the source of; given they were in the bedroom compartments, I can only assume they are coming from the vents in the back corners.

In summary the best thing about this tent is, in bad weather, it's worst feature . The size. Even having addressed a number of draughts, it was impossible to heat. We had a fan heater running 24/7 and it was still necessary to have several layers on and even then I contemplated packing up and heading home!
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By: Silky73  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

I've waited a while before leaving this review as we've had of a summer of ups and downs with the tent and the company! We ordered our 6.0XT from our local Camping World in April, however they were having problems with shipments of the tent which resulted in us using their display tent for our first trip in May!

We chose the XT because of its size (it is massive), its height (we haven't seen another air tent with more headroom), it's quality and spec. The tent itself is a doddle to put up (I did it myself on our first trip) and everything about it was fine, we just a little puddle of water at the bottom of a beam after a day/night of heavy rain (and hosting two families for the evening because they had leaks in their own tents).

It was when our own XT finally arrived we began to have problems. On our first trip it leaked from one of the roof windows and we noticed the back of the tent wasn't sealed at all so we took it back to Camping World who sent it to Outdoor Revolution but they couldn't repair it! We had to leave it with Camping World to sort out!

We took the display tent to Cornwall in the summer (it hadn't been used since we last had it) and it was fine. It stood up to two nights of the heaviest wind and rain we've ever camped in with again just a small puddle at the bottom of a beam. Despite being battered by wind it didn't move and a lot of other tents around us bit the dust!

We decided to keep the display tent and came to a settlement with Camping World (who have been great). They said there have been ongoing issues with a second batch of XT's that included ours, and Outdoor Revolution had recalled a number of tents from this batch??

Overall we feel the XT is the most solid air tent we've seen. We love how bright it is and the headroom. There are loads of windows so you don't feel enclosed and plenty of quirky storage spaces and there is a front canopy which will be our next buy. The only faults we can think of is the bedroom pod only divides into two (three would be great as we have a boy and a girl) and you can buy another bedroom pod. Also the tent carpet is really poor considering it isn't cheap.
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By: Longm  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

Well my second review and I will keep it short. Our second outing and I have to agree with others as ours also leaked like a sieve when it rained over the bank holiday weekend. Water ingress all over the place and atvthe base every beam large puddles formed. Tent goes back tomorrow.

Must add my thanks to Winfields whom have been accomodating throughout and are taking the tent back for a full refund.

Back to the drawing board. Boy do I miss my Vango maritsa 700.
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By: Yorkshire2016  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

Probably the best looking tent on site with a generous bag size for ease of packing away. Additional bedroom was great for separating two kids who like to lark about rather than settle down. That's where the good stuff ends.

More than a slight breeze and the wind blows through the interior like a wind tunnel. Even worse than that is the water that leaks in when it rains. There must be a manufacturing fault looking at other reviews. I'm taking it back and exchanging it because looks only get you so far and this tent is useless in every other way.
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By: Drumbatter100  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

I have used this tent on 2 previous occasions and found it to be a very nice tent. It is a large tent with good sized rooms, and appears to be very well made. However we have just just returned from our 3rd trip and now we have a very different opinion of this tent. Our first 2 trips were dry with no rain but on this occasion we had rain over 2 nights and boy did this tent leak. We had rain come through the roof in the main compartment and in the bedroom and this just wasn't drips it was a constant flow. We also had rain come in at the base of the air tubes and because the tent was on a slight slope all the water was running across the floor thoroughly soaking the carpet and anything on it. We thought this was going to be our dream tent but turned out to be disastrous. Definitely don't purchase this tent. I am going to take mine back tommorrow and hoping for a full refund.
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By: High-n-Dry  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

So much promise let down by poor quality. We bought the 6.0 XT in May and all OK setting up in 20 mins - good start. However our 1st trip away in Derbyshire. And one of the airtubes develop a bad kink after setting up.

Upon return, Winfields (Feckenham) were very helpful in demanding a spare tube from O/R, who initially wanted damaged tube first.

2nd trip a few weeks later to Cotswold Water Park, the middle tube (of 5) self-reg valve breaks and will only keep air in by quickly screwing cap on. Then 3 hours later the sound of 'fireworks' heard on campsite as yet another airtube fails, this time it breaks through the polyester sleeve.

Considering these are self regulating valves and cannot over-inflate, this can only mean the polyester is poor quality and not the 'rip-stop' I would expect. So 3 out of 5 tubes failed within one month.

In addition to this we had to mop up water from downpour in night. I never had to do that once in 4 years with my Outwell Hartford XL.

Very disappointing advert for O/R considering this trip was with eight families camping together who witnessed the debacle.

Thankfully Winfields gave a full refund and admitted they had had another O/R tent returned with the 'fireworks' sound also.

This experience has put me off inflatables especially this brand - I would expect better for £1,000 - so its back to trusted poles for me. I'm just waiting on delivery of a new Zempire Mothership in time for Polzeath in a few weeks.
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By: Longm  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

Purchased this Tent a few weeks ago and used it for the first time last week.

Having spent quite some time looking for a replacement for our leaky Kampa Filey Air 6 I had such hope for this one but yet again let down in many ways but not as bad as others by the looks of things.

So let me cut to the chase with some PRO's and CONS.


Great looking spacious, very high tent which with the Canopy on the front is just huge.

Storm Straps are great, well positioned

Very light and airy

Nice inflation deflation valves

Quality fabric that looks like would take a battering and last for years - unlike the bedroom material.


Sewn in Ground sheet. Pretty useless. Doors don't seal /close at the base, front divider to vestibule doesn't seal / close. This leads to what has to be the draftiest and cold tent I have ever been in, even with the fire on. Previous tents were quite toasty with a fire. Not this one. We had bugs coming in as there are so many gaps I thought I had gone back 10 years with a separate fly and ground sheet set-up.

Outdoor Revolution call its ventilation system 'Vortex'. They are not kidding. The wind drives through like a tornado and through into the bedrooms as the bedroom material is near useless. It was so drafty we had to hide under the sleeping bags / quilts

1 beam leaked in the vestibule although I am now going to re-pitch and test all the beams.

Carpet doesn't fit, more like a rug.

Bedroom inner tent detached from ZIP upon first pitch so had to detach in areas where it failed. The material is so thin there is no way it would last a season of camping let alone years, unlike the main tent material.

Overall what could be a great tent has turned out to be very poor indeed and such a disappointment. Makes the Kampa Filey Air 6 look OK and my beloved Vango Maritsa 700 pole tent a palace.

You can see OR's origins are in awnings where groundsheets aren't usually enclosed and bedroom inner tents don't take the usage a tent bedroom does.

I really do wonder sometimes if the people whom design these tents actually ever go camping.

Overall, sorry OR but having paid a Grand for the tent alone, I feel well ripped off.
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By: Turnerr12  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

We purchased this tent after a ***LOT*** of researching on internet, reading what reviews there were, looking round. As a company with such a good reputation with awnings etc, I thought the tents would be a safe bet too. I was quite happy to originally got with the 6.0 but after we saw it in the flesh both the wife and I (and our 2 girls) all loved the 6.0xt. The wife especially wanted one with an outer door and an inner door after we have come from a Sprayway Valley 6. It was me that convinced her to go with the OR.

Pitching the tent was superb - 1.25 hours at first attempt and about 45 mins at second attempt (mostly single handed). The size is fantastic, roomy, high, wide, good sized bedrooms. Can't fault it for this.

However, as with other reviews, neither of us liked the fact that the doors are open at the bottom and are therefore very draughty and also let bugs in!

The main problem we had was after the first day of rain one of the windows in the vestibule area clearly was not sealed properly and was leaking quite a bit of water in (like others, towels had to be used). I would have forgiven this had it not been for pools of water at the base of most of the other beams. I know the difference between condensation and pools of water and this was most definitely NOT condensation!

We also had a leak from the roof above the smaller bedroom which was then coming down onto the bedroom itself.

I am soooo disappointed in the quality of this tent after so much researching. This should not happen when you are spending a grand on a tent! Tent has now gone back for a full refund - I would be prepared to give OR another attempt but the wife has had her fingers burnt and won't! I think we'll leave it for this year now, stick with the Sprayway (albeit heavy and long time to pitch) and see what happens next year.
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By: Bradders1504  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

We purchased the OR 6.0xt for its size and because it looked relatively easy to put up. We did test it once at my in laws back garden to practice putting it up and packing away - it went up ok but we struggled to pack it away as it folded to twice the size that we started with

After another couple of attempts we managed to get it back in the sun bag - we did contact the manufacturer to ask for any packing instructions / help / tips etc and were told to do the reverse of putting it up which did not really help

We used it properly for the first time at the May bank holiday weekend while camping with friends in the Midlands.

The tent went up ok but was tested overnight in the rain - we woke up to find pools of water at the base of each air beam inside the tent and could see water coming through the fabric - the carpet was soaked and clothes were wet

We had changed from a 20+ year old penine sterling which would have been dry in the same conditions ! So we were not best pleased

It went back to the retailer and the issue reported straight away to the manufacturer - after several e mail exchanges, photos and phone calls, we have had a refund and have ordered the Vango illusion 800 as a similar replacement. Their customer service is poor.

We have been frustrated by the level of service which is the main reason for a change of tent - fingers crossed we stay dry in the next one

As a separate issue we found the sleeping area spacious but not as dark as I would have liked and they do not make a carpet fitted for the bedroom
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13 User Reviews of the Ozone 6.0 XT - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

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Manufacturer's Description

Described as the beast of the range, the large and spacious Ozone 6.0XT is unequalled for strength and stability. The 150 Denier Double Rip-stop Acrylix fabric with 6000mm Hydrostatic Head is the strongest, most waterproof tent material on the market. Its light colour reflects the suns heat, creating the most comfortable camping experience, unlike dark materials which draw the heat in and create a hot, stuffy environment. The combination of the original Dynamic Speed Valve (DSV) and the exclusive, patent pending, Intelligent Frame (IF) produce the ultimate Airframe which comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE*; a guarantee no other manufacturer has the confidence to provide.

The included six person dark microfiber inner tent creates a dark, calm and comfortable sleeping experience; the mesh vents allow the sleeping area to breathe, reducing condensation. An extra double inner tent can be purchased to clip in to the tent . Inclusion of the Vortex Ventlation System helps to combat condensation in the tent, allowing the tent to breathe. The front panel completely zips out to create an inbuilt canopy; a sheltered outdoor area separated from the main tent .

The two extra wide side doors can be zipped back completely or opened with mesh doors zipped in and the inflatable Rain Canopy over the right door gives added protection from driving rain and other elements. The large Tintz Tinted windows allow sunlight in to the awning whilst reducing the glare, creating a light and airy living space to enjoy the surroundings. The zip-in curtains on the windows allow quick and easy privacy from the campsite. Protected with Sun Pro UV, the material will not fade or go brittle, it will maintain its quality for up to three times longer than any alternative manufacturer’s unprotected material. Endurance storm straps provided with the tent give peace of mind on the stability of the tent.

Complete with dual action pump and complimentary footprint groundsheet.

... there may be more info on their website

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