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Tent Reviews: Outwell Tomcat MP Smart Air

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5  (more 5 berth tents)
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9/10 from 8 reviews

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8 Reviews of the Tomcat MP Smart Air

By: G Jones  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

I bought this tent second hand as My wife and I went away with some friends who own an Outwell Nevada. We were so impressed that we were going to get one ourselves but then saw the Tomcat MP which is exactly the same as the Nevada but is from the Smart Air range meaning we didn't have to mess about with the poles. The tent is absolutely fabulous with a simple inflation from one point and not having to pump up different areas like on the Vango range. I particularly like the beams that run across the roof giving it extra stability and can imagine this being very useful if the wind gets up. We bought the 2014 Outwell MP which has the benefit of the side porch on the door. It also has fly screens on every door which having read from the last review their 2015 didn't have one on the main door. The tent has been up in all types of weather and is extremely water proof, its pretty good in the hot weather with all the 3 main doors open with the fly screens over to stop unwanted guests. The built in ground sheet is a lot thicker than most and slightly rubberised so have found this to be quality. We also have a footprint which saves the cleaning of the tent at the end and also gives protection to the tents ground sheet. The tent came with the 3 layer fleece carpet which is luxurious and far better than our previous camping experience. There is only the 2 of us but use the whole bedroom area by unzipping the divider and we have a large double raised air bed centrally to allow us to get out of bed when required without having to climb over the other person. Its also ideal as we can place a small folding cupboard with clothes at each side which also act as bedside tables. We also picked up a new Smart Air awning which we take every time as this is a great place for cooking and generally sitting both if its raining or if its too hot in the sun. This is a must and it inflates in one point, its has the beams in the roof and simply zips onto the tent. I would definitely recommend the Tomcat MP as its the ideal size especially with the awning as you can increase the size of it for the longer break or its simple to take the tent alone even for 1 night away. The only down side is the weight and size of the tent pack but I suppose if you want an inflatable with a decent quality material you have this price to pay. I hope my review is useful for anyone thinking about buying one !
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By: JANEVANS02  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

We love this tent it goes up easily has plenty of room for both me my husband and his guide dog, we like camping but I also like some of the little extras which make it more comfortable like reclining chairs cupboards etc., the zip up curtains are much easier than our previous tent which had curtains that were togggle.

The only disappointing thing is that both side doors have insect nets on but the large front door does not so I have had to improvise which is ok but not 100 %, also the large front door unzips to allow the ground sheet to lie flat so you do not trip but when you zip it back up it does allow insects to crawl in.

Despite my two niggles I love this tent and although I keep my eye on Outwell each year to see if they are bringing any new inflatable tents out they do not seem to produce tents with fly screens on all doors and zip up curtains so I will keep looking and maybe they will in the future but until then I am very happy with my tent.
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By: Karenmc  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

I decided to buy this tent last year as I felt I would be able to pitch it by myself. As a single mum taking two small children camping we had previously been restricted to a smaller 4 man tent with no living area as bigger tents were too difficult for me to deal with on my own. This was fine for short trips in good weather but not for longer breaks. I'm very glad I took the plunge! I invested in the car pump to inflate the tent which makes the job a doddle. Even with the manual pump I can easily manage to inflate the tent quickly without too much sweat. The size of the tent is perfect for us to be comfortable in and also store all of our kit.

We have used the tent a few times now in the great Scottish weather and have never had a problem with performance. Most recently we spent a few days on the Galloway coast and had one or two very wet and windy days (30+ mph) and the tent did us proud.

The only difficulty I have is packing the thing away after use. I usually end up rolling it as best I can and shoving it in the car before getting it home and packing it away properly the next day. I think the reason for this is that it's quite hard to expel all the air for the tubes?? Maybe it's just my poor skills so will keep trying. It's not a major problem, more of a niggle.

All in all, I love this tent and it's give me and the kids the freedom to take off at a moments notice and enjoy getting out and about!
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By: Campbellsgirls  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

Being a single parent of 2 young children I tried a pop up tent. This was ok, but I really wanted a sewn in groundsheet, but I needed a tent I could put up myself. After a bit of saving up and lots of checking out different air tents I found the Tomcat 2014 model on offer at the start of this year so I bought it along with a footprint and carpet.

I done a test pitch in the garden to ensure I could manage it on my own, then last week I took it to Devon for a 4 night stay. I have to say I loved it! Yes it's heavy to lug around, and takes up a fair bit of space in the boot, but what a fab tent to pitch and put away on your own!

I also loved the tinted windows! From outside you can't really see in, giving a nice touch of privacy and of an evening you barely see the lights from the outside. It's a nice size for the 3 of us.

I also thought the poles were for the front entrance, but I noticed the guy ropes are on the side door without the peak. I also liked the mesh window at the rear, with a panel over that can be zipped open or closed. Overall a great little tent.

I'm just saving for a porch now for cooking space 😁

The only negative, if you want to call it a negative is I worry a little about the pressure of the beams as they do fluctuate slightly with hot and cold weather, but that will maybe be something I gain experience with as I use it more. Also the carpet seems a lot thinner than my gelert carpet. I will probably upgrade the the 3 layer carpet later this year.

All in all I'm very happy with this tent.
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By: Martinjp65  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

We took the plunge and bought a Tomcat MP after I saw one on display (always dangerous.)we have had a Norfolk lake since 2009 but it was just too big for just the two of us now and a real labour of love to get it set up. I sought out the 2014 model as I preferred the rain safe side door.

First test pitch was in the garden,no problems there and we have just returned from our first week in it at Bagwell farm in Dorset,footprint down,peg the corners,pump it up, piece of cake! I am used to getting a PCP air rifle to 200 bar with a hand pump so 0.6 is not a problem as long as you bend your knees NOT your back!at an indicated 0.6 bar everything seemed to have gone nicely into place so that is how I left it,in fact because the weather turned out nice and hot I 'bled' some air out of each valve twice to ease my anxiety about exploding beams (based on reviews of other manufacturers inflatables)Outwells recommended pressure is 0.6-0.8 bar but I now, personally, would regard 0.6 as the maximum, at this pressure (according to my pump)the beams were nice and firm but with a slight 'give' when squeezed.After 3 days of good weather I couldnt help thinking 'I wonder when the bad weather test will come.Why oh why?! Thursday night and morning turned out to be horrendous very heavy rain and blowing a gale! However I am delighted to report that we did not have any leaks the 150 denier material is very quiet and sheds water like a ducks back and the whole set up is stable and confidence inspiring the beams hold really well and do not creak and rattle like the alloy poles we are used to.The beam profiles are completely internal and so do not catch the wind. (all guy lines and pegging points were deployed and we use by now veteran Delta ground anchors)Outwells easy pegs are kept in their bag as emergency spares. The rain safe door brow poles I did not have a problem with and there did not seem to be excessive tension on the zips (its probably easier to fit to an inflatable beam due to the give)We used a footprint which I now consider essential and the new 3-layer insulated carpet which has a really nice feel to it and has a nice soft fleece top after Outwell daliance with thin and harder material.

We also bought the extension for this model (also fits the LP)which is as easy to erect as the tent but is attached via a full length zip which is very secure BUT is a stuggle to reach (unless your name is 'Outwell guy.)at the apex of the roof, the two front flaps on the extension were noisy in the wind however and no amount of adjustment seemed to solve this (I may try some cling-ons with elastic strapping)and a combination of the direction we were pitched and the open front meant the rain blew right in so bear this in mind if you are planning on buying one,incidentally the tent with extension was right at the boundary limit of pitch size.

The next time we use the extension I will remove the top guy line from the tent and attach it,for the tent alone, with a small stainless steel carabiner as with the extension it just sits on the tent roof and in the rain seems to stop water beading.

As the other reviews have stated the bag is heavy and quite large but when one is used to a classic lake series.And rolling the air out gets easier with practice but the bag would have benefitted from being a bit bigger to make packing even easier.Ventilation is good,we did not suffer any condensation and the multitude of tinted windows each has a zip-up curtain which works much better than velcro tabs.Inside we had a cupboard,table and two chairs and the space is just right for two of us.Bedpod wise we like plenty of room so unzipped the middle partition and had our double posadas with SIM widthways the Outwell embossing apprentice even got his hands on the bedpod front material and the double doors have a 1/3 vent at the top which can be zipped open or closed (better than having two zips on the whole door!)The ceiling is a darker blue colour which makes choosing your clothes for the day rather surreal!

So far I can recommend (thankfully)this tent very quiet,very waterproof,practical,smart, watch the pressure! (err on the side of caution)with experience and hindsight if I was buying again I would probably go for the LP on its own or the awning for our MP rather than the (admittedly cheaper)extension as it would be a lot more practical.
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By: Db195  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

As promised here is my update on the Tomcat following its maiden outing.

I took it to Slapton Sands over the weekend following Easter 2015. The weather, although mainly sunny, was EXTREMELY breezy and made life interesting, especially when striking camp!

Now to the tent itself. It took me about 5 minutes' pumping to get the tent erected sufficiently (I thought my arms were going to fall off!) to enable me to peg it down securely. I then completed the inflation to the required 10 p.S.I. Or so, unravelled the guy lines (one of which is quite badly frayed) and finished setting up, about 45 minutes in all.

The tent is very roomy and felt very, very sturdy even in South Devon's strong breeze, most confidence inspiring! Sadly, I don't think Outwell's quality control is as good as it once was as, although everything worked correctly, there were dangling pieces of cotton everywhere (a couple of the Velcro tabs were totally 'bunged-up' with it). I found the zips on the rain-safe entrance door were quite difficult to operate as the fibreglass 'eyebrow' pole, I thought, spread the doorway too wide for comfort.

The seven, yes seven, tinted windows gave lots of vision and the zippered blinds on each one are brilliant, a joy to use - why can't all tents have blinds like that? The ventilation panel at the rear of the tent has a permanent mesh screen and a zippered open/close rain cover which can also be rolled away completely to give an unrestricted through-draught in hotter weather - a nice touch. Oddly, each bedroom has a low-level vision panel ostensibly enabling the occupant to look outside from their bed, but I think that this is an unnecessary gimmick especially as the 'windows' are situated at floor level! Now, if those 'windows' were to be at head height.

The downside of the Tomcat, as I said in my previous posting, is the weight and the bulk of the tent. I had to pack up in that stiff breeze and I really struggled to get the tent in its bag. Eventually I sort of managed it and then struggled once more to get it into my car, but then a fit, younger person would probably wonder what my problem is!

In summary then, a good quality tent with lots of features which would admirably suit a family. For me, as a solo camper, it's too big, too heavy and a step too far. Come on Outwell, make a smaller version for two or three people!
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By: Db195  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

At the end of last season I decided that I wanted to buy an inflatable tent to make pitching and packing-up easier and quicker for myself, no more fiddling with poles and struggling to 'walk' my tent into position in windy conditions. I'm 71 years young and camp alone but I like my space and the ability to stand up in my tent is paramount - the joys of crawling about on all fours trying to get dressed leaves me cold!

I trawled the internet looking at all inflatable tents and the Tomcat MP seemed to fit the bill, although at almost £1000 it was just too expensive. However, earlier this year, I saw that Casey's Outdoor Leisure were selling their 2014 models at almost half-price, plus free delivery, plus a further £50 discount for spending over £500. So I placed my order and two days ago I received the tent from Casey's (excellent service) and it cost me just £499.95 - bargain!

Now to the tent itself. It's mighty heavy! I'm not a wimp but it's as much as I can do to carry it. Anyway, today I unpacked it in the garden and got cracking. I pegged out the corners and started pumping. Well, I could hardly move the pump handle up and down and I thought that there was a fault, until I realised that I hadn't put the pressure gauge in position correctly. Duh! That rectified, it was much easier and I guess about 10 minutes had the tent erected. I didn't bother with any more pegging or the guys as it was a calm day but I would think 20-25 minutes from start to finish would see the job done.

Inside, there's acres of space and plenty of head height. There's a mind-boggling amount of zips to play with - doors, fly-screens, curtains, bedroom dividers and ventilation panels all have zips and they look to be good quality. Actually the whole tent seems to be well-made and solid, even without the extra pegging-out. The one thing that I found odd is that although two steel poles (and pegs) are provided to open the front door and make it into a canopy there are no guy-lines provided, strange!

Now, packing it away. I followed the Outwell instructions but I can't have got all the air out as I really struggled getting the thing back in it's carry-bag. I tried two or three times but it's a BIG lump to fold up! I can imagine trying to do this in the rain would be a real trial. I eventually succeeded but it's definitely not easy and this was when I found the tent to be very, very heavy for my advancing years.

However, I shall persevere (I have already decided that this will be my very last tent) and I will post a further report and a proper review when I eventually get to use the tent on site somewhere.
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By: Mushed  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

Bought this tent a couple of weeks ago as it was on offer (I got it for 560) and at last today I got to put it up!

Extremely easy, pumping took about 5 minutes and the 'poles' are solid!

Very spacious, and very high roof! (I will need to buy a fold up stool to stand on to reach the shut off valves and hang a lantern)

I bought this for myself, 2 kids and a dog . There will be plenty of room for us . It has 3 doors, my plan is to leave the main large door shut (again, I'm not tall enough to open and shut it all the time) and use that space for a large table . Then use the two side doors for entrances.

The only down side is the tent is really heavy and quite bulky when packed . You will need a decent size boot, you will also need to make sure you can park your car right near to where you pitch up! Even a 10 metre walk with this tent is going to be hard work, ok if you're with someone but I suppose I'm aiming this bit at us that go camping on our own with the kids. All in all I'm really happy with it and can't wait to get out in it for real!
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Manufacturer's Description

Fully featured, the Tomcat MP tent offers fast pitching with ample space for five laid out in two bedrooms and a spacious living area under the frame of the tough, flexible air-filled tubes pumped up easily with Outwell One-Go Inflation Technology. The new zip-off canopy option ensures shadow in front.

Type of tent: Three room tunnel tent
Sleeps people: 5
Hydrostatic Head: 6000 mm
Flysheet: Outtex® 6000 (150D 100% polyester taffeta) with taped seams
Inner tent: Breathable 100% polyester
Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 living room
Tubes: Integrated inflatable frame for best performance - 0.6 to 0.8 bar / 8.7 to 11.6 psi
Poles: Steel Pole 19 mm, 2 upright steel poles
Floor: Oxford 100% polyester, 10,000 mm hydrostatic head
Groundsheet: Sealed Ground System
Pitching way: Inflate in one
Pack size: 40 x 109 cm
Weight: 23.0 kg

... there may be more info on their website

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