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Tent Reviews: Royal Biarritz 6

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
32.40 KG

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9.29/10 from 21 reviews

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21 Reviews of the Biarritz 6         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3  

By: Neilap  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

This tent is discontinued but they appear in good condition on ebay for around 100, and if you want to try camping in comfort without a huge investment, this model fits the bill. For that reason I've reviewed this excellent tent even though mine is 2nd hand.

I bought mine from a neighbour for 100, it had been used a couple of times by them and is in perfect condition. Our test camp (I've been trying to convince my wife that camping is the way we should go for our holidays) was in North Yorkshire where we had three days of non-stop rain, sometimes torrential where it was like living inside a drum.

Not a drop of water came into the tent, there was no dampness anywhere including the bedrooms and the sleeping bags were bone dry the whole time. High winds didn't give us cause for concern either as the guy lines seem well placed and hold the tent nice and tight. The fact that you pitch the inner first, a disadvantage if you pitch in the rain becomes a positive I think because condensation isn't such an issue with the cotton-like inner material and ventilation between the inner and outer skins is good.

The living space is excellent, we spent a lot of time in there with some bulky furniture and we didn't feel at all cramped. Likewise the bedrooms are a very good size, we had three airbeds side by side easily in one of the pods, so it really is a proper 6 person tent. Reading this forum you often take the berth number with a pinch of salt as they base it on people lying on the ground shoulder to shoulder, but not in this case. Headroom is good too, both in the living area and the bedrooms where I (5'10') could stand upright no problem, it's much higher in the living area.

The porch area is adequate and can easily fit a kitchen unit in there, together with a small table and a couple of chairs (see picture above) I forgot to take the porch groundsheet so the ground became a bit wet after a couple of days, but it was still a good area to shed wet coats/boots etc.

It definitely takes two people to erect it, as the pins need to be held in place while you bend the poles, but it only takes an hour to get it totally up and taut.

I love it and whilst I hope to get a big Outwell one day, as a low-cost starter tent to see if camping is for you it's brilliant. I just wish I could find a carpet for it.

The only reason it gets 9 stars instead of 10 is the windows in the living area are a bit small, not a great problem and not really achievable because of the double skin but big windows like the Outwell Hartford would make it perfect.
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By: Ben+nic  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Just come home from our first holiday in the royal Biarritz 6 tent and me & my partner are very impressed got it all up in 45 mins (with no arguments!) There is plenty of space so the kids had loads of room to play and the porch could be used as a kitchen area so it wasn't cluttering up the living space.Bedrooms are a decent size and fitted double airbeds in with room still for toys and clothes. We are so glad we found this tent and hope to have many happy tenting holidays ahead.
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By: Emiwi654  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Once up this is an excellent tent. Very spacious and airy. I bought one after using my friends. However when I used hers it was a nice hot sunny day so I did not notice the downsides.

When the weather is both wet and windy having to put up the inner tent first and then attempt to get the outer part over this is not easy.

It can take an hour with experience to put up from start to finish. I admit I am not sure how this time compares with other tents of this size.

I like it though as the sleeping compartments are on opposite ends of the tent which is perfect when camping with young children and you wish to keep the noise from one sleeping compartment away from each other!
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By: Aapiper  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2004   Rating: 

Our fist tent and it was originally recommended as it had the same footprint as the Vango Diablo 600 but with better headroom and space in the bedrooms with a sewn in groundsheet. We had a blue tent which we bought from Outdoor Megastore, then the following year when we put it up some of the seams had started to separate, one phone call later and a new tent appeared as a straight swap, no quibbles.

Now we've got a green one, given us fantastic service and loads of space for storage in the two bedrooms. The centre area is spacious enough to sit in if it's pouring with rain, the porch area is good for cooking in and storage for bikes and chairs when you go out for the day.

We've discovered that the Vango extension fits on the front of the tent offering more shade and space to sit under. Now it's older and not run by Royal any longer the poles are starting to go in places but most decent camping stores keep spare parts to keep your poles going. Overall a great tent with loads of space for a growing family of four and has lasted for at least 6 years.
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By: Kelvinpaul  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Having bought one and used it several times this year I feel it's time to share my thoughts. This is a one great tent!. I've used it in fair weather and foul and it has taken it all without problem. It is a very big tent, with bags of room. I am a 6 footer and it's plenty tall too. Plenty of room in the living area, the porch is big enough for the kitchen and boot/beer storage

One thing I feel worth mentioning is the excellent ventilation you get through the tent. I used this tent as a base while touring Italy this summer and did not bake in very high temperatures. As long as you use a bit of noodle regarding pitching and the prevailing wind, it stays quite cool with the slightest breeze when only the mesh windows and doors are open.

Putting it up is a chore in more than the slightest breeze particularly if there is only one of you. But as long as you are not a shorty, though quite a handful it is 'doable'. Once it is up it is very stable in the wind. No 'wobble' till it really starts to blow.

Must have addition is the carpet. But then you all know that don't you.

Only one thing stops me from giving it a 10. It's very heavy and having it all in one bag is just plain daft. I now have it in three bags and no longer slip a disc every time I move it!

But the best thing about this tent is it is such a BARGAIN to buy second hand. I paid 50 for a year old tent at the start of 2009. FIFTY POUNDS! Having used this tent for haft a dozen weekends on the South coast and several weeks in Italy, this tent was my bargain of the year.

If you pick one of these up second hand you will not be disappointed!
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By: Wasp94  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

This is a really excellent tent. It comes with two big bedrooms, a huge living area and a huge porch: all the room a family could need. Build quality is very good withstanding a number of thunder storms and our two young boys for two weeks, without a single concern. Two doors, two windows and two vents means the central areas can kept well vented on hot days and yet remain entirely sealed from the million flying ants that appeared one evening . The porch is an excellent size, able to contain a large kitchen stand, a table and a couple of chairs no problem. The porch groundsheet is also tub-shaped so stays perfectly dry in even the heaviest rain. Would recommend getting the carpet as it turns the living area into a clean, comfortable and homely, family space. The tent is a little more fiddly to put up: taking an extra 10-20 mins over the average I'd say, but it is genuinely like a little home. We've spent nearly a month in ours so far this year (we bought it in May), not a drip, not a wobble, not a tear, not a sticky zip, no condensation, perfect. Confident we will get many years enjoyment and happy memories from it.
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By: Noonoo97  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2005   Rating: 

I love this tent but gave it a 9 out of ten only because you have to pitch the inner first so if weathers not fantastic it makes it a little more difficult.We have used it 4 time and it has stood up to some blustery winds and heavy rain.It has survived well and only on one occasion flooded a little in the porch area which does not have a built in ground sheet like the rest of the tent.Maybe we were on a slight hill?

I would agree that there is not much room to put the loo and luggage when bedrooms are fully occupied. Our loo goes in the porch as its only used at night and the luggage in the central living area its quite large so 5 of us still fit in there watching a dvd on a stormy night made vey cosy with 2 picnic blankets to sit on. My mum has mobility problems so she has a very large high blow up bed in one pod because she cannot get up off a lower bed,and we can just fit 2 double standard air beds in the other pod, height in the bedrooms is good too.

It's easy to pitch and take down but as mentioned fold it well or it will not fit in the bag. I would advise getting another shaped ground sheet as it saves time cleaning the back of the inner ground sheet and if you are in a hurry packing up the inner fabric can get very dirty if you don't have time to fold it correctly.
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By: Chrall  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

Having read all the excellent reviews on this tent we had a look at one and decided to buy it for 180 as it was not the latest model. The tent is really big and is very well designed. The bedrooms are large with good headroom and we managed to get two double mattresses in there.It is easy to erect but pegging it out and tying the flysheet on is time consuming. The deep porch makes an excellent cooking area. The tent stood up to the worst of British weather, including over 24 hours of continuous wind and rain, keeping us nice and dry. The three section bag is quite compact making it a bit of a squeeze to pack away, so careful folding is required. It is a shame that the price has of these has risen this year as it was a real bargain.
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By: Frisby43  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

Fab tent with spacious bedrooms and living area. Fully sewn in groundsheet - no bugs gets my vote. Easy to pitch - inner first takes around 30-40 minutes.Porch area has flexibility to raise as a canopy - great for making a little extra room or bit of shade on sunny days. Could do with a facility at the rear door of the tent to add a small extension as there is no where to put toilet if both sleep areas are occupied. Fits very snugly into the carry case and needs careful folding to put away - time consuming. Love this tent and would love it more if able to add on small toilet area at the back.
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By: HazzaGoldii  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

Our tent is absolutely fabulous we have had it for two years now and it has turned out to be all we wanted and more! We have used the porch as a kitchen area until we invested in a kitchen tent (Royal make of course) There is a huge living area which is a lot nicer when you have a carpet, but if you don't want to spend that much then a couple of picnic blankets will be subsequent. The only problem(s) that we have found are that the back door has leaked (can be temporarily fixed with tent sealant, The poles when submitted to heavy wind can be damaged, and the pegs that are supplied are not very strong and if you are to buy this tent then you are better off getting some other pegs from your local camping shop. The tent is very good for long stays but can be a nightmare to put up and take down again if you are only staying for a weekend and don't want to keep on putting things up and down all of the time. If you are going to use this tent for shorter breaks, and you want to go when your husband/wife is at work and just take the kids, then you are better off getting a smaller tent e.G. Vango Yukon (Tigris) as this tent has three poles and is very strong. There is four of us and there is enough room for everyone, In all sections there is enough headroom for even a 6.3ft person. The bedroom parts are great for storage and sleeping, getting changed, relaxing, and even for the kids to play in! We have got a double blow up bed in each room and there is still room for luggage and other essentials. The living area is great for eating, playing, relaxing, sleeping in and talking in. Overall this tent was a fantastic buy! :)
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21 User Reviews of the Biarritz 6 - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3  

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Manufacturer's Description

The Royal Biarritz 6 Tent features 2 bedrooms and a generous living area, making it ideal for families or groups.

The biarritz tent also sports a large covered porch and a skylight.


Flysheet fabric: 190T Polyester
Inner Tent fabric: 190T Breathable Polyester
Poles: 12.7 / 11 mm Fibreglass
Waterproofing: 3000 mm
Weight: 32.40 kg


Flame retardant material
Colour coded poles
Built-in living area groundsheet
Supplied with carry holdall
Shorter pole sleeves for easy assembly
Rear D door window to improve light
Rooflight in porch
Storage Pockets

... there may be more info on their website

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