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Tent Reviews: Sprayway Ravine 6+2

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6.89/10 from 9 reviews

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9 Reviews of the Ravine 6+2

By: Wedge  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Bought This tent in early May 2013, bought second hand but only used 5 times and in fantastic condition, before this tent I had owned a Winnster mercury 9, Which I thought was absolutely amazing, until owning a sprayway ravine 6 plus 2 I had read the reports on this tent and some are a little bit sketchy things like tent pegs and toggles coming of, but come on your camping, it cost me £12 for 60 x 9' pegs so what' at the end of the day you want your tent to stay up ok sprayway should have supplied them but they didn't anyway little rant over.This tent is amazing its huge so much space, there are pockets and clever zips all over it, the Manufacturers have really thought about the design, 10 out of 10 :)) and its ease of putting it up simple , I've had Dome tents before this, and their so much harder to put up, there is a video on you tube, one chap and 10 mins later job done, as long as you start at the back end first its a doddle and this tent is very warm , a little drawback is its size it is massive, but it is useless having a small tent you Often argue , but not in this tent, also be Prepared people will look and Stare, it really is because their a wee bit Jealous lol,, happy camping
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By: Speed098  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We purchased this tent after returning our Outwell Ohio XL and are very happy with our decision ( See my review on the Outwell on this site for comparison ). The tent pitches fairly easily for two people in about 30-45 min but is better with a third person or more.

The guy lines did need retying at the mounting points and is a let down for such a great tent. The window pockets are too loose and needed more velcro fasteners as the curtains can easily fall out unless you fold them and place them in very carefully.

The living space is enormous the so called wet area is excellent in hot weather and with the front fully open even satisfy's the people watcher campers. The fastening of the inner tent at the very top for front two rows is very high and you need to be 6ft plus or use a small box but the advantage is a nice high ceiling. ( A nifty trick is to pitch from rear to front and after first two sections place the inner tent inside and fasten the top/highest/middle 3 fasteners on the front two sections and problem solved ).

The ventilation options are excellent and we also purchased the optional side porch which is fantastic as a cooking area rather than the front while still being large enough to allow access. The main living/sleeping area is again very large and suitable for a family of four to five even with the optional 4th bedroom in place. This is also an excellent place to retire to on colder nights as it warms up and retains heat much better than the single skin section at the front like most Outwell tents.

Downside is the main bedroom could have done with being a bit wider and one of the other two being a true single, this would have given that extra bit of luxury.

We also purchased the sun canopy from Sprayway something you do not see many places selling and it provides another great outdoor space approx 3 meters wide by nearly 5 meters long, we will be purchasing matching wind breaks soon to complete the package.

I can not recommend this tent highly enough and even though Sprayway are a well established outdoor company this is an excellent and unique tent and a credit to them as a new player in the family tent market.

Regarding the tent pegs most tents come with std plastic offerings and if you are serious about camping you will always have a selection of pegs we have 3 types of plastic pegs a set of thin wire pegs, 'v' pegs in ali and a few in pressed steel, and screw in pegs ( from my fishing bivvy ) to cater for any ground conditions and would recommend anyone to have a similar supply of pegs.
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By: Peterhix123  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

Bought this tent on ebay from barginbagsandbits for 210 pounds as a slight second (ex display) excellent condition and very fast delivery be warned this is a big tent coming in two very large bags plus two large pole bags will easily fill your boot on your car before you add anything else , I also bought the carpet and footprint ground sheet on ebay from intertent10 for 25 pounds bargain . Good points easy to pitch on your own but don't use the instructions watch youtube clip of the sprayway valley same principle for ravine. Very spacious inside plenty of pockets for storage. Left it up for a week in the garden no leaks or rips etc as mentioned in other reviews the only bad point was the pegs totally rubbish will invest in some decent ones and chuck theirs away
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By: Lulushar  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

What can I say about this tent? Erm, I saved for nearly a year to buy this beautiful, family sized, investment tent . Only to be really quite disappointed.

Lets start on the positives! Wonderful living and sleeping area's, loads of room for my family of 5 including dog! I love the layout of this tent. Could zip up the inner living area once I had managed to reel the kids in to bed and me and hubby still had our space in the front living area! Spent 3 weeks in the peak district and this tent sailed through whatever mother nature could throw at us!

Disappointments! Pitching instructions not great (especially as we're newbies at tenting!) struggled to get the footprint to match the tent ground sheet properly and like some other comments found the tent pegs inadequate. Major Disappointments! At least 10 of the inner tent white plastic fastening toggles snapped during our holiday, all in the same places, rendering the whole of the inner tent quite useless, zips starting to pull on the fabric of the doors, discoloring of the fabric in the canopy, the window roll up secures on 1 of the front windows were sewn both on the under side meaning we couldn't secure the rolled up window on that side and as before mentioned the front door stowage pocket didn't hold the curtain when rolled down due to the velcro fastenings not matching up! We also had a ripped seam on the outer fly screen. And again as mentioned before had fabric ripping away from eyelets on the storm flaps and too widely spaced apart.

Ok rant over!

I notice (reading other posts) that quite a few of the faults with this tent seem almost common and think it is such a shame because it really is a fabulous family tent, it is just not brilliantly made and could do with a few weeks in the design department! I really hope Sprayway pick up on these design faults and rectify them in their future creations!
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By: DesignerEls  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Great family sized tent. We had 4 adults and 2 children in our party (3 children for 1 night) and didn't feel at all cramped. The front living section is much better than the equivalent Outwell Vermont XL (which we've also owned) due to the large front window. The integral canopy is great - means you can leave the door open even in wet weather without the rain coming in.

There are some downsides as mentioned by others:

The top seams are not strong and started to come undone after just a week's camping and the peg holes on the storm flaps also ripped.

We had to erect in very windy conditions, which was just possible after the wind had subsided.

The pegs which come with the tent are pretty useless and the guy ropes kept coming out - would recommend buying some better quality ones.

A minor complaint was the front curtain kept falling out of its' holder due to poor design. We had to use clothes pegs to keep it in place.

Overall a great tent which is let down by some design faults - the major one being the weak seams. Hope these are rectified by Sprayway in future models.
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By: Darcy + Co  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Plenty of space but upper inner tent location toggles out of reach unless you`re tall with a long reach.

Front canopy acted like a parachute in light wind and pegs kept pulling out,Eyelets on storm flaps are too widely spaced and tore out in moderate wind the inner tent had 4 snapped plastic toggles.

Front door curtain stowage pocket let the curtain fall out due to poor design and inadequate fastenings.

The tent was okay for 6 days then the wind increased to moderate and it`s failings were obvious the following 3 days were spent trying to prevent total destruction.It looks nice and is a reasonable price but the overall finish was poor and the design needs more work.I`ve got my money back and purchased an Outwell.
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By: Grambo62  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

How and why did we choose this tent? We researched extensively and it came down to either this one or Outwell’s Vermont XL. When comparing them the final thing was price, and the offer on the Sprayway was £100 cheaper than the Outwell plus the Footprint ground sheet, we also liked the look of it because it was different colours to all the green tents we are seeing.

The first time we used the tent was weekending 4th July up near Mold, it was 2days away; my self, wife and 2 boys. The overall felling is that the tent is good, but takes around 1 ½ hours for 2 people to pitch and is meant for 5 days or more camping. The size meant that we could use the front during the day with the inner section zipped up. There is plenty of room in the front for a big table (27” x 44”) and its benches, 2 adult chairs, 2 children chairs. 2 kitchen unit plus boxes for food. Ventilation was good and felt safe in strong wind/rain with no leaks.

At night the front was sealed and allowed us to keep warm yet see the outside world. When we retired to sleep the inner section is large enough for any additional storage units yet no worries about having enough room if needed to put chairs in it.

There were several little niggles;

1. Instructions needed reading several times

2. securing in several places letdown by poor stitching

3. Guide ropes needed re-tying

4. Unable to correctly fit the inner to the flysheet

5. Tent pegs needed to be of better quality

So here are some observation that I would like to share with you.

• This tent is not small, and you need to read, and understand the erecting instructions before pitching it.

• Allow plenty of time to do it the first time, so that you get to know it (we noticed that the guide ropes needed tying correctly at the anchor points). We also changed the back 3 guide ropes to yellow; this allowed us to quickly identify the back when pitching.

• If you are going to fit this on to the Sprayway footprint, it must be noted that the tent will only go on one way; this is because of the front end anchor points of the inner room need to be anchored through the fly sheet, so there are 2 holes in the foot print. We tied some yellow guide rope to the back end of the foot print so that we can pitch it the correct way round next time.

• Don’t use the tent pegs supplied as these will not hold in strong wind. We chose Bright Red plastic pegs 8” long, these went in easily, but took some effort to get out, and have 2 hooks.

• This tent stands very tall and when fitting the inner rooms we could not reach the last 3 fixing points I’m 5’11” and only could read the top of the outer flysheet on tip toes.

• When decamping you can do all your packing under cover because the room under the flysheet is massive.

Overall opinion of this product, good but letdown by minor things, hence the rating.
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By: Mojo95  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Just tried our Ravine 6+2.

Good points - huge amount of living space; 3 double size bedrooms at back (didn't use optional 4th bedroom), nice inner living area and good size outer living area ideal for leaving behind muddy boots, wet coats and bikes, also canopy to cook under in the rain. We had heavy rain and strong winds and tent held well.

Bad points - quite tricky to erect, instructions are straightforward, but you need to be physically strong to do it. Inner tent is quite tight, we had to undo a couple of straps because we were worried they might tear. The bedroom was like a fridge at night, so many ventilation points, hoping we will be more grateful for them in Summer. The ceiling over bedrooms would have been better in black, like the walls of the tent to minimise light in the morning, it was very bright by 4am.

Overall we're reasonably happy with out tent, mainly due to its size and stability, but hope Sprayway will make a few adjustments to their future models to make it a great tent.
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By: Gail Hewitt  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We have just bought and used a Sprayway Ravine 6+2.

Good points: Fairly easy to pitch can be done by one person but probably better with two. Very spacious inside - three bedrooms and then another room which hangs from inner tent. We used this to keep our wardrobes, larder etc in and it helps to keep the tent tidy and ensures that you can utilise the rest of the space and not feel cramped. There are handy pockets dotted about for storage space. We had several severe rain showers and 60mph winds and we had no leaks at all. Additionally this is £100 cheaper than a similar size Outwell - we used the money we'd saved to buy a footprint groundsheet and a carpet for the inside.

Bad points: We didn't like the pitching instructions as we thought these were very basic. We also didn't like the tent pegs - we found several of them lifted especially after windy weather. We swapped these for our old tent pegs.

In summary a good family tent, loads of room but recommend you buy stronger tent pegs.
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Manufacturer's Description

The new Sprayway Ravine 6+2 provides you with a large volume tent that is ideal for those who like to spend a lot of time at the campsite. There is space in abundance in both the sewn in inner tent and the larger wet living area. This tent provides great inside/outside space and is perfect for those who bring a lot belongings, for instance bikes and boats.


Pitching method: outer first
Flysheet material: 190T Polyester
Flysheet Hydrostatic Head: 4000mm
Flysheet taped: yes
Ring and pin tensioners: yes
Flysheet tensioners/d rings: yes
Inner tent material: Breathable polyester
Inner tent fire retardant: yes
Inner tent groundsheet material: polyethylene, Sewn-in
Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head: 3000mm
Poles: steel/zinc (x 6 sets), includes canopy poles
Continuous pole sleeves: yes
Colour coded pole sleeves: yes
Pegs: steel wire and 8 plastic
Mudwalls: yes
Electrical hook up access: yes
Total weight: TBC
Pack Size: TBC
Doors: 3
Vents: 9
Windows: 4
Colour: black/grey

# fully sewn in groundsheet with bedrooms & storage
# large open tuck doors
# integrated sun canopy
# fully opening window
# electric hook up access
# low level vents

... there may be more info on their website

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