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Tent Reviews: Tentipi Safir 7 CP

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7  (more 7 berth tents)
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8.57/10 from 7 reviews

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7 Reviews of the Tentipi Safir 7 CP

By: Dune77  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2021   Rating: 


We own(ed) several tents in different shapes

From dome to tunnel to Tipi, with and without sewn-in ground sheets. We owned a Safir 9 which we used for several trips with and without oven. What I liked:

- pack size is compact compared to the space it provides

- pitching and striking is easy

- quality of materials is very good

- when opening the top and bottom vents the room climate in summer is excellent

- it looks beautiful

However in my opinion the drawbacks compared to other tent shapes simply overweigh which is why I cannot recommend a Tentipi at least not for family camping on camp sites:

- the middle pole is surprisingly annoying when moving in the tent, especially when compared to a dome tent like a Karsten pod

- the entrance is unprotected and inconvenient to use, i.E. Bend down to enter, using the zip is a hazzle.

- the slope means only a small part of the tent offers standing height and the corners can not be used comfortably

- the ground sheet is whimsy and not sewn-in

- the supposedly small number of guying points (8 corners) goes up considerably when also guying the vents (+ 12) and the upper guying points to gain volume (+ 8, hard to reach even at 1,90m)

- using an oven is a hazzle, you need a very long chimney and the oven gets in the way in the middle of the tent

- pricing of all components is very high

I can understand the fascination with the Tipi shape and a hot oven in the tent but would advise families to rent and try it out first instead of buying. From our experience:

- For long holidays a tunnel is much more convenient

- For weekends a pod like the Karsten is more cozy and usable without the middle pole and benefitting from great awning support. Whereas the Tipi only supports a tarp that is not suited for strong winds.

- If you think about having a fire, do it outside of the tent.

- If you absolutely want an oven in your tent, take a look at the bell shape. The entrance and high walls are much more convenient and you do not need a long chimney.

All in all we wanted to love the Tentipi but simply did not. Fortunately they retain their value well and we were able to sell the whole package at a good price
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By: Jambo1874  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

I have just purchased this tent brilliant tent easy to put up I purchsed the endfield stove the ground sheet all for £2000 I will tour scotland soon to really test it out but have been camping all read can't fault it in the rain and in the wind brilliant many peaple all the time comment on it the stove is very hot great for cooking the floor is ok adjusts for stov if you want more info please go to pro adventure thats were I boutht the tent
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By: PaulaMB  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

We bought this tent to use for weekends (as it goes up so quickly), to extend our season, (we bought the wood burner and already have a heat pal), and to take in our canoe as it is so light.

It seems expensive for what it is (note that we paid £1550 for the tent, £780 for the stove and £225 for the floor in June 2015) but it is a first class tent.

The 7 is 4.5m diameter but the angle of the sides means that there isn't a massive amount of room inside. We are two adults, a child and a labrador.

The tent goes up in less than ten minutes as described above. It is fairly light and easily managed by one person.

The edfell pro stove does take up a fair amount of room inside the tent but puts out an amazing amount of heat - we end up opening the door whatever the weather when the stove is going.

We have been slightly disappointed with the floor, given the cost of it. It has allowed water to seep through the zips on very wet ground at times.

We camped in sustained 50mph winds recently and our tipi was absolutely solid. There were lots of people abandoning their tents and lots of tents in the bin in the mornings I can't imagine that happening to this tent.

We are really pleased with it and combined with our DeWaard Albatros feel that we have found a great combination of tents that works for us.

This tent does feel like more basic camping than the Albatros which is just pure luxury, despite the huge price tag. Great for UK camping though, whereas the Albatros is wonderful for sunny evenings abroad.
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By: Rachel58  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I would have recommended this tent without reservation but am disappointed for the following reasons:

1 The 'bones' that hold open the big hat are not properly stitched in and there is usually one poking out when we have put the tent up. I have already stitched one of the sleeves for the bones but it seems that another has now developed a hole.

2 One of the welded rings on the tension bands to hold the structure has split open - this happened last year when using the tent in France and not as a result of wind or any force (it probably wasn't welded properly in the first place)

3 Although these tents are described as very strong and able to withstand the weather, our tent pole snapped yesterday in a gust of wind in Scotland. When I phoned Nordic Outdoors I was told that they are aware that this is a weakness with the tents - but not one that they advertise!

4 On first use the tent leaked as we had not subjected it to hosing down with water - OK I accept that that is recommended, but how many other £1500 tents have to be treated before you can even use them?

Apart from the above, I have been delighted with it, and use the stove which we also bought with the tent. I am a seasoned camper and have been camping for 37 years, so can pitch tents properly and have used many different brands including Vango, Hilleburg, etc.

Worth noting, that when I phoned to order a replacement part for my pole yesterday, I was informed that I had to buy a whole pole as they don't supply replacement sections - at a cost of £60. Not cheap, so time that the manufacturer got its ct together. I don't mind paying good money for a top quality tent, but do feel that Tentipi are over priced in view of the above.
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By: Katy Roberts  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

My Dad and I go camping a lot and everywhere we go people ask us about our cotton tent so I thought I had better write a little about it.

Our Nordic inspired tipi is used by professionals in the most extreme conditions; it has been used in several arctic expeditions and had extensive use in the Scandinavian North Country. Tentipi is designed and made in Sweden especially for the harsh Arctic winters so my dad and I felt it would be suitable for our many 4 season camping expeditions in The Lake District Scotland and Wales, the one we have is a Tentipi Safir 7 CP kåta (formerly this tent was called the Tentipi Varrie 7 CP) The flysheet is made using breathable Cotpolinex P (Cotpol T4 fabric Cotton and Polyester blended) with edging of Super polyamide Pine Green material at the bottom. We also use a freestanding Eldfell Pro (Size 7) Stainless Steel wood burning stove in the tent, which means in no time at all we can transform the interior into a lovely snug home from home on those cold wet and windy nights of which we have many in this country, the tent heats up really quickly with the right wood in the stove we also do all our cooking on it which is handy, the stove gives out so much heat that we have to keep the 3 mosquito netted storm flaps at the bottom of the Nordic tipi open most of the time otherwise you will be cooked right out of the tent or end up getting heat stroke, we now have a drying rack that fits round the top of the tent which is great for drying wet clothes ready for the next day.

The two main reasons we use this style of tent are that it can be erected and taken down both in about 10 minutes and even I can put it up using one hand with almost no help from Dad as it only has one central pole in the middle of the tent.

The other reason we love this tent is you can use it with an open fire in the centre preferably using a fire box so as not to scorch the ground and opening up the top vents or as we do with our old faithful Eldfell wood burning stove, because the fire is enclosed and it uses a sectional chimney it doesn’t get Smokey inside the tent as all the smoke goes up through the chimney it feels like you are in a log cabin when the stove is alight, because we go wild camping in remote locations in the middle of nowhere this tent has proved to be no problem in exposed or hostile environments, on very cold nights Dad will keep the stove going all night which can be done quite simply as when it is hot the stainless steel stove glows in the dark, it also has an air vent which opens and closes so you can get an idea of how the fire is doing inside without opening the fire door. I actually enjoyed crawling out of my warm sleeping bag in the mornings to stoke the fire and then I get back whilst the tent warms up.

One thing to bear in mind if you are thinking of buying one of these impressive looking Nordic tipis is everywhere you go the tent attracts a lot of interest especially when we have the stove alight and smoke is wafting out of the chimney, people want to take a tour and look inside to see how the stove works it’s interesting talking to people about the tent but sometimes it can get a little much when you have had a hard day outside all day and are tired out. It means of course we have to keep the tent tidy at all times ready for visitors unexpectedly dropping by which is not a bad thing.

I think if my Dad was selling these tents he probably could have sold 10 over the last three years sometimes people will come back several times and ask specific questions about the tent or stove and my Dad has to demonstrate how things work especially when they see just how much of a comfortable environment we are living in compared to a nylon tent, he doesn’t mind he is very patient about the whole thing and lets people try things out. I guess if I was thinking of buying something like this I would prefer to talk to an experienced user rather than a sales person, we do spend weeks at a time living in the wilds of Britain so we have learnt over time what works for us and what doesn’t.
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By: Joolsp  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

It might be pricy but we have never regretted buying this. We don't do anything adventurous but its as good for a standard camping holiday as it is for all weather camping.

We went for the cp rather than 'light', as its a polycotton which 'breathes' - a really nice atmosphere inside. Also we did not go for an 'inner' so we sleep in the main shell of the tent.

The groundsheet is separate. Its attached post-pitch with an overlap with the tent but if you have no inner then you are not sealed in (we have had a mouse and a rat in at various times as well as insects so if you are the squeamish scared type then this might not be for you)

It pitches very easily - you peg out 8 pegs in a circle guided by a central peg /guide and a length of tape (see the manufacturer's set up video) - then you attach the tent to the pegs, and then push the pole up the middle - tighten up the stays and you are done (almost).

It has a 'top-knot' which you can open for ventilation via a set of pulls attached to the pole, a ventilated door and 3 vents around the base. It does not get as hot and clammy as nylon tents.

You can have an indoor stove and chimney attached too for winter camping - we have not tried this ourselves.

Its very roomy but we bought a 7 for the 2 of us so that would be expected. It can take 7 people lying down but that would leave no room for anything else. We have two full size sleep mats, can get 2 chairs and a table in for when the weather is poor plus all sorts of other bags, boxes of camping gear.
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By: Thesaint  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2006   Rating: 

Bought this tent and have constantly used it for 4 years in all seasons/weather. Its innovative ventilation system allows for camp fires inside this tent. It pitches very quick and easy. It is pegged down first before the pole is inserted which makes pitching it better if it is very windy. This tent always attracts stares of amazement from people wherever we go.
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Manufacturer's Description


For extreme expeditions, challenging trekking, or a multitude of different outdoor activities, Safir is perhaps the world’s most versatile tent for people who need maximum performance and flexibility.

Safir is used by professionals in the most extreme conditions. It’s a tent you can rely on totally in ice-fields, in storm-force gales, on top of glaciers, or in blazing heat. This makes Safir the ultimate expedition tent.

But, equally, many people appreciate it simply for the outstanding comfort and manageability that makes it perfect for families, too. You can take it trekking. It’s a spacious camping tent for holidays with the car. It’s everything all in one!

And you can always find a size that suits your personal needs. Safir is available for 4-10 people sleeping and up to 20 people seated.

* 3 minutes to erect
* Standing room
* Class-leading storm resistance
* Use with open fire or stove
* Use on its own or with any model of floor or inner tent
* Door: Double-zip with integral mosquito protection
* Smoke cap: Double piece with six opening points, controllable from inside the tent. Integral chimney opening. Mosquito protection to top piece. Tighter fitting by use of fibreglass spacer rods.
* Storm cords: pre-tied and fitted with holders
* Hanging loop for drying
* Mosquito protection sewn in to top edge of tent

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