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Tent Reviews: Vango Amazon 800

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8  (more 8 berth tents)
53.50 KG
Fully Sewn-in
Fly first
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8.28/10 from 18 reviews

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18 Reviews of the Amazon 800         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Johnandcatherine  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Bought The Amazon 800 signature blue on eBay brand new off complete outdoors on auction for £360 five or six weeks ago,was a cracking price due to the rain on the night it came up and no one was thinking about camping lol.

We aren't going camping in this tent until august to the isle of white for ten days but the sun came out so took our chance to put it up to check it was all right.

Glad we did because it was a right struggle to put it up the Vango way which we abandoned after 20 minutes and just pegged out the back, fed through the roof poles leaving the legs off and gathered them towards the back end of the tent.

Fitting the legs to the rear roof pole we then fitted the pins into the bottom and stood them up and guyed out the rear of the tent to stabilise them.

We then repeated the process for the remaining four roof poles and guyed out the final one to stabilise the front and job was done just leaving the guy ropes to be guyed out and tent to be clipped to the poles ect.Much easier than the wango video believe me.

Next you had to fit the bedrooms and then the roof liner.It was really hot today and before putting up the roofliner the tent was roasting inside,almost unbearable,had me wishing we got a polycotton instead but after attaching the roofliner WOW what a difference it made, the tent cooled right down,what an absolute brilliant idea.

The lights out inner tents are great and will hopefully give a great nights sleep on those bright night/summer mornings.The room in the living room is more than enough for a family of 5 or 6 but think 8 would have you feeling a bit cramped though the sleeping compartments will easily sleep 8 which surprised me as you usually take 2 off the births for comfort and not squashing together,makes a nice change having 4 proper double compartments.

The front porch will be great for cooking and enjoying the sun and is much bigger than say the higear corado 8 porch so I understand why they haven't made the extension option available as it is huge for a built in canopy.As for the living room though large for a tent it's not huge as the description makes out and they could do with adding a side awning to the set up like they had for the 2011 model,don't understand why they didn't to be honest, own goal by Vango there I think.

Quality of the material is as good as any Outwell I've had in the past and with the 6000 HH is comparable to their Avantgarde collection for quality with Outwell at a much cheaper price without cutting on the quality.

The windows are huge and all have zipped curtains for privacy and fly nets on the 2 side and front entrances with plenty ventilation vents that are at the bottom of the tent and not at the top,don't know if this will improve on ventilation or not but will report back after our holiday.

The colour is like an electric sky blue and will really stand out from the crowd and all in all my first impressions of this tent are wow, can't wait to get away camping which is what it's all about :)) we will put a follow up review with pictures of the tent when we come back in August

The trolley bag that comes with the tent is huge and although the bedrooms and roofliner were not pre-attached and you are supposed to take them out before taking down the tent we left them attached and had no problem getting it back in the trolley bag which will save some work when erecting the tent next time.

I have no hesitation on first impressions of recommending this tent for a family of 5 or 6, even 8 if you don't mind cramped living space and though between £600-700 for the tent ( worth every penny in my opinion) you won't be disappointed.It can be bought cheaper off complete outdoors off eBay who have a big online presence for peace of mind at the full price, but every now and then they put one on on auction and you can grab a bargain for £360 like I did though they usually go between £4-500 which is quite a lot off the full price.
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By: Carperjake  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We have an AMAZON and love it to bits. The quality is there for all to see. We got it second hand, used once from preloved, it looked like it hadn't been used at all when we put it up the first time.

We've been shown a better way to put it up than the way Vango suggest, 1 rib at a time and 75% of the job can be done by one person and takes around 10minutes. This allows the other start putting up the bedroom pods and getting the rest of the kit in. With a bit of practice I reckon it shouldn't take more than 45mins from arriving at the pitch to having the tent up, pegged and guys out.

The size of this thing is what attracted us to it, we use one pod for storage so there's very little loose caggage inside the tent. We have a table in one corner with a small TV, radio, pocket junk and phone chargers on. Behind the table is an extension that runs from the EHU, all the electricals on the table are low usage. This allows us to have the EHU outside for the kettle and toaster. In front of the table there's an inflatable sofa. In the next corner we have a small dining table. We also put up 3 chairs and there's LOADS of room left. We don't cook inside, what we do is put up some tall windbreaks along the front and around the side to give us a cooking area that is fairly sheltered. If you put them on the right hand side you can still access the main door easily.

The bedroom pods are more than big enough but I wouldn't like to put 2 people in the smaller side ones, we put a large double airbed in the central pod and a single in one of the side ones with the other as storage. Mrs CJ, little legs and Bosdog use the central one, I use a smaller one. The pods have vertical storage units on teh outside that are ideal for keys etc. We fill them up every time we go!

We've not encountered too many of the mentioned problems with the floor billowing up or the wind booming through. Yes, it happens but not that often and if you're in a sheltered spot not on the top of a moor I can't imagine it will be any worse than a minor imbuggerance! One of the guys did snap at a very windy site but there are spares in the bag so not a big deal. We do use 1ft long channel pegs at strategic points to ensure the stability.

Minor downsides: The carpet is too thin and pulls very easily. Like a previous poster said, take your shoes off and it's less of a problem, the pulls get worse if you use one of those manual carpet cleaner things on it. It did leak a bit in a torrential downpour, we've just reproofed it and sealed the seams so fingers crossed that should sort it. The bag is pants! Take the poles out ASAP and pop the footprint in and it will last longer but don't be surprised when it falls apart.

All in all we love this tent, we were thinking about selling it after reproofing but now that we've been shown the easy way to put it up we're going to keep it.
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By: Luva bacon butty  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

The options we had .Buy new one .Buy a smaller 5 berth various makes.However after going around the various tent outlets.It seemed the best option was choose a second hand one from the internet.From a used once seller.

I would recommend some extra super strong pegs.Not the plastic or wibbly wobbly wire ones.The carpet is not super hard wearing make it last longer by kicking off your shoes before you walk on it.

There is little difference between brand new or older one. If buying second hand take extra care to check out its not ripped or holed and zips all work.Buying a second hand usually get everything bundled in.Foot print, carpet etc, there is plently of room for 8 grown ups. We use ours to go surfing in North Devon and Wales.So it can be full of wet suits, boards.Picnic table chairs.Were not the most tidy of campers.And go in all weathers the sunny six months of the year.We typically camp in old school campsites.Tiny farm shop slightly slopping hills.The posh sites sometimes refuse bigger tents.The double garage shape with sleeping pods one and day room at the other end is a good layout and simple to put up an fold away.The hg is good high number so you can tough out some rough down pours, the little wheels on the tent bag next pointless.Take plently of man pegs and do not forget to check everything is secure each time you bed down for the night or leave it on day out.

Even though there is plently space do not cook food inside it. The different bags all stuff comes does take up some room and pretty heavy to lug about not for faint hearted.If you choosing a tent first compare the specifications when you find the highest Hg number and then find the best deal.You can pick up an absolute gem quiet quickly.I rate this tent a beaut ten out of ten.

Its tremendous value.And we all love it
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By: FamilyGib  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We have used our tent for the last two years and up until two days ago, I loved it.

It's BIG, so loads of space for the kids to play if the weather is bad and for socialising in the evening. It has lots of nice design features, such as storage pockets and easy to erect colour-coded inner tents. Previous reviewers have covered all the good points, so I'll not do it again here.

But two days ago, we had an experience that makes me doubt I will ever buy a Vango again. We were camped in windy, but not gale-force, weather. The tent had been pitched well (my husband is a very experienced camper), but the next morning we noticed the wind was loosening some of the pegs. So my husband went out to buy some extra v-pegs to make it more secure. The wind was blowing under the sewn-in groundsheet - a problem I notice that other reviewers have had. I decided to go round the tent making sure all the guy ropes were secure when I noticed that some of the orange loops securing the bottom of the tent had come loose. As I went to re-peg them, one snapped in my hand. Not good. Fortunately, my children were playing outside the tent at this time. I went back into the tent. A bad move.

To cut a long story short, the tent ended up in a tree and I ended up in hospital on a spinal board! The material of the tent had ripped free of the pegs (most of which were still in the ground), causing the tent to fly like a huge balloon. The strap that runs along the front of the tent caught round my neck as I flew with the tent into the air. Thankfully, I was only left with severe whiplash, cuts to my neck, burns to my hand and bruising to my legs. My wonderful friends and fellow campers rescued all our belongings and watched my children as I was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Yes, this tent is great for large families, but please, please beware if you are camping in windy weather!
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By: Jimmarion  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

This is a massive tent, but with stands all wind and water.It does take about 1/2 hour to put up. We ignored the dvd and laminated some instructions on how to erect,but to be honest after the second time you don't need them.The last trip we took 'extra' kids. The living area is so big that they had 3 (2 man)tents here to sleep out in and we still had large room for our table and chairs. Things that would add the icing would be nice to have pockets in the bedrooms for our torches/phones. Have had no regrets about buying this and would do again.The only problem we find is that some sites might not take the tent and you can never get it back in its bag
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By: Matthew b  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Just returned from a week in France and used this tent for the third time. It is excellent. Massive tent perfect for our family of 5. When it rains there is a huge area for the kids to play and for adults to sit around and chat. The quality of design is very high indeed. Nothing has ripped or broken to date. It is also quite easy to put up and take down.

It is noisy in wind but I find a litre of red wine before bed stops the problem.

When the sun comes out it is nice to open up the 3 doors and feel part of the outdoors. Highly recommended if you want something big.
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By: Devro  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Got my 800 off fleabay two months ago, only used a couple of times so they said. We reckon they have only had it up the once as it was in sparkling condition. Since then we have had 2 holidays, the first for a week and the second for 2 weeks. Each holiday was absolutely fantastic, we are seasoned campers so are not easily impressed. This tent is like having an apartment all thats missing is a swimming pool but there is enough room should you wish to add one

I have to say we chose this tent because we wanted something big, we don't need it only the 2 of us go it is just a luxury. In addition to that on a break more than a weekend we would now not be without it ever, it's just fantastic. There are lots of big tents on the market, we chose Vango as we have lots of Vango products and have yet to be disappointed, the quality is superb. We did consider the Zanzibar but its just too heavy and I am not that impressed with polycotton. We also considered an Outwell but every 1 we saw outside on display always leaked non of the Vango's did.

Yes it does get hot when it's sunny, it's a large area but open the doors and remove the entire front section and it cools down no problem. The door openings are also a bonus as they lay flat so you don't have to step in and out, this adds to the feel of an apartment. The large windows, huge front door, 3 big bedrooms, sun canopy and many other features to us really make this product stand out from the rest. All the other plus points in this thread are all true, it is easy to erect once you know how and comes down just as easy too. The floor does rise when it's windy and it is a little noisy, the two front valences boom when a sidewind catches them but you get used to it. The poles have a wire connecting system and one of mine has already snapped but I think this is due to the lack of space in the bag over stressing the poles when folded. The bag itself is a waste of time it's too heavy and the wheels collapse, if you have any sense you will split the items.

I have a couple words of warning however, there has been much said about how sturdy and resistant this tent is in bad conditions and yes it is but always put storm pegs in or regret it you will. In easy terms this tent is over 50 cubic metres in volume and poses quite an obstacle should the weather take a turn. I made the mistake of not re-attaching the the front door ground cleat one evening. I woke to find the front door had been blown in by 22 mph winds and snapped the inner toggles. I would also advise you to stay another night rather than try and collapse this tent in the wind, we tried and without the help of a couple of friendly campers would have ended up with Richard Branson in the gulf stream.

It is quite an attraction on sites, on our first trip it was on the tour for the first night arrivals who all had a gander and some pleasant comments which made us chuckle. All in all we are very pleased with it it really makes a camping holiday a holiday a real home from home.

We Called ours Vincent for obvious reasons.
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By: Chefcharne  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We have had this tent for 2 years, there has only every been a maximum of 4 people in it without the bedrooms and it is huge. We have used it every year for up to 6 weeks at a time, in 20-30mph winds and it stayed up no trouble however the groundsheet kept rising to about a foot. Would recommend getting a seam sealer to go on on the inside and out as there was some leaking when there was heavy constant rain. Downside of this tent is that it is very noisy in the wind otherwise great tent great value for money we got ours for £365 they are about £450-£500. Hope it helped
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By: GlennR  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

I first saw the Amazon 800 a few months ago when camping and thought wow! After reading reviews and doing research I bought one.

We went for our first expedition this last weekend.

What a Fantastic tent! So much space and I didn't have to bend down once (I'm 6'2')

Poles take a little while to find the best way to put it all together, as with all tents. Once the poles are in position it flies up in minutes.

It's fondly known within our household as the 'Village hall'. Some friends came with us and when he saw the Amazon said, 'Thats not a tent it's a Hotel'
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By: Bernieboo  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

We bought this tent in May 2009 and got a bargain because its a 2008 model. We are 2 adults and 3 kids aged 10, 8 and 3. We are new to camping this year and have camped 4 times this year. It is a bit daunting the first time we put up and take down again, but each time gets easier and easier and we see other people with much smaller tents struggle with theirs also ! We absolutely love our 'beast'. There is so much space for wet weather - which we have had on every trip !

The tent has stood up to wind and rain like we have never seen, it is a bit noisy in the wind - but it hasn't let us down. On bad weather nights all five of us snuggled together in the middle bedroom - the kids loved it. The only niggle I have is the front 'patio' style door - on the left side it isn't attached to the groundsheet - so the wind gets under it and inside - we cant work out how to remedy this - but apart from this - its a fantastic tent, full of light and space. We have the carpet which is a necessity, but its not very hard wearing - but I do have 3 kids diving about on it a lot ! Unfortunately, some of the sites we want to try, wont accommodate this size tent - so we may have to get a smaller one - but I love it so much, I will look for the Amazon 600.
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Manufacturer's Description

If a massive living space is your idea of the perfect tent then look no further than the Amazon range. The steel pole tunnel structure makes the maximum use of space while being easy to pitch, durable and solid.

> Protex® 6000 polyester waterproof
> Taped seams for waterproof protection
> Storm skirt system waterproof exterior skirt system which creates dry comfort zones. Heavy duty oxford fabric used for strength and durability
> Flysheet first pitching inner tents are kept dry
> Guy tidy velcro holder allows guylines to be packed neatly, making re-pitching easier
> Colour coded poles match the poles to the sleeve tab for easy pitching
> Powerplus® steel poles reliable formed structure which performs well in most weathers
> Pre-angled poles makes walls more vertical and improves angles of the walls resulting in more usable space and stability
> PE waterproof groundsheet 6000HH
> Sewn-in groundsheet fully enclosed to protect against unwanted draughts and bugs
> 3 mesh doors reduces build up of condensation and keeps bugs out
> Mesh vents vents on inner tent to allow continual airflow to enhance comfort
> Air flow vent system new system of repeated small vents below skirt level ensures low to high ventilation throughout the tent when open
> Double zip windows flexible internal cover allowing choice between - light and vent or vent only
> Skylights light, bright living area during the day, stargazing at night. With internal covers
> Cable entry points and tidy zipped entry point with isolator pocket. velcro points inside the tents keep the cable and plugs tidy whilst in use
> Flexible inners flexibility allows the inner to be removed if not in use creating additional living or storage space
> Flexible front door can be opened fully giving a verandah feel to your tent
> Rain gutter zip cover keeps zip dry
> Roller tent bag oversized to ease the pack away and easy transport

... there may be more info on their website

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