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Tent Reviews: Vango Colorado 800

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7.72/10 from 18 reviews

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18 Reviews of the Colorado 800         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: OLDALAN  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 


This is a very big family tent. It does need at least 2 to put it up but that is easy, you just need time to put in all those pegs. We got some heavy duty ones that are a great help.The space inside is great.The only downside is the size of pitch you need.I have been able to put it up on my own in about 45 mins. But with a couple it can be done in about 15 mins.If you have heavy duty pegs you can use one peg for several guy lines.Practice putting it up before you go away and the time spent when you arrive on site and have a lot of other things to do will be be easier.I did get the front extension in a sale , but I have not used it yet.With this in place I think you would have the largest tent on the site and would attract many into conversation ,(if you wanted a break from the family !.)
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By: Soggous  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

We bought the Colorado 800 DLX, footprint groundsheet, and carpet in March 2010, and tested it over a hot weekend in May in Norfolk.

The footprint is excellent to aid pitching, you can move it around until you're happy the site is level and, once pegged down, pitching the tent over the top is easy.

We watched the DVD that came with the tent a few times to give us an idea how to pitch the tent: it makes it look so easy! Actually, pitching is not that bad.

The tent poles are all colour coded so there's no chance of putting the wrong pole in the wrong hole. Warning, some of the poles are bent, I thought they were broken but, no, they're designed that way!

The central 'dome' is assembled first; this is the trickiest part and requires two people really (although a strong person could probably manage it themselves). I like the 'pins' that the poles slot over (rather than eye-holes to pop into that other tents have), it feels secure. Once the central dome is up the middle of the tent can be pegged down. The side pods are a piece of cake after that. I also like the clips that attach the outer flysheet to the poles, so easy.

The inner tent 'pods' clip in easily and are colour-coded so you don't put the wrong pod in the wrong space. Each 2-berth pod has four pockets (the 4-berth has 8). I love the clip-in pockets for extra storage in the central area. Loads of places to lose your phone!

The 4-berth pod wouldn't sleep 4 comfortably though (perhaps 4 small children). As a family of four, this tent suits us perfectly. We have the largest pod to ourselves and our two children have a 2-berth pod each.

Other features: there is a small zip towards the rear of the central area for the electric hookup to go through, tidy. Others have mentioned the clear window in the roof for 'stargazing'. Don't get excited, you can't see much through it. (Much better to sit outside.)

The tent doesn't retain much heat from the day, even with the carpet. We have used this tent on a baking hot May weekend and for 2 weeks in July, and we needed our fan heater at night every time. It is great in the wind and rain though, very sturdy.

The tent has loads of space inside. My husband can stand up inside (he's 4ft), no seriously, he's about 5ft 11. We can fit our deckchairs and picnic table and chairs inside quite comfortably, with room to walk around them.

We used the side awning once but it's not useful (too low to go in and out through, even for shorty me) and the poles are now designated as 'spare'. It is OK if the doorway is rolled up, but with the side pod in use as a bedroom usually, we rarely open it.

Overall, a very comfortable tent, highly recommended for families who appreciate space and a sense of luxury!
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By: Mellow.bird  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

This is a large tent, and ample space for myself, my partner and our 4 small children.

The biggest niggle about this tent is you cannot fit 4 single airbeds into the 4 berth 'pod' at the rear of the tent.

The nice thing about the tent is the window in the roof, allowing stargazing from indoors on those nights that you really don't want to sit outside.

It is easy to pitch - after 3 outings we have it down to 40 minutes (not including the guy ropes). It takes a little longer to pack up (around 2 hours) as it takes a while to squash all of the air out of it to fit it back in the bag (a feat in itself).

We have also purchased the footprint and the carpet, making it a little more luxurious, and on a more practical level, also a bit warmer, as it does not appear to retain much of the warmth from the day.

When pitching in the rain, ensure that all of the doors are fully closed - we had left ours slightly open to ensure we could get all of the air out when packing and had a minor issue. But thats our camping 'ignorance' showing through. It didn't leak though once pitched.

This is the first family tent we have owned, and love it, despite the bedroom pods not being the size it should be. If only the back 'pod' would take 4 airbeds, this would be a perfect tent.

Its not our 'forever' tent, but its a great start. We have owned it only a month and been out camping in it on 3 occasions already.
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By: Gasman166  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

As my wife is a first time camper with a love of home comforts we bought an 8 man tent for the two of us. After three dry runs in the back garden, ( a bit of a squeeze), I can now put the tent up on my own in about 45 minutes. I`ve found that the easiest way for me is to peg the two outer pegs of the back bedroom down and stretch the tent into it`s position and peg the front down. I then push the centre pod poles into position but don`t place them on the pins and then erect the front and rear rooms. This way the centre section is very easy to erect on your own. Then it`s just a matter of pegging out the rest of the groundsheet and guy ropes. As there are only two of us we put a double airbed in the 4 berth section and use the other two as kitchen and storage. The amount of room inside is amazing and when we used the tent for the first time we were very impressed by the feeling of warmth and security from the weather, (which wasn`t good). All in all, I would recommend this tent to anybody, it`s brilliant.
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By: Fatboy 85  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

I think my tent was made in 2009? I bought then any way. This tent is really good because it is so easy to put up and it so big inside as well. The built in ground sheet is a gem because you do not get bugs rain wind and my dog can not get out at night at all. The colour makes a big difference as well makes the inside look big, the colour we went for was blue. Inside the tent there are loads off things you notice every time we but it up. It takes us about 30 mins to but up it can withstand strong winds and hard rain. As we find out!

The only bad points are the keys at the bottom of the poles take some used to if not done before. Also takes some used to putting back in the bag.

Apart from that I'm counting the days down to use it again.
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By: Tentaddict7  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We bought this tent to replace our 8 year old Sunncamp Family Vario 6, which was rather the worse for wear!

We needed a three pod tent for us and our two younger daughters aged 16 and 12, and our son aged 10, who needs his own pod now rather than sleeping in the main part of the tent. We also wanted a porch area to put all the food, coolbox, bits and pieces, and our table in to separate it from the living area.

The sewn in groundsheet was also a factor in our purchase, as we were sick of the wind whistling through, and rain running through, randomly soaking bags that were on the floor.

We got a good deal at Somerset camping, an online tent retailer, only 239! We also decided to invest in the matching porch extension, as we like to cook outside the main tent area, and usually use a gazebo, but it does mean that it is open to the elements, so our cooker and pans etc. Often get drenched.

Our other reason for buying the porch extension was that we can leave our shoes there rather than walking mud into the tent. The footprint groundsheet was a must as far as we were concerned, to prevent a muddy mess underneath the tent in bad weather, and also to assist us when positioning the tent when arriving onsite. We also purchased the tent carpet for a little bit of luxury!

Pitching the tent was very straightforward, the poles are all colour coded, and the DVD which you get with the tent tells you which order to do everything in, so its a good idea to watch it beforehand. The bag the tent comes in is very well designed, with separate sections for the flysheet, poles/pegs and inners. The pitching instructions are printed and sewn on to the bag for easy reference. The only gripe was the tent pegs, which bent really easily, several were ruined, despite the ground being grass, and not stony or hard. We will take the pegs from our old tent along next time. Pegging out took longer than with our old tent, as there are many more guy ropes, but we expected that. The guy ropes have little velcro tabs to keep them from tangling up when taking the tent down, which was a good idea.

The space inside the tent is amazing, from the outside it doesn't look that big, and because the side pods are smaller than the rear one, there shouldn't be any difficulties placing it on a pitch, as it is not too wide, or an awkward shape. The rear pod is huge, although a little snug for 4, you could get 3 in there comfortably, (or 2 teenage girls with all their 'necessities' as we did!) The rear pod can be divided by a removable curtain, so everyone can have their own space, and there is a ring in each pod to hang a battery light for reading at night. The side pods are quite a bit smaller, but still big enough for either a double airbed or two singles, and all the pods have pockets to put small bits in, like mobile phones, keys etc.

Good extra features include a zip open entry point for electric hook up, little organisers that clip on to the sides high up (helpful to keep things out of the reach of little ones!), plenty of vents including zip open ones near the sleeping pods, and plenty of large windows/vents including a skylight, great for stargazing.

As we bought the tent in the light blue/grey colourway, this gives it a very light and airy feel even with the windows closed. The living area is where this tent really comes into its own, the space is huge! Big enough for a table and chairs for 6, we moved the table into the porch area when we were not using it, leaving a spacious living area for relaxing. There are velcro tabs at regular intervals up one side of the living area to attach around an electric cable for a light and a ring to hang the light up in the centre.

The tent carpet was the final touch for us, getting out of bed on to a soft carpet was sheer luxury to people who have been going camping for the past 16 years, and are used to getting out on to a muddy wet groundsheet that leaks! Having a sewn in groundsheet means there are no draughts and it is much cosier than our last tent, the porch area has a raised front bit which can be taken down to sweep out the tent, and this also helps to keep out dirt and rain etc.

There was ample space in the porch area for our fridge, table and food storage, as well as all the bags and bits and pieces. The porch extension is in my view a brilliant extra as we had the cooker and stand out there and we could keep all the muddy shoes out of the tent, we also opened it up and used the king poles to create a sun canopy, and to ventilate and let out the heat when cooking.

Although we had fine weather, there was a strong wind and we felt this tent was more than capable of standing up to most weather conditions.

This set up had all the space and features we could possibly need, and in my view is a very well designed, good quality tent that will hopefully give us many happy holiday camping trips, and at a very reasonable price. I would recommend it to any family (and coming from someone who has five children that is quite something!).
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By: Keeto  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

This tent is brilliant; my husband who is six foot two, was able to stand upright without having to bend his neck. Inside, the tent is very roomy, it has three bedrooms, which you can fit double airbeds in. The living area is spacious also.

This tent withstood heavy wind and rain without leaking (we did not end up seeing the wizard of oz).

The best thing as well, was that we got this tent in the sale at Go Camping in Wakefield; we purchased this tent for 199; all you need to do, is purchase a discount card in store for 4, you then get a discount on anything you buy; without this card, this tent would have cost 300.

The only downside to this tent, is that it would not fit back in it's bag; however, this tent was easy to erect, as all the poles were colour coded. We had a fabulous time camping in this tent.
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By: Ela1  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Only had the tent for a couple of weeks and used the tent over the weekend for the first time. We had very heavy rain and strong winds I am really pleased with this tent and how it put up the conditions. We were with other family members and used our tent to sit and eat, loads of space for 10.We bought the tent and tent carpet in a deal from Stafford camping for 279. We found the tent really easy to put up as all poles are coded. Well impressed 10 out of 10
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By: Stocky13  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We have the vango 800dlx 2009 with sewn in ground sheet no bugs or draughts to contend with.We pitched using the footprint so our tent stays dry which helps to keep it clean as well.

We are pleased with the tent living area is a good size. The porch area is fab for leaving wet gear and stuff. The larger pod is better for us as a double with plenty room either side with double air bed.

My only complaint is the vents will not close completely above the bed pods so am going to get velcro and stick it on then if we require them shut we can.Seems very well made and for the money 279 we are left happy
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By: Adgo8  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

We have used our 800dlx about 10 times and have never been able to get it aligned perfectly. Once the tent is up, there is always one element of the tent that sits out of kilter with the rest, be it the groundsheet the bedrooms or the doors.

The first time we had it out the elastic broke in one of the ( not covered buy guarantee ) poles. The second time one pole splintered. Also this tent is extremely drafty due to the ground sheet not being sewn in. However, this groundsheet design can be a plus when drying the tent out.

One last thing you cant have the doors open if it is raining as this allows water to pour in. A lot of alternative tents seem to have flaps that push any water away from the door.
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18 User Reviews of the Colorado 800 - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

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Manufacturer's Description

With the sleeping areas in the tunnel sections and living area in the dome, the Colorado tents offer great use of space. Ideal for family camping or groups.

"The Colorado makes excellent sense for those families who have given it a try and want to take the whole business a little more seriously. With the sleeping area in the tunnel and living area in the dome, the Colorado range combine comfortable sleeping areas with large living space." OCC OUTDOOR

Flysheet: Protex 3000
Inner: Breathable H2O repellent Ripstop Polyester
Poles: Fibreflex (& steel awning poles)
Design/Style: Tunnel

Seam taped flysheet which gives long lasting protection from the elements.
Mesh ventilation on the inner tent reduces the build-up of condensation and keeps bugs out.
Pitches flysheet first which allows you to erect it quickly and easily, keeping the inner dry.
Bathtub inner groundsheet which gives you total climate protection and prevents insects crawling in.
External, continuous pole sleeves which help you pitch it easily.
Fibreflex fibreglass poles which are though, sturdy & reliable.
Colour coded poles which help you put the correct poles in their pole sleeves.
Twin ventilation on the porch which helps reduce the build-up of condensation.
Riser groundsheet in the living area and porch which gives extra comfort and adaptability.
Carry bag which makes packing, transport & storage easy.

... there may be more info on their website

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