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Tent Reviews: Vango Eden 600 XL Airbeam

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
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7.35/10 from 17 reviews

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17 Reviews of the Eden 600 XL Airbeam         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Sweeny  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

Great dry weather tent BUT an unmanageable monster if packing away wet as it becomes far too heavy. More worryingly, tent collapses in consistent, heavy, downpours as additional weight of sodden polycotton too much for airbeams to cope with. Note other owners have flagged same issue but unaware as to how (if) this issue resolvable? Any suggestions gratefully received.
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By: Stewam06  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

It's seem that the Vango air beam polycotton technology is not much good. During rain our tent just collapses. We've done everything suggested by Vango, but nothing works. This tent really is no good and to make matters worse when we contacted Vango we got a standard default reply with nothing of an apology. We tried the nice way but now we want a refund as there's no way we want this tent- we have young children and we couldn't leave them in the tent alone. If this tent collapsed on them it is a danger as it is so heavy, especially when rain collects on top.
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By: Johnsgotwood  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

I've been looking into airbeam tents now for a couple of years but until recently they've been out of my price range or just not quite what I'm looking for. We needed a bigger tent for this season so settled for the Vango Azure which is a steel poled tent and less than half the price of a similar sized airbeam tent. Although initially we had problems with twisted roof poles which were eventually sorted out thanks to Andy from Outdoor Action, we've managed to use it for 40 nights in the past 12 months. Not a single drop of water inside apart from the usual condensation which is minimal if the vents are used properly. The only reason for wanting an airbeam tent was speed and ease of pitching and packing away, particularly if only camping for a weekend. We tried going back to our Tigris 400 but its just too small for all the comforts we like to take with us.

Anyway I've done my home work and read just about every review on every Vango airbeam tent available. I've been on Youtube and watched the good and the bad experiences people have had and so I haven't gone into to this blindly. Incidently you may be wondering why Vango? Well I like them and this may sound sad but my main reason is the patented pelmet that hides the bedroom support straps. I've walked into other tents, looked at the bedrooms and walked straight back out again. I don't like the Outwell's with their bits of tube and valves sticking out of the ceiling and who spells Kampa with a K, although I do have one of their toilets.

As I said I've done my homework and was looking at either a Vango Eclipse or an Evoque with the extension added to the front. The Illusion wasn't an option firstly because it sold out everywhere by mid June and secondly I didn't want the extra bedroom option and felt that the obvious hole in the carpet where it clipped in would detract from my glamping experience. I never buy at full price anyway and prefer to wait until the end of season bargains come up. So the Illusion was never on my short list. Outdoor Action again were my preferred dealer and they didn't disappoint. The Eclipse package was being offered for £1000 which was so tempting and then I spotted it. The Eden tent, footprint and carpet for £1099.00. A saving of nearly £600 on the recommended retail price but also they were the only ones who had the footprint and carpet in stock. Although this is a 2014 model, I don't think Vango made any this year otherwise it would have airspeed valves which mine hasn't. I'm not worried the valves are a simple screw cap with very little to go wrong. No springs to break and certainly no on site repairs with super glue. If you don't believe me look it up on Youtube.

Finally got the tent late Friday afternoon, had to drive from my daughters house in Wellington to Weston Super Mare then back to Exeter to load the car thanks to an idiot Fedex driver who couldn't get it on his van and thought it was acceptable to just deliver the footprint and carpet. So by the time we set off from home all loaded up it was gone 6pm and we knew we were pushing our luck with a new tent and darkness soon approaching. We arrived at the site, Manor Farm near Strete, Dartmouth at about 7.15 with probably 30 minutes of light left at a push. We've been camper's for years so wouldn't normally worry about it getting dark but this is a new tent with so many things that could potentially go wrong. Anyway we set about pegging out the footprint then stretching the tent to its required position and pegging the corners out. Then in through the catflaps on with the valves and up with beams, which I must say had me out of breath by the third beam. So may invest in an electric pump in the future, although they're really not that hard to do. You just need to pace yourself which we didn't have time for. The front canopy wasn't difficult to put up either but the pole is a little awkward to thread through given its length, but again we were hurrying. 15 minutes it took from arriving to having a tent we could walk into and start making our home from home, pretty spectacular for a first attempt. Obviously guying out takes time but thats the same with any tent regardless of how its constructed. So all in all it took an hour from start to finish. That's everything including kitchen stuff, airbed etc. A lot of which was done in the dark until I plugged the lead in and we had lights. That's at least half an hour quicker than our Azure and no heavy poles to thread.

Our first impressions were of how warm and quiet it was once the doors were closed up and we'd got some heating on. It just felt so comfortable and cosy, even though it was getting cold outside and the wind was quite strong. The Eden didn't seem to budge though not even with the strongest gusts which I was very impressed with. Saturday morning gave us the chance to inspect the tent for defects of which there are none other than a couple of the airbeam zips have skipped teeth where they've been done up in the factory. This seems to be quite common and could probably be sorted out by unzippping them and doing them back up carefully, although I think that maybe some of the pressure should be let out of the beam first. It doesn't seem to cause any problems though but I thought I'd mention it before somebody else does.

Packing away was easy folding from each end towards the middle in sections of about 700mm and then finally rolling it up towards the side door. Getting it into the bag was no problem although as others have said we didn't put the pump in either. I think its safer transported on it own, as long as we don't forget it. Yes the tent is heavy and you do need two people to lift it but lets be fair the last time I had a cotton tent that was this big it came attached to its own trailer. Its not as if Vango hide the fact that its heavy or that its large. I drive a Volvo V70 phase one which has a flat loading area with nothing to lift it over, so for me the weight is no problem. I can't understand why anyone would try and put it on the roof anyway. Another consideration though is where to store it over the winter months. All our camping gear is up in the loft but there's no way I'm going to get this tent up there and its too big to fit into the cupboard under the stairs. I might have to keep it in the bedroom and put the wife in the loft.

We didn't have any rain so the tent is yet to be weathered but I'm sure that will come soon. I wouldn't relish packing it away wet but were not just fair weather campers so I'm sure that will happen sooner or later. We're hoping that the added warmth will allow us to camp later into the year, or at least until the clocks change. The niggles other people have don't bother me, the zip on the front door fly screen and having to get on your hands and knees to toggle windows is all part of camping although the loops are a bit short and tucked behind the front airbeam. Not a real problem though is it? Seriously though, is cold plastic windows an issue? Perhaps double glazing is the answer or just closing the curtains which you do at night when its cold anyway. I love the size of the windows, they make it so bright and airy. Its such a great tent that trivial things like that don't bother me. I did pay £600 less than most people did though. Perhaps thats why I'm so happy.
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By: Jules4666  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

Having read all the reviews I just want to add a couple of points that strike me having used this tent twice now this year. First, maybe we've been spoiled by our Vango Maritsa 700, but I really, really miss the built-in porch space. The Eden seems to have a lot of 'dead' space at the front where the windows and main door are, because it slopes outwards. Similarly, the usable space under the canopy is limited too because of the outward slope of the front of the tent. I keep looking at it and thinking it could have been much better used (like the Euphoria, no doubt that's the reason Vango introduced it). My other point is that we purchased polycotton to keep us warmer in naff British weather - and the Eden is better than the nylon, no doubt about that. However, the beautiful 'windows' of which there are many in the Eden, seem very cold to the touch when the fabric is warm. It makes me wonder if it is losing a lot of heat through the plastic? Closing the curtains up made a difference to the warmth almost immediately.

Final point - the zip system at the front door starts at the bottom of the door and you literally have to get on your hands and knees to reach it because it's in the fore-mentioned slope part of the tent. A real pain.

So, don't get me wrong, I do like the tent very much, but I feel I made the wrong decision in buying it rather than the Euphoria. For us, this tent is an expensive piece of kit that we're struggling to keep nice because there is nowhere to put shoes, wet stuff, cooking stuff etc. Unless I go out and buy a side-awning that will cost another £400 and be another 15kg in weight. Also, with the awning, the tent becomes 7m wide and 7m long - how will that impact us on campsites up and down the country? I don't want to be paying for two pitches.So, I'm thinking I would have been better paying the extra for the Euphoria, but it just seemed way too much money at the time.

I hope this helps people who may be undecided about what to spend on, but if you're after an Airbeam in polycotton, there's no doubt that these Vango tents are fab!
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By: Jules4666  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

Fab tent. Great quality. Huge living space.

No problems inflating or erecting, not 12 mins but I reckon we'll have it down to half hour start to finish soon.

We like all the features, but are really missing the benefits of the built in porch that we had with our Maritsa 700. There is a canopy but it wasn't much use, so we may try to buy a porch extension in nylon.

As others mention, the size and weight of this tent is not for the faint-hearted. I would recommend seeing one in the bag before making your final buying decision!

Overall, a lovely quality tent that feels really solid. Looking forward to a longer trip out and experiencing some rain in it!
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By: Cozycampers  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

So we took the Eden out for the 2nd time this year. We stayed fairly local for a 2 night break. Completely fell in love with the tent again, which needed to happen as we were becoming afraid to use it after the maiden voyage. Love the amount of space and adore the fact that you can have control over how much privacy you have inside the tent with each and every window. I beam with pride walking back to our Eden, knowing it's ours. It is a colossal tent but it's worth it!
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By: Oldwolf  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

Just finished our first year camping (30 nights under canvas).


Comfortable and large breathable tent.

We can now fully erect and peg out in 25 minutes.

Love sitting under the canopy.

Could be improved

We had an early model -pre recall, ours had numerous loose threads/poorly finished. We decided to do the rework ourselves due to the turnaround time.

The front vista windows - could / should have been zipped, rather than toggled.

We had numerous twisted beams- which confused us at first and lead to the back beam dropping after torrential rain.

Yes we had a few damp patches-but we also had some horrendous weather- now weathered in.

We also purchased the side awning.

Love the extra space and use it as a kitchen area, the addition of king poles gives us another canopy on the tent.

The down side, is we have never achieved a totally waterproof seal between tent and side extension and trying to achieve this causes us to take longer putting up the extension rather than the tent. Given that the 2015 offering has a zipped on front extension - would I swap now - no. I like the configuration rather than a standard long tunnel, so I will live with the slight water ingress due to the seal.

Weekend outfit = Tent. Week + holiday Tent and extension.
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By: Joeabbott  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

Further to previous comments have now tried out tent in pouring rain on number of different trips.


Fabric works. Bit warmer at night, quieter, cooler by day. No condensation. Good build quality generally. Quick to put down. Easy to put up but does need two.

Lovely big living area. Stood up well to sustained tropical downpours.


Heavy. Bag too weak for purposes. Rain from porch falls onto prominent front awning and eventually permeates seams (only few drips).

Seams around window leak v slightly in heavy downpour.

One of airbeams slight kink.

Would recommend Vango provide spare airbeam in event of puncture.

Can't hang heavy stuff from frame eg. Washing line with wet towels.
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By: Williver05  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

Just ordered our new Vango Airbeam 600 and collecting it on the 24/08/2014, so excited :). I guess you could say it was a little bit of an impulse buy. Our Kampa Croyden had it's last pitch with us two weeks ago after it sustained several holes in the ground sheet. Hubby gave me a budget of £500 so I began scrolling ebay for a second hand Vango air beam. Very quickly I was hit with major tent envy and £500 just didn't seem enough.

For days I tortured myself trying to justify £1300 for a TENT! There was a moment when I pulled myself to my senses and went back to eBay and began bidding on a second hand Vango Infinity. However, a trip to my local camping shop soon put any amount of sensible reason out of my head and the desire to have a Vango Eden was stronger than ever. After a few deep breaths I dug deep and handed over the card!

I didn't really have time to read any reviews but the tent blew me away so much that I didn't really need anyone else's opinion, I was sold.

The polly cotton was just beautiful. It was boiling outside and I was perspiring wonderfully after nosing my way around all the tents on display; I could spend hrs looking in camping shops btw.Yes I'm that sad. Anyway in short I was darn hot; on entering the Eden I was immediately comfortable.

The quality was second to none and I loved the stability of the tent, it felt solid, well as solid as a tent could ever be. The sleeping areas looked so nice that I could have quite easily taken 40 winks. Luckily I thought better of it, that would have just been a tad weird. The ground sheet gave it a real quality feel and topped with the carpet I truly felt that I was inside a luxurious tent.

For years I have longed for a top of the range tent but they have always been out of my reach. I have looked longingly at them on campsites for way too long. The burning desire to now have one for my family is so great that I'm prepared to eat bread and milk for a month.

So there you have it, I went ahead and bought one, well kind of. I have paid the £500 hubby gave me as a deposit and I need to foot the rest myself, fair enough I guess a budget is a budget and I well and truly blew it Lol.

My only slight concern is the colour we have ended up with. They didn't have a Nutmeg one left in stock and apparently there are none left anywhere in the country, that's what the sales man said anyway and he appeared the believable type; Hubby however said he was just good at his job. The only new one they had in stock was in Green. I looked in the bag and it glared at me in all of its brightness. I would have preferred to have it in the subtle tones of the Nutmeg but I won't let the colour taint my excitement for this tent. Besides we won't miss it in a crowd.

Planning to take our green goddess on it's first trip at the end of the month along with hubby, two boys, three bikes and all the other stuff I felt compelled to buy, like a fold away basket, yep you guessed it, Hubby loved that one, I could tell the way he rolled his eyes.

I will update the review when A) I have actually seen the tent in all of it's beautiful green glory and B) When we have spent a few days putting it to the test of a family with two boisterous boys.

Happy camping peops, this month we will be mostly eating eggy bread :)
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By: Joy_family  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

Having owned a number of air tents – Vango Eternity, Kampa Filey 6 Air and the Shangri La, I was really looking forward to taking the Eden out for its first proper camping trip for 5 nights.

Apart from the weight of the tent, pitching is very easy with the tent – particularly with an electric pump. One of the beams looks a little off centre in its sleeve – but it doesn’t cause any problems. Start pumping the middles beams, send someone in to make sure they pop into shape, job done. Pegs are good and guyropes are neat. Make sure you pull the tent tight and it is well positioned on the groundsheet (as in no g/sheet is covered) – otherwise water may get under the tent. The canopy goes up relatively easily at the front.

The design of this tent is really good – lots of pockets, zipped window curtains and lots of space. It is a shame the Vista windows don’t zip though – its a pain toggling them after getting used to the zips. The Vista window is nice – although it does sag a little. It could do we a couple of extra guys to keep it up.

The material is amazing – keeps the tent warm and cosy. We had a lot of continual rain on one of the days and there was a couple of leak areas – but these should resolve themselves now and they dried very quickly. And, with the polycotton the tent never feels damp or has condensation. The nice material also extends to sleeping inners etc. Re. The sleeping inners – we had ours changed into one big inner tent (joining them together and putting a removable wall in) – this opened up the bedroom area space nicely and is recommended.

The side awning was a nightmare to put up - but have sent it back to be replaced/checked.

Ventilation is good – although I was initially disappointed the side door didn’t have a window – the mesh works well. The front canopy is fantastic to sit under when its raining/too sunny. Actually just sitting inside the tent is lovely – even in the rain!

There were a few loose threads – but once trimmed it is fine. Also pleased that door zips never snagged (problem we had continually with the Filey 6 Air).

Getting it back in the bag was straightforward.

All in all I was VERY impressed with the tent and would recommend it if you can cope with the weight and space it takes up.

Have posted some pics.
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Manufacturer's Description

When it comes to luxury, you don’t get much better than the Eden. A rich Polycotton fabric in a beautiful nutmeg colour provides a sumptuous space to enjoy your holiday. Polycotton breathes, as well as being water resistant, so no more build up of condensation. The huge Vista front on the Eden creates a bright and airy living area that leads out to the large sun canopy which provides shade in the sun, shelter in the rain and a relaxing space to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather. New for 2014, the Eden is the epitome of luxury camping

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