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Tent Reviews: Vango Galaxy 300

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8.17/10 from 12 reviews

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12 Reviews of the Galaxy 300         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Cascade82  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2024   Rating: 

The purpose of this review is to critically detail my experiences and address what I believe to be misconceptions in other reviews.


The Galaxy 300 is now an iconic design in my opinion and up there with the MSR Hubba and original Force 10痴. It痴 a modern classic. I致e owned this tent for one year but have used it three times in hot summer heat and a torrential 24 hour storm on the Mendhip hills. Even though I did not peg the right hand front door down fully (along with the other anchor points) it did not budge one inch despite me waking up puzzled to the front flapping in unexpected and really bad weather . Upon securing this section properly , it was back to being bomb proof although I did feel foolish! As you can see, this is a very sturdy and reliable tent - far more than high end backpacking tents I致e had like MSR痴 to be fair. A lesser tent might have collapsed.

The porch section is very large for such a lightweight and easy to erect tent. It tapers down to the sleeping section and inner tent, but there is a 25cm section at the back of the front entry point or 電oor allowing users to stand at full height to put clothes on. I知 6 foot tall and can stand fully in this area. This is psychologically a boon as you walk in tall as well as practical - I知 too old and stiff for smaller tents and really wish I壇 got this years ago as it痴 surprisingly easy to erect - much easier than I thought. Another standout feature is the practical ( and charming) rooflight which always seems to attract interest and amazement wherever I go - seriously ! Not only does it bring light in for practical purposes you can also stare and watch trees moving or clouds if you池e using this tent to relax in after day excursions as I do. The side windows are also large and have fabric flaps as curtains. The pegs are actually a lightweight and strong alloy despite looking like the cheaper and bendy soft steel supplied with many tents. The ventilation is acceptable but I tend to find most ventilation on tents only ever makes them cold at night but not really worth much on hot days. The poles are alloy, lightweight and so far very strong. They池e colour coded for ease of assembly.

The other surprising thing about this tent is its weight - at just over 4kg it痴 surprisingly light for the porch usability and height. The flysheet is a good weight polyester which will be far more durable than sil nylon if treated well.

Everything is made well and I never once had water coming in through the skylight as others mentioned - I would bet 」350 ( the cost of this tent in 2024!) that that was condensation. Even in a heavy mendip storm with 30mph gusts not a single drop of water came through.

Now to address some of the misconceptions I致e noticed in other reviews:

The flappy front - yes, the porch area will flap

And allow water into the bathtub on certain occasions but not if pitched rear into wind as is advised. It must also be remembered that this is not a family style tent from Vangos adventure range - but a tent designed for a bit more rough and tumble usage really - the porch bathtub is really to protect from mud and not so much users sat inside for long periods. However, with adjustments the porch can be made more taught and/or the removable groundsheet rolled away a tiny bit on really windy and wet periods to stop any ingress. For me, it痴 not a dealbreaker at all and I often do not use the front groundsheet on well maintained campsites anyway! I致e felt perfectly dry and safe in the porch area and tend to roll the front groundsheets back anyway to store dirty boots on the grass underneath when I do use the groundsheet!

I致e already addressed the skylight - any water droplets on mine were obviously condensation - and you can see layers of heat sealed seam tape around the skylight and the stitching.

Another comment frequently made is of an alleged poor quality. The stitching is high quality on all main stress areas and only on certain less stress points does the quality drop slightly. However, it痴 way above cheap Amazon and eBay Chinese budget tents and it must be remembered that this is not a cotton tent. Polyester degrades faster under normal use ( from UV light) and the stitching will likely outlast the length of this tent which will be around 15 years of average use. Vangos designers and fabric engineers know this. The stitching could be perfect - for another 」100 added to the price of the tent.

In conclusion this is an amazingly lightweight tent for its porch size. All tent designs are a balance of weight, features and cost. It痴 easy to put up by my self with significant health problems. It痴 a very adaptable tent - being used for DofE expeditions, motorcycle tourists and people, like myself, wanting the ease and weight of a small lightweight tent but porch living space of much bigger tents. For this wide adaptability I have given it a 9/10.

In a Utopib world I壇 like to see better ventilation like the Tigree 350 to expel hot air from the bottom rear with a large flap in summer and also a large front mesh window to allow panoramic views from inside. However, like I said, this would add cost and weight and this is more of a trekking tent than strictly campsite tent. Designers have to make sacrifices and reach a mid point of a tent being good in several areas or one area specifically whilst being reserved in other areas.

I can definitely recommend this tent. I hope it keeps being produced for a good time to come due to its quality, resilience, light weight and sheer adaptability.
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By: Odefrt  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

Brilliant tent, in Vango's line current line up thankfully 'cos mine is now 7 years old, had a lot of use, still good. Bought it for 2 weeks on IOM, then been used for rallies since, must have done 50 weekends with it, 11 this year. Packs in one pannier complete with a footprint & 2 carpets. Best tent ever for motorcycle camping.
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By: SlackPacker  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2018   Rating: 

I finally bought one after thinking about it for a few years! Mine was on offer at a price I couldn稚 refuse so I snapped it up. I am chuffed to bits with it. Headroom in the porch area where you need it (I知 6ft), and a nice cosy bedroom area which will easily swallow a double airbed with room to spare. I notice some reviews raise issue with the clip in groundsheet in the porch area- I can稚 comment as I never use it- I like to be able to walk into my tent with muddy boots on or when it痴 raining and not get it filthy and wet. Its my personal preference entirely 🙂. So I can say I am giving this tent the thumbs up!

Incidentally- I bought mine in 2022 from millets but its a 2018 model with the orange colour bedroom area- it was brand new old stock hence I got it super cheap (」135), but I believe in 2023 Vango are still producing them albeit the updated version with a yellow or green inner.
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By: Urbster  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2017   Rating: 

Ok second review from me five years on.

Yes I still own this tent ! She has been brilliant and as of yet no rips or pole breakage, but the poles being so long when assembled have started to mis shape but touch wood still haven稚 snapped .

So easy to put up and so spacious.

The sides of the porch area flap in ( silly design fault ) but is easily remedied as others have said by using two crocodile clips either side and guying them out.

Such a compact tent that weighs under 6kg and with a little tweaking is probably the best tent for motorcycle touring or indeed any touring.

If you get yourself two additional lightweight poles you can guy out the front door to make a tarp/awning.

If only Vango had put some better thought into the clip in ground sheet I would have given it full marks as I have now camped in all weathers in her.

Heaven knows why Vango stopped making them because as I said ,with a little extra design thought it would be a best seller particularly amongst the motorcycling community, and they make up a huge portion of tent sales.

As of today 11/01/2022 you can still get them from several online retailers, I say be quick and get yourself one !
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By: AntP  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2017   Rating: 

My wife and I lived in one of these for a year while we motorcycled South to North through the Americas. Bought because of the decent size, reasonable weight but mostly because of the good-sized vestibule where we could stand up and store stuff too.

So probably about the toughest test imaginable because it really did have to do everything - it kept out snow, rain, high winds, baking sun and bears. Never leaked (especially bears)

I modified mine with an extra peg tag on either side of the font porch - reviews I'd read beforehand said that this was a weak part of the design that allowed the sides to flap and let water in - glad I did this.

I had 3 pole breaks to deal with (the weakest part is by a ferrule) - but you can repair these by just carefully hacksawing off the broken length - worked fine for many more weeks. Front sips eventually wore out through use and became unreliable - but honestly this was after literally months of constant use.

Tent at its least effective in the tropics because the ventilation is not brilliant and you can't put top just the 'inner'.

My tent is now literally worn out through hard use

Best recommendation I can find is that I am just about to buy another one
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By: Oldfolkscamping  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2017   Rating: 

Cons: Pitched six times and each time ,one side of front flap of porch would not tighten up.

This didn't affect the performance of the tent, however we didn't use the bathtub groundsheet.

Pros: Used this tent over two very wet weeks in Holland.Three thunderstorms and two rain storms with extremely high winds, which took branches off surrounding trees. We stayed dry throughout and using long pegs at front of porch, the tent didn't move. A few drips around the skylight in extreme rain. Very impressed given previous early negative reviews. NB. We pitched back to the wind.

Spacious living area for two people.

Porch area useful for standing height and cooking and shoes/bags etc.
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By: Odefrt  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

Bought this tent 3 years ago to carry on a motorcycle for its low weight/bulk per stand up size. Used on a 2 week camping holiday on the IOM in mixed weather & approx 8 w/e's up to now. It's stood up fine. As said front sides are sometimes not taut, depends on the ground I've found. I got some clips & elastics to hold the sides out when needed. Great being able to pull pants on stood up. Poles are strong enough, material is thin but if much thicker it would be too heavy & bulky for my purpose.
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By: Bikes  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

Have used this tent many times. Never failed during bad weather. The front section is very useful/tall though it doesn't quite line up with shaped ground sheet but that's the only complaint. Tent is easy to erect and is well made, the Pack is lightweight and compact making it good trekking tent for bicycles and motorcycles to carry. My tent of choice for weekend trips.
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By: Johns559  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2017   Rating: 

While on a touring holiday in Wales last September

We had problems ( again ) with our Robens Klondike and decided to purchase this to use for the remainder of the holiday .Unfortunately the tent only lasted two days .

The good bits ,large porch with steep walls , easily fits a table and a couple of chairs .Roof skylight that faces the rear of the tent , this and the two front windows makes the porch a very light and pleasant place to be .

Bad bits . The front porch is held up by two horizontal poles located by webbing straps in the front and metal eyelets in the pole sleeve. As this is under great stress it was no surprise to find the eyelets had torn out of the sleeve in just two days .

The front section of the porch flysheet had been cut too long on one side ( the seam above this was the correct length )which meant when the wind blew it would funnel water into the aptly named bath tub groundsheet ,no amount of re pitching could solve this .

The inner tent and groundsheet have very small and difficult to use clips .

Overall this could be a very good tent but it needs to be better quality ,a lightweight sewn in groundsheet would make pitching quicker .

I returned the tent to Millets for a refund ,no one was interested in my feedback ,I emailed Vango and they just told me about the warranty ,I guess they know how poor their products are from the number of returns they get .
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By: Urbster  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2017   Rating: 

Ive only used the tent once for a weekend rally and have to say that overall I was quite satisfied with my purchase having a tent you can stand up in is a godsend .The tent packs up easily and incredibly compact making it ideal for motorcycle touring. The colour coded poles make it easy to assemble and once you have fathomed out the way the inner ( especially the ground sheet ) goes together you can pitch it as one.

I am not so sure of the tents capabilities in a storm and like others have said a weekend is probably the max I would like to spend in it.

The design in one area is very poor, in that the sides of the tent very easily flap in and over the bath tub ground sheet, ultimately this would leave pools of water in the porch area. I too have purchased tarp clips and attached guy line to them something that as another reviewer as stated, should not have to be done.

Overall the tent does appear to be slightly flimsy and stands very tall, just make sure you have it well guyed out.

A 6 out of 10 from me.
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Manufacturer's Description

The Vango Galaxy 300 tent was created based on feedback from youth group leaders. Constructed with a large front porch ideal for map reading, storage and keeping dry, whilst the bedroom is lower therefore keeping the user warmer through the night. The clip in riser porch ground sheet allows a clean dry storage area whilst reducing draughts. The Galaxy is ideal for adventurers looking for a bit of extra room but with a good space to weight ratio. This 3 man tent offers added stability with TBSョII used on the tunnel structure. Perfect for those wild camping in a group or on a weekend away at a campsite

... there may be more info on their website

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