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Tent Reviews: Vango Infinity 800 Airbeam

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8  (more 8 berth tents)
29.20 KG
Fully Sewn-in
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6.74/10 from 34 reviews

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34 Reviews of the Infinity 800 Airbeam         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3   4  

By: Joolb  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 


We have recently returned from Lake District camping break-used this tent with awning for the first time in 2years-absolutely excellent.

The awning made such a difference -space,warmth,light. The only niggle I have is the curtain attachment-obviously an afterthought-toggles are attached to small patches on the beams-so awkward.

Wasn't tested too much by rain but no condensation issues.

Would recommend this tent now whereas previously I was doubtful we would keep it. I echo the sentiments of a previous reviewer-the tunnel design is better for us than the wider, newer models as we use a porta potti at night so it's kept separate at the other end of the tent from the sleeping areas
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By: CampingBell  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

We originally bought an Infinity 800 in 2011 to replace an aging Khyam, which we loved but was just too heavy and cumbersome to put up and take down. We didn't use our new tent until May 2012 and it leaked like a sieve! With a week of the guarantee still to go our supplier changed it without a murmur of dissent! We used the new 2012 model for the first time on a family holiday in very wet and windy conditions in Cornwall that summer and it was brilliant; the best tent we have ever had. It was warm and cosy and very comfortable. We had twigged that the awning was never going to fit tightly enough to be weather proof , but was necessary to keep the main tent dry in poor weather when both ends of the main tent are required for sleeping accommodation, and so had replaced the awning footprint with a woven tent carpet which lets any water soak away, yet is fine for bare feet and sitting out on. It was great again for a much warmer holiday in Northumberland the following summer in 2013. We are just off to Southern Ireland this year and I have no doubts that our tent will be fantastic!

I think you need to think about how you want to use your camping accommodation. We have 2 teens and a newly twenty something and they all still want to spend all or some of the family holiday camping with us, sometimes with friends, and have done so for years. We use the main tent for sleeping mainly or as a space for some solo down time/reading. The awing we use as a sitting room and also for storing wet boots and gear to keep the main tent clean and dry, and for drying towels/coats etc. We have a small Vango event tent for our camp kitchen and table – a third bright space which is weather and insect proof. This always works brilliantly, especially if the weather is bad, because we have a table in it for meals and playing games and gives you an extra room to get away from being stuck in just one tent. It also keeps condensation out of the main tent from cooking, as does using the awing for drying stuff and keeping the main door closed in damp weather. We have never had a condensation problem in the main tent. I have some cheap stacking stools from Ikea which go upside down in the boot of the car and have the event tent packed upright in the middle to save space. They all fit upright under the table to give more room when you are cooking, unlike folding chairs, which get in the way.

To return to the Infinity 800 I think it is a real shame that Vango no longer make them and seem to have moved away from the tunnel tent to squarer tents with all the sleeping accommodation at one end. In my experience, if you want a good night’s sleep, you want to have your children or friends up the other end of the tent for a bit of privacy and so you don’t hear them too much in the night! A T-shaped tent and awing are just so much better for family accommodation and we have never had a problem getting a pitch for our tent plus awning and our event tent/gazebo! I would recommend the Infinity 800 wholeheartedly. I would not, however, buy one of the newer airbeam tents because of the poor layout and so guess I will be going back to Khyam in a few years!
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By: Bryanfan  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

Husband has bad back I'm electric wheelchair user and unable to help much putting it up it replaced Vango Icarus 500. Airbeam great for him to put up alone. First outing summer 2013 took daughter and three grandsons weather waited until footprint laid out to peg down then wind hail rain thunder n lightening hit, in between all that tent went up really easily only took about 30 mins no problem with pumping it up (although we had a dry run in the garden first) it withstood everything that was thrown at it we had bought the side canopy too, we found that rain does get in down the sides, but not as bad as the Icarus, so all the muddy shoes, wheelchair, charger for wheelchair etc did cooking and eating in there too. Main tent plenty of room for everyone to sit. When we manage to get away by ourselves! we don't take the canopy but we don't have the bedroom at the door end in either simply so I can get in and out with the wheelchair by putting a mat over the entrance, the only fault which is probably because of going in and out in wheelchair is the guide rope that goes from the centre of the doorways on canopy and tent they do make it more awkward would prefer one either side,
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By: Anitahall45  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I have now owned two Airbeam Infinity 800's and will shortly be collecting our third! The first one we ordered in Feb 2011 which was supposed to arrive Easter. However it was July before we got it. We decided to take it out on a weekend predicted to be torrential and it leaked and had awful condensation. That went back and was replaced nine months later with the 2012 revised version. That was fine for the first trip out so we were very hopeful for this one.

However we had another downpour one afternoon, came back to the tent at 9pm to find it half the size. There was a puddle the size of a child's paddling pool in the middle of the tent and one on the extension. Both were flat the the ground hence it was impossible to access the tent. We had to flatten the sides first to let the water run off. The carpet inside was soaking, as was our sleeping bag and airbed, with sodden clothes on the floor. We were 2 hours away from home,10pm with two young children no hotel vacancies for miles! Disaster, thank to the Airbeam! So now we have been told Vango has tested the tent and sent us a new one. I hope it's the Exodus because if not I dread to think what might happen next. Having said that, I have rated it 3 because I like that it inflates quickly, although it takes us longer that anyone with a conventional tent to get all the air out and pack it away! The room arrangement works well for us.

I do agree with the comments about the sloping door of the extension - absolutely ridiculous angle - and the water does run in where it joins tent so you get puddles on the ground sheet. We have also decided to leave a gap where it joins the tent to let the water drain into the grass. Rain also runs in if you have to unzip the door the go out (best not to really). I wouldn't advise buying one. If you really have to get an inflatable there are other manufacturers producing them now so perhaps it would be best to consider an alternative?
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By: Rainbola  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

FREE UPGRADE SLEEVES FOR 2011 AIRBEAM TENTS! I took advantage of the free upgraded 2013 sleeves from Vango (see Vango website), supplied to those of us with 2011 tents, as ours had finally started leaking from the beams in heavy rain/wind. Really easy to fit and blow up to 5-7psi, Whilst I was at it I sealed the seams stitching from the outside with McNett whilst the beams were inflated. Not a drop of water got in after this. Well done Vango for this free upgrade. Note newer tents now 150 denier with porches etc. seems they've listened and learned. I will definitely replace my infinity 800 with another Airbeam come time.
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By: Abi pawnstar  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I bought the Airbeam Infinity 800 then read reviews and panicked. First time I used it noticed a beam was leaking but mine was ex display so I bought a new beam fitted it. A bit pricey at £50 but replaced easily. Had strong winds this week, was perfect, rained but didn't leak. Side door is a bad design, water comes in if opened when raining. Bit of condensation near beams but think that was us with kettle. Overall good, tent bit pricey but very easy to put up and take down.
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By: SimonPW  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

We were a bit dubious after reading these reviews but after a trip to a tent show run by Cotswold Outdoors we were convinced. The 2013 model, rebranded the Exodus, is a big improvement on the previous model with beefed up weather resistance and improved airbeams. Beware the 2012 (Infinity) model is still for sale at only a small discount.

With the footprint this tent is now over a grand so its a serious investment.

We have four children under 10 and we like touring so this is an obvious buy for us. The beams are quickly inflated and the pegging out etc is just like any other tent. The internal tension straps are easy to adjust. For us the benefit is the fact that one person can put it up while the other can take the excited kids around the site.

One of our valves got cross threaded and so that beam wouldn't inflate fully but the instructions are very clear on this point and as advised we removed it and screwed it back in and were fine.

I was also relieved to discover that the inner tubes are replaceable. I hope I can get spares before my summer trip as I don't much want to have to use the puncture repair kit.

One complaint I have is that our pump was greasy - the grease must have leaked in the bag. Also the pressure gauge is a bit hit and miss. I've no idea if we were at the recommended 7 psi.

Taking the tent down is amusingly easy - you just unscrew the valves and the airbeams deflate instantly.There's no need to take the bedrooms down first. We had no difficulty in getting the tent back into the wheeled bag although we have chosen to store the pump (flimsy) and pegs (heavy) separately to minimise the weight of the main bag.

The internal space and height in this tent is great and you can easily take down a couple of bedrooms if you need extra inside space. We haven't bought the extension and would be interested to hear what people think of it.

I would advise seeing the size of the tent when folded into its bag - its big. We have a Caravelle but have still had to upgrade our roof box to get all the rest of our camping stuff in.
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By: Logic500  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

As campers, we all have different reasons for camping. Ours is fundamentally an issue of cost. It's a cheap way for our family to take summer holidays on the continent. We have four children, so two hotel rooms per night soon racks up cost.

That said our first foray into camping was a Sprayway Valley 8. After a couple of holidays away, it was soon apparent that putting it up, and taking it down was an absolute nightmare. Particularly in hot weather.

Anyway we ended up buying the Infinity 800. And sure enough they go up very easily, and come down very easily, so it ticks all the boxes for us.

We've only used it once, plus a couple of times where the kids have played in the garden with it. So I'm writing this review based upon limited use.

The real test will be in the summer when we spend three weeks away in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. It has to be said that we would've never ever considered the number of changes of site in a given holiday without this type of tent. It would've just been far too much hassle decamping and re-pitching after a long drive.

We bought the carpet, and managed to repack the tent, bedrooms, and carpet all deflated back into the carry case. No mean feat considering how little room there is inside the case :-) It just means, we inflate, and our living area is sorted without having to keeping relaying the carpet.

Sure there are things we miss compared to the Sprayway, but the quickness of pitching certainly makes up for anything else.
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By: Vango8  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Recently I purchased the Vango airbeam 800, and as I'm sure whoever is reading this review knows already they are not the cheapest in their category, along with the tent I bought the footprint, carpet, and closed extension. My brother who also purchased at the same time as myself but opted for the royal Atlanta 8 package would speak far more highly of his tent than I can say about mine. We both spent close on 12 years of our life involved in every aspect of scouts and like to think we know a thing or two about camping and tents. Our first weekend away with our families and ournew tents was to county Wexford where it rained pretty heavy for 2 days, I had read the reviews on the airbeam and inflated to 3psi, and all the time pitching thinking to my self this is great and laughing at my brother still putting the poles together, this was to come back and bite me on the back side. My first issue with the tent was water coming in where the extension joins the main tent and running down onto the groundsheet creating puddles, pulled back the groundsheet problem sorted. Next was every time you open the door to enter or exit the tent water runs down the tent and into it, in comparison to the royal,which has a little canopy to divert the water away from the door thus keeping the carpet inside dry, the extension porch door has far too much of a downward angle for ease of opening and closing you have to get down on your knees to get at the zip again in comparison to the royal which is far easier access. The carpet gathers in the centre of the tent despite my every effort to stop this, in my own opinion it would have been a good idea to put clips that would hook into the already existing clip holder for the bedrooms to keep a stretch on this. But my biggest issue with the tent is the condensation it retains despite having all ventilation flaps open I experienced a massive amount of this on the inner side of the outer tent which I'm sure you can imagine is hard to drill into the kids not to touch the sides. In short, when I compare both tents side by side and value for money my suggestion is to save yourself a couple of hundred quid and hassle and go for the royal as my experience of the airbeam 800 has not been a good one so far and I am bitterly disappointed at its performance owing to the amount of money I spent thinking this was the tent for me.
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By: Mr_jprice  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I originally owned the 2011 model which had a number of issues including big leaks and one exploding pole. After a number of issues, Vango replaced it and this years' model is a LOT better.

I have used it 5 nights this year and no problems but I've yet to get it up in a rainstorm.

I have two kids who disappear the second we arrive on site so being able to pitch this with groundsheet single handedly in 20 minutes is superb and a definite bonus.

I would recommend given my experience.
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34 User Reviews of the Infinity 800 Airbeam - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3   4  

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Manufacturer's Description

Going away with your family and friends, you want to get on with the serious business of enjoying yourself as soon as possible. Pitching your tent could not be easier or quicker than with the Infinity and AirBeam technology. This tent can be put up in minutes, with Vango’s patented TBS®ll system for additional stability in windy conditions. The AirBeam Infinity will bring a whole new level of enjoyment to your Vango camping experience.

No pole AirBeam creates a strong and rigid tent structure combined with a rapid, simple pitch. Peg the corners of the tent into place and then inflate the AirBeams using the Vango AirBeam pump (Supplied) and the tent will pitch itself! Double valves allow rapid inflation and deflation.

Flysheet: Protex® 6000 Embossed Polyester
Inners: Breathable 190T Polyester
Groundsheets: Polyester
Windows: PVC/Mesh
Pitching: AirBeamTM As-One
Weight: 29.2kg
Packed: 80 x 46 x 39cm
Inflation time: 5 mins

•TBS® II – Tension Band System
•Protex® 6000HH polyester
•Embossed flysheet
•As-one pitching
•Zip entry points at base - Allows easy access to inflating points
•Double entry Zippered access from front and side.
•All doors have full mesh
•Front and rear mesh vents with covers
•Orange reflective guylines
•Pre-attached guy lines with guy tidies
•Sewn-in polyester groundsheet
•Easy find inner clips
•Breathable fabric inner tents
•Vango Light reducing inner tents
•Part mesh inner doors
•Polyester inner groundsheets
•Fire retardant fabrics
•Storage Solutions - Hanging tent tidy, internal pockets and hanging loop
•Supplied in zippered, roller bag
•Vango AirBeam pump included
•Repair Kit included

... there may be more info on their website

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