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Tent Reviews: Vango Inspire 600 Airbeam

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
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8.67/10 from 12 reviews

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12 Reviews of the Inspire 600 Airbeam         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: PitcherPerfect  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2016   Rating: 

We bought this mainly for the ease of pitching. One person can pitch easily.

We like the overall design of the tent, lots of space and light.

This years model has the 420d material which feels thick and of good quality.

It is a heavy bag at 40kg.

The carpet had a hole in it but retailer exchanged it straight away no issues.

Only used it so far for 4 days in wales.

One night of moderate wind. We used the TBS bands.It did flap about a lot more than our Outwell montana. Tent seemed to be moving about in the wind much more than the steel poled tunnel tent pitched next to us, but we expected this to be the case. The tent light we had clipped to the central beam we had to take down as it was swinging about too much to use. All guylines were out and the beams themselves seemed solid just the fabric flapping about especially the open front porch area.

The tent comes with a groundsheet in the porch area but this doesn't line up with pegging points on tent front.

The area we were disappointed with the tent was the sewn in groundsheet.

We used the footprint but on day 2 after a morning of rain we noticed the carpet was wet. When we removed carpet rainwater had tracked under tent as it was windy and had got between footprint and groundsheet and had soaked into the thin groundsheet. We packed the carpet away after this.

The sewn in groundsheet seemed to soak up the water like a sponge over a large area though it didnt seem to be coming through totally.

Our retailer on speaking with Vango said this is the design of the SIG. It soaks water up from underneath into the fabric of the groundsheet itself without coming all the way through. The water in the carpet was condensation because of the cold water trapped in SIG. Which couldnt escape any where else because footprint is waterproof. The SIG is lightweight because of the thick tent fabric to reduce pack size.

So though we really liked the tent we are disappointed that for a 1300 tent package that the groundsheet seems to be less waterproof than much cheaper tents we have seen.

We pitched our montana earlier this year in heavy rain so the footprint was swimming in water but none ever soaked into the SIG as it was much thicker.

Easy to pitch and easy to take down and get back into the bag. But shame SIG soaks up water easily from underneath.
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By: Shaunomercy  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

Vango inspire 600 skyliner.

I added this accessory for this year's camp, as my first outing with the inspire 600 last year saw us pitched between trees, and I constantly had to wipe bird poop off the tent roof.


Easy to attach with a couple of bits.

It's a 2 person job. Just attach at rear of tent and walk forward to the front and attach. Then clip the sides.

The positives.

It adds an extra flysheet with a 5000 hydrostatic head which in torrential rain is an added bonus. Also keeps the top of the tent clean and protects from sun degradation of the nylon of the tent roof. Not sure if it kept the tent cooler in hot weather or warmer at night as we camped in may in southern Brittany. Only a few degrees warmer than UK was. We had one night of heavy rain, and the tent roof below the skyliner was bone dry, so it clearly works.

The skyliner has a silver finish on one side and the green side that matches the rest of tent. It fits both ways on the tent. By that I mean that there is no front end to the skyliner nor back end, just clip it on so silver is facing roof of tent. I suspect the silver finish is to reflect heat.


You've got to use the guy lines on the main tent sides.Yes I know your supposed to use them but in decent weather how many of us do use them. The loops that the guys attach to at the tent are the same loops the skyliner hooks, hook into.

One breezy night a bit of flapping was noted but not excessive.

The skyliner does darken the roof a bit so it's a shade duller than if it wasn't fitted


It's not expensive, weighs next to nothing, quick to fit,extends the life of the nylon roof of the inspire and keeps it clean. The added layer of waterproofing gives piece of mind.
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By: Yojot  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

We upgraded to an Inspire for a bargainous price returning our faulty Taiga, and Vango being out of stock. We are so glad we did. The difference in quality of the fabric and fittings is immediately obvious.

Pitching is incredibly easy. On it's second outing, I managed to put it up in heavy wind, and take it down in torrential rain with only a little help pumping the third beam when my arms got tired! There is no way I could have done this with a poled tent of this size (which is why I formally used a small quechua for solo camping trips with the three kids when my partner was working). So possible with one, a dream with two!

The space is lovely. Our last tent but one had plenty of room but was quite dark inside. Nice for sleeping, but less pleasant as a space to be. With the windows and doors open, and the fly sheets shut, it is a light and airy and comfortable in most weathers (I'm yet to find a tent that doesn't get unbearably when it's unbearably hot!).

Good storage. I like that the split bedroom zips so there's no flap that children can't help but pop their head through.

I agree with the two zips on the bedroom comments. This would be a small but not insignificant improvement.

I read about the flappy storm straps and was a little concerned. They were noisy my first trip but when being used subsequently with my husband, he gave them a twist which silenced them immediately. Even before this, it was really only noticeable in a howling gale and didn't bother me too much.

The only other criticism I would have is that the very light grey flooring does seem to mark quite easily and is quite difficult to clean. I am planning on giving it a really good clean with plenty of water, first thing on a hot day and hoping that I can get it properly clean, as this hasn't possible with a lightly damp cloth. Keeping it clean would be the best solution but despite my best efforts, the kids do occasionally traipse in a little mud.

Overall, by far the best tent our family has ever owned and the only one that we have used without experiencing any tent envy while roaming the campsite checking out other people's set up!
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By: Linny2008  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

There are many positive features of this tent. With a price tag of over 1000 you would expect a high quality tent. So let's start with what's great about it, best first. Pitching is an absolute walk in the park. From flat on the ground to go-in-able it takes about 7 minutes and there has been no need to worry about making little adjustments like you have to do with a poled tent it literally just pops up. Each beam takes about 23 pumps and is easy to do although it does get a bit harder towards the end. The material is high quality. It's been extremely stable and waterproof. Good headroom. It feels like a robust quality tent you can feel confident using with a small family. Good ventilation. Bedroom pods are darker for longer sleep which worked for our children and us! The built on canopy was great for shelter and cooking under. Packing away needs more instructions as it was a different technique than a poled tent. I had to look up on ukcampsite forums and YouTube for help.

So what about the negatives? These are all things that you wouldn't necessarily notice in the showroom. The things that you only notice when you are living in it. They may be small but there are significant design flaws.

With a view to 'family camping' where children sleep in the bedroom pods and it is beneficial to both keep an eye on them and prevent them from letting themselves out and roaming the campsite I would prefer double zips on the bedroom pods and on the exits to the tent. This means that the pods can be unzipped slightly to peep inside without announcing your presence with a big unzip from the bottom. Also it means that you can set both zips to the top of the door out of reach of little fingers.

There should be a lantern hanging point in the centre of the tent, not resting on the bedroom pods. This is the main lighting point on the tent for 'the big light' as Peter Kay would say. Not being able to put a light here makes it rather gloomy. There should also be a lantern point in the canopy.

I also think the front door needs a window so you can get the panoramic experience. The other doors would also benefit from one but the front door was a noticeable blind spot.

The tent is supplied with a front groundsheet for under the canopy but it was confusing as it wasn't wide enough to cover the webbing which was a trip hazard. There were no pegs included to peg the webbing down. There needs to be an eyelet in the groundsheet for the outdoor storage area in the groundsheet. We may have been doing something wrong by we couldn't figure out what! The lip of the canopy prevents flies from getting out. They can get in but then they stay there collecting in their tens.

Also. Light grey for a carpet?? Honestly?? It just isn't practical at all.

This probably sounds like a negative review but it isn't. All the essential things that you require from a tent are covered. This is a great tent. I just think they have missed easy opportunities to make it the perfect tent.
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By: Figar01  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2015   Rating: 

Just back from first outing in St David's in Wales. Horrendous wind and rain for first two days and nights but tent really solid,hardly moved,which other campers commented on. Only problem was a leak in middle of living area roof where the tensioners meet. Underneath the join there was no seal for some reason, obviously not quality checked in factory. I will be returning it for a replacement asap,as nobody else seems to have this issue. Too expensive to ignore! Otherwise lovely and spacious, if draughty when windy. I also found the zips irritating. We fixed the noise from the guys by giving one twist then pegging, worked like a charm.
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By: Deminotaur  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

We have just come back from Abersoch where we have just spent a week in our Vango inspire 600 airbeam tent. We had high winds up to 80kph gusts the tent performed fantastically. We were worried the porch front would act like a parachute but it all stood fast. We also had heavy rain. No leaks all good. I would also like to say that this tent is very light inside. It's not a dark dingy tent. We looked at the Outwell version of this tent and it was just to dark inside the tent. Vango definitely got that right.

There's so much room to this tent it's amazing. I do agree that the double zips would be a benefit and if Vango decide to offer this as an upgrade to all us that have bought the inspire I would be one to take them up on it! Hint hint!

The slapping noise that comes from the tension band straps at the front and rear is very very annoying. We made them the longest they could go and this eliminated the slapping but caused a noise like a helicopter blade instead. So had to adjust again. Once adjusted again we had no noise.

We also bought the groundsheet with this tent which I will say is not of great quality. The little tabs, that you put pegs thru in corners have already ripped off 2 corners along the stitching. The tent has only been up twice! Vango could do with making this a bit better in quality for the money paid for it.
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By: Syeshazplus2  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

We have just finished 7 nights in newquay on our first outing with this tent and it is fantastic. The tent goes up easy enough with the supplied pump. We had a morning of heavy rain and strong gusts of wind with no leaks and the tent stood firm. It was very warm at night in the bedroom pods and cool in the day with the three doors meshed. We decided on this tent over the eden 600xl and eclipse 600 due to the porch which provided a nice space to cook or sit under. The ease at which it deflates and packs away is excellent and we even got it back into its bag at first attempt. If I was being picky it could do with more air vents on the side panels and double zips on the doors. Overall we would highly recommend this airbeam for family camping.
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By: Woody 1234  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

Bought one at the NEC and took it to Slapton, Devon, at Easter for two weeks. There are two of us, a supervisor and me. The tent went up quickly, but I found the pump height too low for my 63 year old back, and will buy an electric pump for the summer. The tent is massive, and takes a while to peg out, but sits better and needs a lot less adjusting than our old pole Vango. The built in front awning saves time and lots of fiddling around. We had very strong winds, but when the tensioners were applied it was very stable and lovely and quiet, with little flappling. It helps greatly that you peg out the corners where you want them and then just inflate and peg out.

No problem with zips, no children, and they are better quality than the old ones.

It even fitted back in the bag when we dismantled it.

Noticed a couple of comments about the tapes singing in the wind. We had this, but you just need to loosen the tailing end so they are not too close.

Overall, it is great, looks great, a bit draughty from those vents, but a nice peice of kit that works well, fits a toilet in the side bedroom, and is ideal for two people who like a bit of space.

Hope this helps
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By: Schoe  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

Just got back from our first long weekend with the new Vango Inspire 600 we purchased the tent/footprint/carpet and side awning to go with it. Taunton Leisure were excellent.

Tent went up in about 10 minutes with another 20 mins to peg it out and about another half an hour to work out the awning. (it took about another hour setting up campbeds etc but as they were all new this will get quicker)

Loved the tent very roomy and light didn't have any rain or wind so can't comment on how it would stand up to adverse weather.

Lots of admiration from other campers/caravanners on the site.

I wanted a polycotton and was going to buy the Harrier XL or the Vango Eden however the lack of a porch on these tents put us off as we enjoy sitting outside in the evenings when the children are tucked up in bed.

Would recommend we really love it and looking forward to many more trips away.
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By: Rievaulx  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

I bought a Vango Inspire because the apparent ease of putting up the air beam appealed. I go camping with two young children so needed something I could put up by myself. I managed with this tent and was pleased with how much quicker it went up compared to my old pole tent. It took me a while to pitch as I had not practised before I used it, but I reckon that next time I use this tent, it will go up quicker.

I loved the size of this tent. There was plenty of room for equipment and the kids still had floor space to play if they chose. One night, 7 of us (4 kids, 3 adults) sat on the floor playing board games - loads of space! The main area was also really light.

The 3 bedrooms were roomy enough and one opened up into a larger space. We fitted three camp beds in there comfortably, but don't think you'd get 4 in.

The porch area was also quite big and acted as a nice windbreak for me when it got breezy. A nice space to have! I didn't put up the little storage bit this time. Issues with the zips on the doors have been mentioned in previous reviews and I agree with comments made.

Two nights were particularly blustery and I did dread this having had a bad experience in my old tent, wondering what I would wake up to. No problems at all! This tent withstood rain and strong winds, but as someone has said previously, I too found that the rear guy ropes made an irritating slapping noise.

Putting the tent down was easy and stress free, however, putting it back in the bag proved to be a bit of a challenge and probably took up most of my 'taking the tent tent down time'. That said, this tent was great to go away in and I would recommend it to anyone.
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Manufacturer's Description

One of our Elite range of tents, this is a great tent for those who need lots of space. The Inspire has multiple bedroom options making it ideal for those who want a bit of privacy and the living area is huge allowing you to stretch out with all the comforts of home. The extension space at the front of this impressive tent is massive and provides a great place to sit back and soak up the surroundings or an external kitchen area. Even though this is a truly massive tent, it won't take long or much effort to pitch. Thanks to our revolutionary AirBeam technology this is as simple and quick to pitch as it is luxurious.

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