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Tent Reviews: Vango Monte Verde 900

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9  (more 9 berth tents)
51.20 KG
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7.84/10 from 19 reviews

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19 Reviews of the Monte Verde 900         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

By: Whitefamily49  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

We have used our monte verde 900 for 2 years now, we have 3 children so the size was the main reason for buying it and the fact it had 4 bedrooms and still gave us loads of living space, the tent itself has been great, we have had no leaks so far even with standing a 24 hour thunder storm and Heavy rain in France this year.

The down size I would have to say is the bag the poles are in it has no wheels and is extremely heavy so wheels would have been useful.

The tent erects in about 40 mins and does indeed fit back in it's bag after use.
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By: Tonti  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

We bought ours in 2010 and there are good points and bad.

Good points are its spacious and we are a family of 6plus dog and our kids have loads of space.

It gives plenty of room to eat in front area and play in the lounge bit, we bought the carpet and I love it as the ground is much better and it sweeps up very easily.

We have used it in windy rainy sunny periods and no problems.

The bad point is the erection of it as it needs 2 strong people sometimes more to hold it up, I dread it every time, and putting the poles in the ends are so difficult my husband is considering shortening the spikes. Once it's up tho it's very easy to finish off setting up and all kids can help but it takes a good hour to finish it. We love it but you don't want to keep putting it up and down.

The footprint was also worth buying but beware sometimes we end up with no pitch space extra.
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By: WoddyWills  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

We are so glad we eventually chose this tent. Its size means that the 5 of us (3 teenagers) have more than enough space so that no-one gets grumpy because there isn't enough room to move. We went on holiday in an exposed area in very strong winds last August with 8 other families. We were the only ones who didn't have to attend to the guy ropes or the tent falling down in the middle of the night, or at any time for that matter. The dining/porch area is huge, has large front doors which can either be rolled up out of the way or use the poles to provide an additional sheltered area from sun/rain.

There is also a huge window between the kitchen and living areas. We found this really useful when all 30 of our friends piled into our tent on an evening. We took the satellite bedroom down in seconds and put it in one of the other bedrooms to allow more space. Plenty of ventilation without being too draughty. No condensation. Perfectly watertight. Though we noticed when packing it away that the reinforced fabric patches which held the clips for the bedrooms did draw some moisture up from the sodden ground, not a big deal though.

We found having the footprint groundsheet a huge help in erecting the tent, though in heavy rain, puddles of water do still collect between the footprint and the sewn in groundsheet so you'll need a towel to dry it as you are packing it away. Better than cleaning mud off though as the area it covers is 5m x 7.5m MASSIVE! This fits within a standard size pitch at camping and caravanning club site pitches (5m x 8m) which was a major consideration before settling on the Vango Monte Verde 900. The only negative we have noted is that it can be very difficult to get the poles into the pins which hold it in place before standing the tent upright for erection even when loosening the straps as far as they will go. We love this tent. Ideal for our family's needs
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By: Canvascomfort  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

I bought the 2011 model of this tent and I regret ever parting with money for it. Firstly the build quality is shockingly bad. I've had to use seam sealant and fabsil on it and its only been out the bag twice. The area round the windows and the roof started leaking in heavy rain on the second time we camped in it. Something I don't expect from a tent that cost us upwards of 600. I also noticed that its got far too many mesh vents that cannot be closed, so it is very difficult to keep warm in the tent. We also used duck tape to seal up some of the vents on the tent. Its also quite a fiddly process to put the tent up as it is held at the front and back mainly by the guylines, so you have to be extra careful that its guyed down properly or it will literally fall on top of you if the guylines pop out. For space, its excellent. Loads of space for our family (5 of us), the rooms are a decent size and nice and dark too. It has electric hookup points in sensible areas of the tent, and I like the option of the satellite room being either in the main living area of the tent or in the porch area. Handy if you have a teenager who wants some privacy. A tent this size is very difficult to keep clean however and be prepared for it to get dirty quite quickly if you have the misfortune of striking camp in bad weather. I've used this tent twice from brand new and I really wish we'd not spent so much money on what is possibly the worst tent we've owned. The groundsheet also managed to get a very small hole in it due to a bit of glass some inconsiderate camper had left on the pitch. Fortunately it wasnt too hard to fix though. Im trying to be as objective as possible with this review, but I have to be honest, and in my honest opinion this tent is not worth the money or the hassle. Unfortunately we bought it last season and because our first use was over a year later, we have no comeback, so we are stuck with it. I will never buy another Vango tent after my experience with this tent. It was a true waste of money and its looking like I will need to buy a new tent to replace it at the end of this season. I've been camping for over 20 years and had numerous tents over that period - some good and some bad, but this tent for the price has to be the worst I've ever shelled out for. I genuinely feel ripped off.
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By: Graham  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Have now used our MV900 Signature twice and have noted a few issues with it. Firstly WHY oh WHY have Vango put so many air vents in the damn thing? With all the door/windows zipped up there is still a gale blowing through the bedroom/living area. I even found that the rear of the tent (behind the bed pods) also has a row of air vents.

I have resorted to using Duct tape to cover 90% of the mesh panels as our electric Outwell heater (2000 watt) struggles to get any warmth into that area.

Once that was sorted we managed to get the area up to a half decent temperature.

I do understand that someone at Vango has calculated that 9 people may use that volume of air in a night but COME ON ! May have well slept with the doors open.

The tent is a monster but myself and her-in-draws have managed to get it erected by ourselves, we did have to have a tall mate clip the bedroom pods into place first time out though as I couldnt reach the roof hook points (I'm 5' 8') We now leave them in place when the tent is taken down.

Overall a nice tent that should see us sorted for a good few years or until our combined strength drains and we are no longer able to get it up ( Ohhh Matron)
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By: KirstyRowden  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

This tent took us about an hour and a half to pitch, but then we are novice campers and I know in time we will put it up quicker with time.

We love the design of this tent as you can keep the cooking area within the tent, yet away from the living area as there was a separate fully enclosed porch area perfect for the kitchen area, with space to eat at a table too. This kept the children safe in the tent yet not able to get near the cooking equipment.

The whole tent has a fully built in ground sheet, which is what attracted us to this tent. So completely free from rain water.

We had some very heavy rain and wind one night, but we woke up dry as a bone with no leaks. There was no condensation problem either. It had some good ventilation points.

We loved the organiser pockets on the outside of the sleeping compartments.

One very big possitive for us is that we have very young children that like to escape the tent and you can easily keep them inside the living area of this tent without worry of them escaping through small gaps or crawling out through the exits when you don't want them to such as at night time or while you are cooking. There is so much space that with a few toys they did not want to get away anyway lol.

It is does have 4 sleeping compartments sleeping up to 9 but you don't have to put them all up if you don't want to. We just had the back 3 compartments up, however I would say that the middle room is a very small 3 person room it would not support a double and a single in there.

One bad point, just be careful when zipping and rolling up the crystal clear windows leaving just the mesh don't be rough and in a rush, take your time opening and rolling them up as if you are rough with them, you could pull the zip off, but that is common sense.
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By: Mssianlc  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Continued post from previous.

We have just spent a few nights in our MV 900 and we love it! So much space we could all sit in Camp Chairs indie at night and still have room. It is entirely possible to pitch in 50 mins with two people as long as they both communicate - i.E shout directions at each other. We figured out the best thing to do it stand it up and the guy out the back first then walk it forward and guy out the front. The do any adjustments needed to straighten it our or move it slightly. We found it essential to pick up each pole when pitched to allow it to 'ping' to its natural position. As they are all pinned in to the ground sheet it tensions itself out.

We only had three pods up and they totally fine for two adults in one, two kids in another and one kid in the other.

Tent does benefit from having 'windows' which allow a lot of light and a good view of the kids outside. I especially like the hanging pockets next to the pods and they are great for stowing small bits like phones and glasses so they don't get lost!

Another good feature is the fly netting on the windows and side doors of the tent. This means you can have all the windows open but stop nature from invading your tent. We found this especially useful first thing in the morning when the tent began to heat up.

Taking the tent down took a good 1.5 hours but that is because we were going at a leisurely pace and marshalling 3 children at he same time! We did manage to get the tent back in the bag - I was so happy I had to take a photo to prove I had achieved the unthinkable!

All in all we would recommend this tent to anyone who is looking for a large tunnel tent. It is a big beast but has bags of space for small family's who want to spend more than few days at a time camping.
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By: Kj01  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

Love this tent. We bought it so we would have somewhere less cramped to be if it rained. It is massive. Loads of rooms for kids to play. Nice area to cook and eat. Rooms big. Challenging to put up by two people, heavy. Would be nicer if the windows zipped open the other way eg from bottom to top so they could be half opened, rather than all the way.
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By: Mssianlc  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

We have recently purchased a Monte Verde 900 plus Carpet. We decided to have a test pitch in our garden to avoid looking like total idiots on the campsite! It took two f us over 1.5 hours to pitch this tent but I am sure that I because it was windy and a bit rainy and we were tired. Once erected it was well worth it. Going from a tiny four man tent to a giant 9 man tent is a big leap but I wanted something I could stand up in and that had a separate cooking area as so far I have done all my cooking on my knees outside open to the elements.

I will post again once we have pitched it and lived in it for a few days :@)
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By: Jdo330  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

We simply love this tent!

Bought it in 2010 and have used it a handful of times.

We are a family of 4 and find it perfect for longer stays (7 - 10 days plus). It has generous bedrooms, two great living areas and huge windows - all very welcome when your stuck inside on rainy days! Ours has been rained on fairly heavily and im pleased to report no leaks at all. It has also stood up well to gusts of wind although there was a bit of 'flapping' from the front entrance panels.

I like the fact it has 3 entrances, this is great for increasing airflow when its hot. The tent has loads of ventilation panels so we have never had a hint of condensation.

We also have the carpet and footprint which we feel are a must (carpet = cosy and the footprint keeps the tent clean but makes it easier to pitch).

The bag the tent comes in is big and allows space for re-packing. BE WARNED - when packed its big and the tent poles are heavy!

This is bar far and away the best tent I've owned and I wouldnt change anything about it.
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19 User Reviews of the Monte Verde 900 - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2  

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Manufacturer's Description

The Vango Monte Verde is a new massive tunnel tent range for the 2010 season. The striking difference with the Monte Verde over most other tents of this type is the large fully enclosed porch area which also features a fully sewn-in groundsheet. The porch area is so large it is being recommended for the storage of bikes, inflatables and all your kitchen equipment. The Monte Verde features a steel pole construction which provides a massive expanse of space with no less than 6 large window panels making the interior feel light and airy.

The accommodation on the Monte Verde 900 features a 2+3+2 arrangement along the rear wall of the tent plus a removable 2-berth inner/closet that is positioned behind the internal partition wall door. There are no less than 4 doorway entrances - one on either side of the tent and 2 front door panels, one or both of which can be opened at any one time. The living space and bedroom areas of the Monte Verde 900 feature a fully sewn-in groundsheet as does the porch (all offering 10,000mm HH protection). Other key features include, external pole sleeves and pole clips allowing flysheet first erection, fully seam-sealed Protex 5000 durable polyester flysheet for 5000mm hydrostatic head protection, storm skirting, colour coded Powerplus steel poles, breathable polyester inner tents with mesh vents, flexible inners than can be removed when not in use, 'Crystal Clear' windows with internal covers, various mesh vents, hanging organizer and inner pockets, cable entry point, roller bags, repair kit. Fire retardant materials used throughout. 50 minutes pitch time.

Dimensions: (Inner) 235+280+235 x 140+180+140cm
Height: (Highest) 225cm (Bedroom) 215cm
Weight: 26.9kg (canvas); 24.55kg (poles)
Pack Size: 80x40x42cm (canvas); 86x20x20cm (poles)
Colour: Nutria/Honey

... there may be more info on their website

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