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Tent Reviews: Vango Sungari 400

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4  (more 4 berth tents)
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8.2/10 from 10 reviews

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10 Reviews of the Sungari 400

By: Susiex  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

We bought this tent second hand, no carpet, or footprint with it, but carpets can be improvised! The footprint would be very useful, as it stops the underside of the tent getting too dirty, which is handy when folding it all up. That said, we've had no problems-wiping down as we fold, but we haven't been out in very bad conditions, yet!

I love the little touches like the bathtub groundsheet-how the doorway stepovers can be unhooked and laid flat to avoid trips. I like the little canopy over the side door, which would stop rain dripping in. I also like the idea of the pockets.But on this model, they're high up around the top of the bedroom pods, so not easy to reach, and therefore not really used.

I love the head height (so does my 6'4' partner!) it feels spacious, although if the front and back didn't slope quite so much, there would be so much wasted, hard to get at, space, right down the bottom, and the zips, and hooks to the main door wouldn't be so hard to reach-ok if you're young and nimble, but I'm not!

We bought this just for the two of us, as we can roll the flimsy bedroom divider back and just have a big bedroom. We have a raised height large double air bed, which fits in nicely, with some room to spare. I wouldn't say it was 4 berth, unless you're very good friends! (or, of course 2 adults, 2 children)

It's easy to put up-only three poles-and once you've got the hang, it's fine. Plenty of guy lines, although we don't always peg all of them out if the weather is fine.

My biggest gripe is the ventilation. The one bedroom window has mesh, but can only be pegged open a couple of inches, and cannot be opened wide. The side window is mostly plastic, with around three inches of mesh at the top. Again, this cannot be fully opened, so not much air gets in. The front of the tent opens fully-either rolled up, or as a canopy on poles-nice if you want the world looking in, but not if you don't-I think a wind break is needed for a bit more privacy, or a canopy perhaps. There is no mesh on the very large window, nor can it be opened at all.Not good, when the sun's beating down on the tent first thing in the morning, and you need through ventilation without losing privacy! The side door has full sized mesh, BUT, you cannot open the solid part of the door from the inside, or from the top, so you have to go outside to sort it out - two way zips on both doors would be nice.

All in all, a nice tent, easy to erect BUT with a few design faults - sort these Vango, and you'll have a proper winner on your hands! Oh, and wheels on the bag would be nice.It's extremely heavy - mostly poles weight, but with it all in one bag, it's very hard to carry.Especially the last time, as just my daughter and I used it.

By the way, I have no idea when my tent was manufactured, so I have had to guess!
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By: Fawlke  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Brought this tent second hand from eBay to spend 5 days in Buxton with my husband. It is the DLX version so is about a 60cms longer than the normal one. Had no idea that this tent would be so big as it is classed as a 4 man, itís massive and you can easily stand up in it in both the bedroom and living area.

There was a little bit of condensation after the first night but we realised we hadnít opened all the vents (Weíre new to this camping stuff) Second night was much better.

Tent stood up to rain on the final 2 days with no leakage. Tent was sturdy and didnít move (even though when taking down I realised I had only pinned the 4 corners and guylines (again new to this)) We had a foot print with ours which is great as the previous people hadnít used it and it had a few tears in the groundsheet (Duct tape liberally used here)

We also have a canopy which turned a large tent into a flipping Huge tent, plenty of room for 4 people and a table to sit and have food under.

Bedroom fitted a double airbed, bags, laundry bin, radiator (donít ask that wasnít me) and we could still wander down the sides. Unsure 2 double airbeds would fit if you did want to sleep 4 plus the bedroom divider is very flimsy but Iím sure if you were on camping mats you could all fit nicely. For the 2 of us it was great.

We had carpets through which made it very cosy, brought a second hand Gelert carpet which fitted in the bedroom pod.

Plenty of storage pockets in the bedroom and living areas

Greatest bit of all it easily fits back in the bag including a mallet we added, it comes with a compression straps to help get it all back in.
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By: Bert07  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

Ours has now been used for 3 weekends and 1 10 day holiday in both UK and France. We are a 2 adult/1child family and it is perfect for us size wise. We have a double and single airbed plus room for bags in the bedroom compartment - I am not sure how well we would cope with another child in there though.

The tent is easy to erect, although definitely a 2 person job. It has withstood heat and torrential rain and wind and been no problems at all.

We have the carpet which makes the ground much better as you can feel everything through the ground sheets. We also use the canopy to extend living space - this space makes a huge difference to the size of the tent, I just wish you could enclose the canopy to make it a proper extension!

The tent easily fits back into the bag every time and is easy to fold away.
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By: Rawplug  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

Vango offered us the Sungari when our Vango Breckenridge started leaking like a sieve and so far have been very impressed! Absolutely ideal for weekend camping being quick and easy to put up and take down, light and airy and it even goes back in the bag easily every time. Has withstood all kinds of weather and would recommend buying the canopy which not only doubles the living space but makes the front door much more useful (otherwise need to use side door when it is raining)
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By: Johnwerndeg  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Fully agree with most observations made in previous reviews. It is really pushing it to call this a four man (adult) tent. Our first unit also leaked but was replaced without any trouble; but quality control during production really needs looking at. I also feel it requires additional velcro strips along the door zip areas because in windy/wet conditions long lengths of the over flap is lifted by the wind and rain seeps in through the zip. I know I cannot comment on other campers product but on a recent weekend camping it was worrying to be shown the guy ropes on a 600 model disintegrating presumably through u/v degradation! Having said all this we are quite pleased with the unit and so far we have enjoyed our use of it.
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By: Teamdirtydog  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Used the tent a couple of times now most recently in the lakes for 10 days where it took a battering from the wind and nearly 24hours of rain one day, it has tension bands inside for high winds. Didn't have any problems with it at all and am really pleased with it.

We use it for 2 but wouldn't want to use it for 4! Even with our two deluxe moon chairs inside there's still enough room for our stuff and cupboard/kitchen etc.

The front rolls up or pegs out with extra poles for a canopy which is great. It opens as a door too but one improvement would be if this had mesh also. The side door with canopy is great and keeps most of the water off you going in and out in the rain - this door has mesh. At both doors you can flap down the groundsheet to create a flat entrance in and out which is good.

Light and bright living space but bedroom could be a bit darker for my liking. Storage pockets down each side of the bedroom and top of the living space are handy. Head height throughout is excellent.

Tent looks great and the storage bag for it all is superb. Overall great tent for us.
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By: Macker32  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

My wife and I used this tent in Croatia in Sept 2009. It leaked on one of the top seams which wasn't too bad - but the leak that appeared coming through the groundsheet where the centre room anchoring point was located proved to be the puddle we always stood in wearing our socks just before we went to bed! The tent was pitched in the rain and consequently water did not drain away from the underneath due to the extra 'footprint' membrane. Also one of the ground tensioners detached from the tent and as it was near the side door this made an already ineffective weather barrier even worse. The amount of leaks prevented us from using the carpet.

As far as design is concerned I agree on the points made by the other contributors but would add that the only way to ventilate any of the doors is from the bottom. A simple two way zip would have allowed top ventilation which would have provided an opening, at least on the side door, which would have been protected from the rain by the small canopy above it. As it is the entire door/s have to been opened then the bottoms held closed with the velcro on the zip covers - not much use in the wind and rain.

The tent was returned to Vango for testing and we received a full refund as it was deemed beyond economical repair. An extra guying point in the centre of the front door would also be helpful to prevent it sagging when wet. Sorry to disagree with the other writers on the grading but this was a disappointment from Vango. I have used their specialist tents in extreme conditions in many places so maybe I was expecting too much from this particular model. Having said that its not too much to ask for a tent to be waterproof! Isn't that why be buy them?
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By: Parahandy  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

We couldn't fault this tent, it withstood a horrific battering by the weather with strong wind and heavy rain in the Yorkshire Dales, we stayed dry.

The Living space was more than adequate the windows positioned well making the living space bright and airey.

We purchased the Vango purpose made carpet for the living area, this added insulation made it feel a lot warmer and a real home from home. There were adequate loops to hang lanterns and some small side pockets in the sleeping area. I would recommend this model we purchased it discounted for approx £200.
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By: Moomin76  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Overall this is a really good tent. It feels spacious and light and has a great head height. There are two doors - one at the end which can either be opened fully or a smaller section only opened and then a side door which has a porch over it. The big door is hopeless in the rain (open it and the water just pours in) so it would be the side door that would get the most use, despite being smaller.

The bedroom is billed as being 4 berth, but it's really not big enough for 4 adults. You can fit two double airbeds in, but then there's no room to put your stuff. So I would suggest that it's really a 2 adults and child/ren outfit. The living area is very spacious for this size of tent and is nice and light thanks to the big window at the front.

So why haven't I scored it a 9 or 10? That's because I think that Vango have missed some crucial elements out. Firstly, there are no storage pockets in the living area. The bigger 600 has them, so why not the 400? Secondly, only one of the two doors has mesh across it (the smaller side door). Lastly, the main front window doesn't have any opening at all, making the inside fairly poorly ventilated. It could have done with another window to circulate some more air.

It's easy to pitch though and looks really good. The poles are good quality and the whole tent feels like a quality one that will last for years. A great buy for a couple or a family with small children who want something quick and easy to pitch for short breaks.
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By: Gingercol  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Just purchased and used for the first time Whitsun b/h weekend. Perfect tent for my wife and I. Plenty of headroom throughout I stand at six foot and I am the wrong side of 18st and I had no problems. Easy to erect and dismantle easy to pack away thanks to the quality vango storage bag provided with the tent. We got a deal that included the footnote groundsheet and the model specific carpet. Cannot recommend this tent highly enough has given our camping a new lease of life. Worth every penny of the £259 we spent at leisure trail.
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Manufacturer's Description

A brand new tent from Vango, the Sungari 400 tunnel tent combines full stand-up height with practical living arrangements and versatile sleeping combinations. The 4 birth inner tent can be slept in as one large area for a family, or split into two 2 birth inners ideal for couples and friends. Vango have provided there new Sungari 400 with two entry/exit doors, the side door offers a canopy to prevent rain from entering the living area if the door is left open. The front door can be propped up using king upright poles (included), this provides a good size sheltered outside living area ideal for dining and general relaxation. The Sungari 400 tunnel tent has two large crystal clear windows with curtains, this ensures natural sunlight is always available when its need but also can be shut out when that level of privacy is needed. Vango have provided there new tunnel tent with a fully sewn-in groundsheet, this offers supreme protection from rain, dirt, insect and also saves time when pitching the Sungari. The canvas in made from an ultra durable Protexģ 3000 polyester with taped seams, this provides occupants with a high level of waterproofing - and piece of when camping in the wet. Camping World highly recommends this spacious family tunnel tent.

... there may be more info on their website

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