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Tent Reviews: Vango Tigris 800 XL

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9.3/10 from 10 reviews

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10 Reviews of the Tigris 800 XL

By: Megalasaurus  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

We bought this tent after looking long and hard at all the different tent reviews and trying out different tents in the camping stores. It has everything we need, a large living area a high ceiling as I am 6 foot 2 inches and my husband is 6 foot 1 inch. We use the tent as a four man as I am disabled and need a camp bed to go camping these days, I can't get down to the floor never mind up off it!

We all like having the space to stretch out in. The kids have one of the individual double rooms each, they put their camp bed up on one side and have the other side to keep their stuff and walk about in.

The living area is nice and large so even if it's raining outside, we have room the get round the table and play games, have meals etc. We didn't use the tension straps when we started camping as we thought they got in the way but we camped on a cliff top in Tenby the first year we used it, the wind was fierce so we clipped the tension straps in place and that strengthened the tent immensely. While we were at that camp site two wind breakers were wrecked along with a good handful of tent poles on other peoples tents, that's how bad it was. So we have used the tension straps ever since.

The side which is supposed to be two double rooms separated by a fabric panel, we tend to roll the panel up and use the two rooms as one double room to put our double camp bed and keep the suitcases, etc in.

We have not had any problem with flies under the side door with the canopy as mentioned in the previous review. We always use that door.

We have had no problems with any condensation either, the ventilation openings do their job well. The mesh doors keep out the majority of insects and creepy crawlies and it's only the majority as my husband leaves the mesh doors open sometimes, to air out the tent in the warm weather.

In fact the only issue we have had is with a small number of the outside webbing loops coming apart but that is easily fixed.

We may invest in a foot print and carpet in the future but we are in no hurry at present.

We love our Tigris 800 XL! :)
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By: Danjmcintyre  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

We bought this tent as our first family tent to take our three young children away.

This tent caught our eye because of the height when pitched. It's 2.2m at it's highest point, which is ideal for me being 6ft6. I can pretty much walk from side to side in this tent with plenty of headroom. The horizontal dimensions are also impressive. At 3.1m x 7.4m it's a monster, giving plenty of room for us to spread out. The only drawback with the size is that most sites have a surcharge for tents of this size. It's pitched footprint is 23m2.

Despite it's size, this tent is really easy to pitch with two people. The hardest part of pitching this monster is keeping the kids entertained for the duration. After pitching it 3 times the wife and I managed to pitch it the 4th time in about 20 minutes. Not too bad.

The sewn in ground sheet feels strong and durable. The first few times we used it we pitched it on the glass. We have since invested in the footprint and carpet for the tent, mainly to prolong the life of the groundsheet, not because we felt we needed them.

The ventilation in the tent is good. We have had no problems with condensation while using this tent, although we only used it 3 times last year.

The little canopy above the main, side entrance seems to attract flies more than the door on the opposite side without a canopy. The fly sheet does it's job well and keeps them on the outside. Because of where it has been pitched we have tended to use the door without the canopy anyway, but going forward we have decided to keep this in mind when pitching.

The tension band system is something we haven't seen in a tent before, being from the 'House Tent' generation as kids. We decided they got in the way the first time we used the tent and ended up disconnecting them and stowing them away in the supplied pockets. On the last night the wind picked up a lot. After stumbling around in the dark trying not to wake the kids, I got the bands back in place and immediately the tent seemed more rigid. We would definitely favour another tent with a similar system in the future.

The sleeping pod layout is great. There is one large 4 person pod at the back, which has a divider to split it into two separate 2 person pods, and two individual 2 person pods to the front which can be installed independently, giving a fair amount of flexibility as the kids grow up. Unfortunately the stitching on the zip of one of the pods came away the last time we used the tent. The wife fixed it pretty rapidly though so no hard feelings there.

The central divider in the larger, 4 person pod is a bit rubbish, only connecting to the pod walls in two locations. This makes it easy to see around into the next compartment. This sin't so much of a problem for us as we leave the divider folded away to give us more room at either side of the bed, but I would imagine this could be an issue if camping with another family.

All in all we are very happy with our Tigris 800 xl. The only recommendations we would make for anybody looking at one of these is to buy some stronger pegs, as the ones supplied are a bit soft. The poles for the front canopy are also an optional extra, which none of the specifications we have found online seems to state.
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By: Happyday  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Just had our first weekend in Tigris 800xl bought second hand. Overall really pleased with tent, masses of space, fab big windows, good head height for 6'4'' husband and pleased with the brow over the door. We're a family of four and both kids shared one of the 2 berth pods as they're still young. This gave us extra living space and we have the option to use the second one when they're older and want their own space. We used the 4 berth which was plenty big enough for our camp beds and clothes, etc.

Had a couple of split poles and previous owners had repaired couple of the hanging ties for the pods, but this is perhaps to be expected given its a used tent.

Only real niggle is the door zips, our previous 5 berth Vango had mesh doors that zip into the main door so you only need to open one zip to get in and out when they're both done up. This tent requires you to open the mesh door first, then reach outside the tent in a different place to find the zip for the main door - bit of a palaver in the night with a child desperate for a wee!
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By: Slimsim60  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

A Great tent this one. Easy to pitch and setup and Has just survived the remains of Hurricane Bertha's passage over the New Forest. Me and SWMBO had it setup in less than 30 mins(admittedly we sent the kids to play elsewhere). More than enough space for our party of 4 and the kids got a bedroom each that they could fill with junk,er, I mean essentials.

I can recommend this tent, a bit on the heavy side, but for the size it's what you expect.
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By: Campfrog  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

I've enjoyed camping for the last ten years, we are a family of two adults and five children and we've bought quite a few that have lasted only 2/3 outings. In 2012 we took the plunge and spent almost 600 on a Vango Tigris 800XL & carpet. I was a bit hesitant at spending so much on a tent but reasoned that we'd probably spent that much on tents in the previous. This tent is everything and more from large zip up windows, two side doors & one large main door, two double pods and one large pod with a divider (excellent in a thunder storm with small kids as everyone can snuggle in the large pod together) sleeping pods are meant to be lights out but it seemed darker in the main area, sewn in ground sheet, the list is endless. This tent is 27ft long so has loads of space to move around. CAN be put up in less than half an hour with two people. This tent has withstood gale force winds on two weekend outings and did not move! Packing the tent away is a struggle but isn't that the same with every tent?
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By: Safron  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

We bought this tent after getting the bug last year - we bought a cheap tent to see if we liked camping and then after lots of research invested in the Tigris. We are a family of 6 with 4 young kids so need something with plenty of space and easy to put up.

We are total novices at the whole camping lark but we can put the tent up in about 30 minutes but to fully set up all our gear it takes about 2 hours really. The tent is very easy to pitch but I am sure we will add tweeks to it over time too.

We have the carpet which definitely adds to the comfort.

We had one night of a storm with gale force 7 wind and very heavy rain and although the tent swayed a lot it never moved and no rain got it - after that storm I can safely say it would stand up to anything !

We loved the large windows and even with 4 small children to entertain on a wet night it was plenty big for us.

Highly recommended
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By: Sazd5655  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

Excellent tent stayed in for first time for two nights 24/8/13 - all spec correct and found no problems with side porch pole. Love the carpet but would have liked the awning poles for the front door (main) to be included so we could have had this up - instead i've priced them at 13.99 extra. First time pitching a tent on our own without experienced family member and it took 25mins to get up - hardest part was fitting in bag. Overall great tent - loved the space as we had just main bedroom up.
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By: OldRex  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

As promised from my test-pitch review back in April, here is my in-field review of the tent (never thought it would take this long, but hey-ho.)

What a fab, fab tent. We stayed at a notoriously windy campsite, sure enough it blew during the night but the tent was remarkably stable and un-flappy for this style. The exception to this was the side extension (see photos). The part which extends over the top of the main tent did flap a bit, but that is not the main tent's fault.

The living area is luxurious, I love the big windows. There was no condensation, the ample ventilation worked well (although the gusty conditions would have helped. As before, I had no problems with the porch brow pole which owners of the pre-2012 800 reported.

Cannot comment on waterproofing as I had dry weather, but I am sure it will be good. All the seams are well taped.

The tent is easy to pitch, but as before I think 20 mins is optimistic. Maybe 30 mins to get the main body of the tent up without the bedrooms or a footprint. Also I was being cautious as I did not want to break anything by being over-eager.

The thing that keeps me smiling about this tent is the well-thought out design. Guy-retainers to help pitching. Darker bedrooms which actually did help to reduce morning light (but 'lights-out' is a grossly inaccurate). Reflective trim on the tent. The design of the cable entry point. The low-level vents. The easy-to use cleats on the guys. The list just goes on.

One word of caution. This is a BIG tent. Handle with care when pitching or striking in windy conditions or it will turn into a huge hang-glider. Get the upwind side pegged first and unpegged last, try to keep it all low to the ground as you manhandle it, to maintain the smallest area to the wind.

PS, sorry Imogensmum, but your tent is a 2011 800, not the 2012 800XL. I do hope you were not sold it as an 800XL.
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By: Imogensmum  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

We bought a pre-loved, used only once Vango Tigris 800XL last month and used it for the first time this week on our first ever family camping trip.

The tent is large - around 7m x 3.5m - so I had to phone and check that the campsite would take it. But we'd wanted a large tent so we could fit all of our kit in it, so that was a minor inconvenience.

We pitched the tent in a major downpour and, despite having only done it once before, it went up quickly and without incident. From unpacking it out of the boot to being able to stand inside and shelter from the rain took around 20 minutes. Not bad to say that we are new to camping.

The tent pitches quickly with five poles which slot through colour-coded tubes. Then it's a case of pegging from one end and securing the guy ropes - which there are plenty off. At least they're bright orange so less of a trip-hazard than white or black ones.

The tent is spacious and has full standing height throughout. We put up all of the inner bedrooms - two separate two man rooms and a four-man room that converts to 2x2-man with a screen. This meant our children each had a separate bedroom (to save arguments) and we had plenty of space in the larger room.

It also meant that when our eldest was scared by the thunderstorms we just picked up her airbed and sleeping bag and brought her in with us. This flexibility was one of the reasons I favoured the Tigris' bedroom layout.

If you don't want to put all of the bedrooms up you can use the large door on one end of the tent. Instead we used both of the side doors which gave us lots of flexibility.

There's a good amount of living space - we had a large camp kitchen, table and four chairs up all at once and there was enough space to move around. We took the table and chairs down when not in use and just sat on the floor on a picnic rug instead.

Other features include an electric hook-up slot - although only one - vents on the bedroom doors which we used for peeping at the children to check they were okay, but also allowed good air circulation, and vents over the windows which you can prop open.

We also had the porch, although we couldn't figure out how to fit it. I suspect it goes over the door on the end instead of one of the side doors, so more research needed on that front. If that's the case I'll be disappointed with the lack of flexibility on that as we will almost always need all of the bedrooms up to accommodate us, rendering the porch useless.

One thing we did struggle with was putting the frame into the little sticky-out shelter over one of the side doors. We eventually wrestled it in, but when my husband tried to put it in as we pitched the damp tent in our garden it ripped the fabric because it was such a tight fit. Luckily it's just the side panel of that sticky-out bit, not the tent itself. Perhaps we'll just not put it up again.

We weathered a number of thunderstorms and some very high winds during our two-night trip and the tent stood up well. It did billow in the wind, but I expect that's more about our novice pitching abilities than the tent itself. We certainly had no leaks despite a number of torrential downpours throughout our break.

This model is meant to have Vango's Lights Out sleeping rooms, but it seemed to be lighter in the tent than it was outside. It was certainly darker than some of the others we went in at various camping shops, but it was so light that our son asked us to turn the light off at bedtime, despite there not being one on! We'll be investigating whether we can dye the fabric to keep more of the light out as this will become quite an issue for us and our small children on longer stays.

Overall I'd say this is a good quality tent, a great size for families and quick and easy to pitch and take down. It will be better once campsites catch up with the fact that a lot of people want some space when camping and that means bigger tents.
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By: OldRex  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Just bought this and did a test run in the back garden. It took us an hour to put the tent up - mostly because the thing is so big we didn't have enough room either side of the tent to work the poles, and had to feed them in segment by segment - we also found the poles kept snagging in their channels when being fed through.

Build quality seems as good as with the 2011 Tigris 800, no dodgy seams or glueing found and it survived my kids charging around in between the pods. It is much brighter inside than other vis-a-vis designs thanks to the huge knee-to-head height windows, which is the reason I bought this over the others. Each large square window has a clever inside zip-up curtain which can stow into a pocket at it's base. The triangular windows on the end have curtains which are held in place by toggles at the bottom corners and can be rolled up.

Because of the lower pole at one end, the 2+2 person bedroom pod only fits that end, but colour-coded toggles help with locating the pods correctly. The 'lights-out' moniker given to the pods is optimistic.

Only the lower end of the tent has a pelmet, and the optional carpet does not extend under the pod that end. There are high-level vents at each end, one is a guy-supported flap, the other uses a stiffened brow and velcro-strut arrangement. There are similarly stiffened low level vents beneath each square side window.

I had no problem fitting the porch brow pole - this attaches to receiving holes in the plastic side pole clips. I think previous models used receiving pockets for the brow pole ends. The new full length storm porch is a great improvement.

The tent comes in a single cavity hold-all, not the saddle-style pack of previous models. We could not get it all to fit back in but leaving the poles & pegs out fixed this. I will be buying additional v-channel pegs for the guys - the pin pegs supplied are rubbish and I have already bent one.

I only marked the tent down to 9 because of the pin pegs, undersize bag, and I would prefer zip-up curtains on the triangular end windows. All in all I am very pleased with the purchase and am busily planning our first trip away in it! Will review again after that.
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Manufacturer's Description

The NEW Tigris 800XL is a major update of the well loved Tigris. The new higher front pole creates a full height front door, which in addition to the 2 side doors, makes for great flexibility. The addition of large windows in the living area make it lighter and brighter than ever before.

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