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Tent Reviews: Wild Country Halo 73

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9.4/10 from 10 reviews

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10 Reviews of the Halo 73

By: Goombario  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2006   Rating: 

Our Halo 73 has truly been through some terrible, dreadful, weather and it has stood up to it all. The other reviews describe the tent brilliantly, but I really want to stress how tough this large spacious tent is. I love Pembrokeshire, and camping on the cliff top at Marloes or St Davids is my idea of heaven, however the weather can be.Wet and windy (to put it mildly). We have been the only family tent left on a site not once but twice. And it keeps going, which is a relief as I don't know if I will ever find anything as good to replace it.

One reviewer has commented that the porch is low roofed. I'd disagree with this, I'm 5'6' and have no problem, nor does my 5'8' son. I love the comment about the inner resembling an Arabian tent, that is how it feels! This is a great tent and I love it.
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By: Mortonian  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

I have to agree with most of the comments made earlier.

Why this tent has been discontinued I don't know. We managed to pick up the last one at Go Camping near Leeds last year for a bargain under 150. (We only went to get a refund on an earlier tent purchase that proved as water tight as a sieve). Although I was not taken with the colour initially (blue/cream) I am happy to have been talked into it by my wife. Being 6'4' tall I was amazed at the height of the living area, as well as the space. The 'extension' was a godsend having endured some really nasty English summers. No more muddy footwear near the tent inner. There was more than enough space to cook undercover too. There is also more storage than you could hope to fill and the tent is easy to erect. I hope it lasts for the remainder of my camping days. I do not think I will find an adequate replacement very easily.
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By: Arsenaldes  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2006   Rating: 

I have owned one of these since 2006 and it is a great tent and has stood up to all kinds of weather and still looks as good as new. If you are looking for a decent tent then I can honestly recommend the Halo 73. The only drawback is that it pitches inner first so you do need 2 people to pull the outer flysheet over the inner having said that you do benefit in that both the living area and the bedrooms are double skinned so nice and cosy with less condensation as its breathable fabric.

As pointed out in previous reviews if you are using full size air beds then the bedrooms suit 2 rather than 3 people but this applies to nearly every tent.

Just a little note that this tent was made in 2 different styles, the early one which we have is blue with the square windows as shown in the main picture and later models were in green with round windows as shown in the members pictures.

Whichever model you choose I don't think you will be disappointed
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By: Dr_Jeffers  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

I am an experienced camper/hiker of some 25 years, and have owned several carefully chosen tents. I recently bought the Halo 73 as I am upsizing into the 'family camper' category. This tent is absolutely fabulous- it took me a long time and a lot of research to select the Halo 73 from the myriad other products on the market currently, and I have not been disappointed in my choice.

The quality of construction is uniformly excellent, but its also the attention to detail in the design itself that I am so pleased with, from the superbly well-balanced and highly functional layout to the beautifully selected (and unusually boldly chosen) theme/colour scheme (in the beach blue/cream) to the multitude small but important details inside and out- the tent is exceptionally well appointed. I also really like the fact that the tent fabric is exceptionally easy to clean when dirty- I was worried it would look grubby very quickly given the pale colour scheme, but this has not proven to be the case.

I have an eye for details, and this is the first tent I have purchased where I haven't had a list of things in the back of my mind that I would change if I could! I'm not going to real off technical details, as other have pointed out the main features, but I wanted to focus more on the very special overall effect, which I think others may have neglected a little! Its a really special-feeling tent. I love the quirky round windows, the well-zipped curtains, the tidily-curtained rear stowage bay, the liberally-slung storage net pockets, and so on. Needless to say it has really inspired the kids too- its like a mad mix of pirate ship and beach hut for them and they love it. But its a serious tent underneath- a very sturdy, sensible design, and everything does its job. It just also happens to be one of those rare products that touches the soul and facilitates fond family memories, and each camping trip is a particular pleasure now- I love to just lay back inside the wonderful, lofty cream dome and enjoy the internal view- really inspiring. I almost welcome wet weather so we can spend more time lounging and messing about inside it! It makes other companies' products seem very austere, drab and workman-like by comparison, and I think very few have thought so carefully about the design of their products; I really don't want to camp again without it, simple as that. You'd have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by it!
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By: Blackcurrentrabbit.  Reason: I've used one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Simply it is god send. After spending 14 rainy days in a cramped tent last year we decided to invest in one with a living area and a sewn in ground sheet.

It required two people to put it up. It went up a lot easier than expected.

We were not sure if there should have been a door on either side of the tent as it looked as if there should have been, but someone forgot. The one side door was limiting. We couldn't open the front up due to bad weather and getting out the side door could be challenging in the wind. The curtain opened up to the side (the center zip) which caused problems getting out. It would have made more sense for it to fold upwards.

We could not believe the amount of space in the centre area, which we called our sitting room. Our daughter had a great time practicing her cartwheels! We put a picnic blanket on the floor and the children played with their lego. The area could hold 4 chairs. Being able to zip the children in is a great bonus as last year our 2 year old kept escaping by crawling under the tent. The fly net allowed us to zip the children in while they could still see us when cooking.

The 2 bedrooms fitted 1 double and one single blow up mattress. Not sure how it would be if you were on a slope and end up sliding during the night. There was no space around the beds.

Loved the back room. Although this room didn't zip all the way round (the bottom was open) it was great for storing clothes, toys etc. You could shut the door and you couldn't see the mess. This area is also an alternative door, if you wish.

We (including the children) loved the windows.

The porch was used as a cooking area (when it rained) and a kitchen storage area. There was sufficient space. Great for putting muddy shoes and wellies.

We loved how light the tent was. (Our old one was dark blue). It was so light you always felt the sun was out even when it was raining.

The storage pockets - fantastic. There is no shortage.

We found the 'button' fastenings for securing curtains 'messy'.

Sufficient standing space in the sitting area and kitchen ( as we called them). You cant stand in the bedrooms so you have to get changed lying down ( but isn't that what camping is about).

Although we had to do a number of repairs (small holes due to my husband putting the pole through it when putting it up - so remember be careful) it stood up to numerous very windy and wet nights. I spent many a night expecting to wake up to find myself out in the open but it didn't happen. The tent stood firm.

It would have benefited from a central guy point on the doorless side, especially during windy weather.

And finally putting it down took two but again it wasn't as bad as expected despite the strong winds and rain!

Overall very very pleased with our tent. It helped keep us sane in bad weather. We loved it. That's why we reviewed it!
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By: Anarchy3  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Great tent. Spacious, roomy, organised, easy. This is the first 'proper' tent that I've owned - My husband and I bought this in the January sales. I have now officially got the camping bug much to DH's delight who likes camping in any event. If you're considering this tent, I'd highly recommend
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By: Peelaaa  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating: 

Bought from world of camping back in april for a bargain price of 220 but just recently camped in it with my wife and 2 small children.

The first 2 days was good weather so could not check how waterproof it was but the 3rd night it absolutely poured down with a very high speed wind (strandhill, sligo on the west coast of Ireland, so the full brunt of the Atlantic ocean). The tent flapped about a bit, one of the kids got a bit frightened from the noise of the rain but by the morning all was calm. The tent did not leak and all the pegs and guy ropes were all still in place.

What a tent, I am very happy with it, and my wife likes all the storage pockets, about 12. I like the net doors and windows which allow the air to flow through the tent but keeps the mossies out. Each of our children had a bedroom each while we slept in the main part. The small bedroom was used to store all our bags.

The tent has plenty of room, is very well designed and stylish and is worth every penny.
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By: Grapefruitmoon  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Bought it for 199 from World of Camping back in November and have been desperate to try it out. Eventually got away for a few days in April and I think it's brill! Ours is a lovely green and cream colour. Inside is very pale green and cream/beige. Never thought I'd go for inner pitch first but the design of this tent suited us.

It's much easier to pitch than I thought. My DH and I are quite tall (6ft and 5ft6') so it will be more difficult if you're short. It only took us about 1/2 hour first time! (The bag is roomy - easy to fit back in.) It's seems to be really good quality, the pegs are better than most, too. There is a separate pole/peg bag. I can just about carry the tent bag and pole bag up and down the stairs! It comes with a porch groundsheet and awning poles. It's really easy to pop the awning up and down. This tent is perfect for our family. We have 2 spacious bedrooms - sloping - one for us and one for 2 kids. There is a storage area at the back which we left open. The ventilation is fantastic. We had a condensation problem with our last tent. This baby has 2 massive doors with full mesh and lots of other mesh outlets, and because it's an inner first you can have the mesh open all the time so the air circulates all around but no rain gets in! Full mesh on the bedroom doors, too. We could both stand up in the porch and it's ideal for sitting out, but in, if it's raining. The awning up will create shade in summer if facing the right way! We faced south because it was April! At night we closed up all the mesh to keep the wind out and we were cosy. It was April in Scotland with no heating.

The living area is wonderful. Really high so we could dance and stretch! The first time I entered it, I thought I was stepping into Heaven! The ceiling is domed and it has the air of an exotic Arabian tent!

It wasn't tested for rain or high winds but I feel secure with the Terra Nova name. There are tons of guy lines. It will be ideal to take to the continent, too, being cool with the mesh and outer fly. Our model has circular windows which makes the tent look like a space-ship at night when the lights are on! We clipped on our LED battery light in the centre of the ceiling. There are lots of storage pockets and tabs to clip things on to.

I love it and could live in it forever. Whoever designed this tent is a genius. Thank you.
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By: good_in_tent  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2007   Rating: 

Two bedrooms each accommodate three on airbeds. The one person bunk at the back is ideal for the older child who wants their own space or it could equally be used for storage, keeping clutter out of the bedrooms. Large doors front and back provide easy access and the front porch opens to provide an awning


* 3 bedrooms

* Sized for airbeds

* Sized for airbeds

* Steel and fibreglass poles

* Front porch opens as an awning

* Cargo net storage

Pitching: This pitches inner first and was a new experience for us as our others have been the 'up in one' type. I thought it would take longer to pitch, but was impressed at how easy it went up. The poles are shaped so you don't have the effort of trying to bend them into shape while trying to fit them into pins, like on the vario. I would be confident to pitch this with minimal help from the kids.

Sturdiness: With steel poles for the main area of the tent, it felt very sturdy. Although it didn't get very windy which would have tested it, the flags were flying on the vans and the tent stood firm, even though it wasn't pegged out fully with all the guy ropes.

Space: It is supposed to accomodate 3 people in two bedrooms, 1 in another and the option of 3 more in the living area but as is typical that would be a squeeze. Each bedroom comfortably takes 2 single airbeds with some room for clothing. The 1 person bedroom would take a narrow airbed but nothing else as it better used as a storage area. The living area has amazing height and with the windows 'open' its a light and airy space. This could sleep 3 people easily, if not 4. The bedrooms lack head height but often when you do have a bedroom you can stand up in there isn't always the floor space to do so once everything's in place, so I guess it depends on what you prefer. The porch was great and provided enough space for our kitchen stand, a table and two chairs. We didn't bother with the extra 1m extension as we had the gazebo on the front, but if we did it would have provided ample cover for all the furniture.

What we liked: It rained pretty much the entire time, thurs to sun, but nothing came through; the headroom in main area is vast and we intend to sleep on there with kids in bedrooms where head height doesn't matter; the porch is great and keeps everything organised and less mud in the tent!; simple to pitch; a fantastic price at under 200 including porch extension.

What we didn't like: Was colder than the 'up as one' types but given that its the winter it wasn't cold cold, so pretty good really (if you know what I mean); the porch is low so anyone over 5'5 cant stand upright in it but we found that we could sit and cook so wasn't too bad; lack of height in bedrooms but this isn't a major problem.

All in all, the road test was successful and I think this is well worth the money for its sturdiness, ease of pitching and space. However, must add that it is a weighty beast so no good for bikers!
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By: Mduffield  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

Very nice tent. The finishing touches inside are very 'Laura Ashley' and quite modern. Often buttons instead of velcro loops and plenty of pockets (21 in the living room).

The tent goes up and comes down very smoothly with 2 people and when up is very warm and cosy inside. The porch is quite well protected against the winds and inside the living space it gets very cosy and quite warm.

Loads of windows and vents make this a bright and well ventilated tent.
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Manufacturer's Description

The manufacturer has advised that this model has been discontinued.

The Halo 73 provides a luxurious amount of space for 7 people with the option of sleeping and extra 3 in the communal space. The two main berooms will sleep 3 each on airbed, so there is plenty of room for a family of 4. The extra 'bunk' at the rear can be incorporated into the living area if needed or used as storage for equipment or clothing. It also offers an excellent space for an older child, who needs their own space. The bedrooms all open on to the waterproof communal area, which prvides a large, draught free space for daily living. The Halo range have all been re-styled for 2007 and provide a 'home from home' feel. The large porch will easily house your cookware and furniture and the door will convert to an awning with the poles provided. Each inner features a large mesh panel for ample ventilation.


* Weight 32.5Kg
* Max Internal Height: 2.2m
* Living Area: 8.3m2
* Porch Area: 5.1m2
* Person: 7+3
* Season Rating: 2 Season Family And Group Camping
* User range: Family Base Camp and Holiday
* Pitching: Flysheet First
* Fully Waterproof Communal Area
* Fits in 2 Bags For Easy Storage and Transportation
* Porch Door Converts to and Awning (Poles Included)
* Equal Length Main and Bedroom Poles for Easy Pitching

... there may be more info on their website

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