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Tent Reviews: Vango Evoque 600 Airbeam

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
33.00 KG
Fully Sewn-in
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9.4/10 from 10 reviews

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10 Reviews of the Evoque 600 Airbeam

By: Wilfs  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

We bought our Vango evoque 600 because we were having trouble with the weight of our cabanon frame tent(which we loved) as we both have back problems.I resourced for what seemed like hours and read every review .And the evoque came up as what we needed both in term of space and ease of putting up.We have now been away for two weeks and it has lived up to expectations ,lots of living area, big windows with zipped curtains, we use the big bedroom with the divider rolled up so plenty of room for our air bed loads of pockets in the bedroom for all bits and pieces.

Small bedroom used as storage area for clothes etc.

With sewn in ground sheet and mesh doors it keeps the creepy crawlies out and the dog in.We also had the carpet (which I'm not a great fan of as I hate wrinkles in it and am for ever straightening it out) and the zips on sun canopy which is easy to put up and is very sturdy and gives a good amount of shade, we had one very windy night while we were away but the tent was solid no bending or swaying.

There is only two things that spoils it and that is where the ehu cable comes in as it limits you as to where you have the electric with out having to run extension lead around and that there is no where to hang light in middle of living area but other than those two points a great tent . Oh forgot big bag to get it back into when packing up
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By: MULTIMOGGY  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

Sorry for my lateness, we bought this july 2013 our very first tent ,our first time camping. I' disabled, and we were taking grandchildren away for a camping experience. The tent was sold to us because of the airbeam, as I cannot help with the erecting of tent. It went up fairly easy, as written and I was amazed by its interior size and spacious rooms , as well as entrances and windows. I however did agree with the other reviews about the need for double lining. The cornish weather we had was beautiful all day, but we did endure some windy rainy nights, but the tent didnt suffer at all, no damp no taking off.

All in all its a fantastic tent and now we are using it again this summer to Cornwall again and hope to have more trips away in our brilliant home from home.
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By: Suzigixxer  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

We have just purchased one with the large awning. We are seasoned campers of about 5 years. Previously owned a 6 man Vango steel pole tent (4th tent of various origin we have owned). We wanted a large tent which also has good awning space as we spend a lot of time outside socialising. This tent is amazing. I agree 10 minutes is a little misleading. It takes about 1.5 hrs to be totally setup, of which 20 minutes is erecting the tent, but this is better than the 1.5 hours and a lot of effort to erect the steel pole tent. So far we have used the tent 3 times in 6 weeks, with 3 more weekends planned in the next 6 weeks. I would much prefer a double zip on the doors the same as other reviews. Also, I do not like the window fasteners. I find them quite difficult to open and close on a regular basis. I don't think it would take much to snap, then the Windows will not be covered. I have resulted in using hair bands to extend the elastic for ease of use. The carpet adds another dimension, but I find we have to peg out inner ground sheet in the awning at the front to avoid trip ups. It has made camping even more enjoyable as we can now go away for 2 night stays without the dread of putting up a 6 berth tent for 2 people. Putting the tent down is also no effort and is quicker than erecting. It is also advisable to warn your neighbours when deflating. It can be a shock when the first beam 'goes off'. Would recommend this to anyone.
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By: Marriedblonde  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2014   Rating: 

And another one.

After struggling with an awning for my camper I decide to get rid of it an go for a tent instead. We are a family of 4, 2 kids aged 3 and 7 and love camping. As the camper is a 69 VW it is not big enough for all of us so we decided early on that we wanted a big awning. This was great. We would arrive at our destination and the wife and kids would get the chairs out etc and watch daddy struggle to put the awning up on his own. Such fun for them. Less so for poor old dad.

So to save dad getting grumpy I decided that the awning wasnít suiting us so I got rid of it and looked for a nice easy to erect roomy tent.

After searching the web for weeks I decided that an inflatable tent might just fit the bill. A few weeks of searching the web later I was pretty much decided upon the evoque. Roomy enough for all our stuff, a little side entrance with a porch that I can park the van against and open the side door and a canopy on the front.

After getting over the price hurdle I went to the NEC camping show this year and bought one. Managed to get a nice little discount on the tent, carpet, foot print and canopy as well.

Iíve yet to use it camping but have put it up in the garden a couple of times. Thoughts? Well it is very very easy to put up and put away on my own. I reckon from unzipping the bag to having it pegged out takes about 20 minutes. To put away on my own takes about 15 minutes. And best of all no swearing required.

The canopy on the front is very simple to add and has real poles, this is a 5 minute job to add on.

Impressions of the tent? It is very nicely made, very sturdy. For now we will only use on of the bedrooms and the wife and daughter sleep in the bus at night and my son and I sleep in the tent as they get older the kids will have a room each in the text with the third being used for storage. Thereís plenty of compartments to put your odds and sods.

Iíll add a follow report in a month after we go camping for a week. We are not taking the camper so all of us will be in the test. A true test.
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By: Pk59  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

We have just got back into camping and we wanted a tent that would be quick to pitch for a weekend break and be large enough for a longer stay. After much deliberation, mainly about the cost we opted for the evoque 600. We have used it 3 times now and we have not been disappointed in getting what we aimed for. We are now starting to get adept at pitching and folding away efficiently and quickly and certainly prefer the airbeams to having to put together poles. The tent is pitched quicker than a similar poled tent but once up it is like any other tent and needs to be pegged out.

Obviously when you are sat outside your new tent with your chosen drink discussion does move towards the tent and the good and not so good bits.

We agree with previous posts that the door and mesh fastening would be better double zipped to allow the outer doors to be unzipped at the top for ventilation purposes.

We think a larger front canopy or being able to buy an alternative smaller zip on porch without a groundsheet would be a good development for cooking purposes.

We love that once the tent is up the bedrooms are already set up and the carpet makes it even warmer and cosier.

The large bag makes packing away easier and we have purchased some luggage straps to help keep the tent wrapped tightly while we pack it away in the bag.

We are definitely pleased with the tent and planning to try and fit in more weekends away before the season ends, we would recommend this tent.
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By: Philnbren  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

Replacing our well loved Vango Aspen 500 we 'had to' go for airbeams as the sturdy metal poles on alternatives were just getting too heavy for 'silver campers' to handle and put up. In reality it felt not quite as good as it's less compact (we are just 2 people using it). It is easier and quicker to put up.

After 2 weeks in the Lake District with a range of hot, warm, rainy and stormy weather it stood up well to everything.

We put the internal tension straps on each night (and one night in particular it sounded as if we needed them) but took them down each morning as they do get in the way-I am 6'5'tall!

The external tension straps 'click' and flap in the wind but we stopped that with clothes pegs.

I agree with the comment about needing double ended zips-it would add so much flexibility.

We've never had a tunnel shape before and are frustrated by the way rain pours into the side doors-but we like the flexibility of having the 3 entrances (helpful when avoiding changing wind direction).

We bought the carpet which adds a level of comfort, annoyingly wrinkles in odd places, but we were pitched on a slope.
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By: PaulRG  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

Have the 600 and the awning and its a really great set up. I would preferred to have double zips on the side door panels so you could choose to have it half open for more airflow but some privacy although perhaps that's just me being unsociable :-)

It does not take about 10 minutes to inflate both sections but pegging takes much longer as its a big tent with lots of guys. It takes us 2 about 1.5 hours to get it all up and carpets down, airbeds blown up and kitchen stuff in place. Packing up takes a bit less time.

This last 2 months we've been away for 6 short breaks - 2 or 3 nights at a time and all I wish it had was better ventilation as its been really very hot. It's a great tent though and I thoroughly recommend it.
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By: Vango Fett  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

WOW! AMAZING! SUPERB! As promised an honest review on the Evoque. My previous tent was a Kampa Studland 8 and the main reason I changed it, it was to big for me to put up by myself so the only way to go was an air tent.

There were only two choices really these were the Evoque and the Kampa filey air. Having already had a kampa I was fully aware of the quality but they really do have some floors in my opinion, although striking in looks from the outside when your sat inside a blue tent with the good old British weather this tent will double the cold feel. Trust me I've been there with the kids and no roof lining will make it any warmer, Vango on the other hand have got the colours down to a tee, The warm green & charcoal tones make it cosy. The other issue is, if I'm going to spend a grand on a tent I would expect the smaller details to be perfected, the way the Kampa bedrooms just hang there with all the straps showing put me off, my studland 8 was the same. Vango again have perfected this by covering them with a trim giving the whole interior a nicer feel.

I think the tents are very similar in quality whether or not you have one inflation point or you blow up individual beams, they both take the same time putting up and all talk about being able to shut off sections if one gets a puncture I personally think the chances of that happening are pretty slim, anyway having all these valves just gives you more weak points along the beam.

The up shot is if you compair the two prices even with buying the Vango canopy which is a must have! The Vango is the better buy.

I was a keen Kampa now I've turned to the dark side and loving it!

Were going to Ty Nadan end of July with Friend's who have also got a Evoque to hopefully give them a real heat test. So if you see two blokes drinking a bottle of desperado standing outside 2 indentical tents say hello we'll have one in the frigde waiting.
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By: Camping Rookie  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

We have just bought the Airbeam Evoque 600 and although we haven't actually been away camping in it yet, we have had it up in the garden for a few nights. Having spent hours (weeks!) on the internet looking for reviews of the Airbeam, I thought I would add one to help anyone else who is thinking of buying one.

We are a family of 4 (kids aged 7 and 5) and have decided that we are going to try camping this year (and hopefully every year, given that we have spent a small fortune on equipment!). We went to a local tent show to view the Outwell Montana 6p and my husband immediately homed in on these inflatable tents instead (men and their gadgets!). They looked great, ticked all the boxes and apparently went up in seconds. Only downside was the price.

Spent the next 2 weeks researching them and trying to find a cheaper version. There are many good deals around for the Vango Airbeam's, but they are all for the older model which has only got a 75D flysheet and apparently issues with the beams bursting. Decided to bite the bullet and spend the money on the 2013 model.

Have to say that first impressions are very good. Given that I haven't put up a tent in years and am a bit of a camping novice, we had this BIG tent up in minutes. Just rolled it out, pegged out the corners and pumped up the beams. The new model comes with a psi pressure gauge so it is near impossible to over-inflate the beams. Once the tent was up, we just pegged out the rest of the tent and the guy ropes. This part actually took the longest. The tent shop was running a competition where you had to inflate the tent in the fastest time and if you won, you got the tent. The best time was 39 seconds (allegedly!). This seems very fast (and unachievable, certainly for us). That said, it was up in under 20 minutes and looked fantastic.

Good points - speed of putting up, size (very spacious), 3 sleeping compartments (2 can be joined to make large bedroom), great storage nets, mesh doors, all doors (inc mesh ones) are zipped so you can have them as open/closed as you like

Bad points - zips do get jammed sometimes (have to be careful with front door), husband not keen on guy ropes as they seem to slacken off (but maybe we aren't doing it right?)

It rained and was breezy when we had tent up and no leaks so far. Like the storm door on the side which will be handy when raining and also the small canopy over the front door which may offer some shelter when cooking.

We bought the footprint and the carpet which I would also recommend as made everything cleaner/cosier.

Got the tent down almost as quick as it went up. They have also made the tent bag larger with 'spare' room so that it packs away more easily.

No complaints so far and delighted with our Airbeam. Booked a few pitches for the holidays and can't wait to try it out for real (one being on a beach in the North of Scotland so it could get a good test there).

Hope this helps others who are thinking of taking the plunge.
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By: Vango Fett  Reason: Other  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

It's on order! Will update when I try it out at the weekend. Hopefully it'll be as good as my old studland 8, or at least easier to put up on my own. Got to give it 10 as it looks fantastic! I'll be quite interested to see if ill have to use the tension straps. Anyway got to waffle as this comments got to be 300 letters long.
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Manufacturer's Description

NEW for 2013, the Evoque is an ideal tent for friends and families who desire plenty of space to house furniture and accessories. It offers spacious sleeping compartments and plenty of head height. The simple zip on canopy option and quick pitch time ensures the most relaxation and recreation time for all.

Vango AirBeamģ Technology creates strong and rigid tent structures with unrivalled speed and simplicity of pitching.

... there may be more info on their website

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