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Tent Showcase: Outwell Nevada MP

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5  (more 5 berth tents)
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8.87/10 from 141 reviews

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141 Reviews of the Nevada MP        Showing 41 to 50          Page:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15  
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By: Wunny  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 14/05/2012

We purchased this tent as a quick to erect weekend tent, and we were not disappointed.

Having watched a video on You Tube of one man putting up this tent in 5 minutes, we gave it a go. No running around for us OAPs though, working together we had the tent erected in 6 minutes - result!

I've even took it camping last December on my motorcycle, (it's a big bike - Pan European). The benefit of not having to crawl in & out of a 2 man tent, made the trip a pleasure, even when the temperature was down to -10!
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By: Heath63  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 21/04/2012

This was my new Nevada M's first outing. Only the second time it's been pitched. It lived up to my expectations.

I just loved the windows, which gave panoramic views, in turn very bright and airy. I wanted something which gave me lots of space in the living area, which it did. There were only the two of us plus the dog. DS gave approval of the bedrooms which is 3+2. I had a double bed in my larger room; the only draw back, another single bed may just fit,leaving no room for belongings. DS had the smaller room he had his single bed plus the dog. He liked the zipped divider, it gave him proper privacy, but can also be unzipped to make one big bedroom, or just be removed completely. The extra pockets in the living were a great addition. Which my other tent didn't have.

The overhang canopy on the side door was a blessing. No nasty drips down ones neck, thumbs up. I didn't purchase the proper carpet, but loved the one I did buy, made it extra cozy. For a footprint, just used an oversized tarp sheet, fitted great. Tent stayed dry when it rained nothing came through, Which was a luxury not having to worry, as it has a sig. The underside stayed clean with having the tarp protecting it.

I didn't use the pegs which came with the tent; only because the sort of ground the site is on, very rocky and can be hard. Used my rock pegs. No problem. Did like the high visible guylines, cannot miss them.

I was able to pitch the tent on my own first time around. The second time, I was very tired after being in the car for a very long time, and just need a little bit of assistance from DS. Would I be able to pitch the tent in windy conditions, without assistance, I don't know, however it is a very easy straightforward tent to pitch, especially for two people, doable with one. For convenience and the tent is heavy; I have separated the inner bedrooms and poles, When packing a way.

On the whole we all loved the tent, including my OH who came to visit, still plenty of space.

I am looking forward to my next trip in my new purchase.
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By: Nickgray  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 15/04/2012

We have just returned from our first trip in this tent and have been very impressed. We bought at a fantastic price from go outdoors on their price guarantee who matched a deal on Amazon making the tent less than half rrp. We previously owned an Outwell 4 berth pop up and while taking longer to pitch (approx 30 mins including guys) it at least did not provide such a spectacle as collapsing the pop up! The Nevada M appears to be well made and a decent size with plenty of living space and storage for bags without leaving everything in the back of the car as with the pop up. There was little rain or extreme weather, however the tent stood up well to small amounts of rain, hail and wind. We got the carpet and groundsheet to match the tent and this was a welcome luxury in the cold weather. Cleaning the groundsheet at home was much simpler than having to clean the whole underside of the tent and repack it again.
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By: Edwash  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating:   Date: 30/03/2012

On the whole there are not a lot of differences between the 2011 models and the 2012 I was told its colour trims etc.

I am pleased overall with the tent it’s very easy and quick to erect, it only took us about 15 minutes and this is our first outing with it, not bad for a couple of over 60s, ha ha.

The front space is adequate and the tent material is excellent quality it did get quite windy at one point and it stood up to it well. The quality and design are quite good, however there are some points that need attention before it gets ten out of ten. I speak with 57 years of camping experience and the amount of ventilation in this tent is way over the top and is the source of cold drafts. Even ignoring that the system of door closing is far from good there is no way of keeping the bottom of the doors from gaping open three short pieces of Velcro are not up to the job and no way of fastening them from the inside. This leads to more draft no good on windy cold evenings. There is also no effective way of fully closing the door and sealing it all round thus leaving the bottom of the door to flap in the wind. Some instructions would help there are loops and fasteners that I have no idea what they are for.

Its a shame these points were not ironed out before production as they spoil an otherwise great tent
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By: Cllr_gyppo  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 18/03/2012

Firstly we had a Carolina M, which we loved, unfortunately, it had a manufacturing defect, and we took it back. Go Outdoors did not have another one, and refunded us, and we ended up by the Nevada M for £197.50 using their price match promise (making it £2.50 less than we paid for the Carolina.

We have not fallen in love with this tent yet, but we have not used it as much, I am sure we will, but it is a very good tent. Reasonably simple to put up (the first time by in darkness illuminated by Headlights. With a couple more attempts to familiarise ourselves with it, we will be able to set up as quickly as we did with the Carolina M.

Very Spacious tent, which meets are need fully, there is only 2 of us, we use the 3 Berth bedroom, to sleep in, the 2 berth Bedroom as a Walk in Wardrobe / Store Room.

In the Leaving room we have a 4 Seat table, 2 Patio Chairs, and Fridge, which all fits in with out being to cramped.

The windows are good, and let in plenty of light, and whilst I like the idea of the storm porch over one of the doors, it is just to Low - I am 6'3'.

We have used our Carolina M Carpet, Which is a good approximation, without us having to go to the expense of buying a specific one for this tent. The Footprint we made from a B&Q groundsheet, Mainly because No one had one in stock, at a competitive price.

We have also bought the Extension, which as other people have stated, is fiddly to put up, particularly the first time, hopefully next time it will be easier. This makes a significant amount of extra space available, which we have our Kitchen set up in.

The extension, for me, Works as a far better storm gaurd over the door, than the side door, and we will probably never use the side door with the storm porch on it.

The reason I have only given it a 9 is that I have not fallen in love with it.Yet, Its a great tent, but there is something that hasn't grabbed my heart. It may be that the first one was faulty, (it did not have any way of connecting the storm porch to the tent amongst other issues) has made me a little more apprehensive.

I do like it a lot. Later in the season, I will probably upgrade my view to a 10.
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By: Britard  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 24/02/2012

I spent quite a while researching tents and originally bought a Vango but the fact that there were hardly any windows made it very dark and I felt very isolated as im a lady camping on her own with 2 dogs.

The day after I returned from my first trip with my Vango I sold it on a well known auction site then proceeded to research similar sized tents which had a lot more windows.

On a trip to my local Water World I found the Nevada M and fell in love straight away, I also bought the footprint but not the carpet because I didnt fancy the dogs bringing in mud! . I took and used old sheets which just go straight in the washer when I get back!

Overall I rate this tent very highly, plenty of space and loads of light, this tent has in total 5 big windows which 3 of them are doors with nets and all 5 have sewn in curtains.

I have plenty of gear, larder/cooker stand, storage units, tables, chairs, loo and a double blow up bed and there is still loads of space.

The nets on the doors are great especially when you have a swarm of wasps and midges to contend with and the side door with the porch over it certainly does its job which means you can still have the door open in the rain and not a drop comes in. If its raining don't use the other doors because when you unzip them water runs in from both the door and the roof . Hence the porch!

I had 4 trips away from June to Aug Bank holiday of between 2-3 weeks at a time and when you look at how many seams the tent has I havnt had 1 leak, to me that says a quality product. I did have some quite heavy rain and wind for a couple of days. The site faces the sea so it really gets the full force of the weather and as I prefer to pitch for the super view I did get the worst of the weather and the tent hardly moved an inch!

My tent also has the plastic pegs and because id read the comments on here id started looking for new pegs before id even tried the plastic ones but id not got round to purchasing any before my first break but to be honest im really pleased with them so wont be spending more money on something I don't think I really need. They went in and came out really well but I hammer in a metal peg first to make my required hole then put in the plastic peg which goes straight in with no problems, I did buy a really heavy mallet though. Having said that I did find when it came to packing up there were a few which werent quite as straight as they could have been but non resembled anything like a corkscrew as one reviewer experienced.

As im a bit of a 'clean freak' I decided because I wasnt rushing home I would wash my pegs before I left so I boiled the kettle and soaked them in really hot soapy water which I found made them quite pliable meaning I could bend and straighten them out quite easily, so to be honest I am very happy with both the tent and the pegs.

It is quite a heavy tent as someone else said previously so I tend to split the tent up because everything has its own bag. Tent, pegs and poles and the heaviest bag seems to be the poles by far so be warned! Splitting it this way meant I could handle it a lot better plus packing the car was easier too.

I agree about it would be more convenient if there were clips or something equally as good for the centre light cable but I took some of plastic cable ties which tighten and used them where possible.

Definately a tent to more than consider but shop around on line as prices do vary and some retailers do offer a price match providing you can prove it can be purchased elsewhere at that time at a cheaper price, every £ helps when your starting out in camping, im still finding things id like and I really thought id got everything I needed!

Happy camping and just ENJOY THE RELAXATION a camping holiday gives you!
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By: PJRB  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 05/09/2011

We bought this test last year as a weekend tent to save using the big one all the time. It has just had it's first outing after sitting in the cupboard for a year! We count our blessings as this tent is absolutely perfect for our needs, we are 2 adults and 3 dogs - plenty of room in the large bedroom, living area is very spacious, easily enough room to eat if the weather is bad. A doddle to put up (40 minutes - 2 short women!). We also have the front extension - a must have in poor weather, but I shall leave my review about this under the relevant section. The rain came down heavily on Sunday morning, the inside stayed completely dry - quality at it's best. Reason for 9? The zips on the doors - kept tripping over them coming in and out, just a case of getting used to them really. I would recommend this tent to couples easily or family of 4, any more may be a squeeze. Can't wait to use it again.
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By: Bolton_lass  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2009   Rating:   Date: 01/09/2011

Love this tent. Replaced our Easycamp Napoli for this which is similar size but pitches all in one. Got a carpet to fit (not the right one - ours is for a Mojave tent). Recently purchased the extension to allow for outdoors cooking with toddler now in tow.

Easy to get up and down, goes back in the bag first time once you have got the hand of folding it. Pegs are ok but bend easily, stay in the ground well though even in sandy soil with gale force winds. Tent held up very well in 20-30mph gales, only one pole section split but was easily replaced with the spare once home. No damage to rest of tent.

Big enough to be comfortable even in the wet, small enough to pack away quickly and fit in tight pitches. Love the amount of light when all the front curtains are open, its like a conservatory. Plenty of room for 2 adults, toddler and dog. We have a double airbed in the larger pod and a kampa toddler bed in the smaller with plenty of storage room around the edges.

Never had any issues with tent and would definitely buy again. Now just want to find a kids room to fit it and it will be perfect.
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By: Leonsmith  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating:   Date: 31/08/2011

First off, it's a surprisingly big bag for a 5 person tent - the same size bag as an 8 person Coleman tent I have. If you're looking to buy something small to transport, consider this carefully! Especially, once you add the additional bag for the porch and carpet, if you opt for those (more on that later!).

The tent is quite straight forward to erect for two people (you'd struggle on your own) and pitches in one go, i.E. Not inner first. There are just three poles to slide in and bend into shape before clipping the lower sections of the tent onto it - it's a nice design with some neat touches like velco straps to hold the (luminous yellow) guy ropes neatly in place until needed. The tent comes with plenty of large plastic pegs which i've found to be quite strong, although i'd always advise you to carry some rock pegs. The side entrance has a brow pole which seems a little tight against the tent but use has shown that it works fine after it's been used a few times. There is an additional central pole in the living area but it fits well and provides a useful place to hang torches etc.

The windows are big and made of very nice clear plastic. Curtains are integral to keep the light out and there are nice pop out vents on all corners for a bit of air circulation. It goes without saying but all of the doors and mosquito nets can be rolled up together or individually.

The side entrance mentioned earlier is a nice addition if you'd rather keep the big front entrance closed up in bad weather.

It's a sewn inn groundsheet (SIG), so very waterproof and bug proof, even if you wanted to sleep in the living area.

The bedroom area is plenty big enough for 4 people, but 5 would be very tight, especially if all adults. We use three standard size single airbeds and a larger 'Kampa' childrens airbed which has sides to stop the child falling out and all 4 fit snugly together. The bedroom area has a detachable screen to separate the bedroom into two if needed.

The living area is a very good size - certainly capable of fitting a folding table and chairs if you needed to eat indoors. There is also an excellent hanging storage unit included which contains about 12 good size pockets for all your mobile phones, keys, torches etc. A really nice touch.

There's a zip providing a convenient access for an electrical hook up (EHU) cable too.

The tent has completely proven itself in bad weather. We were using it near the August 2011 Bournemouth flash floods in 24 hours of torrential rain and we had literally no water in the tent. Very impressive.

In addition to the tent, we have the fitted groundsheet, carpet and canopy so a little on those too.

The groundsheet is a no brainer. It helps you to position the tent before you actually put it up, protects the bottom of the tent and provides a clean place to pack it all away afterwards. I'd always have one.

The canopy, for us, is essential these days. It allows you to cook under shelter even in the pouring rain, without any danger of setting your tent alight or stinking it up with cooking smells! It also means that you can keep the big main entrance open even in bad weather. Totally recommended. The porch has two poles and is a little fiddly to put up, especially if its windy (becomes a 3 person job!) but once up and clipped to the tent it's very stable. The sides go right to the ground, with wind and water proof flaps at the bottom for complete protection from the elements. Additionally, we've found that you can route the centre tent guy rope (which you don't need with the canopy) across the top of the canopy and it makes a perfect clothes line!

The carpet is a luxury which many (including myself) used to think was a complete waste, although many people already use a number of picnic blankets to make their tents more cosy! The Nevada carpet folds down pretty small yet fits the whole of the living area and provides an excellent quality and beautifully cosy surface to step out onto in the morning. It may be on the 'glamping' side of camping, but i'm now sold on one!

Brilliant tent, especially if you can get the package deal for a good price too. Well recommended.
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By: Charlotte + Doug  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating:   Date: 23/08/2011

The Outwell Nevada M 5 man tent was originally £379.99 at Go Outdoors shop but as a member of the discount scheme we got it for £199.99 in August 2011 in the sale it is an excellent comfy tent with loads of room we were two adults and three children aged 3,6,and 8 we are going to add the extension onto it next time for even more space we also bought the footprint for it excellent keeps tent dry underneath all easy to put up and take down would recommend this tent for definite we fitted a double air bed one side and two singles the other side but have decided to buy another double airbed and not use the single airbeds next time plenty of room for a double one each side enjoyed sleeping in it.
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141 User Reviews of the Nevada MP - Showing 41 to 50          Page:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15  

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Manufacturer's Description

The popular style of the Nevada MP sleeps five in two charcoal grey Royal Master Bedrooms with embossed fronts in a tunnel design with Duratec poles to maximise internal space. Flexibility and convenience are ensured with a Rain Safe side door, five window Panorama Front and flysheet doors with mesh lining

Technical specifications
Type of tent: Three room tunnel tent
Sleeps people: 5
Flysheet: Outtex® 6000 (100% polyester oxford / taffeta) with taped seams
Inner tent: Breathable 100% polyester
Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 living room
Poles: Duratec fibreglass 8.5/11-12.7 mm
Floor: Double-coated 100% polyethylene, 10,000 mm hydrostatic head
Groundsheet: Sealed Ground System
Pitching way: Flysheet first or as one
Pack size: 78 x 40 x 42 cm
Weight: 25.6 kg

... there may be more info on their website

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