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Tent Reviews: Gelert Horizon 6

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6  (more 6 berth tents)
21.05 KG
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9.04/10 from 73 reviews

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73 Reviews of the Horizon 6         Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8  

By: West Cork Boy  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2013   Rating: 

I bought this tent after reading the reviews on this site. Size wise its perfect for us (a family of 4) think it might be a bit tight for 6. In many ways its a great tent. I like the two sleeping pods at either end, the central living space is very spacious. The carpet and footprint groundsheet are also great additions.

The only downsides are the poles and the fact that it leaks! Almost every time I put up the tent I end up with a pole splintering. I did contact Gelert who sent me a couple of sets of replacement poles (previously used!) when I complained to Gelert about this they informed me that the poles are not covered in the warranty! I now take duct tape and spare poles with me as a matter of course.

The tent also seems to leak around the metal rings along the seams.

Having said that the tent still holds up pretty well. I have just spent several windy days in the Peak District and once up the tent performed excellently in high winds and driving rain.
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By: MPT71Pok  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Great family tent easy too pitch, plenty of space, we have foot print, carpet and a side porch.

Had a couple of poles split but easy to replace the split section, got replacements on line.

We camped in this tent a least 10 times and it has with stood some heavy rain and strong winds.

Would recommend this tent and Gelert products,
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By: Aurora4  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

We are really pleased with this tent because:

1) It's a nice roomy size - so yes, you could fit 6 people in if you really want to, but there are 2 of us, and it's nice to be able to set a nice spacious living area up, which is sep to the bedroom.

2)It always goes up without too much fuss.Takes us about half an hour.

3)All of the little pockets inside make it easy to keep the place looking tidy.

4)The sewn in ground sheet is a godsend. We have since purchased a footprint and a carpet for extra protection/warmth.

5)It looks great, very smart looking tent

6)We stay dry in the rain (although the inner section leaked at the seams on one occasion, but I'm hoping that was a one-off as the weather was truly atrocious that night)

7) Lots of windows in the mid section to let the lovely sunlight in.

8)Versatility provided by three doors, meaning you can set it up to best suit your plot.

9)We can always get it back into the bag (sorry, strange point, I know, but hate it when you can't get stuff packed back into the bags they come in!)

10)Great value for money - we picked ours up in an end of season sale for half price. Now that I know how good it is, I would have paid the full rrp.
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By: Carolemayo  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Bought this 6 man off gumtree for 130 with matching side porch n footprint.Sleeps 4 easily,nice roomy bedrooms.Fairly easy to pitch-porch bit more problematic- when tightened down it caused tent to pull out of shape,left too loose it flaps around too much.Rained heavily,no leaks ,but water ran off porch onto footprint ,and under tent.One of poles split near end but taped it into metal fertile held up very well,will replace before next trip.Bargain at the price,nice quality tent.
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By: Vbjb  Reason: Other  Made in: 2011   Rating: 

Brilliant tent, we took ages looking at tents before deciding on the gelert. And we are so pleased with the design and quality, it,s easy to erect, and we are in our sixties!, we have used it 7 times now,and everyone comments on the size, and layout. We love it, and will continue to enjoy our camping.
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By: Trance-Elbow  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2010   Rating: 

We bought our Gelert Horizon 6 in the autumn of 2010 right after a wet week in Devon. We were fed up with water coming in under the sides of our existing tent.

After looking at what seemed like hundreds of tents, we decided that the Horizon 6 was exactly what we wanted. It is a two bedroom vis-a-vis tunnel tent with the all important sewn in groundsheet. We bought the tent (in blue), porch, footprint ground sheet and carpet from Camping World in Horsham Sussex, who price matched against internet sellers.

Once up, the centre area of the tent is very cosy and really keeps out the elements very well. It's like being in a cosy blue cave. We use the porch extension as our kitchen and storage area. The only problem is that where the porch fits against the main tent, rain water tends to run off the roof and onto the ground sheet. The answer is either to fold the groundsheet back or get a breathable one. Despite this, no water ever gets in the main tent.

The only problem we have had is that the second time we put the tent up, we broke one of the fibre glass poles. Apparently this is quite common with this tent. We now carry a few spare poles with up.
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By: Dazk  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Saw the horizon 6 on sale for a good price on ebay (new), liked the look and layout of the tent and it was a big step up from my little 4 man argos tent. Tent arrived and off we went for a weekend. Tent is easy to put up apart from the little canopy over the door, very difficult to get that right. You do feel the poles are very weak and you can hear creaking and cracking noises as you bend them. Great space inside although bedrooms struggle to get a double and single air bed in. All was going well until the second day when we got some light rain, the fine drizzle that never ends. Started to see pools of water on the floor, on checking I found that most of the seams in the central section were letting in water (around the eyelets) this was running down and forming quite large pools. It was also leaking around the window seams. Spent 3 hours trying to keep the inside dry. Tent was duly replaced by the seller who was very good, this time I put the tent up before using it and let it get wet, after checking inside after a shower it too was full of water, again leaking on the seams. It was dried and sent back for a full refund. Gelert were next to useless when I contacted them directly. I certainly wont be buying Gelert in the future if this is the standard of product
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By: Bigalw35  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

We returned to camping a year or so back, buying quite a small adequate tent (4 berth) off Ebay, no problems with it, just a bit small (and it gave us the camping 'bug' again) The tent we originally brought did not have a sewn in groundsheet and we found it a little draughty. So a new tent is on the cards !

We visited our local 'Camping & General' (Canvey Island), we looked at all the various tents (& prices) and selected the Horizon 6, we also brought the accompanying carpet & doormat (a MUST we think !), we also brought the porch NOT the canopy (the porch has the zipped door, the canopy doesn't) We already had a groundsheet large enough for the Horizon 6, so we didn't bother with the footprint groundsheet (we now think this to be a mistake)

Anyway we're bikers and we went to a bikers rally in the South West of England (July 2012) The rally started on the Friday so we decided to go early on the Monday and pitch somewhere before the rally to get used to putting it up. We found a nice camp site behind a pub, selected a pitch and put the tent up, fairly straight forward, once you sort out the different length poles and so on, probably took us 3/4 hour (by the way we're O.A.P's) Once up it looked bigger that when we first viewed it, it's a bit like the 'tardis' when you get inside it's huge, two very large bedrooms and a very large lounge area, as previously said the carpet adds to the luxury of getting out of bed in the morning and not standing on a cold groundsheet.

The bedrooms clip onto various 'eyes' sewn into the seems of the tent, and for two people are very spacious, all very easy really. We used one bedroom for sleeping and the other for storage. There are a couple of zipped vents for the electric hook ups and two storage 'thingy's' for papers, mags and the likes (very handy).

We have not put the velcro on the 'open end' as yet, we didn't find it was needed (apart from the odd insect managing to join us inside)

Putting up the porch was fairly easy, BUT positioning on the tent is fairly important, to seal the sides (of the porch) and clear the tent window, so be aware. You also need leave a couple of the tents guy lines off to facilitate the porch installation.

The weather, well it was typically 'English' (rain & wind) but the tent never leaked or showed any signs of wind damage, during our stay at the pub or after when we struck camp and moved to the rally a few days later.

When we struck camp from the bikers rally it was raining, so we just bundled it all into the car and left. We put the tent up again a few days later when the weather was better, it was at this point that one of the fibre glass poles split, a phone call and trip to C&G and this was replaced with no problems.

From the various reviews I've read I would say that this is possibly the only downfall of the tent - splitting poles ?

During the visit to C&G (to sort out the offending pole) I looked at the Horizon 8, a different pole configuration (less liable to split or break, the flexible poles are only over the top, the uprights are galvanised steel) a slightly larger tent, but the bedroom configuration not quite so good (in our opinion ?)

All in all I would have given the tent a rating of 10/10 but due to the pole damage on only it's 3rd 'put up' I've given it a 9/10, I don't think it could be failed on any other points though.

Sorry if you found this review long winded, but I feel the more info the better, enjoy your Horizon 6 (but do check out the Horizon 8 first)

We can't wait for our summer to return and we can go 'Camping' again
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By: Uk-spacemonkey  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2012   Rating: 

Got this tent new off the evil ebay for a bargain price that was too good to let go. Was a bit unsure if it would be any good for the price but thought I would give it a go after reading some good reviews for it.

When we got to the site it was very windy and was unsure if we should pitch it or not, We did but the wind got hold of the just before it was going to get pegged down and it all went pear shaped :( The end result was 2 split poles but I was able to do a bodge repair to them in true Blue Peter fashion and get it up with the aid of some strong tape. Once up it was great had no problems at all even though it was still blowing a gale outside.

Inside the tent you are able to stand up with plenty room to spare (I'm 6ft) this also includes the bedrooms. There are storage pockets that attach to the side for mags and the like, 2 zips aether side for the ehu unit to come in to the tent, The bedrooms peg on to a seam that is sewn in to the roof and also to the attach to the floor. The bedrooms are a good size but we only ever intend for it to be a 4 man tent but would say it would still be ok for 6 but maybe a bit cosy. The living area is a good size that you can get plenty of kit in and stretch out but I will be buying a porch for it to have my kitchen set up in.

There are plenty of vents around the tent to keep it airy and we had no problems with condensation the next morning, plenty of windows that let in loads of light that you can also cover for the night time.

I had no problems with the tent as some have reported (doors and end) but mine had zips on the inner doors and I pegged the end well up so had no problems with that.

All in all I would buy another one of these is I needed me and the Mrs love it we cant wait to have plenty of trips out of it in the future.

The poles were replaced by the seller (Rutland Leisure Outlet) with a full set of poles and can't rate them high enough so all good in the end.
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By: Micky54  Reason: I own(ed) one  Made in: 2008   Rating: 

I brought my horizon in a sale at a camping outlet in seven oaks kent after the tent I bought from ebay was rubbish - it leaked badly and went in the dustbin.

As soon as I saw the Horizon 6 I knew it was the tent for me and the wife. It had the head room so no more bending down. Can stand in it. Plenty of living space as well. Can buy porch to add on to give you extra room which we did. The tent was easy to put up, the first time it took as an hour, as we were novices, but after using about four times getting better, can whip it up in less the 20 mins

Have used it for long stays had no trouble with leakage. Best purchase I ever brought, and the wife who wasnt keen on camping cant get enough holidays away in it
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73 User Reviews of the Horizon 6 - Showing 01 to 10          Page:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8  

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Manufacturer's Description

A smaller version of the Horizon 8, the Gelert Horizon 6 is perfect for groups, families or anyone who's looking for a spacious, easy to erect tent.

Being a tunnel tent it maximises space and provides ultimate headroom. It packs a host of great features too including a full sewn-in groundsheet, hanging storage pockets, water resistant zips and two side doors for access from both sides.

The Horizon 6 also incorporates some other clever features including a zipped electric hook-up access point, porched entrances (an additional add on canopy is also available here.) and a light and airy living area. And it's also easy to pitch and packs to a compact, carboot-friendly size.


* Electric cable zip access point
* Outer first pitching
* Packed in 3 in 1 suitcase style carry bag
* Hanging storage pockets
* Two side entrances and one end entrance
* Vast storage and living space
* Light living area
* Not to be beaten price!

Other Information

* Colour: Lakeside Navy / Blue Shadow
* Fabric: Outer - 190T Polyester with waterproof PU coating. Inner - 190T breathable polyester. Polyethylene groundsheet.
* Dimensions: Outer - L720 x W240 x H220 cm. Inner - L230 x W220 x H205 cm X Two Bedrooms
* Packed Size: 67 x 44 x 26 cm.
* Weight: 21.05 kg.
* Waterproofing: Waterproof to 5000 mm. Taped seams.
* Pitch: Outer first.

... there may be more info on their website

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